Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER Economy Class Review | Toronto Pearson - London Heathrow AC848

  • Published on May 4, 2018
  • Farewell to the true north.
    Join me on a flight aboard an empty Air Canada's Boeing 777 to London Heathrow.
    #AirCanada #Boeing777-300ER #AC848
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    Flight Details:
    Date -- April 21, 2018
    Flight -- AC848. YYZ - LHR
    Aircraft -- Boeing 777-333/ER
    Registration -- C-FITL
    Seat -- 38K (Economy)
    Flight Time -- 6 hours 20 minutes

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  • indoguju
    indoguju 6 days ago

    extra legroom is better then premium economy

  • Andy
    Andy 12 days ago

    In any airline, the beautiful GE's sound amazing! The mood lighting is something EVA should really consider adapting too for their 777 lines, it makes such a difference in flying.

  • Delta Bravo Tango
    Delta Bravo Tango Month ago

    Thanks for such a sensational trip report mate Air Canada is my favourite airline and the B777-300ER is my favourite aircraft so it as really great to see this! I haven't flown the Air Canada widebody aircraft for a while now although I recently flown on their A321-200 in new llivery and i really enjoy them! Once again, it was a really good Trip Report and I wish you a very good day cheers!

  • Oougie Lain
    Oougie Lain Month ago +1

    Making this exact flight in 2 weeks. Can’t wait great video!👍🏻

  • Mar Swiftsmith
    Mar Swiftsmith Month ago

    any tips on not being afraid to fly? im going on a trip to england soon and im deathly afraid to fly for 7 hours

    • Abhijot Gill
      Abhijot Gill Month ago

      I’m going tomorrow to Canada in the game plane and believe me I’d rather not go

  • Football & Gaming
    Football & Gaming Month ago

    AMAZIN !!!

  • Online Troubleshooting
    Online Troubleshooting 2 months ago

    Looking out for some information about the Air Canada flight cancellation? Well, we have brought you all the important information that can help you to cancel your flight and get a full refund.

  • Mathushaki
    Mathushaki 2 months ago

    Do they give earbuds or headphones to watch the movies?

    • Roberto1756YT
      Roberto1756YT 2 months ago +1

      MathuMattise Yes but they don’t come free you have to pay in eco but in PE and BC there free

  • Gianni Riquelme
    Gianni Riquelme 3 months ago

    Jimlielevators took this exact flight from Toronto to Beijing.

  • MaTucha
    MaTucha 3 months ago

    I sat there yesterday lol. And I actually enjoyed the flight.

  • Mynamesnotslimshady
    Mynamesnotslimshady 4 months ago

    Lol I hope I get a free row

  • Guuleed SimBa production

    dont ever travel to air canada

  • NutLover360
    NutLover360 4 months ago

    Air Canada is overated

    • Delta Bravo Tango
      Delta Bravo Tango Month ago

      BOOOOOO! I love AC hahaha. I completly understand your comment although I don't agree since I am biased and love air canada so yeaeeet

  • M Paul
    M Paul 4 months ago

    Will be flying AC 858 in a week. Is on the 777-300ER though all this week it's been the 789. Always enjoyed my flights on AC.

    • Oryx Flyer
      Oryx Flyer  4 months ago

      Your booking should say shouldn’t it? AC switches their equipment on the London flights all the time so I’m not sure.

  • cparent2012
    cparent2012 5 months ago

    The noise of the GE 90's at full throttle 🤩

  • Maja Comrie
    Maja Comrie 5 months ago +3

    this was a great review i loved it this makes me more aware of air canada because tomorrow im taking it lol!!

  • Khaki Wolf
    Khaki Wolf 5 months ago +1

    I am flying to London in September and searched for "inside the Boeing 777 air canada" to check out the plane's interior. Your video was fun to watch. Thank you.

  • AlejandroGAMES:D
    AlejandroGAMES:D 6 months ago


  • Rod Roddy
    Rod Roddy 6 months ago +1

    Is there wifi on this flight?

  • Roulio R
    Roulio R 7 months ago

    I usually make 900 000 points at the quizz game.

  • 308KarlAviation
    308KarlAviation 7 months ago

    I have to be honest but I love the older economy seats. They were roomy in 3-3-3 configuration. This one is newer in 3-4-3 configuration

    • Delta Bravo Tango
      Delta Bravo Tango Month ago

      remember the days of 2-4-2 configuration, when you had much more room? haha i remember those times..... Although I don't really have any complaints with more seats, it was enjoyable to have just 2 on the window side and not the 3 but either way it is reallygood

  • Globetrotter 323
    Globetrotter 323 8 months ago +1

    Personally, I’ve always had a really nice time with Air Canada, I really like the service, and the food, it’s pretty delicious. I especially like the 787’s economy, it is set up kinda nicely and is pretty darn quiet, I would recommend this airline for trans-pacific and trans-Atlantic.

