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  • Published on Dec 7, 2017
    Chris Stuckmann reviews The Post, starring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Alison Brie, Carrie Coon, David Cross, Bruce Greenwood, Tracy Letts, Bob Odenkirk, Sarah Paulson, Jesse Plemons, Matthew Rhys, Michael Stuhlbarg, Bradley Whitford, Zach Woods, Pat Healy. Directed by Steven Spielberg.
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  • libertarian45
    libertarian45 5 months ago

    Saw it on TV tonight. A crock of left-wing propaganda trying to make out sleazy, unscrupulous reporters as heroes in the hopes of discrediting the duly elected POTUS and trying to distract the public from the fact that journalism is nearly dead. NYTs, WAPO, CNN, MSNBC have all presented fake news and tried to pass it off as truth. They've chosen sides and completely lost their objectivity (if they ever had any).
    Now some facts. The Pentagon Papers was a study ordered by Robert McNamara to compile the correspondence and records of discussions leading up to and during the early stages of the war (up to 1967). Ultimately, when viewed by non-biased intelligent people, the report justifies and vindicates most decisions taken. There's no "smoking gun" or earth-shattering revelations that the public just has to know immediately. There wasn't really a scandal except that it was a classified document that was STOLEN by Daniel Ellsberg. The suits weren't about suppressing the truth from the public (again, there wasn't much of value in the report) they were about the dangerous precedent of the theft of classified material and irresponsible release to the public during war time. Imagine if, during WW2, a Nazi or Japanese sympathizer stole classified documents and had his reporter buddies spin a story that, ultimately, aided the enemy. People would have been executed.
    So the report was a whole lot of nothing and the NYT and WAPO published their interpretation/spin of what it meant. The mini scandal weakened the draw down and the US's bargaining position at the future peace talks (just like the lies spread about the Tet offensive in 1968 which actually was a victory and resulted in the destruction of the VC as a fighting organization - from 68 - 75 it was all NVA Regulars). Pat yourselves on the back reporter heroes...
    The reviewer is correct that it is connected to current events: lying Hollywood will stoop to any level to get their propaganda to the masses t to control the message and attempt to make their accomplices in the MSM appear heroic and brave. Ultimately the aim is to make Trump look bad.
    Nixon is reviled yet he achieved way more in his 6 years than Obama did in 8. He ended the US part of the war in 73 as promised. Essentially the US won its objectives and set up South Vietnam for success...contingent on the PROMISE of continued aid and air power for when the North would break the treaty (which of course the commies did) and invade the South. The democrat-controlled Congress refused, disallowed air support and slashed aid. The dems lost the war for the South by betraying them. Nixon opened talks with China and USSR helping to thaw the cold war a little. Obama? Divided the nation along racial lines and got a Nobel Prize one really knows...just for getting elected, I guess.

  • Bruce Taylor
    Bruce Taylor 6 months ago

    "Spotlight" (2015) is a far better film than "The Post" from the standpoints of direction, writing, acting and editing. In fact I found it slightly superior to "All the President's Men". "Spotlight" deservedly won the "Best Picture" Oscar for that year.

    FORREST GUMP 7 months ago

    Chris, I thought you were smarter. The liberals have been brainwashing the public for years.

  • phil lamonica
    phil lamonica 7 months ago

    Just as an FYI... The Pentagon Papers were classified top secret documents stolen from a government contractor (Rand Corp.) by a hawk turned dove Daniel Ellsberg. President Nixon had nothing to gain personally by trying to keep this from being published as the report pre-dated Nixon and was highly critical of both Kennedy and Johnson's escalation of the war. Nixon cared about the country and the damage this could and did cause to our foreign relations around the world. Had Nixon been as "self centered" as some people think, he could have used this to blame his predecessors for the war. The release of stolen and top secret military reports don't seem to matter anymore. It should.

  • Pratham Prakash
    Pratham Prakash 7 months ago

    Chris,I have followed your channel for a long time now and I think your spielberg reviews have missed an important one, Leo dicaprio 'catch me if you can'2002.
    How come you didn't review it, didn't you like it?

