Kristen Bell's Daughter Asked Her 'Why Is Earth?'

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
  • In a matter of seconds, 'The Good Place' star Kristen Bell was on the receiving end of a barrage of deep questions from her daughter, including 'Is Santa Claus real?', 'Who made dogs?' and 'Why is Earth?'
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Comments • 1 324

  • C.R. Madera
    C.R. Madera Day ago

    Why are we ignoring fact that Elsa’s child is already homicidal?

  • Funny Kiwi
    Funny Kiwi 5 days ago

    *why is earth*

  • Dana Victoria
    Dana Victoria 7 days ago

    Honestly this audience doesn’t do her justice. I wish I were there so I could laugh so loud at everything she says. She’s just naturally hilarious

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 9 days ago

    these are the days, when everyone misses a David Letterman; a guy who's funny and smart, but doesn't even try.

  • Karen Dady
    Karen Dady 10 days ago

    I think Kristen Bell needs to take Kelly Rippas spot in Kelly with Ryan in the morning because when Ryan is a way Dax would be perfect to fill in it would be a great transition from Kelly and mark and Ryan Kristin if you see this go apply for that job You'd be perfect for it❤🌻🤗 Sending loves

  • Moleviolence
    Moleviolence 10 days ago

    I would not kill the guy I would let the 10 die as they were supposed to what if one of those people was a serial killer, or they accidentally killed 10 people when they were not supposed to live in the 1st person. All the people in the lobby would have to die they are supposed to die the janitor is healthy.

  • Teresa Arnold
    Teresa Arnold 16 days ago

    Answer these philosophy questions and then think to yourself that some of us make these kinds of life-and-death decisions as part of our day jobs.

  • PurushaDesa
    PurushaDesa 18 days ago +1

    Colbert's not a great interviewer but Kristen Bell is so adorable she just adapts and makes it work.

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    Kristen Chenoweth is better. Alright, who wants to fight about it?

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Yes, canines and because are the right parent answers to the questions.

  • Louise Louise
    Louise Louise Month ago

    I get asked what my favorite rock is by my son ALL THE TIME and then I have to be prepared to defend my decision against all the other kinds of rocks- which I’m also supposed to be well versed in.

  • Laubi Violina
    Laubi Violina Month ago

    Kristen: ”Its a hard question, we deal with tough stuff“
    Stephen: ”Sure, thats comedy“

  • Kiki C
    Kiki C Month ago

    She went to the Drax school of odd questions, I see

  • Ian Todd
    Ian Todd Month ago

    I don't know what kind of 3year she got, but my son when he was that age never said no crazy ish like that! That is very specific for a 3 year old "get a gun and kill you!"

  • Esteban Kozak
    Esteban Kozak Month ago

    Colbert is such an unfunny person. He sucks. He has no rapport with his guests and was very outclassed with Kristen. He only knows how to spit out fed lines. Here is a question for you: Why is he alive?

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Month ago

    I guess Stephen would`ve answered because of god. But Kristen and Dax don`t do that nonsense

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie Month ago

      @Luan Lucas I know he is but he lives the god of the gaps

    • Luan Lucas
      Luan Lucas Month ago

      No. Not really. He is a Catholic, but he is a man of Science.

  • Rene Robyn
    Rene Robyn Month ago

    Ok..kristen Bell..good about you start right there in LA first. Lots of homeless women out there. Teach them..train them..provide them the tech..and fund them like you said.
    Here's an idea..America has plenty of land. Move all the n women out of the city into a rural area..sub-divide land into small plots for each of them tiny houses..teach them how to grow and rear their own food. Build some small shops within their community so they can buy things they need from and also sell their produce to. Also set up a clinic for healthcare. If Cults can start their own community in the middle of nowhere, i don't see why you can't start this for the bums.

  • ಠ_ಠ ಥ_ಥ
    ಠ_ಠ ಥ_ಥ Month ago +1

    Her child story had me dying 🤣

  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker Month ago

    I love how she seemed to go through puberty in 9 months. I honestly didn't recognize her at first.

  • Damien Garbutt
    Damien Garbutt Month ago

    Kids say the darndest things. 🤣

  • Crystallization of the soul

    Next thing you know is that she will become a flat earther! xD C'mon laugh with me don't be shy!

