Buying A Ferrari F12 - What Did It Cost? What Are My Payments? How Much Money Down?

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • A full break down of how much my 2015 Ferrari F12 cost.. what my payments are, how much I put down and how much I got on trade for my AMG. In other words.. everything you needed to know regarding buying a supercar ;)

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  • AutoVlog
    AutoVlog  4 months ago +1039

    **Ramen Noodles For Dinner** 😂😂

    • Kotak Topi
      Kotak Topi Month ago

      This is why I like this chanel. Transparency. Thanks for sharing.

    • A K
      A K Month ago

      Worth it

    • T O
      T O 2 months ago

      The American Dream is still alive!

    • James Ware
      James Ware 3 months ago

      AutoVlog 😂😂😂Very DOPE ride!!!! You only live once, so get what you want in this life!!

    • Smita
      Smita 3 months ago

      Why didn't you pay out of pocket 2400 to the body shop that estimated that much, the other way round. Instead of taking a quote and asking insurance to pay you the money, and not fix it, just fix it out of pocket 2400, and never report anything to anyone. Clear carfax. Maybe what I say doesn't make sense, because I am not a native speaker and you lost me kind of, but I left with the impression you lost more money on the demolished value, then this 2400 you could pay secretly to fix the car. I agree with everything you said.

  • Robert Casipit
    Robert Casipit 13 hours ago

    Congrats on the car man! Don't mind the haters. They hate us cause they ain't us!

  • David Molinarolo

    I put $25K down on my 2016 F150 Lariat and still pay $413/month for 6 years. Coming up on my midway payment here shortly, if I haven't already.

  • Hurley Good
    Hurley Good 9 days ago

    My God. I love that car. Lets face the facts--He is way smarter than most of us and happier than most of us. Good for you Mike (I think that is his name).

  • Lee Attwood
    Lee Attwood 11 days ago


  • Tuan Phan
    Tuan Phan 15 days ago

    You're the best Mike! Keep living the dream. Super happy for you 👍👍

  • Divon Mitchell
    Divon Mitchell 16 days ago

    Start at 5:00 mins rich content

  • Divon Mitchell
    Divon Mitchell 16 days ago

    You should make more content about the math more broken down and maybe you do already but when you broke down the math on how you put equity into your car even when you didn't have too is rich content and well bring in a shit ton of more viewers.

  • Robert Ouimet
    Robert Ouimet 21 day ago

    When you’re born, your parents pay for everything, once you are out of school, say 20 years old, basically you will be working for the next 45 YEARS to be able to pay yourself a comfortable retirement at 65 YEARS OLD! Now during that 45 years if you don’t dye or don’t become semi autonomous, you will have probably 20 more years to go to reach 80 YEARS OLD. The whole reality is by the time you turn 75 YEARS OLD your quality of life starts fading.
    Anyway to some it up, since you will educate yourself and then work for the next 45 years, you have better enjoy life and do something you love doing because at 65 YEARS OLD, you will have 10 YEARS to enjoy what you dreamed about and worked for all your life.
    Hope I was able to make some sense on my idea about life. So yeah bud, you have the Ferrari and I can’t wait to see your Bank Manager’s face on your next car purchase 😎👍

  • CRAFTec Art Japan
    CRAFTec Art Japan 22 days ago

    【 LOOK 】Ferrari is cheap in Thailand? (3;13)

  • Manny Henry
    Manny Henry 22 days ago

    Do you think man I ain't mad at you.

  • sunnyboy8644
    sunnyboy8644 23 days ago

    Love the F 12 !
    by the way those car washing products are good to use ?

  • John Crazy
    John Crazy 25 days ago

    very nice video and much respect to you for doing what you want! people talk shit because they have no clue or are jealous! good for you!!

  • Troy Calabria
    Troy Calabria 27 days ago

    What a jackass. Cut to the point you bald ass. Lmao.

  • Art Williams
    Art Williams 28 days ago

    Who cares what everyone has to say....I love what you do and enjoy watching all your videos.

  • Daniel Sawyer
    Daniel Sawyer Month ago

    youtube isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Adi stark
    Adi stark Month ago

    inspiring very inspiring !!!

  • Elvis Car Reviews
    Elvis Car Reviews Month ago

    👏 you have a great accountant

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Month ago

    I have the 2018 GT AMG Roadster and C63S. I'm trading my GT in for a R8 v10 plus. I'm really excited. I rented the Huracan and Portofino, but they didn't really "click". The R8, which I rented for a couple weeks, literally drives like buttersex.

  • Demond Morris
    Demond Morris Month ago

    Beautiful cars man, keep it up. Only you can hold the keys to your life.

  • Kotak Topi
    Kotak Topi Month ago +4

    This is why I like this chanel. Transparency. Thanks for sharing.

  • carlistillu
    carlistillu Month ago

    well i hate you

  • Albany Fx
    Albany Fx Month ago +1

    what do you do if YT change the policy and your monetized income from YT dropped by 30-50% ?

  • Andrey Popov
    Andrey Popov Month ago

    You make money off your cars. But later you want to buy houses and invest in stocks anyway

  • ThaiQuickFood Stockholm

    Du är grym, du är värd det du skapat, du inspererar andra , och du är ärlig . Lycka till

    JOJI KIM Month ago


  • Adam Braly
    Adam Braly Month ago

    “There’s a bee here... that’s nice.”
    I took away much more from this video, but those made me laugh.
    I appreciate your style and videos. Just got my Auto Stop Start eliminator thing for my F150 thanks to your video.

  • Belarus Zar
    Belarus Zar Month ago

    Great video! Thank u for your honesty and answering questions which we all had.
    Great content, subscribed!!