  • Pixilate U
    Pixilate U 8 months ago

    I went into this movie with anticipation, but had to bail about a third of the way in. Strangely, I realized that every scene with Meryl turned off any and all built-up momentum and interest for me. Maybe it was the writing for her part, but mostly it seemed like she was grasping to channel her real-life character (and of course characters are Meryl's strong suit.) She seemed to flail and wobble, and her characterization just seemed really odd. Totally broke the spell for me. I might try to jump in again at the halfway point and see if it's any better. The rest of the movie seemed great. Maybe it was a little too rushed by Spielberg?

  • funky35791
    funky35791 8 months ago

    You should direct the terminal

  • Marcos Gallardo
    Marcos Gallardo 8 months ago

    so is this movie good or not??

  • TheDragonflyDoji
    TheDragonflyDoji 8 months ago

    just watched this. ok not to pick apart one meaningless scene... but wtf was up with that protest? was that shot indoors or something? was that suppose to be mario savio's "bodies on gears of the machine" epic rant? why not just use real footage or at least make it look halfway real? this is the detail that can make or break a period peice... and for that reason, i'm out. no oscar.

  • belly QBE6878
    belly QBE6878 9 months ago

    That is NOT what Trump is doing. He is not trying to control the media, he calls them out when he thinks that they are lying.

  • colin the dog from SPACED

    Well shot /acted. When all the women stared in awe at Streep I cringed. To be honest it was DULL. Worthy but dull.

    RAPPI GONEN 10 months ago +1

    you gave to a movie a B ?
    you dont like steven spielberg !!!!!

  • Vatican Cameos!
    Vatican Cameos! 11 months ago +1

    dARKEST hOUR>??????

  • TriforcePlayer2
    TriforcePlayer2 11 months ago


  • zavali7
    zavali7 11 months ago

    Now Washington Post & NY Times work on the government USA :(
    RT tells the truth!

  • Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas

    This is Oscarbait

  • HMat
    HMat Year ago

    You have the coolest tee shirts. We can I get them?

  • Anthony Fletcher
    Anthony Fletcher Year ago

    I will never, ever, ever, watch this movie, even if I had a chance to pick up a copy from a pawn shop!..... These anti-americans will never get my money...

  • Helen S. C.
    Helen S. C. Year ago

    We like your channel, but turning political will turn off half of your viewers. I agree the movie is good, and it's relevant for today's times. However it's relevant because the opposite is happening now. Then, there were real journalists and what they revealed was a true tragedy, continued by 4 presidents. Now the media is on a 24/7 Trump hatefest full of lies. Trump has a first amendment right to call them out for their lies. And the media has been wrong about everything they predicted. Stop watching CNN, go outside and see the world is not ending. Economy is booming, jobs are abundant, wages are up, Korean peace is right around the corner, and lots more good news thanks to Trump.

  • CMG
    CMG Year ago

    Would rather watch paint dry than sit through a Tom Hanks movie.

  • DJ Knight
    DJ Knight Year ago

    Your T-shirt is way too dope ! Link please ?

  • DrMoorehen
    DrMoorehen Year ago +1

    Dont know what you yanks are rabbiting on about oscar bait for. Yes a good movie but not oscar worthy... now gary oldman as sir winston? Yes a deserved (brit) winner...hahha.....

  • DrMoorehen
    DrMoorehen Year ago

    Thanks, but dont knock trump! Love him and need him in the uk now during brexit

  • Jory Stultz
    Jory Stultz Year ago

    The dialogue was amazing in this movie.

  • hifrom mike
    hifrom mike Year ago +1

    Speilberg said in the blu-ray bonus feature that it was the current attacks on the media that caused him to fast-track this film. It has some of the most effective camera movement in any film I've seen.