  • RR
    RR Month ago

    My favorite MILF

  • Adrianna C
    Adrianna C Month ago

    God, if God is real he made dogs

  • M
    M Month ago

    There was a collision when earth was still a proto earth. Because of the crash earth‘s center tilted a bit to the right and the debris that came from the collision shaped the moon. That all made life possible, which then evolved.

  • Amp
    Amp Month ago

    Kids love guns

  • Julie
    Julie Month ago

    WOW. Kristen must have SO many good points!

  • Dave Dee
    Dave Dee 2 months ago +1

    It takes some serious gumption to ask "Is Santa Claus real?" in the middle of September.

    • Angus Ng
      Angus Ng Month ago

      If he were Tim Allen.

  • redel37
    redel37 2 months ago

    I kill one of the patient and save the others with his organs

  • La Führer del Rancho
    La Führer del Rancho 2 months ago +4

    She's so funny and incredibly smart!
    I can't believe I just discovered her!! So underrated, for real!

  • Henz Carl Tupas

    Voice of Anna

  • PotsAndPups
    PotsAndPups 2 months ago

    The actual follow up to the trolley problem is different. A trolley is headed towards 10 people. You are on a bridge ahead of the people and there is a very large man that you know you can push off the bridge in front of the trolley which will slow the trolley to the point that the 10 people will not get hit. Do you push the man or not.

  • Chy Mehus
    Chy Mehus 2 months ago

    one of the kids in my daycare once said to me "what is sneak" and for some reason that chilled me to the bone and its not even a weird question

  • Dalia Kanan
    Dalia Kanan 2 months ago +2

    Where is earth
    Who is earth
    Why is earth

  • Shiloh Morris
    Shiloh Morris 2 months ago

    Glad my kid isn't the only one who threatens to kill me 😂

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson 2 months ago

    Weird, if I only gave funding to men I'd be a sexist but if I only gave funding to woman I'd be a equalist? Wth.

  • kirbylini
    kirbylini 2 months ago +1

    I fell in love when she said spoiler alert.

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex 2 months ago


  • aaah tex
    aaah tex 2 months ago


  • TheSenit
    TheSenit 2 months ago +2

    As a surgeon you just wait for first one to die, and then rip hip for 9 spare parts

    • TheSenit
      TheSenit 2 months ago

      @GHK47 Than call Dr. House its definitely a flesh eating virus)

    • GHK47
      GHK47 2 months ago

      What if by the time the first one dies, it's too late for others as well, and they all die one after the other?

  • Blutige Tränen
    Blutige Tränen 2 months ago

    If I had a kid that asked me "Why is Earth?"... I'd have an existential crisis with my kid.

  • Al Chavez
    Al Chavez 2 months ago

    Yo Stephen what the hell with that spoiler

  • Al Chavez
    Al Chavez 2 months ago


  • Caleb DesJardins
    Caleb DesJardins 2 months ago

    When is Kristen bell getting her own talk show?

  • SuperMobian
    SuperMobian 2 months ago

    I bet Dax put her up to say that.

  • Blue Sunshine
    Blue Sunshine 2 months ago

    The doctor one is really easy because the janitor would need to be a near perfect match for at least one person, and he would unlikely to be a match for any, let alone all 10.
    The most likely outcome would be that you murdered one person and watched 10 others die from organ rejection.
    I wouldn’t touch any of them 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Josh S
      Josh S 2 months ago

      The scenario is predicated on the fact that the Janitor can save all 10 lives though, same with the surgeon who has a 100% success rate. It's not a realistic scenario, but it does demonstrate the dilemma of whether saving the many over the few is morally justified.

  • Raghad A
    Raghad A 2 months ago

    This made me so nervous and uncomfortable how will I sleep now

  • melissa thompson
    melissa thompson 3 months ago

    Wait for the first person to die and give their organs to everybody else. Leave the janitor alone. He has a family.

    • Josh S
      Josh S 2 months ago

      @melissa thompson The rationale is that your only choice is killing the janitor, it's not a logic problem, you're mistaken if you think there's any other options here. It's the exact same question as the trolley, but now you have more agency, which then influences your decision to save the many over the few.

    • melissa thompson
      melissa thompson 2 months ago

      @Josh S As she posed it, each one has only one faulty organ; unless they're all going to die simultaneously, which was not given as part of the problem and therefore cannot be presumed, someone logically has to die first. Ethically you can let one dying person die, kill a healthy person, or allow up to ten people to die. I don't see the difficulty here. Someone is DEFINITELY going to die; what is your rationale for killing the healthy guy?

