WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! (how i lost the weight)

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
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    You guys have been asking for my diet for forever, so here it is! Also accidentally a mukbang slash eating show slash watch me eat haha. I filmed a second day to this, but I'll only post it if people seem interested so THUMBS UP AND COMMENT to let me know!

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  • Abi Slabi
    Abi Slabi 20 hours ago

    I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched this I WATCHED TYE WHOLE THING WITHOUT SKIPPING 11 TIMES TODAY


  • Ccameron17
    Ccameron17 Day ago

    wait... to wait five hours between each meal and eat three every day we have to be awake for FIFTEEN HOURS!! sorry but i NEED rest

  • carleigh mckinnon

    PLEASE do another what I eat in a day or even what I eat in a week video! I want to see what other foods you normally eat! This is inspirational 🙏🏻

  • jada bello
    jada bello 2 days ago +1

    Didn’t she cook 4 pieces of bacon but only counted 2🤷🏻‍♀️🤨🧐🤔🤔

    • Amy-arlette Urena
      Amy-arlette Urena 2 hours ago

      jada bello I thought that at first too😭 but i then realized they were too long for the pan so she had cut them both in half

  • kkeogh934
    kkeogh934 2 days ago

    12:53 i just watched the ketchup bottle who else

  • Mila23 2
    Mila23 2 3 days ago

    I don’t even like soda, so I’m good

  • Lizzy and Bella Lombardi

    “ Condiments make the world go *ROUND* “

  • Francesca Garrett
    Francesca Garrett 3 days ago +1

    Has anyone got any good Vegetarian alternative suggestions xx

  • Makeda Evans
    Makeda Evans 3 days ago

    Did she dip her chicken in KETCHUP !?!?!?!?!

  • Becky Quam
    Becky Quam 3 days ago

    I am 11 and it's really hard to be on a diet without your parents finding out😞😐

  • Louise Post
    Louise Post 3 days ago

    DAY 2!!

  • Fanu Ahmed
    Fanu Ahmed 4 days ago

    Does anyone know an alternative to bacon as I can't eat it? Thanks!!

  • liza sapec
    liza sapec 4 days ago +1

    what if she’s a monsterrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • AlaskaCat 18
    AlaskaCat 18 5 days ago

    I know this was posted a while ago.. but thanks Gabbie. I went through I really bad phase when I was 13 where I wouldn’t eat for days at a time, and when I did eat, it was ld one thing like a banana and that was it for days. This video changed my life and gave me the confidence to actually eat and tell something what was going on with me. Thank you Gabbie.

  • PinkSkyscraper1
    PinkSkyscraper1 5 days ago

    Everything makes sense except for the bacon and greasy ass eggs.

  • jasmine prameswari
    jasmine prameswari 6 days ago

    Can anyone tell me with what i can change the morning bacon with??

  • Jonathan Knipper
    Jonathan Knipper 6 days ago

    what is on your right hand

  • Dawn2Robinson
    Dawn2Robinson 6 days ago

    Fun tip: exercise before you eat breakfast so your body has to work to get harder reaching fats.

  • Mia Međugorac
    Mia Međugorac 7 days ago

    Also: *DO NOT EAT FAST* take your time when you eat cuz it’s not going to help you slim down

  • Lisa xo
    Lisa xo 7 days ago

    She's having dinner at 8:00pm!!!!???? That is WAY tooo late for me!!!

  • Litty Fam
    Litty Fam 8 days ago

    Did y’all hear that sound at 4:37

  • Alex Youtube
    Alex Youtube 8 days ago

    I love you soo much thx for this vid it really helps

  • Rotmindol
    Rotmindol 8 days ago

    Hi Gabbie! I'm 17 and your weight loss and fitness journey have inspired me so much! I have asked my father if I could do my own shopping, and your body seems to work VERY similarly to me. I've lost about 50lbs on Keto, but my body is stuck now, I can't lose any more weight on keto; instead, I need to eat clean and workout more. My father said I could! So starting soon I am going to do my own shopping, trying to stick to your advice, but I also know I'm not a miracle worker haha.

