What's so special about the Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino?

  • Published on Mar 25, 2018
  • Checking out the new Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino, I'm wearing a mid-90s blue suit, 90s necktie and white dress shirt.
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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  11 months ago +200

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      BHAYCUNN 10 months ago +1

      I can't eat gluten, because I'm allergic (not on one of those horrid diets), so it's interesting to see reviews of food I am allergic to. I've been very intrigued by your channel lately and wanted to say that your snacking, rather dry humor, and over all demeanor does not go unappreciated.

    • Candis Gambino
      Candis Gambino 11 months ago +1

      TheReportOfTheWeek HEY!!!! THEY APPARENTLY HAVE A NEW CEREAL YOU SHOULD REVIEW- IT HAS FROSTED FLAKES & BACON!!!! I wasn't actually sure it was real but it is! I don't remember the brand name.. I think it would quite possibly be one of the best reviews you do 😉 I would love to hear your ever so elegant and articulate opinion about frosted flake/bacon cereal lol

    • Vans World
      Vans World 11 months ago +2

      Brother I would be honored if you would comment on one of my videos. 👍😁 great review

    • daria suttons
      daria suttons 11 months ago +1

      TheReportOfTheWeek are you maybe a time traveler ,you sure look like one,and woah Mr.you have very long creepy fingers heehee

    • Nyla *Garrett*michael *Jackson* twins*
      Nyla *Garrett*michael *Jackson* twins* 11 months ago +1

      TheReportOfTheWeek noooo

  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco 4 days ago

    The sprinkle/gems must be rock-candy from how you describe them.

  • Orbital DickBeacon
    Orbital DickBeacon 3 months ago

    Awesome job review brah your voice is asmr quality you should do asmr vids please. You'll prolly get lots of views if you do.

  • wolf main
    wolf main 3 months ago

    hello everyone, this is


    BHAYCUNN 4 months ago

    I like listening to these while I make sushi.

  • Josh Simpson
    Josh Simpson 4 months ago

    It was gross

  • dεΙτα
    dεΙτα 5 months ago

    hello everyone! this is... (S T A R E).... Review!

  • Fac Friswus Caffar
    Fac Friswus Caffar 5 months ago

    I once thought Starbucks was called sun screen, because i said to myself i am going to sun screen.

    JASONNECT 6 months ago

    The more I look at him the more I see Mr. Bean

  • Ashley Ayn
    Ashley Ayn 6 months ago

    The different intro scared me I thought my phone was glitching out

  • Julie McAlinden
    Julie McAlinden 7 months ago

    I would love to see you review the shamrock shake as part of this beverage series

  • Daddy Deadpool
    Daddy Deadpool 7 months ago

    My OCD acted up when you didn't do the usual intro

  • Elspeth Awake
    Elspeth Awake 8 months ago

    What do the different colors mean?

  • donnan huggler
    donnan huggler 8 months ago

    Gween peach? Crazy stuff

  • Howard Hogenbirk
    Howard Hogenbirk 8 months ago

    Gee golly that’s some snappin stuff

  • Karen Harriman
    Karen Harriman 9 months ago

    He is a fashion icon 💖

  • Corbin Jones
    Corbin Jones 9 months ago

    I like to drink my drink at the same time he does while he looks into my soul

  • Devin Neese
    Devin Neese 10 months ago

    Asmr when?

  • Topspeed350
    Topspeed350 10 months ago

    Peach Juice

  • Dennis The Cowboy
    Dennis The Cowboy 10 months ago

    i'm sure someone's already mentioned this, but they now have Mt. Dew Baja Blast in stores now. Not just Taco Bell

  • Horse Shit
    Horse Shit 10 months ago +1

    Damn I think he almost passed out in the beginning

  • Jenna Buck
    Jenna Buck 10 months ago

    Th is guy is so boring. He kinda needs to loosen up I don't know why Emma Chamberlain likes him

  • Rock Roll
    Rock Roll 10 months ago

    Thank you for explaining eating a peach.

  • HydroScribble
    HydroScribble 10 months ago

    Looking dapper AF

  • Nimbal Pandita
    Nimbal Pandita 10 months ago

    "Boi , that's something else"😂😂 epic

  • FiteMeIRL420
    FiteMeIRL420 10 months ago

    "But why is that!?"