    • Josh S
      Josh S 2 months ago

      It's not a logic problem, it's an ethics question. You can't change the scenario, either the 10 die or the janitor dies, there's no in between, it's just a rephrasing of the trolley question, but the act of pulling a switch now becomes much, much harder. If you pulled the switch to save 10 lives and let one die, then you would probably let 10 die to save the janitor when you have more personal accountability in the matter.

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 3 months ago

    Look at that piece of genetic perfection

  • SamWize Ganji
    SamWize Ganji 3 months ago

    Earth is because humans have to have something to destroy.

  • Beeba Swanson
    Beeba Swanson 3 months ago +1

    “Strip him for parts” .😂

  • Jimmy Baond
    Jimmy Baond 3 months ago

    I wouldn’t kill the janitor. Hey they got sick people die all the time

  • Funny Kiwi
    Funny Kiwi 3 months ago

    When I was 6 I asked my dad what is nothing and Isn’t nothing something 🤓😂

  • Megan Schleben
    Megan Schleben 3 months ago

    I hate to tell her that, that’s not how surgery works. Like you know basic blood type, going through the organ registries or the fact that there is immense protocols and teams to deal with that it wouldn’t be just one man.

  • Suparna
    Suparna 3 months ago +2

    My son at age 5 asked me “Mom, what if my eyes were clocks?”

  • blue
    blue 3 months ago

    Did anyone already figure out why is earth?

  • Pudim
    Pudim 3 months ago +1

    How is ZA WARUDO

  • Random Scottish Bloke
    Random Scottish Bloke 3 months ago

    She's quite cool.

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 3 months ago +1

    Much like Drax's " Why is Gamora" 😂😂😂

  • mlogaN writeS
    mlogaN writeS 3 months ago

    She was not murdered with a gun, she was murdered with the kid´s questions xD

  • Joss C
    Joss C 3 months ago

    I just want Eleanor to ask some higher power exactly those three questions in exactly that voice

  • Pizza Gaming
    Pizza Gaming 3 months ago

    hi anna :D

  • fish named goat
    fish named goat 3 months ago

    Why is me

  • Brooklyn Brohat
    Brooklyn Brohat 3 months ago


  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq 4 months ago +1

    I really dont understand why her organisation is only for women. That sort of thing should be for everyone

  • ihsan topcu
    ihsan topcu 4 months ago


  • Rachel Manning
    Rachel Manning 4 months ago

    I love Kristen and I’m SO happy they’re gonna continue Veronica Mars!!!! 😀 I’d love if they went back to their idea of her being in the FBI, that short teaser from years ago where she in in the FBI and pretends to be a troubled teen in juvy to catch a pedophile was really good!!!
    I also love the Good Place 😛 they are such great actors and it’s such an interesting plot. And unlike most shows wasn’t too predictable, yet I still enjoyed where they took it 🙃

  • Jennifer Barger Music
    Jennifer Barger Music 4 months ago

    Why is earth? Because, God.

  • doro626
    doro626 4 months ago

    "I'm gonna ask you this one time, where is Earth?"
    "Yeah, I'll do you one better, who is Earth?"
    "I'll do YOU one better, why is Earth?"

  • Trisha Bioncio
    Trisha Bioncio 4 months ago

    hundred percent would not touch that janitor. Sorry 10 people but like, im not bout to kill someone else who probably has a family at home too just so the odds are in your favor. I can't be goin around doing god work. Janitor volunteers, thats a different situation.

    • Josh S
      Josh S 2 months ago

      That's the correct answer, at least to me, but then you have to examine the trolley question more closely, and why it is so much easier to kill the "janitor" when you're simply flipping a switch to reverse the course of killing those other 10.

  • Ben Zombie
    Ben Zombie 4 months ago

    Ah but the worse follow up to the trolley problem is there are ten people on one track and on the other track one person you love.

  • Starr D
    Starr D 4 months ago

    Kill the one.

  • Caleb DesJardins
    Caleb DesJardins 4 months ago

    Kristin bell would be a great talk show host

  • The 1oregongirl
    The 1oregongirl 4 months ago

    Why is Earth...good opportunity to teach them about God. Give them an option to learn.

  • Andrew Garfield
    Andrew Garfield 4 months ago

    She ripped off “Why Is Gamora?”

  • Scott BikeDawg
    Scott BikeDawg 4 months ago

    She's one of my favorite actresses.