Buying A Ferrari F12 - What Did It Cost? What Are My Payments? How Much Money Down?

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • A full break down of how much my 2015 Ferrari F12 cost.. what my payments are, how much I put down and how much I got on trade for my AMG. In other words.. everything you needed to know regarding buying a supercar ;)

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  • AutoVlog
    AutoVlog  Month ago +982

    **Ramen Noodles For Dinner** 😂😂

    • James Ware
      James Ware 17 days ago

      AutoVlog 😂😂😂Very DOPE ride!!!! You only live once, so get what you want in this life!!

    • Smita
      Smita 17 days ago

      Why didn't you pay out of pocket 2400 to the body shop that estimated that much, the other way round. Instead of taking a quote and asking insurance to pay you the money, and not fix it, just fix it out of pocket 2400, and never report anything to anyone. Clear carfax. Maybe what I say doesn't make sense, because I am not a native speaker and you lost me kind of, but I left with the impression you lost more money on the demolished value, then this 2400 you could pay secretly to fix the car. I agree with everything you said.

    • Three Big Ideas
      Three Big Ideas 22 days ago

      ​@BCORBAN7884 We gave 41% of millionaires worldwide, mainly because smart people own Ferrari stock and sell cars to people like Autovlog. Buying luxury goods beyond your income is not success.

    • GeopioneerGSXR
      GeopioneerGSXR 24 days ago

      @Patrick Boyd I live in Oregon, NO taxes on purchases..🤷‍♂️

    • Istayfly Always
      Istayfly Always 25 days ago

      It's your money spend it how ever you want best of luck with the car.

  • S Griffin
    S Griffin 11 hours ago

    At least you can afford it. Most of the people on TVclip cant afford their own appartment let alone a super car.

  • Lauri Kosenkranius
    Lauri Kosenkranius 23 hours ago

    Rear end🤮

  • Benz Driver Too
    Benz Driver Too Day ago

    Yes, I am an average every day person who struggles. And I don't hate at all on what you do, or how you do it. Your smarts and perseverance have worked and done you justice. Good for you and congrats to you on your Dreams coming true.

  • bimmersavvy
    bimmersavvy 2 days ago

    Well said brother. 👍🏻 Whenever you’re in NJ, stop by I’ll buy you some food. 😉

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark 4 days ago +2

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your hustle! No one ever talks about this side of being creative and accomplishing your dream!

    BEEFER BEEFER 4 days ago

    2005 sl65 amg biturbo has over 730 pds of tourq to rear does that mean the amg will eat up that 240,000 car just asking ?

  • Edward Suggs
    Edward Suggs 4 days ago

    Great video future business owners. The pros and cons of owning your own business.

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 5 days ago

    You're transparency got me to like and subscribe. Keep following your dream. Well balanced advice on entrepreneurship

  • Ps4gamer
    Ps4gamer 5 days ago

    Found ur video from a another youtuber.. wow this is hands down, the most transparent video I’ve ever seen. I had to hit the like and subscribe.

  • Alex Matveyenko
    Alex Matveyenko 6 days ago

    How much for the auto insurance?

  • Paco Bordok
    Paco Bordok 6 days ago +1

    Wow! I bought the ford fusion because i like a lot of yours videos but no Ferrari for me but i will be buying a beach house next year and maybe a 2020 f150

  • Munro Smith
    Munro Smith 6 days ago

    I think it’s the way you drive !

  • Ayari Mehdi
    Ayari Mehdi 6 days ago

    You are a real one Mike 🙌

  • Hobart563
    Hobart563 7 days ago

    Dude it's great that you explain about the finances! Don't let people tell you how you should live your dream. Your explanation allows dreamers to actually look at and appreciate exotic cars.

  • Joey Love
    Joey Love 8 days ago

    He let them stick it all the way in his ass. 7% 🤦‍♂️

  • Shawn Felix
    Shawn Felix 8 days ago

    Tell em’ bro... be happy! Don’t hate....
    you’ve obviously worked hard and learned a lot along the way. Love your channel. Keep on keeping on.
    My only word of caution, don’t let your need for speed get you in trouble... lol

  • Jack Contreras
    Jack Contreras 9 days ago

    Does trading in your car for a new one after only a year lower or hurt your credit score at all?? 🧐

  • jondepswa
    jondepswa 9 days ago

    Does doc m3s d taste good?

