Kristen Bell's Daughter Asked Her 'Why Is Earth?'

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
  • In a matter of seconds, 'The Good Place' star Kristen Bell was on the receiving end of a barrage of deep questions from her daughter, including 'Is Santa Claus real?', 'Who made dogs?' and 'Why is Earth?'
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Comments • 1 153

  • Erik Baran
    Erik Baran 10 hours ago

    It's no Craig Ferguson appearance, but she is sooo freakin' cute.

  • madison harressey

    I would pull the lever

  • Sophia Raja
    Sophia Raja 2 days ago

    kristen is such a sweetheart!!

  • fanowood
    fanowood 6 days ago

    But if I am the only doctor in the hospital and I am a surgeon, all 11 people would die in vain at my trying to help them because there is no anesthesiologist.

  • Carla Marlene
    Carla Marlene 7 days ago

    what if the one person you pull the lever on is your child?

  • Albert Blue
    Albert Blue 8 days ago

    *Did her husband ask her why she keeps on hugging and grabbing on William?*

  • EmmaRobertsTV1
    EmmaRobertsTV1 8 days ago

    Women helping women touches my heart and soul and makes me cry

  • Missy Coronado
    Missy Coronado 9 days ago

    No, if the other people have organ failure its unforseen occurance. If you kill a person to strip them of their parts for any other person no matter their social class, its playing God not to mention murder.

  • Breanna Harthan-
    Breanna Harthan- 10 days ago

    She should connect with some advocates for like NATO or counter-terrorism. This is soo awesome!

  • chloe x
    chloe x 10 days ago

    kristen is the loml

  • Judy Chaidez-Gonzalez
    Judy Chaidez-Gonzalez 10 days ago

    I absolutely love their conversation

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy 11 days ago

    I'm taking a shit right now

  • Matt Nouv
    Matt Nouv 11 days ago

    Start @3:38 5:00

  • Crystal Gacha
    Crystal Gacha 11 days ago

    « Is Santa Claus real ? »
    - Yes... For now..
    « Who made dogs ? »
    - The dog’s mom.
    « Why is Earth ?»
    - Because it’s the Earth and not the Sun.

  • Williams World View
    Williams World View 11 days ago

    Why kill the janitor? I'd hook up those ten people to eachother untill a better solution can be implemented.
    (i'm just ignoring the obvious flaws in the question here, with bloodtype and tissuetype, ofcourse)

  • Grande-Asia Fashion Junction

    Well a single surgeon is not gonna be able to carry out an op on 11 people successfully anyway, organ transplant is not an one man job. It's better he put his medical knowledge to use and prolong their life until more help arrives. Might be better idea to send the janitor to find more help. If only one organ is failing , it's possible to medically manage them anyway and it's no point taking the organs of the janitor if he's not the correct match. So basically that's a shit question.

  • Paige -Low Key-
    Paige -Low Key- 14 days ago

    Kristen needs a late night show

  • Joey Rosas
    Joey Rosas 15 days ago

    Turns out there’s more to pulling a liver, than to pulling a lever.

  • Meredith B.
    Meredith B. 15 days ago

    She's definitely going to the Good Place🤗

  • nicolegummybear
    nicolegummybear 15 days ago

    Can we wait for the first person to die and strip that person for parts?

  • Lorraine Ogan
    Lorraine Ogan 19 days ago

    Hahahaha, I remember being in college with these exact same questions, feeling like they might actually happen in reality. Especially the surgeon scenario, hahahahaha. Philosophers pose these hypothetical scenarios in order to test our ethical reasoning -- for example, if utilitarian is true, then we should pull the lever and minimize the number of people who die. Now that I am older, the surgeon question doesn't seem as great of a question. It only seems interesting to I guess naïve eyes who wouldn't actually do something like that, but again, I think the point is to determine which ethical tradition is "correct," such as Kantian or Utilitarianism. So, for example, if you would pull the lever and save the lives of 5 people, then why wouldn't you save the lives of 10 people who might die by killing the janitor?

  • Ron Ruddick
    Ron Ruddick 24 days ago

    Moving all the weight to the rear right side and hitting the breaks...

  • Kaheli
    Kaheli 25 days ago

    Too bad Mr Hawking is no longer with us.