  • Vanessa Orellana
    Vanessa Orellana 9 days ago

    You need to make more videos like this.

  • Nathaly Toscano
    Nathaly Toscano 9 days ago


  • LoopyGaming
    LoopyGaming 10 days ago

    Nitrate meat for me gives me bad headaches so it prolly not good for people

  • Foxtrott piper
    Foxtrott piper 10 days ago

    Every healthy breakfast consist of grapefruit!!! 😖 I wish I could eat it!

  • Soggy Potato
    Soggy Potato 10 days ago

    Is she really using that ketchup during this healthy what I eat video? That has sooo much corn syrup in it

  • somhayhita Cc
    somhayhita Cc 11 days ago

    Wat is in your hand??

  • Rhema Keas
    Rhema Keas 11 days ago

    So.. basically.. keto + fruit.

  • Gastper Kaswaki
    Gastper Kaswaki 12 days ago

    Gabbie do you eat Sea food and beef?

  • Kpop trash
    Kpop trash 13 days ago

    4:37 I had to replay that part again because I thought my stomach was grumbling lol

  • Avalon Flowers
    Avalon Flowers 13 days ago

    This is probably only me, but is anyone else eating frozen green beans while watching this?

  • ashieemcmaccie
    ashieemcmaccie 13 days ago +3

    I’m not gonna lie I eat her breakfast all the time now

  • Bella Schuster
    Bella Schuster 14 days ago

    But when you put it in the microwave it loses all those nutrients😫

  • Jenn Castro
    Jenn Castro 14 days ago

    ……………….. I don't understand WHY she didn't put that henna tattoo on the other side of her hand …. ya know … like why on your palm tho? …… like just why …..

  • Elizabeth Rialland
    Elizabeth Rialland 14 days ago

    If the vegetables are fresh they are new so if you eat it when it's new ......

    Think about it

  • Holly Schultz
    Holly Schultz 16 days ago

    DAY 2

  • Toya Brunnock Brunnock


  • Lizzie Jackson
    Lizzie Jackson 16 days ago

    Last year I used to snack a lot, but this year when I get hungry for snacks I will just make myself some green tea with honey or have some iced water which now seems to fill me up. However I haven’t completely cut snacking out if my life, but it’s a bit healthier. Sometimes I’ll snack once or twice a day just with a granola bar or fruit or some natural yoghurt with fruit. I still eat chocolate and stuff though, just waaaaaaaaay less

  • Lady Lucifron
    Lady Lucifron 17 days ago

    Lady... bacon is processed too btw.

  • Alana Webster
    Alana Webster 18 days ago

    One thing I do is whenever I want soda I have bubbly water and now it satisfies me and tricks me into thinking I’m drinking sugary soda

  • izjustme x
    izjustme x 18 days ago

    i literally don't understand how that fills her up i'd need 3time that much 😂☹️

  • Ella Catharine
    Ella Catharine 18 days ago

    It’s so much easier to just go vegan!!!

  • Ruby Aveling
    Ruby Aveling 19 days ago +2

    Dose anyone have some tips to loose belly fat?😦😦😦😦

  • Rima Saba
    Rima Saba 19 days ago +2

    saw the last name and was like, wait, that's Lebanese... looked at you and noticed you were tan af ....googled it , KNEW IT

  • Latrice
    Latrice 19 days ago


  • Yailyn Santos
    Yailyn Santos 19 days ago

    What do I do if I'm very picky, poor, and my family always has junk food??

