WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! (how i lost the weight)

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
  • drinkhint.com/gabbie if you wanna try my favorite drink!
    You guys have been asking for my diet for forever, so here it is! Also accidentally a mukbang slash eating show slash watch me eat haha. I filmed a second day to this, but I'll only post it if people seem interested so THUMBS UP AND COMMENT to let me know!

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  • Alissa Hogan
    Alissa Hogan 8 hours ago

    Did anyone else think that the lamp was the alarm clock at 5:14

  • Krystle D'Aquino
    Krystle D'Aquino 9 hours ago

    so wheres part 2 lol????

  • Sativa C
    Sativa C 12 hours ago

    Part 2!

  • AllieRedCat
    AllieRedCat 16 hours ago

    The thumbnail of this video makes me mad

  • Lina P.
    Lina P. 18 hours ago

    Day 2 plz x

  • Anna Scanlon
    Anna Scanlon 20 hours ago

    U r a great inspiration to many , u are awesome 👏 u can DO THIS!!!!

  • Anam Kashmiri
    Anam Kashmiri 20 hours ago

    The way you say “favourite” tho 10:05

  • R . H
    R . H Day ago

    Gabbie’s an educator out here 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Tiyana Kraljevic

    you avoid turkey bacon because it's an alternative to bacon...do you know why bacon needs an alternative? It's because its a carcinogenic, like smoking

  • Kalli Dolan
    Kalli Dolan Day ago


  • T
    T Day ago


  • Suzie Giannikopoulos

    a lot of natural foods contain high percentages of water, so this is genuinely why you feel ‘hungry’ when you’re actually just dehydrated.

  • darkcatsav curry

    I tried this and I really see a difference ... Thanks gabbie

  • Lola otoole
    Lola otoole Day ago

    can you please do another video like this please ♥️

  • Jianna Noel
    Jianna Noel 2 days ago

    I wish i liked water melon

  • Haruhi Pauline
    Haruhi Pauline 2 days ago

    Yo gabbie they deleted your link

  • handsome squidward
    handsome squidward 2 days ago

    I'm not a big fan of watermelon but gabbie makes it look sooo good I'm craving watermelon now

  • Amy Argentar
    Amy Argentar 2 days ago

    literally best weight loss vid eva

  • Yara Flores
    Yara Flores 2 days ago

    Yes we love a dedicated queen

  • Emily Ambrose
    Emily Ambrose 2 days ago

    Gabbie: try to cut soda out of ur life completely
    Me: **is currently drinking a Coke**

  • Linnea Erman
    Linnea Erman 2 days ago

    Hey, so I'm just going to be honest. I don't watch your videos very often if at all, but I am so so proud of your progress and healthy lifestyle! You are so beautiful and I hope you know it! Anyways, have an amazing day! God bless loves!

  • Leigha Rae
    Leigha Rae 2 days ago

    So no snacks

  • Summer Yafi
    Summer Yafi 2 days ago

    14:44 😏😏😏😏😏 I see you Gabbie. I see you.

  • Citrine42
    Citrine42 2 days ago

    when I started getting hungry at night, like 9-10pm, I added a snack in the morning around 10am of watermelon!! this really helps, so after 7pm I don't eat anymore yay

  • taylor stephenson
    taylor stephenson 2 days ago

    What app do you use to track your macros

  • FascinatingFacts
    FascinatingFacts 2 days ago +3

    You should try white rice! Made me lose a ton of weight 😂😂😂😂😂

    Sorry, I had to🤣🤣

  • Hanna Pastuck
    Hanna Pastuck 2 days ago

    Why is ur hand dirty

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor 2 days ago

    This bitch is ugly

  • Shqdow Potato
    Shqdow Potato 2 days ago

    i got a pizza ad before this...

  • Ali Mek
    Ali Mek 2 days ago

    DAY 2!!

  • AJ Ross
    AJ Ross 3 days ago

    You should show your workout that you do

  • Katya Helen
    Katya Helen 3 days ago

    I want more of these!!!!!!!!

  • Dr. strange
    Dr. strange 3 days ago +16

    If you traded the meat with beans and tofu and more veggies and seeds and nuts then you would be plant based which is healthier and makes you feel better after you exercise because it is better protein and nutrients.