  • omegapointil
    omegapointil Year ago

    I see little reason to dredge up this issue when ...afterall, who hasn't heard about The Pentagon Papers by now. What it succeeds in doing is distracting from the genuine, far more shameful atrocities that are brought up by Nick Turse's expose "Kill Anything That Moves." Don't hold your breath for anyone to make a film of that. What KATM does is uncover from National Archives documents that Mai Lai was a daily exercise. This film, with its star power seems to be a way to keep Americas' attention away from a real reason to assign guilt. Go head, its here in TVclip, search "Nick Turse if want to feel ....informed.

    URCHIN SAM Year ago

    why havent you made a review for i tonya

  • मार्तण्ड उर्फ मारू

    बहुत ही सटीक समीक्षा। फिल्म का पहला हाफ थोड़ा सा बोरिंग सा था। पर फिल्म जरूर एक बार देखने लायक है।

  • Jean-Philippe Doyon

    Didn't deserved the nominations...stealing them to Blade Runners 2049...pure oscar bait...

  • Tercero Ciencias
    Tercero Ciencias Year ago

    Make a review about The Paper House, from netflix

  • Lover of everything

    I like it but tough the begging was slow

  • John Dalton Logan

    Loooooooooove that shirt

  • rocr62
    rocr62 Year ago

    Real review:
    I just saw the movie or was this a comedy or was it a spin off on "the producers"? I think the actual term is "narrative piece".
    The best part of the movie was the audience. Their reaction made me feel as though I was watching a children's puppet show... "crocodile? where's the crocodile?" This movie is to never trumpers as election night meltdowns are to trump supporters.
    Acting was good, I'll give you that, ... but this was a cheese fest as far as script was concerned. Replace the reporters all hunkered down in Tom Hank's living room with a group of rabid feminists coming out of self defense yoga on women's prison release night and you have the writing team for this movie.
    I give it 2 out of 5... it just didn't work.

  • Phil S
    Phil S Year ago

    Yeah it just feels like a cut and paste Spielberg film... Meh

    RAPPI GONEN Year ago

    chris I think you are an ass hall ! you gave Spielberg film a B ! instead an A !!!!

  • Hellfire Alpha
    Hellfire Alpha Year ago

    So I have only two complaint about this review and that is that you're not seeing this as a movie about a historical event (which it is) and you instead chose to focus on it's comparison to current day media, and you used far to little time to try to review the movie properly, other than that it was ok

  • Mr. Marston
    Mr. Marston Year ago

    Darkest hour review

  • rahatul alam
    rahatul alam Year ago

    listening to the end credit soundtrack while this review was really cool a movie to see a sequel to this is mark felt played by Liam Neeson this year, that was also good. a double bill just like Dunkirk and darkest hour.

  • Rich As F*ck
    Rich As F*ck Year ago

    have you ever talked about the media NOT talking about hillary, obama and FBI scandal?? why Trump all of a sudden?? don't stuff your political views on the generic viewers. like your reviews overall but do avoid making political comments for crying out loud. what a turnoff.

  • Free living
    Free living Year ago

    Review Shot Caller. I personally think it was a great film and definitely better than the rating which are about a 7.4/10 which isn’t bad but I think it’s more of an 8.5. It’s more about choices made after mistakes that changes your life drastically and for the worse but also for survival. It really doesn’t have much to do with skin heads other than the organization rather than being racist it’s about choices in survival

  • schmoab
    schmoab Year ago

    Important story, but this movie was rushed. The script needed to be tightened up and the editing was inadequate.

  • XenoKaiju
    XenoKaiju Year ago

    Well I think the first half was meant to be slow like that. As someone who was a part of a high school newspaper and a couple journalism classes, I felt the same way as these characters did when someone got the leg up in story leads. I thought the film communicated that very clearly, having your spot annoying taken from you.
    But then that last act came and it felt like a blast from the past! The rush of getting the story written, collecting the facts coherently, going through the legalities/ethics and finally publishing on time. Like you said, very riveting.

  • Daniel Drylie
    Daniel Drylie Year ago +1

    I agree. The opening was fantastic. After that, it felt like the momentum of the film got stuck in mud, and it took a huge chunk of the film to get out.

