red velvet moments i think about a lot

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019
  • take a shot everytime ice cream cake is mentioned
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  • redroulette
    redroulette  25 days ago +130

    part two is now up!! thank you so much for the support for my channel💓

    • redroulette
      redroulette  21 day ago

      Cartoon chan aw thank you so much for your nice comment!!❤️

    • Cartoon chan
      Cartoon chan 22 days ago

      Well done @redroulette great work and your video has good amount of content, what I meant is your video is only 10 mins long but it felt like it is 20 mins long which shows your support to redvelvet. Important thing Redvelvet need a channel like you who compiles bcoz I couldn't find any other channel which compiles RV videos. Thank you for uploading by spending your time.

  • mia
    mia 3 days ago

    irene's power fr omg

  • Josiah Oatman
    Josiah Oatman 3 days ago

    She can Rap like this? SM ROLL IT IN THE TROPHY

  • emsé
    emsé 4 days ago

    I lost my shit when irene made reveluvs quiet THAT FAST😆😭

  • twigx
    twigx 5 days ago

    I don't like eggs but I'll make an exception

  • latinope
    latinope 5 days ago

    I desperately hope they do another dance focused song like Be Natural, ICC or Dumb Dumb. Red Velvet with clean choreos and banging’ tracks is SUPERIOR

  • kaye
    kaye 6 days ago +1

    i feel like seulgi’s the most normal until she gets drunk.

  • JP
    JP 7 days ago

    thats not a freestyle tho

  • Isandra Marie
    Isandra Marie 8 days ago +4

    Honestly Yeri’s free style rap was so good.

  • Emma
    Emma 8 days ago

    i'd like to take a moment of silence for all the reveluvs that got into RV during the icc era and had to learn the different members while they all had blonde hair

  • Aprilia Sagita
    Aprilia Sagita 9 days ago

    Yeri wah😮👏🏻👏🏻😍

  • Nadia Pehan
    Nadia Pehan 10 days ago

    They need to collab with anne marie or shawn mendes or ......( like wendy has to collab )

  • chocolaty chips
    chocolaty chips 11 days ago

    i came for gay yeri, stayed cause i love red velvet

  • kanna fanta la dragona fantastica

    Yeri's New rap style should get put in at leaste one song

  • Umi
    Umi 13 days ago

    i love it..let's go to part 2

  • SaskoReacts 2
    SaskoReacts 2 13 days ago

    Oh wow, as a new Reveluv thank you so much for this video! I enjoyed it a lot, it didn't feel like i was watching a 10min video, it ended right after i started it (At least it felt like that haha).

  • Germano Gaiardo
    Germano Gaiardo 13 days ago +1

    5:33 all the gays are living for this

  • Coriander Is Fab
    Coriander Is Fab 13 days ago +1

    Love it but just to be clear , that is not a whistle note

  • Hector Salazar
    Hector Salazar 13 days ago

    Excellent video...❤️❤️❤️❤️👑

  • Estevão Samuel
    Estevão Samuel 14 days ago

    7:18 MORTA

  • peanutsebom Pamonha
    peanutsebom Pamonha 15 days ago

    Drunk seulgi is a mood

  • aljoory alyahya
    aljoory alyahya 15 days ago

    Drunken sEulgI....😂😂💕💕

  • Crackhead Stanner
    Crackhead Stanner 15 days ago +1

    “Be natural”
    Me : Booming system uh huh TY track TY track

  • Super Rookie
    Super Rookie 16 days ago

    That dance break / transition always fucks me up

  • Fanerv
    Fanerv 16 days ago

    I love them so much♥

  • Luna Ramos
    Luna Ramos 16 days ago


  • English
    English 16 days ago

    3:55 skill rap of Yeri

  • ―𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚞𝚜𝚝.𝚝𝚡𝚝

    *La Rouge : hello bitches im here and u’ll never forget me*

  • Kasrowi
    Kasrowi 16 days ago

    I just want to say thank you ^^

  • Assiya Ali
    Assiya Ali 17 days ago

    Wendy is if not the best K-Pop vocalist I’ve ever heard

  • Angela Besinga
    Angela Besinga 17 days ago

    Filipino reveluv spotted 6:35

  • Hail Queen Rosé
    Hail Queen Rosé 17 days ago +2

    The day when yeri freestyle raps in one of their songs, the kpop industry is over

  • Giovanni Cervantes
    Giovanni Cervantes 17 days ago

    Became a Twice fan first, wow. I cant believe I didnt notice Tzuyu.
    You go Joy!
    This is what we mean that Tzuyu lacks charm and charisma

  • Tulip Tulip
    Tulip Tulip 17 days ago

    3:25 I?? Never?? Knew?? This?? Existed???