    • jondepswa
      jondepswa 9 days ago

      Btw inshane agrees

    • jondepswa
      jondepswa 9 days ago

      Cant keep ur hands off him, and all the other rich guys u pat on the shoulder

  • krazykoolkarl1970
    krazykoolkarl1970 10 days ago

    Who cares what people think about them. I sure don't

  • Michael Chavez
    Michael Chavez 10 days ago

    Great video man and ya you came a long way that's for sure keep up the good work and thanks for the positive words

  • Vidale Martin
    Vidale Martin 11 days ago

    Man live YOUR life! To hell with what people say. Drive a pos.....they talk shit. Drive something super nice......they talk shit. Misery loves company. If you're not happy for him and motivated for are a hater!

  • Terrencio Freeman
    Terrencio Freeman 11 days ago

    Hey man we only go around this merry go round once! 👍🏾👍🏾😉👍🏾😉👍🏾😉

  • I Know You're Right But

    What would make this an even better Channel is to give free rides to every Subscriber who recognizes you who can't afford a car like this. 👍👍

  • Vice Richter
    Vice Richter 11 days ago

    get it how you live it. But for me personally. I have had experience with loans and I find it bullshit and a complete rip-off to conduct business in this way. Because for one. YOU DONT OWN THE CAR. The bank does. Regardless of how much money you spend on it. Regardless if you have been paying for it.
    Take for example. My mom's car. She got a replacement for a car she was already paying; paid for 8,700 for a car and owed like 1800 left for it wayy back in 2016. trade it in for a new car of 2018. A new Tacoma. Ofc, its a cheap crap base model 4cyl for 27000. No miles. RIght off the lot. But because she was upside down on the car, the car at the time of sale was worth half of what she paid for in 2016.
    so 1800 on a loan, car is worth 4500. But paid almost 5900 for the damn thing. Could have paid it off in 2018-early 2019 and she would have no stupid 499 overhead.
    And to top it. Her insurance premium goes up due to the price of the car.

    After all the fees and closing and added principal from a previous loan comes out to 32000.
    All due to a result of a car accident. Some rich bitch with hubby's money SUV crashed into us and totaled my mom's paid-off car.
    Due to unspoken circumstances I wasnt aware of. The car wouldnt be reimbursed to my mom of what she paid back in 2007. She got a write-off instead of 4250.
    And then a year later. She gets the check from her insurance company and the opposing party. I believe it was an additional 5000 after all fees rendered; attorney, medical. But my mom was still paying for the truck. So all that money disappears cause she had costs, she has bills to pay. We had no money.
    I think the one thing that pisses me off is that she never discussed any of this shit with me so we're stuck the way we are.

    Thats the reality and Im sure that was what everyone was thinking when they see you go out and get a car that you cant immediately take ownership of the property.

    Then again, the way you set yourself up. This was a business proposition. Your decision was based on business. Thats the difference. What you did is pure business.

    But personally for me. I wouldnt ever do payment plans. If I have money. Im buying a car that works within budget and Im satisfied. Now is the best year of the time to buy used with such a saturated car market.
    There are cars I wanted as a kid back then that now for the low price of 20,000. I can find easily like 20 cars within that price range that I WOULD LOVE. To get behind the wheel on.
    And if my budget was 40 grand. I can walk away with pre-owned cars. NICE CARS. LOW MILES. BEST CARS. for 40g's
    or even better. Buy a modest cheap car. Used or New. And a toy and some change.

    Now if I win the lotto and let's just say I won a SMALL LOAN OF A MILLION DOLLARS.
    The sky's the limit. I can buy a brand-new ferrari. And to be honest with you. In comparison to a million dollar budget.
    I've seen alot of Ferrari's new are wayyyy cheaper than what Lamborghini offers. Like that F12 you have was worth 300,000. Alot of new Lambo's always start at 350 or higher.
    And the used ferrari's are even cheaper. You can find a decent one for 240k.
    You know how many ferrari's I can get for that price with a million? 4
    Thats alot of cars.
    Nice cars too.
    Or I can get one ferrari and a decent house with high-security and some toys and still have money left.

    For a small loan of a million dollars. You get so much out of it in a short time.

