Steak Diane Recipe - How to Make a Steak Diane


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  • Tim Downey
    Tim Downey 2 hours ago

    I wonder how that paperwork on the name change is coming along.
    I recall this dish’s heydays. I never did try it at home, but I think I’ll change that soon. Looks exceptional.

  • Garlic Girl
    Garlic Girl Day ago

    That looks divine!

  • Hulk Kol
    Hulk Kol Day ago

    That’s steak Diane for sure

  • Matt Lothe
    Matt Lothe 7 days ago

    "I hope this doesn't sound too harsh... but if you're the kind of person that throws away accumulated juices..."
    John wouldn't say anything too vulgar, would he?
    "...we can't be friends."

  • peter neagle
    peter neagle 9 days ago

    Where is the GARLIC ?

  • JPAX Macedo
    JPAX Macedo 10 days ago

    Thanks fro making this video in particular Chef, it's one of those dishes that you can make at anytime anywhere alone watching a film and enjoying a few scotch on the rocks
    Cheers from Tijuana Mexico

  • Mary Nichols
    Mary Nichols 12 days ago

    Another delicious looking recipe that I cannot try because it has alcohol in it.

  • MrZinego1
    MrZinego1 13 days ago

    Would sea salt do

  • pressrolls
    pressrolls 14 days ago

    I HATE this guys stop and go cadence when he fucking annoying

  • Chimera Black
    Chimera Black 14 days ago

    Great video, but your vocal modulation needs to make more sense. You go UP at TIMES that convey no meaning.

  • The 23rd Horse
    The 23rd Horse 15 days ago

    Steak Diane sauce so good I would use it in an IV drip if I could.

  • gerard haubert
    gerard haubert 16 days ago

    I like mine with some mushrooms in the sauce and the steak served on a bed of wild rice

  • Michael Mackenzie
    Michael Mackenzie 16 days ago

    Looks gooooooood

  • Ryan McLain
    Ryan McLain 20 days ago

    to be honest i would go to a restaurant just in the hopes of seeing a guest flambe streak around the place

  • Philip Johnson
    Philip Johnson 20 days ago

    Philip Johnson,York, England.
    In England we say Shallot with the emphasis on raw final syllable. That said, this was a most entertaining video full of quirky humour (English spelling) and deft cookery. Steak Pauline should go far. Thank you very much. Nobody mentions though what kind of potatoes should accompany the steak. Was it Pommes florets?

  • Zombihilanth
    Zombihilanth 23 days ago

    Everytime he finishes a sentence its like someone is squeezing his balls

  • Adam Degrade
    Adam Degrade 25 days ago

    Why the up speak? Sounds stupid. Food looks great though

  • blessedarethebroken


  • Bill Thacker
    Bill Thacker Month ago

    I am going to do wih venison and lamb !! Venison and elk steaks would be bomb with this...

  • Lawrence Willies
    Lawrence Willies Month ago

    Is this a computer generated voice?

  • Jim Panse
    Jim Panse Month ago

    Looks like an evil shit.

  • ballsdeep
    ballsdeep Month ago

    Food Wishes
    Great videos but I just realized and l now can't stop hearing it, you speak in a sing song type of way sometimes. Quick sentences ending on a high note

  • Jose Escobedo
    Jose Escobedo Month ago

    Well done Chef! Well done 👍

  • AJtheory
    AJtheory Month ago

    A-Little-Diddeh- , 'bout Steak n' Di*a*ane

  • Bryon Hutcheson
    Bryon Hutcheson Month ago

    Could you use cubed steaks for this recipe?

  • san antonio Dweller

    great usual. I don't know what it is about your recipes, but they always inspire me to create new things using what I have available. I don't feel that way with other cooking channels and chefs. For example, for this one, I had an old packet of brown gravy mix to which I added a little mustard and Worcestershire. After sautéing the onions and doing the whole flambe thing...but with whiskey instead of brandy (I had no brandy), I added the gravy. Of course, I didn't have tenderloin,. but used tenderized cube steak. Honestly, it came outm great.