  • echosixnoble
    echosixnoble Year ago

    More Liberal propaganda.SMH

  • Kristofer Sandlund
    Kristofer Sandlund Year ago +1

    Keep in mind that the information was primarily about the Kennedy and Johnson presidency's and their lack of transparency regarding the Vietnam War. Having lived through those years, I can state with confidence that none of my family or friends believed the governments press releases regarding the status of the war. The "body counts" on the nightly news were simply horrible and never gave us any confidence that the war was winnable by attrition. (The draft ended the year I became eligible). As far as it related to today- think about what the movie reveals about the paper... the press at that time struggled over whether it was legal to release the reports. They worked hard to be sure this was in the best interest of the country and debated the repercussions of what they were doing. The press today?? They report every leak they can get their hands on. There is no thought whatsoever as to the legality or even the validity of what they report. Whether you like or hate Trump, this movie shows how the press should be functioning. Sadly, today's news reporting is a tragedy to behold.

  • Joseph Carl Breil

    Just another rank amateur reviewing movies on TVclip.

  • Peter KJ Richter - *IMHO*

    The Post is more for film buffs and history majors, or if you have a thing for 70s retro ;)

  • Movie Man Reviews

    That's interesting. The issues Chris had with this film I didn't have at all. I liked the first half just fine. The whole film was very good.

  • Ace Breao
    Ace Breao Year ago +1


  • 65 TossPowerTrap
    65 TossPowerTrap Year ago

    The Post was a bunch of Nixon hating communists. Where was the Post when LBJ took us into Vietnam? When JFK stole the election in 1960? Not on the communist liberal agenda.

  • marvin pettey
    marvin pettey Year ago

    Respect your opinion but i have to disagree with it. I thought it was great

  • Baked
    Baked Year ago

    LMAO you think Trump is controlling the media?>? You are smarter than that. It is the liberal left that is controlling the media wake up.

  • lestat1886
    lestat1886 Year ago

    You got the story wrong: it’s the Time who got it first not the Post... I found this movie focused on the wrong things and was to me quite boring. Meryl Streep was great and her character was interesting (and the relationship between them and the politics but that was not adressed that much)...

  • 3dartistguy
    3dartistguy Year ago

    The Trump administration is not trying to control anything. Rather its the press that is so biased against the Trump administration that they are essentially making things up and reporting thiese things as if they are fact, like Trump supposedly calling African countries "shitholes". The only source Dick Durbin a known liar and despite the fat that it was refuted by two other people, its still being reported as fact. I enjoyed this movie, but its more relevent to the Clinton scandals of the 90s.

  • Matthew Mertens
    Matthew Mertens Year ago

    Lol I thought Deadpool’s katana was a scratch on my screen

  • Iara Azul Tesolin

    The movie was boring and the ending predictable. As a huge Steven Spielberg fan I did not like it.

  • Tomi Igo
    Tomi Igo Year ago

    i can feel spielberg all over the movie. Making a discovery and a group of people excited, almost child like working on the information. Lemonade there (Spielberg)

  • Fisher Peace
    Fisher Peace Year ago

    I do not agree that the first half of the film is a drag, this film to me is more like a feminist film, how a woman stands up being brave against men and the government, and accomplish personally too.

  • btez31
    btez31 Year ago

    Best movie I have seen in a long time. Meryl Streep is absolutely brilliant.

  • coco beware
    coco beware Year ago

    You know this movie is complete bullshit.

  • Arthur U
    Arthur U Year ago

    Good review. I have to say though that I disagree with your point on saying that the best thing the movie has to offer is that it parallels a timely climate we face today. This movie is not only to commentate on the current issues, but to show what was about to happen historically with the government vs the media. Even if we didnt have Trump calling out on the news, this movie would still be relevant for all times to come.