  • nicolas carrasco
    nicolas carrasco 11 days ago +1

    Thanks so much to share your dream with us! Thanks for your transparency! 👍🏻MERCI 🇫🇷

  • Mi Hai
    Mi Hai 12 days ago

    In Romania we pay 24% taxes :)

  • Casey Codelle
    Casey Codelle 12 days ago

    you could’ve bought a way nicer car for a lot cheaper not telling u how to spend ur money but congrats

  • Kobe Dolphin
    Kobe Dolphin 12 days ago

    Ballin like you're in the NBA

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell 12 days ago

    Amazing video!

  • Eddie Black
    Eddie Black 12 days ago

    Accidents do not show up on carfax if insurance is not used for repairs.

  • DatBwoiXERXESdem
    DatBwoiXERXESdem 12 days ago

    Great video, hope you make double more of what you make this year next year.

  • citic101
    citic101 12 days ago


  • Poo-Nah Nay
    Poo-Nah Nay 12 days ago

    Screw anyone who has an opinion on it. It's not their life and it mostly comes from jealously anyway. If they don't like their life they are free to put in the hard work like you have and change it.

  • Poo-Nah Nay
    Poo-Nah Nay 12 days ago

    That's great man, if you have a means to pay it and that's what you really want then go for it. In this case it's a business write off so you're laughing.

  • WheeleeWheels
    WheeleeWheels 13 days ago

    Nothing is crazy if it’s your dream .. follow your dreams. Enjoy life!

  • Mike P
    Mike P 13 days ago

    I appreciate this bro I’m on the road to successs an I been sub since the old f150 days an I’ll be here bro when I get my first super car I am gonna email you an have you review it !

  • wannabecarguy
    wannabecarguy 13 days ago

    You da man.

  • wannabecarguy
    wannabecarguy 13 days ago

    I'll sub only if you reply. And you better buy another car.

  • Odd 2See
    Odd 2See 13 days ago +2

    Tall guy sent me here 💯
    Love the car bro

  • Ignazio Nobile
    Ignazio Nobile 13 days ago

    Don’t like at all this car

  • Bill Earle
    Bill Earle 14 days ago

    Mike Just catching up to this installment in the Journey! I enjoyed your overview and the details on the F12, a car I will never own so living vicariously through you. A couple of comments:
    #. It would be useful for us subscribers for you to give us the “total cost of ownership” TOC on a monthly basis would be an interesting benchmark
    #. As a former car salesman you know that bank loans for cars are “rigged” against the borrowers. Because cars depreciate rapidly, perhaps not an F12, banks collect all the interest on the total loan upfront. All those early payments are pure interest and don’t pay down the principle. You either have to make supplemental payments, as you did with the C63, or wait several years until principle payments kick in.
    #. Give Mike high marks for great arm strength holding that camera out there for this entire vid.
    #. The F12 will be traded in less than 24 months!
    #. The success of a you tube channel is not only the content but the editing......that’s not easy, ask Mike!

  • Dillon Freeman
    Dillon Freeman 14 days ago

    I know it’s a lot but still it’s your dream car and if it were me , I’d say it’s completely worth it👍

  • Rudy B
    Rudy B 14 days ago

    Nice video! What do you think of the FF?....

  • smuffing1
    smuffing1 14 days ago

    I subscribe just for reason he was so transparency, he'a real one!

  • John Molloy
    John Molloy 14 days ago

    Mike, like a lot of small businesses you have a "wheelbarrow" business. You put the wheelbarrow down, and the business stops. Looking at the Ferrari as a business expense, I know lots of people that spend more than that each month on the rent for a shop. And you can't drive a shop!

  • John Azhderian
    John Azhderian 14 days ago +4

    Dave Ramsey wants to talk to you!

  • Jonathan Thomsen
    Jonathan Thomsen 14 days ago +1

    .. that payments more then I make a month by a grand... I need to do something different lol.

  • The Night stalker
    The Night stalker 14 days ago +1

    How can you determine the C63 is not a supercar..? Performance..pricetag?? Can’t say its a regular car....

  • Sam Jordan
    Sam Jordan 14 days ago

    A lot of you tubers don’t even tell them how much they made on TVclip !!! You are a humble and transparent person! Smart man!

