Pond Monster Officially CAPTURED (Top Secret Mission Accomplished)

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Grace Sharer and Stephen Sharer finally CAPTURE the Pond Monster!!
    In Grace Sharer's last vlog, "Grace Sharer Disguised as Pond Monster!! (Prank on Stephen Sharer)" you saw Grace pull a CRAZY trick on Stephen Sharer and John where she used a fuzzy monkey hand to pull a family friendly prank on them and pretend to be the Pond Monster. In today's video, Grace Sharer and Stephen Sharer get back to business working on the TOP SECRET Beach Mission to capture the Pond Monster. Using their secret spy gadgets, super fast jet-ski, and a GIANT NET, the Sharer Fam gets up close and personal with the monster and use all their strength to capture him and pull him back to the Mission House dock. When they arrive to shore, they FINALLY trap the monster and keep him contained in a spy ninja cage. Now that the Pond Monster is OFFICIALLY captured, comment down below what type of monster this could be! The Sharers are off the the beach patrol control center to tell them that they captured the pond monster and show the beach patrol team the footage
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  • Alayziah Delgado
    Alayziah Delgado 5 hours ago


  • Brian Burgener
    Brian Burgener 6 hours ago

    The pound monster has sharp teeth and he or she looks like a Alien

  • Yolita Johnson
    Yolita Johnson 6 hours ago

    Hi guys

  • Yolita Johnson
    Yolita Johnson 6 hours ago

    It looks kind of weird 😦

  • Emiliano Mendoza
    Emiliano Mendoza 7 hours ago

    Fish dude that has scales and looks like an angler fish

  • Danish Hawas
    Danish Hawas 8 hours ago

    The pond monster is beterly a human

  • M&M Gang
    M&M Gang 8 hours ago

    Grace over grammatic

  • Deepika Hettiarachchi
    Deepika Hettiarachchi 9 hours ago

    Grace do your makeup without looking

  • Sacha Smith
    Sacha Smith 9 hours ago


  • Starwolf 007
    Starwolf 007 10 hours ago


  • Blake Maddox
    Blake Maddox 12 hours ago +1

    I don’t know what it is

  • Blake Maddox
    Blake Maddox 12 hours ago +1

    it”s fake

  • Karolina Sinickaite
    Karolina Sinickaite 13 hours ago

    It has spiky hair and black hands

  • Zachary Covington
    Zachary Covington 14 hours ago


  • eldene lingham
    eldene lingham 16 hours ago

    It looks terebel

  • shadow gamer
    shadow gamer 18 hours ago


  • Gabbie Steel
    Gabbie Steel 20 hours ago

    Most of your videos about that pond monster thing... just saying

  • Laura Herring
    Laura Herring 23 hours ago

    I think it's half human half monster

  • Aliyat Ganiyu
    Aliyat Ganiyu Day ago +2

    This is comedy lol bro look at the at the monster hahhaha bro it looks like a man well I bet it’s a guy playing the monster in the costume

  • three foxes and one bunny

    It kind of looks like Aquaman

  • Paul Colombe
    Paul Colombe Day ago

    It Looks like a lizard

  • Julie Bakr
    Julie Bakr Day ago +1


  • Chrystal Thigpen

    I know you are driving trying to make this like it's real but it might be a guy just dressed in a costume that's what I'm assuming because he shake his head when he came out of the water so yeah

  • Corn chip
    Corn chip Day ago

    I’m not smart monster I shouldn’t be capturing that it supposed to stay in the pearl and you’ll need to bring it to a nice

  • Corn chip
    Corn chip Day ago

    The pond monster is colored green and black and I was like this is a thing on it head

  • Kalarni Templeton

    A goblin

  • Phil & Bevin Hahn

    Who thinks the pond monster is fake?

  • Hey Slime
    Hey Slime Day ago


  • Mareyanna Farrar

    There's two pond monster s

  • rocky rocks
    rocky rocks Day ago


  • Katie Grimmond
    Katie Grimmond Day ago

    Click a person and I think it has legs in the pond monster time yep and it looks like a person nothing is heaps of room said I’m not very one might be heaps of monsters maybe that’s why we’re going for one in your pond maybe this point monsters everywhere pond monsters so peace out and share the love

  • Hollie-Mae Doran
    Hollie-Mae Doran 2 days ago

    I love you because we like to watch the pond monster

  • Ibtsam Halaka
    Ibtsam Halaka 2 days ago

    I think the pond monster is a snake

  • Lori G
    Lori G 2 days ago

    That is not a real monster

  • Kook Kook
    Kook Kook 2 days ago


  • Matthew Simpkins
    Matthew Simpkins 2 days ago

    It’s hands are gray

  • Matthew Simpkins
    Matthew Simpkins 2 days ago

    There is red on the side of his head

  • Matthew Simpkins
    Matthew Simpkins 2 days ago

    He has sharp teeth

  • FrozenKidYT
    FrozenKidYT 2 days ago

    I want that Halloween costume

    KAMBAMPATI VIMALA 2 days ago

    What a fake video

  • Duke Boy01
    Duke Boy01 2 days ago +2

    In one video It says these monsters can be 30 to 40 feet long

  • Callum JERINIC
    Callum JERINIC 2 days ago


    YANETH PONCE 3 days ago

    he looks creepy

    YANETH PONCE 3 days ago

    he looks so black and giant

  • cChristy Ferrell
    cChristy Ferrell 3 days ago

    Jhdyvdowhycscunduhrhainubs8ha9gecjbsinsthdu. Hs ybsiwjyk. Gbrudwhjvdu bzudbydbd harjo xbyvisntftjznydrvu tsbyzvtsb and dbxrdvysg

  • cChristy Ferrell
    cChristy Ferrell 3 days ago

    Baby. Muoovez

  • Aubree Grace
    Aubree Grace 3 days ago


  • Gianna Yancey
    Gianna Yancey 3 days ago

    It looks like a fish and a frog mix

  • Forever Young
    Forever Young 3 days ago

    It looks creepy it has Sharp teeth’s it’s a weird color

  • tammygailmorrison
    tammygailmorrison 3 days ago

    A big lizard

  • The Morgans
    The Morgans 3 days ago +1

    Use it to go through the whole lake without the sun In your face

  • Ghostlierbat ghost
    Ghostlierbat ghost 3 days ago

    I want more subs please help me out

  • Shivayat Azadkhan
    Shivayat Azadkhan 3 days ago +1

    The fakest thing i have ever saw on youtube

  • Sonson Dah
    Sonson Dah 3 days ago +2

    Who else was just like put the camera and help them

  • Sephy anmiell Mangunay

    I hope stephen is ok

  • Kate O'Mara
    Kate O'Mara 4 days ago +3

    Hi guys I might be new here buuuuuuuut IV NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIakEIT!!!!!!

  • Hopeskillet
    Hopeskillet 4 days ago

    It was like a fish with a horse head but that like a really a horse head it’s like it’s like a bike in the back but not in likeοΏΌ

  • Neela Lamm
    Neela Lamm 4 days ago