  • wank memes
    wank memes 25 days ago

    25 years old and i still have a hard time with that question. Smart kid

  • Isabel Van Dyke
    Isabel Van Dyke 28 days ago

    Here’s how you answer those questions to a kid.
    Yes, Santa is real. Humans made dogs. And sometimes things happen that make other things happen. A very very very long time ago, nothing was real. So a little bit of nothing and another little bit of nothing met, and for some reason that I can’t explain, they exploded! And they made a Big Bang. And when there’s an explosion, things get hot. And from that explosion came a lot of things, like gasses and rocks and so many things! But because it was so hot, no one could live anywhere. So, some rocks came together and made a bunch of different planets, and one of the planets was Earth. Some of those rock had really really tiny living things on them, and when everything cooled down on Earth, they could swim in the water, and then even walk around. And they grew over time to be different animals, who eat different things, and do different things, and one of those animals became humans, because we decided we wanted to walk on just our feet. Then we started getting smarter and smarter, and we made dogs. So maybe the Earth is because it can make many different things.

  • Stephen Gibb
    Stephen Gibb 28 days ago

    Killing 1 healthy person so you can give there organs to different people who most likely would reject them eventually seems incredibly stupid.
    A lot of these philosophies are based on common ideal that saving more lives is more important than saving one life something that is likely to change when out population grows to the point of self annihilation.

  • Novella Cinephile
    Novella Cinephile Month ago

    Her WHY IS EARTH kid will probably go to college for a philosophy degree. At the least she should write a kids book with that title.

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    Steve clearly doesn't get "why is blue" just look at the set.

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    Did she say that the is the chairwomen of the human fund?

  • LM3
    LM3 Month ago

    I like the concept of the Women's Global Initiative. I like that it puts the women in charge of their specific geographic area.

  • Cassandra Patrick
    Cassandra Patrick Month ago

    Is there a break in this problem

  • Myztik
    Myztik Month ago

    Most of the janitor's organs wouldn't even be compatible anyways

  • Muhammad Abdul Malik

    I would derail my trolley and let myself die... In the Background "Hello darkness my old friend"... 💀

  • Emack B
    Emack B Month ago

    TVclip has been recommending me this for forever lol

  • VivaToddVegas
    VivaToddVegas Month ago

    "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." -Mr. Spock

  • James Brookes
    James Brookes Month ago

    She is so charming! I love her! Wish the crowd understood her sense humor though

  • kaue Ferreira
    kaue Ferreira Month ago


  • Ciana Reid
    Ciana Reid Month ago +2

    Isn’t it, that the one person is somebody you know and the ten people are strangers?

    • Bradley Gong
      Bradley Gong 11 days ago

      Yeah, I was thinking the twist was going to be that the one person is your spouse, or someone close to you.

  • Jude Samson
    Jude Samson Month ago

    I jump off the trolley

  • Federica B.
    Federica B. Month ago

    I asked my 3yrs old niece if she knew how to tie her shoes, and she replayed: “yes, I’m an expert on knots and cows that stink”.

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern Month ago +4

    I love The Good Place...

  • Anxo Fernandez
    Anxo Fernandez Month ago

    Why is earth? That's not so hard to explain, just talk about the big bang and take it from there without using complicated words. Same with dogs, talk about evolution. You can watch videos on TVclip with her and buy a book about science for kids, in whichever order.
    Santa is a little bit tricky, but you can explain the historical origin of the myth like a fairy tale. You can also explain why we have Christmas trees.

    • Robert Lewis
      Robert Lewis Month ago

      Evolution is a hypothesized, frankly ridiculous explanation of the physical side of things, but not the metaphysical side. Why does this world exist? is it random chance? or is there a purpose?
      The purpose, of course, is primarily to glorify God.

  • Hippy(Bboomer)
    Hippy(Bboomer) Month ago +1

    Just what we need. Another p.c. actress promoting the new age. Arghh!!

  • Cassidy Adinarayan
    Cassidy Adinarayan Month ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha my daughter who is 4, tells me i am going to jail when i tell her no. she says she is calling the police when i tell her no hahahahahahahaha i am dieing!

  • Marin Angelov
    Marin Angelov Month ago


  • aureas
    aureas Month ago

    Sounds very zen koan~esque! . . . "Why is a mouse when it spins?"

  • Rafeek Ameer
    Rafeek Ameer Month ago

    05:10 Why is Earth?