  • Darena Georgieva
    Darena Georgieva 3 days ago

    I really like eating big meals three times a day, but my doctor said it was too harsh on my gut (I have problems with bloating and constipation) so I have to eat 5-6 small meals... It spikes my insulin so much, I'm hungry all the time

  • MeganElixabethh
    MeganElixabethh 3 days ago

    Gabbie: your body needs food to live!
    Me: u fuckin wot m8

  • Jiji Jihane
    Jiji Jihane 3 days ago

    This is the more realistic video i’ve watched abt weight loss

    MEL YIL 3 days ago

    Can you also show the second dayyy. I really enjoyed this 😘😘😘😘

  • Alessandra Radu
    Alessandra Radu 3 days ago +1

    This is what i call life... I mean.... You actually eat a lot...

  • Farida Ayman
    Farida Ayman 3 days ago


  • Luluphoria
    Luluphoria 3 days ago

    Another one!

  • Art With Amber
    Art With Amber 3 days ago +3

    can we just talk about her fridge?
    like how do you get so many magnets??

  • Artemis M
    Artemis M 3 days ago +1

    Well you know what makes my body and me happy
    Candy🍬 and 🍉Watermelons😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Rey Yoshi
    Rey Yoshi 3 days ago

    DAY 2

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 3 days ago

    i know this video is old but i really just wanna say this helped me so much with my ED. i know some people might think im stupid for saying this but the past few months have been so bad im so tired that eating was a chore & not eating was a chore & everything sucked. without any food, i had no energy, the shifts in my mood were drastic & quick, it all just SUCKED. i binged all of gabbie’s videos about weight loss and health & shit and...i really feel inspired.

  • heyitskmoneyy
    heyitskmoneyy 4 days ago

    i'm still waiting for day 2 girl lol

  • TheGayFanGirl98
    TheGayFanGirl98 4 days ago

    How can anyone eat grapefruit. ..I wish I liked it but it's so sour

  • ZGX
    ZGX 4 days ago +1

    If pop is your problem I recommend trying clear American ice they have zero calories and taste great, obviously plain water is the best but these are still way better than pop

  • Glenda Buckley
    Glenda Buckley 4 days ago

    I'm literally eating pizza and monzerella stick and drinking Mountain Dew

  • Magonet Jill
    Magonet Jill 4 days ago

    It was satisfying watching the ketchup going down the bottle ❤️

  • Tara Johnston
    Tara Johnston 4 days ago

    Carbonation keeps weight on you even flavored water that is carbonated . Also doctors only have to take one nutrition class to get their medical license. I have worked with several dietitians . But not all are great just like therapists.

  • Kar-Leigh Kelso
    Kar-Leigh Kelso 4 days ago

    see people say if you don't have it in your house you won't eat it but like
    I have nooo problem driving to the store for a chocolate bar

  • sad strawberry
    sad strawberry 4 days ago +1

    If you just eat LESS then your body will change to make sure that you can survive, slowing metabolism and such. But if you eat HEALTHY your body will not change it's metabolism and you will lose weight

    Also you are so gorgeous

  • Kendy Landreth
    Kendy Landreth 4 days ago

    DAY 2

  • Dr. strange
    Dr. strange 4 days ago

    Thats crazy that you don't eat bread I love bread especially with cheese on it or earth ballence

    • jojoluvsyoux
      jojoluvsyoux 3 days ago

      I love bread so much. I tell myself that it wont do too much harm but many would say otherwise lol its cuz it has high fructose corn syrup in it which is very unhealthy since the body does not recognize it.

  • maria
    maria 4 days ago +1

    Love you Gabbie! You give me so much motivation .. I’ve lost about 28 pounds in 4 month but sometimes I feel like giving up

    • sad strawberry
      sad strawberry 4 days ago

      Wow. That's really good just make sure you are taking care of yourself

  • CT Sparkles
    CT Sparkles 4 days ago

    DAY 2

  • Madison Hitch
    Madison Hitch 4 days ago +6

    How did you cook the sweet potato???

  • Fernando De Luna
    Fernando De Luna 4 days ago

    The people that do keto diet mad bc she did not do her research . Had better results than her . They found other ways not to be hungry lol I guess she did this blindly . Lol

  • Henri Gland
    Henri Gland 4 days ago

    12:53 That ketchup bottle!!!