  • Boeing 787
    Boeing 787 8 months ago

    0.00song pls

    ZAM ZAM 9 months ago
    Please subscribe our channel ZAM ZAM Mirkhail thank you

    ZAM ZAM 9 months ago
    Please subscribe our channel ZAM ZAM Mirkhail thank you

  • Joe Patroni
    Joe Patroni 9 months ago

    You can hear the extra hydraulic pumps come on at 4:50 in anticipation of the gear coming up and then they turn off once the gear is fully retracted at 5:37, Thats when the extra pumps turn off to standby mode.... until they come on again in anticipation of gear extension upon arrival.

  • Toronto Transit Channel
    Toronto Transit Channel 9 months ago +6

    0:52, WTF woman, why do you have your child on a leash?

    • Maulin Agrawal
      Maulin Agrawal 8 months ago

      One of my cousins would have her brother on a leash whenever they would travel, and my uncle and aunt were livid. They didn't want it, but my cousin did. I think they now use that leash for their luggage. Or maybe even threw it away.

    • Toronto Transit Channel
      Toronto Transit Channel 8 months ago

      @Infinite Flight 80 90 I know why, but if these people can't keep track of their children like a normal person, then they shouldn't be having kids, let alone flying with them.

    • Infinite Flight 80 90
      Infinite Flight 80 90 8 months ago +1

      Toronto Transit Channel so she doesn’t run off and get lost in the airport ( I know it’s messed up too)

  • 4pidgey
    4pidgey 10 months ago

    Air Canada fucking sucks, or alternatively sucking fucks. NEVER will I fly with those tossers ever again!

  • Errick Elavia
    Errick Elavia 11 months ago +2

    Air Canada is a nice airline .great service and gd food

  • Darmstadt 98 Flyer
    Darmstadt 98 Flyer 11 months ago +3

    Cool, i just uploaded the same ...
    Air Canada 773 YYZ to FRA
    Nice Video
    Keep going and greetings from Germany

  • Dillon Vossen
    Dillon Vossen 11 months ago

    thank you !

  • Corey Betke
    Corey Betke 11 months ago +1

    You can buy food I would assume if what they give you is not enough correct? We got ridiculously cheap tickets to Paris so I don't mind sitting economy.

  • Richard Avenido
    Richard Avenido 11 months ago +35

    thank you for not cutting the ge90 start-up

    • Darmstadt 98 Flyer
      Darmstadt 98 Flyer 11 months ago

      @Richard Avenido
      Maybe you like to see my Video too, if you're interested in GEs ... 🤗

    • Ye Jack
      Ye Jack 11 months ago

      It sounds like a cow

  • Joe Patroni
    Joe Patroni Year ago +1

    4:48 You can hear the backup C1 AND C2 pneumatic hydraulic pumps turning on in anticipation of the gear retraction here...The pumps turn off once the gear is up/doors closed 5:35 (I work for Dynex. Division that installs these pumps)..Good video

  • L
    L Year ago

    Such a nice landing 🇨🇦

    SOOHWAN KIM Year ago +5

    garbage air🇨🇦

  • MoDerN__ PumA
    MoDerN__ PumA Year ago +2

    Thank you air Canada best airline

  • Alex Hoce
    Alex Hoce Year ago +2

    That’s weird. I took air canada from Vancouver to London and got supper then for breakfast we got like juice, yogurt and I think banana bread or something else. Definitely more than what you got.

  • CosmicWizard
    CosmicWizard Year ago +2

    2:05 that lot plane is the exact plane I went on! But I went from Toronto to Warsaw then to Bucharest and back.

  • N J
    N J Year ago +19

    Why am I watching this

    • Delta Bravo Tango
      Delta Bravo Tango Month ago

      because it is absolutely brilliant, the production, the flight, and OHH YEAA that delicious looking Chicken meal was sublime. I really wanted to reach in and try that chicken it really is exceptional catering offered via AC, albeit the portions being tiny lol. Either way I hope you have a good day!

    • Awesomesauce
      Awesomesauce Year ago +2

      lmao same

    FAISAL KHAN Year ago

    motherfucker i came to see the plane not the plane wing

  • Claudio Calì
    Claudio Calì Year ago

    the gave you a pillow?


    Air Canada the Best

  • Félix Maltchinski

    Air Canada is operating this route during the day with early morning departure from YYZ.

  • Reece Palmer
    Reece Palmer Year ago +1

    We went premium and got that Banana Bread for Breakfast it was a disgrace of a meal service.
    Fly Delta.