  • Truthfears Guilty
    Truthfears Guilty Month ago

    alcohol is drug number 1

  • Lotto Litt
    Lotto Litt Month ago

    This dudes voice pisses me tf off thanks for the recipe tho

  • James Pickett
    James Pickett Month ago

    Origins of "Steak Diane" are from Rome. Using Venison, and a red wine based sauce.

  • Percilla Salas
    Percilla Salas 2 months ago

    This guy has a certain rhythm in his verbal delivery.

  • Marcelle Ray
    Marcelle Ray 2 months ago

    Any written recipe for the directions? I only see the ingredients?

  • Andrew Ocean
    Andrew Ocean 2 months ago

    Could you be more annoying?

  • AJtheory
    AJtheory 2 months ago

    A-liddle-diddeh, 'bout Steak 'n Diane....

  • beurre blanc
    beurre blanc 2 months ago

    Diane is an ancient god of the hunt. There is a sauce for venison named in her honor in French cuisine. Steak Diane is not that sauce but a dish. The dish may have borrowed the same name but the origin is very unclear and without knowing who it's creator is then the name will remain undefined. The best guess is it's a New York invention possibly haveing its origin at the Drake Hotel.

  • Margaret Glenn
    Margaret Glenn 2 months ago


  • Joaquin Wells
    Joaquin Wells 2 months ago

    You should be using filet

  • Bob Riemersma
    Bob Riemersma 2 months ago

    Top chef secret: fine "popcorn salt" actually works far better than "Kosher" salt for seasoning steaks.

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago

    This does look delicious but doesn't it seem like it's a lot of work when you can get pretty much the same thing with a nice steak and some A1 sauce

    • Mark
      Mark 2 months ago

      Whitey Got Black exactly

    • Self-cucking Whiteman, FAKE NOOSE
      Self-cucking Whiteman, FAKE NOOSE 2 months ago

      Mark put it like that why use tartar sauce when u can just use mayo or relish or why make tomato sauce when you can just use ketchup

  • G S
    G S 2 months ago

    the vocal inflections are more than anyone can stand get the poor guy some speech lessons !! dropping EVERY last phrase syllable is extremely annoying had to stop watching !!!!!!!!

  • Marcelle Ray
    Marcelle Ray 2 months ago

    Is there a written recipe for this?

  • Helen Short
    Helen Short 2 months ago

    Man, that looks good!

  • bigbullbk
    bigbullbk 2 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay did it better. This video is too long.

  • Mark D
    Mark D 2 months ago

    I've never had a date with Diane, but I want to. If this is a G rated 'tube, I won't get overly vulgar here, but there is nothing left on that plate, but tongue tracks.

  • MM Graphics
    MM Graphics 3 months ago

    Very entertaining dialogue from Chef John and the food looks delish.

  • ezrabrooks12
    ezrabrooks12 3 months ago

    Look's Good.

  • Jason
    Jason 3 months ago


  • Mr J Bettison
    Mr J Bettison 3 months ago

    Is this guy related to fozzy bear or Kermit ?

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 3 months ago

    Ah, but can you make steak ala Oliver

  • Humberto Correa
    Humberto Correa 3 months ago

    What sauce lol

  • Melinda Curtis
    Melinda Curtis 3 months ago

    OMgoodness, I have been making something so similar, what I thought was Steak au poivre. The same recipe almost. I use mustard to help crushed peppercorns cling to the meat, then I sear slightly. Put it aside. I do the pan sauce the same way minus the Worcestershire and the demi, but that's not a bad idea, and I have to finish it off in the oven due to the peppercorns. I too have to say with the crushed slightly toasted peppercorns added to the meat, the cream, shallots, brandy and the dijon, this recipe it is so delicious it is simply hard to explain. You have to try it.

  • Is She Cooking, or What?

    Loved Steak Diane back in the day...thanks for the memory...and recipe!🌷🚍

  • Jeff Byrne
    Jeff Byrne 3 months ago

    This guys voice is like nails on a chalkboard

  • Dan Van Hoose
    Dan Van Hoose 3 months ago

    This voice grates my nerves.couldn't watch.