  • Chris Hooper
    Chris Hooper Month ago

    Why is it people are giving him grief for buying the car. He has stated he uses revenue from the channel to purchase cars he would not be able to otherwise. He then uses those cars to create content to carry the cycle on. Not only that but it also helps him to live a much more chilled out life then those of us working for other people.
    I for one think it takes a lot of balls to work for yourself and make it a success.
    Congrats my friend and I wish you all the best. 👍

  • Rob Thomas
    Rob Thomas Month ago

    I liked your video Man. I am not a car guy but I am from the UK and moved here and wanted to say America is such a great country when you can make enough money from making videos : )... or just about doing anything.

  • mike lahey
    mike lahey Month ago

    Good for you bud!

  • mike lahey
    mike lahey Month ago

    How much for insurance a yr

  • flyinb45
    flyinb45 Month ago

    Thank you for the transparency and information. Congrats on living your dream. For clarification, you had roughly $200k in expenses that were subject to write-off leaving $26k. Some of those were full write-offs and some partial obviously. After taxes were assessed, would you mind telling us what your net income for the year was?

  • Beemer Guy21
    Beemer Guy21 Month ago

    Beautiful F12 Mike! Who cares abt the 9-5 broke old haters on here. 99% of the viewers will never in their lives, be able to buy a supercar. They are to busy watching instead of hustling. Congrats & speed on bro.

  • Micke
    Micke Month ago

    19:54 making 4-5000$ a month isnt shabby micke. kinda high monthly salary for the average joe in sweden.... :D but then if youre used to a 9-10000$ income per month it will for sure sting :D

  • B Moodi
    B Moodi Month ago

    I've watched this vid twice and I got so much more the your numbers,that's great content in every way.the only bad thing from this video that I hate with a passion is SPITTSBURGH!! BALTIMORE RAVENS FOR LIFE. first person I actually like there but you from Sweden lol thanks

  • Bengt Brynolf
    Bengt Brynolf Month ago

    Small cock?

  • normandy ww2
    normandy ww2 Month ago

    That car is paying himself.. enjoy it! Why not?!

  • Meq Six
    Meq Six Month ago

    I love your videos! Love your life man. Live your dream and never give up. #neverworkfortheman. Being self employed is the only way you can have these things. Just wish people would realize that.

    ZGERMAN Month ago

    In South Carolina it is just $300 flat fee when you buy a car. Since you can work from anywhere, you could become a resident in any state you like. I moved to TN from NC because I'm a Traveling Pipewelder and I'm never home. That alone saved me $15K a year because TN has no personal property tax and other many bullshit taxes that NC loves to cash in on.

  • Justin Campbell
    Justin Campbell Month ago

    Hell no your not stupid your family has a roof over there head they have everything they need live your life u can take it with u. Congratulations on the beautiful car I thought it would be 350k

  • KrazyAquaTanks
    KrazyAquaTanks Month ago

    Great video!!! I am new to your channel and I love how you break it all down from starting off with TVclip to where you’re at now it’s amazing what someone can do when they put their mind to it. I give you much props on your progress and your future journey, keep up the good work. I look forward to more videos on the Ferrari.

  • Rico Baca
    Rico Baca Month ago +4

    The video starts at 11:45
    👇🏾you're welcome.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez

    Love your mentality bro. 🙏🏽

  • punch45
    punch45 Month ago

    We only live one, if you can afforded go for it. Congratulations!

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona Month ago

    Can you get an Airstream for the channel? LOL

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona Month ago

    I used to think that way...till I learned there are secret millionaires who live right in our neighborhoods. Yes, you probably have walked past a millionaire and didn't notice it. They don't own mansions and drive normal everyday cars.

  • Pedro Perez
    Pedro Perez Month ago


  • 1996Jbrandon
    1996Jbrandon Month ago

    Man who cares what people think, that car is a beaut and if you got the money, enjoy life with it 👌🏻

  • DuranAuto
    DuranAuto Month ago

    Fortsätt att göra det du gillar så länge det varar vännen, njut , ha det bra, och lev. Alla tänker inte lika, och bry dig inte om negativa kommentarer , finns mycket avundsjuka ute,men jag i dina skor så skulle jag investera i fastigheter , vilket jag gör , och med alla stålar njuta av livet sen när du säkrat din framtid. Obs!!!!! Bara ett tips. Eftersom du är bosatt i USA så är det lättare. Ha det bäst o fortsätt med bra videos vännen.

  • looyzek
    looyzek Month ago

    Way to go, man..! Keep up the good work and enjoy every minute of it :)

  • Squire of Doncaster
    Squire of Doncaster 2 months ago

    First video I’ve watched on your channel. Fair play mate amazing car - give a f@*k what the haters say it’s your dream and you’ve worked for it! 👌

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 2 months ago

    Enjoy your toy boy, congratulations!!!

  • Youssef Hassani
    Youssef Hassani 2 months ago

    Thank you for your honesty brotha !!
    Keep up the good work .
    I think you’re super smart , driving a super car 👊🏻

  • Andres Castro
    Andres Castro 2 months ago

    Actual car guy. Real straight forward person. He got another subscriber

  • Alagappan Sellappan
    Alagappan Sellappan 2 months ago

    I have always liked your car financial videos and have always admired/respected your transparency.
    If other people are interested, could you make a "How to negotiate for a used/new car?" I'm guessing that it could be helpful in the long run for other people interested buying a car like your previous C63.

  • jose paolo
    jose paolo 2 months ago

    Love the content

  • BOSS Thadal
    BOSS Thadal 2 months ago

    dude you make sense, but that note is serious

  • AN Carpentry
    AN Carpentry 2 months ago

    well done Mike, keap it up!

  • juan van Zyl
    juan van Zyl 2 months ago

    living your best life, well done, its inspiring. Like you and me always say, if you happy, it counts for a lot!!