  • OsideForex
    OsideForex 10 months ago

    Another Quality Video Sir.

  • Turkalicious
    Turkalicious 10 months ago

    ReviewBrah. Are you going to boycott Starbucks?

  • Fatty Matty
    Fatty Matty 10 months ago

    3:44- reviewbrah finds love

  • Golden
    Golden 10 months ago

    Instead of "running on empty food review." You could call it "walking full, beverage description."

  • GCRR Scrap Batteries
    GCRR Scrap Batteries 11 months ago

    REVIEW BRUZZY. You'e done it again. This was an informative and interesting video! xxx

  • That Guy
    That Guy 11 months ago

    this guy reminds me of andrew ryan

  • Emerson 8 Ball
    Emerson 8 Ball 11 months ago

    second 0:03 "hello everyone this is .......50 years later ...review" #2018

  • Osiris Edits
    Osiris Edits 11 months ago

    Nothing like watching a middle aged man drink a Starbucks Frappuccino. Jk man love your channe, keep it up!😂

  • naff
    naff 11 months ago +1

    Why didn’t he say running on empty. Disappointed

  • salvador sanchez
    salvador sanchez 11 months ago

    Lol “hello everyone, this is ...(* blank stare) review “

  • S M
    S M 11 months ago

    Are you a funeral director?

  • Sean Hodkiewicz
    Sean Hodkiewicz 11 months ago

    This guy's is so funny

  • Chris Hewitt
    Chris Hewitt 11 months ago

    Peaches... and cream. 😎

  • Ilidumb
    Ilidumb 11 months ago


  • Moist and Creamy
    Moist and Creamy 11 months ago

    Holy shit man. Did you just came outta 60s? Damn So smooth.

  • Decaticon
    Decaticon 11 months ago +1

    that intro had my butt clenched and gave me anxiety

  • zach abdelatif
    zach abdelatif 11 months ago

    is this an act? his clothes and stuff or is this his style

    • Rodrigo
      Rodrigo 8 days ago

      This is just his style. He made a video explaining why

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    I fucking love your vids man keep up the good work

  • Spencer Abts
    Spencer Abts 11 months ago

    You look like Lorde

  • OutTheCutD2x GGs
    OutTheCutD2x GGs 11 months ago +1

    Reviewbrah task force 🍑

  • Daniel Lyzenga
    Daniel Lyzenga 11 months ago

    Something I find interesting is that if you speed his videos up to 1.5 he seems completely different. And it's kinda funny how it sounds more natural when it's faster.

  • calre
    calre 11 months ago

    you have nice nails

  • Jess Champ
    Jess Champ 11 months ago

    i had it and it tasted like when you get peach flavored shampoo in your mouth. i didn't see anything crystal ball about it.

  • Jamie iguess
    Jamie iguess 11 months ago

    i actually died laughing 7:09

  • Resist Girl_20
    Resist Girl_20 11 months ago

    This isn't meant as offense but you look like a smaller skinner version of General Hux from Star Wars all you need is the red ginger hair.

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward 11 months ago

    Hi I'm new love the content

  • ☢ l x w i s just got hacked ☢


  • Peio Pascual Hernando
    Peio Pascual Hernando 11 months ago

    he almost breaks with the running over peaches bit

  • Kerry Stephens
    Kerry Stephens 11 months ago

    Please review milk

  • Quackin Panda
    Quackin Panda 11 months ago

    I always feel safe coming back here

  • Lonetholsskia
    Lonetholsskia 11 months ago

    05:10 "Time Travel Frapacculli" sensational

  • robofish312
    robofish312 11 months ago

    I bet ReviewBrah is peach flavored.

  • Julia Chloe
    Julia Chloe 11 months ago

    *remember it's green*

  • issac cruz
    issac cruz 11 months ago

    Why is this dude such a good TVclipr he's just a dude eating food in a suit it's just idk orginal

  • Clown Lives Matter
    Clown Lives Matter 11 months ago

    I hate starbucks. No one should buy their products

  • Festive Poot
    Festive Poot 11 months ago

    i thought he had a stroke at the beginning

  • James Hall
    James Hall 11 months ago

    Is it just me or.... I feel like I am dead and my funeral is being hosted by David Bowie's love child with a hamburger stapled to his hand?