  • Ashley and me
    Ashley and me 20 days ago

    What app is she using to track her calories

  • trin ohno
    trin ohno 20 days ago

    Why do I keep coming back to this video

  • Laura Avella
    Laura Avella 21 day ago

    Hi Gabi I love you

  • Olayinka K Daramola
    Olayinka K Daramola 22 days ago

    How can you eat a whole half watermelon

  • ella leida
    ella leida 22 days ago


  • Bluesunf1owers
    Bluesunf1owers 22 days ago

    gabbie it is this video that inspired me to finally make the choice to clean my eating up, 7 months in and i am 40 pound down, and have no pain and i followed this video. THANK YOU

  • Nolan Dolan
    Nolan Dolan 23 days ago +3

    my body is complicated...i have skinny legs, flat stomach but broad shoulders that make me look like a cereal box

  • OprahLover_ Bread1237
    OprahLover_ Bread1237 23 days ago +1

    I love ur henna

  • WhoCaresAlisha
    WhoCaresAlisha 23 days ago

    I personally get really weak and dizzy if I don't eat every 3 hours. It's different for everyone I guess.

  • Lm D
    Lm D 23 days ago

    You look like Nora from icarly

  • Abigail Kipp
    Abigail Kipp 23 days ago

    Lol the thumb nail 🤣

  • GetBack JoJo
    GetBack JoJo 23 days ago

    Ha - your brain is rude! ....but ya, your body craves what you put in it...sugar craves sugar... protein craves protein...but life is not about complete deprivation; so sacrifice with your the eye on the prize ... love this vid....mostly I’m friggin human, be gentle with yourself. Feeling naturally good is the real dope.

  • grace bk 11
    grace bk 11 23 days ago

    can anyone help with stop eating when bored?

    • star bevolo
      star bevolo 23 days ago


    • star bevolo
      star bevolo 23 days ago

      Instead of eating when bored, exercise, draw, DRINK WATER LOTS, run, jog, do your hair, do your makeup , ect .

  • Gabriella Del Castillo

    12:54 “try and cut out processed foods and sugars” but is eating ketchup which has sugar and 100% processed. 🙃

  • Gabriella Del Castillo

    12:35 fresh non GMO fruit/veggies is always better! Everything looses its nutrients once it’s cooked soo

  • Amy L
    Amy L 24 days ago

    The fact that you drunk ate a salad is everything!

  • Princess Clinton
    Princess Clinton 24 days ago

    She look like rabbit from Winnie the Pooh

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 24 days ago

    This is so inspiring. A lot of fitness models make the trendy foods and post it on instagram and we think that's what they eat all the time but they dont. Who eats smoothie bowls all of the time? No one

  • Jocelyn Whisner
    Jocelyn Whisner 24 days ago

    What do you recommend for someone who works a traditional 9-5 office job? I can’t wrap my head around a schedule that would work.. also have a baby at home that I already don’t see enough as it is. Help! 😩

  • Ay H.
    Ay H. 24 days ago

    She doesn't know shit

  • Avery Walsh
    Avery Walsh 24 days ago

    This helped me a lot gabbie, before I was only eating a clementine for breakfast. Sure I was skinny but my goal was to gain more muscle. Now I feel strong and energized because I eat larger meals! Thanks

  • PrimeEmily135
    PrimeEmily135 24 days ago

    This really is helpful. I'm struggling to keep up a good diet of good foods. I like your suggested Hint water as a replacement for soda, I'll have to look around for that. Also, that breakfast idea sounds amazing. :)

  • Xx_Nini_xX
    Xx_Nini_xX 25 days ago

    DAY 2

  • Samantha Ellington
    Samantha Ellington 25 days ago

    Gabbie I love that you are honest and you make being healthy seem realistic. Too many TVcliprs encourage strict diets and lifestyles that seem miserable so thank you for making a healthy lifestyle seem much more attainable and enjoyable 💕

  • Kimberly C
    Kimberly C 25 days ago +1


  • Mikah R.
    Mikah R. 25 days ago

    ok but is there no seasoning on the avocado? is adding seasoning going to fuck shit up? I’m a chronic garlic consumer and Id like to know 😯

  • Karen Meehan
    Karen Meehan 25 days ago

    I stopped this half way through and was like "wait i should be writing this shit down" so now writing it down and continuing 😂😂😂