  • Andrew Miranda
    Andrew Miranda 3 months ago

    The way this guy speaks is annoying AF

  • prussian millionaire
    prussian millionaire 3 months ago

    I'm a Diane but I like deburgo better..but sure wouldn't turn this down💗💗💗

  • Waboo Bates
    Waboo Bates 3 months ago

    Strange voice with an odd intonation?

  • U2WB
    U2WB 3 months ago

    This looks amazing !!

  • U R Thebest
    U R Thebest 3 months ago

    Your annoying voice😵 but your food looks so delicious

  • Tim Coll
    Tim Coll 3 months ago

    your voice is so annoying. every other word your voice goes up an octave on the last syllable.

  • Captain Quantrill
    Captain Quantrill 3 months ago

    Why does this douche keep going up and down with the inflection of his voice. It's so annoying. You want to reach through the screen an put tape over his mouth.

  • Nisabehere
    Nisabehere 3 months ago

    Whatever name's look DELICIOUS! cant wait to try. im a fan

  • The best channel ever
    The best channel ever 3 months ago

    That felt like an hour lol

  • Billy Phobophile
    Billy Phobophile 3 months ago

    I watched this video so many times i know what chef john will say after every setence

  • John Lemons
    John Lemons 3 months ago

    I just love the old timey recipes. I don’t know why more restaurants don’t bring these classics back. Thanks Chef.

  • F Terry Smith
    F Terry Smith 3 months ago

    You cook the steaks in the sauce - right...? Then how did you end up with a bare un-sauced steak over which you drizzled the sauce? I must have missed something - anyways thanks for the upload.

  • Chris Abraham
    Chris Abraham 3 months ago

    Lame question alert: what brand of pan did you use in this, please?

  • Doug Williams
    Doug Williams 3 months ago

    Your voice is totally irritating

  • Kim Edmond
    Kim Edmond 4 months ago

    His voice is driving me nuts ridiculously over done

  • 47 hammer
    47 hammer 4 months ago

    The course Salt you put on the stake and let set for 15-20 helped tenderize the Meat.. Just a Note That's all..

  • I'm The Law
    I'm The Law 4 months ago

    prefer Gordon Ramsay's sauce.. best Diane i had was at a Restaurant called the Bull Market which was ahead of its time and closed..
    the worst was at The Peppermill in Reno but the gambling is great..

  • FalloutModReview TV
    FalloutModReview TV 4 months ago

    Looks like fucking dihharea

  • Spurious Flatus
    Spurious Flatus 4 months ago

    It looks delicious.
    Hail Satan!

  • Water Melon
    Water Melon 4 months ago

    This man ought to learn to speak clearly instead of that B.S. sing-songy speech of his... JACKASS.

  • kez kezooie
    kez kezooie 4 months ago

    I love both Steak Pauline and Green Peppercorn Steak (a similar sauce but with green peppercorns and a smidge of garlic instead of worcestershire and brandy). I love how you have renamed it in honour of your mum :)

  • MaryAnnVasQ
    MaryAnnVasQ 4 months ago

    Wow...thank you! Wonderful dishes! 😊

    RESPECT MY AUTHORITY 4 months ago

    Tried this, all it was awesome, can't wait to do it again.

  • patricia Brooks
    patricia Brooks 4 months ago

    Wow, this will wow my guest, I'm sure. As usual thank you.

  • Shahad
    Shahad 4 months ago

    I like that most of his recipes are for one person

  • Lianel402
    Lianel402 4 months ago


  • thejimdoherty
    thejimdoherty 5 months ago

    I work as a prep cook at a retirement home. Our lead cook was retiring, and I suggested to the head of the department that we (or actually, I) make a farewell dinner for our kitchen staff to honor her, and suggested your Steak Diane recipe. Let me tell you, I was nervous. I've made your recipe at home for one person, but making it for 25 people was a new experience. I made it in a huge (maybe 20 inches wide, four inches deep) heavy-duty double-handled pan. I used nearly a half-bottle of port, a half-bottle of cognac, and nearly a half-gallon of cream. By the way, I also added a large amount of sliced mushrooms before the cognac flambe step.The results (throwing humility to the wind), were outstanding. I thank you so much for posting this recipe. It was a HUGE hit!