  • Spidor Gwön
    Spidor Gwön 4 days ago +8

    I can't believe people need such complicated rules to just eat. I eat everything and sometimes I lose weight, other times I gain weight. Changing the food or eating more/less of it doesn't do anything to me. So my question to everyone dieting is: Is eating still fun to you? Because this video makes eating look exhausting.

    • Olivia Shen
      Olivia Shen 2 days ago

      Spidor Gwön well some ppl like to put more attention into their meals and what their eating and some ppl don’t

  • sara.h
    sara.h 4 days ago

    did she ever post day 2 of this? i'd love to see that i keep coming back to this video because it's just amazing, and I'd love to see more of this

  • PaigeASamson
    PaigeASamson 4 days ago

    For me, it is so hard to lose weight. I can't find the right method for my body type. Since I started working at a care home, I've gotten more physical and it has helped me lose a little bit of weight.
    I used to eat chocolate all the time as a snack. Now, I've cut back but I do NOT avoid any cravings that I have for sweet things. I'll probably have two things that are sweet or unhealthy foods twice a week. I can already tell I'm starting to lose weight, as my waist is getting smaller and so is my belly.
    Thanks for your tricks that may or may not help me☺

  • Kayleigh
    Kayleigh 4 days ago

    Please post the second day and also the snacks that you enjoy, I don’t think you said them in the video

  • Kiki Pineapple
    Kiki Pineapple 4 days ago

    DAY 2

  • Haley Wyatt
    Haley Wyatt 4 days ago

    "Science Google it" 😂😂😂

  • Cats Play
    Cats Play 5 days ago

    Holy shit.. it's literally 11:28 when you said it's 11:28 on a tuesday. :)

  • Quinn Cole
    Quinn Cole 5 days ago

    12:58 just watching the ketchup slide down the bottle

  • Regine Booker
    Regine Booker 5 days ago

    what was the name of the food counter app she used ?

  • Alyssa Hanlon
    Alyssa Hanlon 5 days ago +6

    Unpopular opinion: bacon is super nasty.
    Bring on the hate lol

    • Alyssa Hanlon
      Alyssa Hanlon 16 hours ago

      But Is It Dodie Yellow Tho? My main issue is with how greasy it is, even when you don't add grease lol

    • But Is It Dodie Yellow Tho?
      But Is It Dodie Yellow Tho? 18 hours ago

      Alyssa Hanlon I mean I disagree strongly, but one of my best friends feels the same way so I can’t judge

    • sad strawberry
      sad strawberry 4 days ago


  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 5 days ago

    I want to steal Gabbie's fridge.

  • kinskins100
    kinskins100 5 days ago

    I relate to your weightloss journey and struggles so fucking much. I have lost 81 pounds and have another 50 pounds to go. Today is one of the hardest days as I'm feeling really discouraged again. I cried during your final thoughts. Thank you. I love these videos❤

  • _ HappyLeon _
    _ HappyLeon _ 5 days ago

    Woaw Gabbie what the FFF happend with your right hand ??

  • JustMe
    JustMe 5 days ago

    Loving to cook makes it so much harder to just eat grilled chicken and green beans. The food critic in me demands more! Where are my herbs? :P

    • JustMe
      JustMe 5 days ago

      But I also love that she pointed that out. Now I eat and make meals that I do like eating, no matter what the buff guy next door eats (he eats chicken and brocolli btw).

  • Blondy367 VLOGS
    Blondy367 VLOGS 5 days ago

    Take a shot everytime Gabbie touches her hair 😂❤️

  • Jayda Arias
    Jayda Arias 5 days ago +1

    Do u use an app? If so what is it?

    • Karen Broadhead
      Karen Broadhead 9 hours ago

      Jayda Arias I think it’s my fitness pal she’s using,looks like mine.

  • Maria Valentina Guichoux

    tbh if I starve myself for a day or two I'll lose the weight I want to

  • Sarah Michelle
    Sarah Michelle 5 days ago

    She touched her hair 9 times in just the first 2 minutes of this video but I love you anyway Gabbie!!!😍

  • im not entirely sure

    You remind me of my science teacher!!