  • FootballSkills78
    FootballSkills78 14 days ago

    U were paying quite a lot for the amg i put 10 down and have it 600 a month in the uk 2017 c63s

  • Supacop
    Supacop 15 days ago

    Man, I’ve been away on assignment for a really stepped your game up!! PERFECT spec on the F12 and I’m such if fan of these types of videos. You’re one of the few strong enough to do them!! Keep up the great work!! 👍🏾

  • Alex Burnham
    Alex Burnham 15 days ago

    That's the best part of owning a business is writing everything off good job Mike happy for you hope the f150 is back soon

  • S&S Channel
    S&S Channel 16 days ago

    Love the new into 😍

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 16 days ago

    Front engine Ferrari? Might as well buy a vette

  • blackericdenice
    blackericdenice 16 days ago

    Wow. This video has really opened my eyes. Last year I made $3000 from youtube. I’m going to stop playing around and live my dream. I want an 812 SF.

  • ktm640lc4BGD
    ktm640lc4BGD 16 days ago

    Would you be able to get the loan for this car without your wifes sallary or the bank asked for that also?

  • David Build Vlogzz
    David Build Vlogzz 17 days ago +2

    Thanks for the motivation I’m not good at making videos but I’ll keep going. I’ve been doing it due to liking cars.

  • Edward Smith
    Edward Smith 17 days ago

    I'm glad you shared your story. I get it man. Do what you love.

  • Bmpiadrum06
    Bmpiadrum06 17 days ago

    What's the song at the start?!

  • Guvanch Muzapberov
    Guvanch Muzapberov 17 days ago

    Really love your channel just because you act yourself. No show offs and honest answers and truth only. You told everything about your income etc... which no youtubers say. Keep it up man, you migrated in 2012 and already earned money for A Ferrari, that I’m sure motivates lots of people and youtubers who watch your vids. Great job!

  • milan adamopulos
    milan adamopulos 17 days ago +7

    You keep it pure .... legendary... Real talk 👌💯💯💯💪👍

  • tom50740
    tom50740 17 days ago

    Hej Man I subbed lol , I hope this makes you go even further with your car passion. After seeing your video im thinking about buying a C63S, the looks are great. But I got a new Porsche at the moment, and the two of them is to expensive xD

  • Matthew Gilbert
    Matthew Gilbert 18 days ago +3

    I liked the detail, thanks for sharing.

  • Clay Yz C
    Clay Yz C 18 days ago


  • Yare Time
    Yare Time 18 days ago

    People don't seem to understand that buying the Ferrari helps him get more subs for his channel. More subs means more views, more views means more Ad Sense revenue.

  • Joel Garza
    Joel Garza 18 days ago

    Best video ever... appreciate keeping it since day one...

  • amistry605
    amistry605 18 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like a Corvette

  • FE
    FE 18 days ago

    Best advice I’ve heard in a while, thank you.

  • papa sticky
    papa sticky 19 days ago

    Please get to the Ferrari numbers, I'm falling asleep.

  • Will Pfeffer
    Will Pfeffer 19 days ago

    Fuckem mike your doing what you want to do that’s worth gold

  • James Sirenne
    James Sirenne 19 days ago

    Great video! Better hope the IRS doesn't watch it though, they're extremely particular about writing off car payments for business use, and seeing the word Ferrari pop up is just an invitation for audit. It's a no go, trust me I've consulted tax professionals and tried to execute this same strategy myself.

  • Peter S
    Peter S 19 days ago

    I wonder what kind of cars get the most views for TVcliprs? Maybe bmw m4?

  • Chris H
    Chris H 19 days ago

    This is interesting to hear. I appreciate these videos because it puts it into perspective! Great vid!!!!

  • Martin Kingsbury
    Martin Kingsbury 19 days ago

    Great video!

  • Amsqualls IlI
    Amsqualls IlI 19 days ago

    So you make 26k a year lol ok

  • spectre xr1
    spectre xr1 19 days ago

    Congrats on the Ferrari. Bet all the people giving u money advice dont have a Ferrari lol. Keep the vids coming good stuff

  • Zizzk
    Zizzk 19 days ago

    jävlar du, svensk alltså :O

  • all4dh8rz
    all4dh8rz 19 days ago +1

    Buying expensive cars like that definitely ain't worth even buying a car over $10,000 you are pretty much just throwing your money away and there's many point's why and to much to mention!
    Did you know by facts that people who buy expensive cars generally have a low iQ than people who don't!