  • Diane Valentino
    Diane Valentino 17 days ago

    Gotta say- those are all very good moments to think about

  • Liza Mosacatho
    Liza Mosacatho 17 days ago +1

    7:24 the power of Irene😍.

  • Pie Yeon Nayeon
    Pie Yeon Nayeon 17 days ago

    Reveluvs: **screaming**
    Irene: sh

  • Cat Attacks
    Cat Attacks 18 days ago

    Ummm thats not a whistle note....Wendy did a high falsetto/head voice note...big difference between the two😅

  • Veronica Rubin
    Veronica Rubin 18 days ago

    Joy ❤️

  • Andreas Bey
    Andreas Bey 18 days ago

    1:29 This isn’t whistle, Wendy does runs in falsetto (stan rv)

  • Arlette Díaz
    Arlette Díaz 18 days ago +3

    5:44 Oh queen Yerim we stan

  • King Boo Is So Hot
    King Boo Is So Hot 18 days ago

    what song is Wendy singing at 5:58?

    • Reveluvey
      Reveluvey 12 days ago

      King Boo Is So Hot Shallow by Lady Gaga

  • isra yanti
    isra yanti 18 days ago

    Seulgi kiyewo

  • moon_ lover
    moon_ lover 18 days ago +4

    Why does yeri looks like she's wearing a saree in the thumbnail

  • Hailey Alice
    Hailey Alice 18 days ago +1

    redroulette, who's your bias / bias wrecker!
    p.s. i really love the video!

  • planetgowon
    planetgowon 19 days ago

    Yeri could show so much more rap potential but SM wont let her talent show except for some title tracks and some b sides!

  • planetgowon
    planetgowon 19 days ago

    also my second date dance remix! (at tour but also at an event show)

  • cat
    cat 19 days ago

    automatic song of the century!!

  • raine kpop
    raine kpop 19 days ago

    for yeri's rap: 2:52

  • Spacethetic
    Spacethetic 19 days ago

    i think about joy's suit at pab a looootttt

  • anonomyss
    anonomyss 19 days ago +2

    7:20 Wow Irene's a BOSS

  • alex
    alex 19 days ago

    2:45 best video I've ever seen, watch it constantly

  • caring-is-creepy
    caring-is-creepy 19 days ago

    Seulgi getting absolutely shit-faced when they went abroad is probably the best thing in all of K-pop.

  • • Jungkookisaflufball

    Tbh clicked on this because I saw they saw they pride flag

  • Dab inSide
    Dab inSide 19 days ago

    Whenever I saw Wendy or heard Wendy's voice, my heart almost fly out xD

  • zellou nisrine
    zellou nisrine 19 days ago

    why i keep watching even i've watched all of this

  • Dear P.
    Dear P. 19 days ago

    Woahhh that transformation 🔥

  • 梦鹿鹿
    梦鹿鹿 19 days ago

    Yerim's a natural rapper omg

  • 梦鹿鹿
    梦鹿鹿 19 days ago


  • XRoyal Xzz
    XRoyal Xzz 20 days ago +255

    Yeri: I like girls.......
    Mc: generation?
    Yeri: *gay panics* yeah girls generation *nervous laugh*

    • XRoyal Xzz
      XRoyal Xzz 5 days ago +1

      @ArmySunFlower tea 🍵

    • ArmySunFlower
      ArmySunFlower 5 days ago +5

      I've done this with my friends, the 4 of us had met someone who is also in to kpop mostly bts and other girl groups and she was talking about other gg groups that I have crushes oh and instinctively said "Yeah, I like girls." Not realizing it, of course sense she didn't know I was gay, nor did I want her to my one friend said "Girls Generation?" Me being stupid finally realized and freak out saying "Yeah, remember it's the nickname I gave them?" They all later told me I was the definition of the "gay panic" my bi friend was in the same position before and said she felt it and my friend that helped me teased me sense that was my first mess up.

    • Cunt
      Cunt 8 days ago +4

      Yeri is at least bi and I live for it.