  • Ornella Ribeiro
    Ornella Ribeiro 11 months ago

    the introoooo brooo wtf

  • Dr Check
    Dr Check 11 months ago

    Hello everyone this is 👀 Review like wtf

  • EJM 412
    EJM 412 11 months ago

    Hardcore frapping

  • Moriah Scogin
    Moriah Scogin 11 months ago

    I love how you put your suite type in the description box!

  • Tyler Thornock
    Tyler Thornock 11 months ago +1

    It brings all the white girls to the yard 😂

  • Ben
    Ben 11 months ago

    “Fine ice particulate matter”. I’ve NEVER in my life heard anything so beautiful

  • Reem Zeidan
    Reem Zeidan 11 months ago

    I love your videos

  • James Mayo
    James Mayo 11 months ago

    You are an amazing person. A mix of cleverner, wit and some wholesome sauce as the base. I give reviewbrah a 11/10 It's such a pleasure to watch any of your videos.

  • Urban Trippie
    Urban Trippie 11 months ago


  • ElectriSkull
    ElectriSkull 11 months ago +3

    *Did anyone else get anxiety when he was doing the intro?*

  • Leiviosa
    Leiviosa 11 months ago

    That intro threw me off, stopped halfways and realized that I had to fill in the void.

  • Amber Hayes
    Amber Hayes 11 months ago

    "Time Travel Frappachooli". I laughed so loud that I disturbed my dog :-D

  • brandon hughes
    brandon hughes 11 months ago +1

    1:35 that’s questionable

  • DaddyPlsNo
    DaddyPlsNo 11 months ago

    Best food review channel

  • GoldTraxs
    GoldTraxs 11 months ago +1

    Reviewbrah for 1MILL!

  • Yandex ethic
    Yandex ethic 11 months ago

    5:09 time travel frapitulie

  • Grace Whalen
    Grace Whalen 11 months ago

    This is the quality content I signed up to TVclip.com for

  • lI 711 Il
    lI 711 Il 11 months ago

    How did you get 10k in a day

  • PunschrOlle
    PunschrOlle 11 months ago

    3:16 *There's **_me_** with the beverage*

    KING CEEZ 11 months ago

    I want to rob u and I don’t even do stuff like that

  • Dank Boi
    Dank Boi 11 months ago

    That intro though.😂😂🤣🤣

  • Tiktok Trap
    Tiktok Trap 11 months ago

    I like your hands...

  • dundundada
    dundundada 11 months ago

    I'm new here and this shit is out of control

  • Anna Pelser
    Anna Pelser 11 months ago +1

    3:45 wow BOII

  • Anna Pelser
    Anna Pelser 11 months ago +1

    0:00 hewwo evewyone

  • Saigul
    Saigul 11 months ago

    This was dank

  • prolo
    prolo 11 months ago

    First video I watched from him. I thought he was a british 16 year old for some reason, didn't expect him to be like this.

  • Shayne
    Shayne 11 months ago

    Review some ass.

  • Daniel Goslin
    Daniel Goslin 11 months ago

    The Time Travel Frappecculi

  • Jackie Da Penguin
    Jackie Da Penguin 11 months ago

    I got both green and purple toppings on mine

  • Nya nya the neko god
    Nya nya the neko god 11 months ago

    I like your tie

  • Tentative Dan
    Tentative Dan 11 months ago

    Does anyone at the drivethru ever recognize his voice??

  • AnnoyedLawStudent 87
    AnnoyedLawStudent 87 11 months ago

    He presents his reviews with so much depth, dry humor, and seriousness. I love him. I respect him. I'd take a bullet for him. If I were a single straight woman, I'd let him finish inside of me

  • Ape
    Ape 11 months ago

    Laughing at your own joke, 10/10 would watch again

  • Hansi Chen
    Hansi Chen 11 months ago

    You so. Fxxking. Precious. When you. Smile

  • Shanyn Jacobson
    Shanyn Jacobson 11 months ago

    you should do reviews on state drinks ! (sodas only found in certain states, ale-8, cheerwine, green river etc.)

  • Am Bam
    Am Bam 11 months ago +1

    Reminds me of Sheldon from Big Bang