'The Post's' Janusz Kaminski on Working With Spielberg "Never Becoming Routine" | Close Up With THR


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  • Gil Wadsworth
    Gil Wadsworth 5 months ago

    awesome insight from a master

  • Mateusz
    Mateusz 10 months ago

    Do you have contact with Mr. Kamiński?
    Mr. Kaminski has a fanpage? Facebook?

  • 砂糖市
    砂糖市 10 months ago

    After collaborate with Janusz Kaminsk, Steven Spielberg got the shadow. Spielberg camera movement + Kaminsk shadow = Close Enconters of the Third Kind.

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 10 months ago


  • Vincent H.
    Vincent H. 11 months ago +3

    Hoyte's face during this segment is priceless. You can tell he's just soaking up the wisdom of these DOP gods like Deakins and Kaminski

  • Margaret
    Margaret 11 months ago +2

    😍😍😍 brillant cinematographer

  • daniel betanzos
    daniel betanzos 11 months ago

    Are you going to Share all the interview?

  • Dude!!!
    Dude!!! Year ago

    He's a great D.P but his style is too glossy or too muted and gray lately. I miss the early years Kaminski. He's the wrong choice for Indiana Jones 5. The first three movies are beautiful and colorful and natural in style, whereas Crystal Skull looked overly shiny and less natural.

  • Morgan the Love Organ
    Morgan the Love Organ Year ago +11

    the music is waaaaay too loud.

  • c burner
    c burner Year ago +2

    Kaminski is a genius

  • Tom van steensel
    Tom van steensel Year ago

    Screw Spielberg... I wanna hear Kaminski talk about the timeless classic Cool as Ice :-)

  • Winduct
    Winduct Year ago +13

    I always wondered why he collaborated mostly with Spielberg and not many other directors. He's very selective of his work.

    • Vincent H.
      Vincent H. 11 months ago

      TheVideoInvader never knew that. Makes sense though, probably why he's able to make at least one sometimes two films in a year. And his consistency is dumbfounding to me.

    • TheVideoInvader
      TheVideoInvader Year ago +3

      Spielberg is known to work really fast and ahead of schedule. Quick work, large pay. Who would refuse?

    • Winduct
      Winduct Year ago +6

      Yes but Deakins has collaborated with many more directors apart from the Coens. If you look at Janusz's filmography he has worked almost only on Spielberg films. I wonder why.

    • MystikalScope Productions
      MystikalScope Productions Year ago +10

      Winduct probably able to work comfortably with him and they have an understanding of what they want to bring to a project. Just like Deakins with the Coens, some matches are just too good to break

  • hollaname
    hollaname Year ago +21

    Amazing, but give us Deakins already

  • Kori Reay-Mackey
    Kori Reay-Mackey Year ago +14

    Vocal levels in the mix of these videos are too quiet.

  • Jonathan Rios
    Jonathan Rios Year ago +19

    I know he gets a lot of flack for his back lighting and his beams of light, but I've always loved the ugliness of his images that make them beautiful. Most movies look the same, but Janusz Kaminski and Rodger Deakins ( although very different in there approach) make the most beautiful images in cinema today.

    • Toivo Kallio
      Toivo Kallio 11 months ago

      Yes, I totally agree with you on this. Janusz makes his shots come alive by roughness and sometimes harshness. I love his style. Very different from Roger Deakins who likes to make everything very clean and kind of digitally calm. Different brilliance.

    • Jonathan Rios
      Jonathan Rios Year ago +5

      mingew sorry I didn't mean ugliness as in ugly, I should of said imperfections. Even Spielberg has talked about how there is a roughness to there cinematography. Most cinematographers like to have nice even lighting and then do color in post. Janusz welcomes grain, harsh lighting, backlighting, lens flares....which 99% of cinematographers avoid, and in turn make Janusz very unique.

    • TheVideoInvader
      TheVideoInvader Year ago +5

      I don't see "ugliness" in a Janusz Kaminski image.

    • Winduct
      Winduct Year ago +8

      I love that back lighting coming from the windows. It's kind of like his signature.