  • Lokesh kumar
    Lokesh kumar Year ago

    He showed what it takes to run a company becoz it showed the fact that every company is not only a money making machine but also... bunch of people spending a piece of their life for well being of it

  • BadaBingg
    BadaBingg Year ago

    Lol The media is not scared to publish whatever in the hell they want about Trump, even flat out lies. There are no parallels between then and now even though Liberal Hollywood wants there to be. Obama had the real control over the media. In the way of total protection! Love your reviews though Chris. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Rostislav Plamenov

    To me, Hanks was awful. Streep was great. Of course, you don't like her and are biased. But whatever.

  • erasercool
    erasercool Year ago

    I wonder if they'll ever make a movie about all the women in Hollywood ( Streep ) who knew about sexual harassment ( Harvey"god" weinstien ) since it is such a big issue today..... Yeah I wont hold my breath

    SAVESTHEDAY Year ago

    No one trusts or cares about mainstream news outlets because they are all garbage.

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller Year ago

    Finally saw The Post last night. It was a really good movie, Tom Hanks was good but Meryl Streep was amazing! Although, as good as it was, The Post is not Oscar worthy imo.

  • Tianyan Lan
    Tianyan Lan Year ago

    Chris, will you consider reviewing Darkest Hour?

  • The Mr. Mann Show

    The post is an airplane film

  • Yes Sir!
    Yes Sir! Year ago

    The status should go back to Obama/Clinton relationship with MSM where they scratch each others backs. Right? Media should get scripts from the president on what to write and the president should give them favors back.
    It's not good that Trump speaks directly to the people from his own platforms and media independently analyzing what he say and do. Thats nazi state controll.

  • Clutch Boy
    Clutch Boy Year ago

    The media isn't what it used to be it's used to brainwash and lead people along

  • Ben West
    Ben West Year ago

    Would have been more relevant during the last administration.

  • Cody Morris
    Cody Morris Year ago

    Luv the spirited away shirt

  • Robert Ayotte
    Robert Ayotte Year ago +1

    I've been a fan of yours for a really long time. Please don't get political and drive away half of your fan base

  • Desmond M
    Desmond M Year ago

    Let's not forget that Obama too commented on more than one occasion that Fox News was working against him and his agenda. You could argue not nearly as often or to the level of Trump, but my reply to that would be only that in this case they are even based on negative Well now that I've made a political comment, please internet comment on my mom's current place in society--thanks.

  • anciiie
    anciiie Year ago

    my takeaway from the movie was slightly different. not that the conversation about the government controlling the media isn't an important one, but the topic of journalistic integrity stood out to me more. that despite all the adversity these people faced, they understood and valued the core thoughts of journalism and were willing to risk everything to tell the story and tell it right.
    it seems like a lot of people saw this movie and immediately thought "trump". i on the other hand thought: "man, i wish we had journalists like these now. someone i could trust to fight for the truth and to bring it to the people like they should."

  • Ofer Mizrahi
    Ofer Mizrahi Year ago


  • basketofpuppys
    basketofpuppys Year ago

    I wont watch a movie with a fake ass hypicrite like meerle streep she should be ashamed of being in a movie like this she has no principles she tried to help roman polanski get his charges dropped for raping a 13 year old little girl

  • The84nino
    The84nino Year ago

    Nope! Trump 2020!!!!!

  • Aidan Mackenzie
    Aidan Mackenzie Year ago

    I don't care about the movie's technical or acting jobs (though I thought they were good) the point people should be taking away is the message. I usually hate messages in movies but these are people who legitimately deserve credit and fame for what they did.

  • Krist Stevens
    Krist Stevens Year ago

    You uploaded the post movie review, but what about the pre movie review?

  • James Lucke
    James Lucke Year ago

    See here's the thing. It'd be more relevant of the news wasn't making shit up. They do. Constantly. If the media actually did their job instead of trying to incite slander and Trump Admin was trying to shut them up, THEN this movie would be relevant. Really the most relevant reflection of what's going on is that crappy action flick "Paparazzi"

  • darinka kralj
    darinka kralj Year ago

    the least they could have done was make Streep look less like Hillary, to make their agenda just a touch less obvious....fake news, fake movies and as drab as khaki.