  • Emily Sehlaoui
    Emily Sehlaoui 25 days ago

    PSA: They now "replace" nitrites/nitrates with celery powder (AKA: naturally rich with nitrates). Honestly, you really can't avoid it because it's really the only way humans know how to cure bacon/meat. BUT, just buying a good quality meat helps. #themoreyouknow

  • melissa0755
    melissa0755 25 days ago

    I wish I was able to lose weight again because it took me so long getting to my goal weight but then I put on x3 the weight I initially lost. I feel like I'm never gonna lose weight and will always stay overweight. Whenever I'm with my friends, we don't eat healthy foods and I'm always feeling unhealthy.

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 26 days ago

    Ok sorry why does she think that she had such an epic glo up? Yeah she lost some weight. Big deal. She’s still chubby and has the same obnoxious and rude personality

  • Jazmin Alejandra
    Jazmin Alejandra 26 days ago

    Girl Yessss!! I'm so happy for you, this is a whole new woman that can conquer anything! So proud of you!

  • Andy
    Andy 26 days ago

    Make a part 2 please I love your advise!!

  • Lucy's Thoughts
    Lucy's Thoughts 27 days ago

    Why did u not use a knife at breakfast? So foreign to me lol

  • lulu alba
    lulu alba 27 days ago

    i’m so motivated rn. thank you gabbie 🥰

  • Dollz Time
    Dollz Time 27 days ago

    I eat twice a day after every 16 hours and after every 6 hours... no diet per say I just stay away from soda sweets and sweets I don't eat process foods mainly meat if there is too much junk in my house and I'm hurry I only drink water to cut the hunger.

  • Brooke
    Brooke 27 days ago

    So even if you feel full you're still supposed to keep eating (to get all the calories in)?!

  • emma mae
    emma mae 27 days ago

    i watched a whole ass ad for u bc ilysm

  • Emily Worth
    Emily Worth 27 days ago

    It DOES NOT take a year, I lost over 70 pounds in about 6 months

  • Lindsey Jacobs
    Lindsey Jacobs 27 days ago


  • Lindsey Jacobs
    Lindsey Jacobs 27 days ago

    What happened to ur hand?

  • Michaelynn Butler
    Michaelynn Butler 27 days ago

    I loved this video! It was very very informative and super easy to watch!

  • Veronika Julia Kiwak
    Veronika Julia Kiwak 27 days ago

    ok so, I've watched maybe a 3 videos of yours, this is maybe a fourth. Dude, this is absolutely amazing. Almost with everything you say (ok almost, but we are humans right?) I'm in 100 %! I think I'm addicted now! I love this that you are so cool with yourself, and honest I have a feeling! So great, i think all of us want some more of you! Greetings from Poland! YOU ARE AMAAAZING!

  • Fredrick Burnes
    Fredrick Burnes 28 days ago +1

    She literally moand over a water Mellon XD

  • leyani leon
    leyani leon 28 days ago

    The way she feels about breakfast is how I feel about breakfast. Can totally relate to her passion.

  • g ART
    g ART 28 days ago

    Taking notes!!

  • Idklol 4
    Idklol 4 28 days ago


  • Lex 907
    Lex 907 28 days ago

    Can you please do different food options or do you eat the same food everyday

  • rainbow unicorn
    rainbow unicorn 28 days ago +1

    A person of watermelon

  • No O
    No O 28 days ago

    My life is chocolate i cant cut it and it doesn't make me gain weight because what ever i eat I don't get fat thats is my body ...

  • angelica Walters
    angelica Walters 29 days ago

    Most honest, helpful weight loss video I've ever seen on TVclip 👍

  • theresa hicks
    theresa hicks 29 days ago

    If I can figure out how to drink 8 to 15 shots of whisky a night and lose weight while working out and hydrating during the day my life would be perfect. And i also love soup as my drunk food lol

  • ChinaChao
    ChinaChao 29 days ago

    🤣 at beautiful unicorns!