  • A J
    A J Year ago


  • kaelan christensen
    kaelan christensen Year ago +1

    what kind of things do they offer on the TVs? Does everyone have to watch the same movie? I’m a kid so i just want to be prepared so I can be entertained cause adult movies are booooooring

    • Toasty_42069
      Toasty_42069 8 months ago +1

      kaelan christensen have you never been on a plane before? I mean it’s a “TV” so it’s going to do TV things. And what do you mane by adult movies are boring? Better than all the animated crap.

    • kaelan christensen
      kaelan christensen Year ago +1

      Oryx Flyer thank you so much!

    • Oryx Flyer
      Oryx Flyer  Year ago

      You can pick whatever movie/tv show/game you want on your screen. There is a kids section I think.

  • Mitch Barredo
    Mitch Barredo Year ago

    In 2016 i flew a 27 year old AC 763 to Amsterdam and there was duct tape holding something in the lavatory together. No shame. I am flying them to FRA this summer on a Triple such as this i do hope it has no duct tape in the cabin.

    • Mitch Barredo
      Mitch Barredo Year ago

      Was not Air Canada Rouge, full regular Air Canada.

    • Ryan Ray
      Ryan Ray Year ago

      You were flying with " Air Canada Rouge " which is very horrible comparing to a regular Air Canada .

  • Notts boy24
    Notts boy24 Year ago

    Fantastic trip report ☺ the window seat is always the best 👍

    • Neil Chapman
      Neil Chapman 11 months ago

      Not if you are on a night flight and you need to use the toilets, you can't get out because people are asleep.

  • Gaurav Gogia
    Gaurav Gogia Year ago

    nice report

  • Vyom's Aviation
    Vyom's Aviation Year ago +25

    Air Canada is the most pathetic transatlantic airlines in terms of food. On my 10+ hour flight from Vancouver - Frankfurt the menu was the exact same! Small dinner and 1x slice of banana bread. You really do starve on AC flights. From my experience even United and American serve larger meals. Nevertheless a great trip report!

    • C. Demin
      C. Demin 4 months ago

      Yam and potato salad, then a mostly-potatoes meal. Load-up the unwashed masses with carbs!

    • Que Pasa
      Que Pasa 6 months ago

      Seating is extraordinarily uncomfortable. Like bring in a torcher chamber. My knees hurt so much during the flight.

    • Pro Gamer_21
      Pro Gamer_21 8 months ago +1

      vyomps I never eat plane food so that’s not an problem for me. I always eat at Wendy’s if im T3 or subway or a&w (after security) at T1 at Pearson

    • Joe Patroni
      Joe Patroni 9 months ago

      Piece of advice. Bring your own food. Airline food has always been bad on any airline unless your fly business class.

    • ChrisG-
      ChrisG- 9 months ago

      always stock up on food when you're flying for that long! you get hungry when flying, also helps with boredom

  • drek bryson
    drek bryson Year ago

    How tall are you? Were the seats comfy

    • Notification Sqaud
      Notification Sqaud Year ago +2

      Good to know I'm 5'11 and I'm going to my flight tommorow first time using air Canada

    • drek bryson
      drek bryson Year ago +1

      Oryx Flyer thank you

    • Oryx Flyer
      Oryx Flyer  Year ago +1

      Seats were comfortable but a bit narrow and I’m 5’9

  • dmx _1
    dmx _1 Year ago +2

    My next trip with same plane too frangfurt germany

    • Darmstadt 98 Flyer
      Darmstadt 98 Flyer 11 months ago

      Wie war dein Flug von FRA nach YYZ ? Meiner war klasse ... habe ebenfalls ein Report gemacht 😉

    • Notification Sqaud
      Notification Sqaud Year ago +1

      Probably unlikely but my flight is tommorow

    • Notification Sqaud
      Notification Sqaud Year ago +1

      dmx _1 I think we are in the same flight lol

  • The IrishAviators

    Another great video well done. We were wondering, would you be interested in writting reviews on your flights in the past and future that could help your channel grow and help us both grow our love of aviation. Hope you can get back to us soon. ;) Send us an email to or message us on instagram @mytravelassistant

  • One World Flyer
    One World Flyer Year ago +16

    Wow mood lighting in economy, that looks nice, 'CX take notes please'!! Great vid!

  • RAngeles Rosete
    RAngeles Rosete Year ago

    Wait did you use the new livery?

  • AirlineTraveller
    AirlineTraveller Year ago

    Very nice video! =D

  • Film Central
    Film Central Year ago +3

    Im going to that flight excited ✈️👌✌️

  • PlaneGeek Travels
    PlaneGeek Travels Year ago +3

    Great report. I sat at 39K during one of my trips. Nice to see another perspective at 38K.

  • Marcus Fey
    Marcus Fey Year ago +5

    Nice trip report! I certainly agree with you verdict on the meal....