  • Eliska Gray
    Eliska Gray 19 days ago +3

    Beautiful car. I'm a new subscriber. 😏👍

  • NeoAndersonReloaded
    NeoAndersonReloaded 19 days ago

    I just want a 911 turbo 09' running 85k right now. Wish me luck.

  • Terrence Warner
    Terrence Warner 19 days ago

    Congrats Brother... You worked hard to be where you are today.. and the Ferrari is the Bomb...!

  • CamBreBet3 v
    CamBreBet3 v 20 days ago

    Appreciate your honesty. I always wondered what it would cost monthly to own one of those cars . And what alot of you youtubers make a year . Thanks for being honest.

  • Rudy Linhub
    Rudy Linhub 20 days ago

    Content net profit - depreciation = never retire but havin fun.

  • Mohsen Alabbas
    Mohsen Alabbas 20 days ago

    Small advice for you Mike.
    The megority of people don't have that kind of money and they are okay with it, so they would love trucks and easy to get cars more than those supercars ... Honestly since you have your f150 broke I stopped watching you and instead I started watching VMP... Please think about my advice.. have a good day sir.

  • psfanboy79
    psfanboy79 20 days ago

    And if you get your channel demonetized? Or worse kicked off the platform? Then what?

  • Chris V
    Chris V 20 days ago

    Thanks for the transparency. Keep up the good work!

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 20 days ago

    Wowww 554 thumb down haters 😂😂😂

  • Born Boy
    Born Boy 20 days ago +1

    I need one more transparency...
    How much do you make on this video ?
    After 2 weeks, and after 4 weeks.

  • Albert M
    Albert M 20 days ago

    I guess I can understand you spending that kind of money on a car payment because it is part of your business and what generates part of your income but I pay for all my homes and cars with cash and hopefully you will get to that point down the road. To be clear, I don't generate income from my cars so it's either cash or carry or not at all.

  • Ronald de Rooij
    Ronald de Rooij 20 days ago

    Thank you for the transparency. I now understand your choices. I thought your were crazy, but I did not know that a TVclip channel was so profitable.

  • rick mason
    rick mason 20 days ago

    Im fuckin wit u! Been listening while I was cleaning my studio.Somehow I got the feeling if I listen to u I can get my you tube game goin.Salute im subbing.

  • chris dolan
    chris dolan 20 days ago

    Congratulations brother! Keep up the good work!

    BIGBOY VAPER 20 days ago

    What’s gonna happen when google fucks you guys over?

  • thereissomecoolstuff
    thereissomecoolstuff 20 days ago

    People get enamored with cars, boats and hobbies often. Cash is king..if you made over $200k off of TVclip good for you..that isn't an easy life either.. Unfortunately you are one wrong comment away from deplatforming.. TVclip can do it.. I would say only 1 thing. What kind of house would you be living in with a $3500 a month mortgage? It would be a beautiful house. That house would be comfortable to you and your family. That house would be building equity and more than likely value. Your life would be better. This is America. You can choose your direction. I appreciate your honesty and sharing your personal life. I know there is a lot more to the autovlog family than what is shown on camera. Rock on Mike..You can have both cars and a home. It's economy of scale..

  • Justin Luttrell
    Justin Luttrell 20 days ago

    Let me get this straight, you paid ~$80,000 for the AMG, and (would've) got $71,000 in trade 18 months later? Am I understanding that right?

  • Neil Patching
    Neil Patching 20 days ago

    Thank you Mike excellent content. Only new to the channel but will be looking at your backlog to see what is what. That is a beautiful car my friend congratulations on achieving this dream👍

  • Brandon Brown
    Brandon Brown 21 day ago

    Very informative brotha, thank you so much. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Galvani 89
    Galvani 89 21 day ago

    italian cars are boring the only thing that makes italian cars fun is that they are super fast they are not as well engineered as german automobiles german automobiles are more fun and are more advanced it might not be as fast as italian automobiles but they are still more fun and more advanced than italian automobiles.

  • Yuri Bolshakov
    Yuri Bolshakov 21 day ago

    Those were some very wise words about sticking to something and achieving your dream