  • Julie Rivera
    Julie Rivera 5 days ago

    Microwaving veggies immediately takes all of the nutritional value out of them

    • jojoluvsyoux
      jojoluvsyoux 3 days ago

      How? (Genuinely wanting to learn lol)

  • cheerdany25
    cheerdany25 5 days ago

    DAY 2!!!!

  • cheerdany25
    cheerdany25 5 days ago

    This video is literally in my top 5 out of all your videos because I love!!!!!! This video so much this video is going to help me so much

  • honeyhoneycomb
    honeyhoneycomb 6 days ago

    **Eats family size bag of takis**

  • Drewbahboo Bro
    Drewbahboo Bro 6 days ago

    Bublys are the same as those hint waters soooo yea

  • shelby starkes
    shelby starkes 6 days ago

    Can you make another video link this please😁

  • Angelina Ramirez
    Angelina Ramirez 6 days ago


  • Addison Walter
    Addison Walter 6 days ago

    Great job Gabbie

  • Wee. Duckling
    Wee. Duckling 6 days ago

    Just a quick tip about working out bathtub rlly works for me:
    Do some sit ups,planks, etc on a couch in the bathtub or even on your bed. You end up feeling more comfortable rather than doing it on the floor.
    When you want to run, try to choose a cooler day because you could go for longer.

  • Audrey Olzak
    Audrey Olzak 6 days ago +1

    okay THANK YOU !! for acknowledging that counting calories is only good for you if you're in the right head space for it, and that you need to EAT in order to be healthy!! trying to be healthy nowadays is so hard because the focus is on restricting and fasting and eliminating instead of listening to your individual bodily needs. thank you gabbie !

  • Amber Joseph
    Amber Joseph 6 days ago

    Gabbie I need help!!!! My dad is losing weight but not in the right ways! He tells me he only eats a salad a day! I tell him ALLL the time, ‘that’s not how you lose weight!’ But as always, he doesn’t listen to me 😐

  • Tom Porthouse
    Tom Porthouse 6 days ago

    Day 2 please!! Finding this so inspiring to get myself on a weightloss and fitness journey

  • Holly_ 413
    Holly_ 413 6 days ago

    gabbie did you know that if you drink soda regularly it makes you feel hungrier by 50% its so strabge but its a scientific fact also love your videos, your so honest

  • Taytum Hudson
    Taytum Hudson 6 days ago

    I love you so much you have looked beautiful every day it’s not about the shape you are in it is your personality and yours is perfection

  • RidingToFreedom
    RidingToFreedom 6 days ago

    Gabbie I have tried to lessen to other people that told me what to eat to “ lose weight “ and I lessen to you and you have helped me with me not loving my body and depression Thank You Gab you are my inspiration and my favorite star in the sky ❤️🧡💛💚💙⭐️⭐️😊🤪

  • Jessica Lychees
    Jessica Lychees 6 days ago

    I'm really happy for you! I've tried soooooo many times to lose the extra weight but I've always fallen into the yo-yo circle. I'm gonna try again and see what happens. Watching videos like this one pushes me to reach my goals. Thank you for sharing this video 🙏❤️

  • Ryne_168
    Ryne_168 6 days ago

    Ok but how do you do this when your a teenager still living with your family and they basically only eat chicken nuggets. We usually eat healthy suppers but the rest of the day is anything my family wants so we all have to eat it

  • Whynottho
    Whynottho 6 days ago

    I just went shopping & got all these foods yesterday & I’ve began going back to the gym again. Let y’all know how it goes! Thanks for inspiring me Gabbie! ❤️

  • bethy&_&
    bethy&_& 6 days ago

    Watching this while eating 2 minute noodles lmao no diet today

  • Thanks Pete
    Thanks Pete 6 days ago

    *-when you’re honestly proud of the “AUS” sticker on her fridge-*

  • Ruby Thomson
    Ruby Thomson 6 days ago

    12:53 the tomato sauce starts going down and it looks cool

  • tragicglamour
    tragicglamour 7 days ago

    As a person who has dieted since i was 11 and dealt with nutrionists and all of that, this was still really helpful. Hearing about not having to feel hungry is life changing.