  • Cons and Piracy Theorums

    There are people that are extremely rude t me on TVclip. I'm NT am actor I'm a genius. A real one.

  • Haley Schuler
    Haley Schuler Month ago

    with the surgeon question
    no, i wouldnt kill the janitor..
    they would be asking you where the organs came from since there was so record of them coming from the donor/transplant list.. you would get caught in the end & lose your medical license. therefor not being able to save anyone ever again.. 10 people or hundreds? instead just take those 10 people and do as much as you can to sustain them & put theyre name on the donor/transplant list
    i know i took this way too deep 😂

  • Stewie
    Stewie Month ago

    Earth is gay.

  • Assistant 101
    Assistant 101 Month ago

    At 3:25 Kristen's smirky glare tho

  • Sydney
    Sydney Month ago

    In case you want to know more; Philippa Foot first created the trolley problem. She was born in the 1920s and died a little under a decade ago. She really changed the game in terms of philosophy and is an incredible philosophical thinker. The trolley problem was then discussed by Judith Jarvis Thompson in her essay “The Trolley Problem”(she’s also known for her defence of abortion!). The essay is only like 15 pages long and is really interesting and pretty easy to understand.
    The reason why you wouldn’t really feel guilty about pulling the lever to kill the one person on the track is because of positive vs negative duties. Positive duties = the obligation to save people. Negative duties = the obligation not to hurt/kill people. Negative duties are considered more important than positive duties, so when you pull the lever, you’re abiding by your positive duties, but when /you kill/ the janitor or healthy patient, you’re going against your negative duties. Again this is pretty much all explained in Thomson’s essay, and I really recommend it if this is interesting to you!

  • Rob Fraser
    Rob Fraser Month ago

    He left out Heroes, that's where I remember seeing her first, as the bitch who enjoyed electrocuting people :D

  • Namita Sharma
    Namita Sharma Month ago

    I thought the follow up was what if the one person is someone you know?

  • hayden Canning
    hayden Canning Month ago

    Cristen bells name is bun bun

  • Ash Wisnoski
    Ash Wisnoski Month ago

    Sorry but my son told me he was gonna kill me and I whipped his butt.

  • Alec Winter
    Alec Winter Month ago

    Why is Gamora?

  • Liz Huck
    Liz Huck Month ago

    Chances are pretty low though, that the janitor would have exact organ matches for aaalllll the victims. Honestly just a matter if save whom you can.

  • Rolling Thunder
    Rolling Thunder Month ago

    I'll do her one better, How is earth?

  • Nonameless
    Nonameless 2 months ago

    When you realize that Eleanor Shellstrop actually will get in the Good Place.

  • Carmen Abate
    Carmen Abate 2 months ago

    who did make dogs?

  • 1380beagle
    1380beagle 2 months ago

    Like I needed a reason to live her more!!! She’s a humanitarian ambassador!!!

  • Rory L
    Rory L 2 months ago

    The Janitor probably wasn't the same blood type as all of them so

  • MrLaxinator
    MrLaxinator 2 months ago

    Hollywood Kristens are the best. They are equivalent of Hollywood Chrises.

  • i-am-fr0m-eArth
    i-am-fr0m-eArth 2 months ago

    Kristen bell sometimes looks like "Valek" from 'conjuring'.

  • 1nsykes
    1nsykes 2 months ago

    That was a huge spoiler for Colbert to drop without warning. It's not a show with a massive audience, and people that watch that show already know the twist, but to the new people that the guests are hoping to check out the show, you just ruined it.

    TRASH TM 2 months ago

    ok but like can i let one of the 10 people die and use them as a donor instead of killing the healthy guy?

  • Olive O'Sudden
    Olive O'Sudden 2 months ago

    The trolley problem assumes a runaway trolley, where the brakes have failed, which means the threat isn't coming from the driver herself, but by turning the trolley to hit one rather than ten people, the driver would intentionally kill one person instead of accidentally killing ten people, so the most ethical move (where you can't choose to blow up the trolley and sacrifice yourself) is to do nothing and not kill the one person. Of course, if one of the ten were your child, you'd be faced with the ethical question of whether it is permissible to murder a person to save your child when that person is not the direct threat to your child's life.

  • Neil Fordan
    Neil Fordan 2 months ago


  • Rowan Enyeart
    Rowan Enyeart 2 months ago

    Wait for one of the people to die and strip them of body parts to save the rest.