  • Trish Hinkle
    Trish Hinkle 5 months ago

    You had me at "marbled fat"!!!
    I subscribed...

  • g jackson
    g jackson 5 months ago

    Do not ever pound out steak if they want pounded out steak tell them to buy beef tenderloin

  • Robert M
    Robert M 5 months ago

    Isn't this dish similar to Hunter's Chicken/rabbit? I think that is a similar French dish and could relate to why it is called Steak Diane for the goddess of the hunt?

  • Smooth Jazz
    Smooth Jazz 5 months ago

    sirloin pounded slightly w/S&P (optional), sauteed in clarified butter with shallots and then add mushrooms raw sliced, flash with cognac or brandy, add a demi-glaze or marchand de vin with grey poupon or powdered mustard, add whole cream or haf and half count to 20 while sauce is married....*ENJOY*

  • ashku27
    ashku27 5 months ago

    Where are the mushrooms?

  • Annie Low
    Annie Low 5 months ago

    u speak weird

  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner 5 months ago

    Dude the way you talk kills me. It's like you're exclamating the end of every sentence you say.

  • Todd Ellner
    Todd Ellner 5 months ago

    Propane is your friend here. A Searzall or a weed-burning torch produces a very nice sear without cooking the inside of the meat.

  • Nicholas Huynh
    Nicholas Huynh 5 months ago

    Could you use sherry instead of brandy

  • Marcelle Ray
    Marcelle Ray 6 months ago

    I can't seem to find any printed instructions, just the ingredients.

  • Champ -DC
    Champ -DC 6 months ago


  • Poseidon63
    Poseidon63 6 months ago

    Every restaurant I worked in London as a chef served this and is my favourite dish.

  • Nur Melek Polat
    Nur Melek Polat 6 months ago

    Yaptığınız yemekler çok şahane ben adanali olarak et yemekler vazgeçilmezimdir sizden rica ediyorum bu güzel ve lezzetli yemeklerinizi yapmam icin kullandiginiz ürünlerin adini ingilizce olarak yaziyla belirtmeni yeterli olacaktir

  • Jason Gates
    Jason Gates 6 months ago

    The constant inflection in your voice on EVERY sentence is really distracting.

  • Tressa Michael
    Tressa Michael 6 months ago

    I'm subscribing. I've been cooking for family forever. I'm 58. However I'm gonna look up "demiglaze".
    I've probably been doing it all along without identifying.
    I'm a huge believer in frying down meat in oil until there's that dark almost black sticky remainder for the base for everything
    I'm loving that fire over the dish!
    I'll try steak Diane

  • rmcdaniel423
    rmcdaniel423 6 months ago

    Never heard of Steak Diane until yesterday, when I ordered it at a local restaurant. Didn't know what to expect but the menu description drew me in. They did it with a sauce that was more white, and had some horseradish mixed in. Served up with the sauce as a bed, a GORGEOUS thin succulent steak on top and just a drizzle over it, grilled asparagus and panko-battered portobello mushroom fries on the side. With a deep dark malty barrel-aged scotch ale to drink. I'm all hungry again just thinking about it.

  • Raul Vazquez
    Raul Vazquez 6 months ago

    You are the Diane of frying steaks in a pan!

  • Neil Cutten
    Neil Cutten 6 months ago

    In Australia, we had a tablespoon of Vegemite to the sauce and call it Steak Sheila.

  • Edward Norton
    Edward Norton 6 months ago

    Diane was a slut.

  • Thomas Gronek
    Thomas Gronek 6 months ago

    Nice video, thank you. There is a strong possibility that flambe' with onions causes an esterification (I'm a chemist) which results in a heightened sweetness of the onions. [The sulphur, (from the onions), the oil and the alcohol results in a sweeter finished product].