  • Joseph Adam
    Joseph Adam Year ago

    "What Spielberg choses to focus on and what the script chooses to focus on..." That's kind of redundant since Spielberg doesn't have ANYTHING in the script that he didn't want there. He orders rewrites until it's the movie he wants to make. This is true for most filmmakers, especially ones with his clout. He's the director that hired script doctors to rewrite Michael Crichton's first draft for Jurassic Park! If he has the clout to overrule the author of the source material, I doubt there's anything in "The Post" that was merely what the writer wanted but not Spielberg.

  • Joseph Adam
    Joseph Adam Year ago

    To be fair, Trump is FAR from the first president to despise the media. Remember Obama vs Fox News (which he called "Faux News" because they ran stories unfavorable to him)? And the trouble with groups like Wiki-Leaks and what was fair game for journalists began waaaay before Trump. So it seems odd to act as if "today's climate" is different and new. This movie could have come out 5 years ago and be just as timely.

  • Kashyap Raina
    Kashyap Raina Year ago

    Completely disagree I think this movie is awesome regardless of the relevance factor because this is tom hanks's best performance since captain Phillips , Meryl Steeps best performance in this century and Mr Spielbergs best movie since Lincoln besides that the supporting cast is incredible and John Williams score is fantastic , evan though we have seen movies about expose of a scandal in recent times ( spotlight ) this movie chooses to focus on Steeps character and hanks's character and how their determination against all odds lead to them exposing this story

  • Richard Jolly
    Richard Jolly Year ago

    Based on true events for sure, but lame to put the whistleblower in the background.

  • JulesRouleau
    JulesRouleau Year ago

    Is this really that real a story? Seems to me some facts were omitted.

  • David Tubb
    David Tubb Year ago

    I seriously hope people like Streep understand that this entire movie is an illustration of the power of the deep state and globalist central bankers. Its always been these people creating every war. These are the exact same people who run Hollywood and its agendas.
    To develop some kind of separate reason as to why we went to Vietnam that doesn't place 100% blame on central banker globalists would be incredible bullshit, very naive and ignorant beyond belief.

    • UnbelievabIeMontages
      UnbelievabIeMontages Year ago +1

      too bad she's a liberal cunt who protected pedophiles and think hillary would be a great president, but look at hillary now be investigated for all her crimes ahahah.

  • Scott William
    Scott William Year ago

    Chris you're awesome but you have triggered the little bitch boy trump trolls down below.

  • Alex Conn
    Alex Conn Year ago

    The issue is the movie was made in 8 months and that’s not enough time to develop a great film.

  • Alex Conn
    Alex Conn Year ago

    I never felt it was ever riveting.

  • Jay Wolin
    Jay Wolin Year ago

    I can't say enough about this movie. One of the best I've seen in a very long time.

  • Van Gogh's Ear
    Van Gogh's Ear Year ago +1

    I'm pretty sure meryl will not hesitate to bring us some more virtue signaling even when she gave a standing ovation to a rapist. She is overrated and just a left propaganda filled megaphone.

  • Not The Joker
    Not The Joker Year ago

    Speaking of Bob Better Call Saul!!!

  • Scott Sullivan
    Scott Sullivan Year ago

    I'm surprised Chris didn't love it. I for sure did! I gave it an A in my review.

  • GLJohn Stewart
    GLJohn Stewart Year ago

    This was back when The Post printed news

  • Brent Shaw
    Brent Shaw Year ago

    Great review as always Chris!

  • Robert R
    Robert R Year ago

    "Streep is good." ?? She was marvelous.

    • Robert R
      Robert R Year ago

      Scott Sullivan Gotta disagree with you both then. This was one of her most subtle, nuanced performances. If anything, Hanks was broader.

    • Scott Sullivan
      Scott Sullivan Year ago

      She overacted. As I, too, said in my review.

  • Aydan Draws
    Aydan Draws Year ago

    Conservatives get butthurt over one comment. I'm dying lmao