  • MaddHarliquinn
    MaddHarliquinn 2 months ago

    The answer to the janitor question is ask him who was the rudest to you when they came in, then use that person for the parts and save 9/10 people dying.

  • TravelWell
    TravelWell 2 months ago

    Does she know about Nathan Brooks?

  • Aliah C.
    Aliah C. 3 months ago

    I'd pull the lever, and I choose the janitor over the 10. Not his fault they're dying. Also I feel the second question is an egotistical one. "You've never lost anyone, 100% success rate"..... At some point you're going to lose people and have to accept it. It's not always about numbers, let that man live.... He's gonna have to be the one to help clean up the mess anyway 👀

  • Jordan Humphrey
    Jordan Humphrey 3 months ago

    Kristen is absolutely adorable. I love her and I want to be her best friend.

  • Tashuno
    Tashuno 3 months ago

    fantastic interview!

  • Ella DeMore
    Ella DeMore 3 months ago

    We asked these same questions in the 11th grade. We were reading “Justice”

  • Pibblet Squad
    Pibblet Squad 3 months ago


  • Kupi Kaonga
    Kupi Kaonga 3 months ago

    How much *is* blue??

  • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie

    Richard Dawkins could probably answer her question.

  • mjollner23
    mjollner23 3 months ago

    De-esser anyone?

  • wow717
    wow717 3 months ago

    Ummm ... Kristen blink twice if you need help

  • San Geet
    San Geet 3 months ago

    Pull the lever and jump on the person you are about to run over and die then and there OR die in an electric chair after decades of rotting in jail.

  • San Geet
    San Geet 3 months ago

    Given that a doctor's job is to save lives when possible and not to kill someone, and altruism is limited to self-sacrifice rather than sacrificing someone else (which is tribalism) it is a simple 'choice'. Moreover, chances of an arbitrary individual being a biological match for 10 arbitrary people is next to nothing, so such a thought of killing someone doesn't even cross a trained doctor's mind. Not to mention, the moment a critical organ is removed from the janitor's body, he becomes a 'patient' himself required to be saved like the other 10, making the entire philosophy fail.

  • Maram Alhaidari
    Maram Alhaidari 3 months ago

    does Stephen not know who she is? He seems oblivious, it was cringy to watch

  • Betsy trog
    Betsy trog 3 months ago

    I love Kristen. Her honesty is the best!

  • bloody_albatross
    bloody_albatross 3 months ago

    Another "philosophical" question: Would you rather reduce your consumption a bit or kill the planet?
    It looks like we're collectively choosing option 2.

  • Carol Lee Pirro
    Carol Lee Pirro 3 months ago

    I am so proud of you Kristen what a wonderful organization . I've been looking for somewhere to put my energy . Thank you

  • Teal'c
    Teal'c 3 months ago

    I now I need to know "why is Earth".

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel 3 months ago

    Her eyes are not in sync lol

  • jozob
    jozob 3 months ago

    You take parts from least viable person in the lobby, daah. :)

  • alex andoven
    alex andoven 3 months ago

    Actually... why is there anything as opposed to nothing is a profound and unanswered question. Why is Earth is a relevant question.

  • alex andoven
    alex andoven 3 months ago +1

    Kristen Bell is my hollywood crush 100%

  • Murmurs of Blaustein
    Murmurs of Blaustein 3 months ago

    Christian Bale has become pretty beautiful. And I am saying this as a straight man.

  • G LeNotre
    G LeNotre 3 months ago

    You're not "purposefully" killing the one person on the track. You're purposefully avoiding killing the ten people on the other track.

  • Julia Miller
    Julia Miller 3 months ago

    I didn't know they were allowed to go back to earth!!!! way to ruin the show for me

  • Iván Darío Barreto Pereda

    I just spoiled myself :'(

  • Tiffany Welling
    Tiffany Welling 3 months ago

    "does anyone wanna go in the pool"

  • mikeysrose
    mikeysrose 3 months ago

    Why are people just standing around on trolley tracks? Can we please move these people off these tracks?

  • Tom Marsh
    Tom Marsh 3 months ago

    man I love her so much.

  • Mahmoud El Arch
    Mahmoud El Arch 3 months ago

    Close your eyes and listen, it's Anna, Princess of Arendelle talking to Stephen !