Good Game Design - A Hat In Time: Spiritual Successor to Original IP

  • Published on Oct 7, 2017
  • I LOVED the cute as heck 3D platformer A Hat In Time, but what has impressed me most about its design is how it has transformed from a spiritual successor to a truly original IP. What did you love about A Hat In Time? Tell me in the comments below!
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    Music used: "Touchdown" by Phoniks, A Hat In Time OST
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  • Devpoké Master
    Devpoké Master 15 hours ago


  • MarioMineZ
    MarioMineZ 7 days ago

    This game has very quickly become my favorite game of all time.

  • Niklas Hedström
    Niklas Hedström 7 days ago

    I wish this game came to switch

  • Strawberry Ninja
    Strawberry Ninja 10 days ago

    I love that game. my favorite part was the final boss with mustach girl.

  • max kraus
    max kraus 12 days ago

    I downloaded it thanks to this video.
    This game is so great, I truly love it... Even watching this video again makes me smile and wanna play it again...

  • Shade-0
    Shade-0 17 days ago +1

    Ah peck, here we go again

  • ChocolateShaken !
    ChocolateShaken ! 21 day ago

    I LOVE the bosses and the boss music

    (Especially your contract has expired and the snatcher fight)

    • ChocolateShaken !
      ChocolateShaken ! 12 days ago

      @Max kraus I know it’s hard but rewarding

    • max kraus
      max kraus 12 days ago

      That one is actually really hard!
      But very good and satisfying when you managed to beat him

  • 9thRo Channel
    9thRo Channel 23 days ago

    A new DLC is just Chrayzee. GfB Did not just added online multiplayer, they made modded maps and emotes supported, and holy shit it is hilarious when 50 players in one area spam jojo stickers

  • Shy Azoulay
    Shy Azoulay 23 days ago

    "The chapter turns into a Whodunnit murder myster situation"

    Me:"This reminds me of danganronpa

    • max kraus
      max kraus 12 days ago

      Very nice game indeed (the first one)

  • Nerys Stuart
    Nerys Stuart 24 days ago

    "Including the chapter Murder On The Owl Express"
    That's not a chapter... it's an _act_ in chapter two

  • Ryan Loh
    Ryan Loh 26 days ago

    I just love hat kids smug dance
    U \/\/ U

  • Rhys Evans
    Rhys Evans 26 days ago


  • Eos Zelich
    Eos Zelich Month ago

    It’s a shame that this game is so unappreciated! It deserves more fans!

    • max kraus
      max kraus 12 days ago

      He said they would have been happy to sell 9k copies, as of June last year it were over 500k

  • MrStop
    MrStop Month ago

    the art style is so cartoonistic and cute!

  • RazzleberryJam
    RazzleberryJam Month ago

    What's _my_ favorite part about A Hat In Time?
    ...Well... There can only be one answer...

    S M U G - D A N C I N - 𝓔 𝓥 𝓞 𝓛 𝓥 𝓔 𝓓

  • Joe Ross Productions

    RIP OFF!!!!!

  • The1catt Cat game
    The1catt Cat game Month ago

    Why aren’t all cameras like this game?

  • Zemeckis Lebowski
    Zemeckis Lebowski Month ago +1

    As an original backer, I'm so happy they put this much love in. Hat Kid warms my heart, every world feels alive, and the platforming is challenging without ever being tedious.

  • Lock Card
    Lock Card Month ago

    Good Game Design? more like Best Game Design. XD

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude Month ago


  • Voice Of Reason
    Voice Of Reason Month ago


  • vengeur50 / V50
    vengeur50 / V50 Month ago

    Hat kid: adorable
    A hat in time movements: perfect
    Best feature: peace and tranquility song

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl Month ago

    Why has the hat gal been lewded

  • Marco Sampaio
    Marco Sampaio Month ago

    I’m not going to lie, the camera terrified me from time to time.

  • meisterじえろ
    meisterじえろ Month ago

    Yep, and everything.

  • IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded

    This game is only good on pc.

    • IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded
      IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded 12 days ago +1

      @max kraus free.. you mean free by paying for a subscription? and again.. no mods, no dlc= game sucks.. literally most of the fun in this game is from either the 50~ player online, the massive modding community time rifts and then you have the 2 hour long main story.. but with the dlc's (around 2 hours each) plus mods and online i managed to crank 121 hours into this game, where as without this content i would barely have manged 10.

    • max kraus
      max kraus 12 days ago

      I played on ps4, there it is for free

  • james Is Strange
    james Is Strange Month ago

    It's amazing how they actually cared at first then just stopped caring about anything and made Seal the deal (DLC pack 1) into one of the worst things ever

    but at the time of me writing this Nyakuza metro (DLC pack 2) comes out tomorrow and if it doesn't get mixed steam reviews then I might actually try it

  • Simon Margiovel Alindugan

    Cute as heck?
    Just wait until act 3

  • Racecarlock
    Racecarlock Month ago

    I was playing Just Cause 4 when I started this video, but I exited it and started up a hat in time instead.

  • solina
    solina 2 months ago

    I love the whole game, but my favorite parts were deffinately the haunted mansion , the fight against the snatcher and not to forget, deathwish

  • Dragon Lover1401
    Dragon Lover1401 2 months ago

    I was late to the party of playing AHIT, but I say better late then never. This game is phenomenal with it's platforming and characters. It is very unique with its use of movement to reach places and provide for different play styles for speed runners or completionists trying to access hidden areas to get extras. Not to mention the music is fantastic!!! I rate AHIT 9/10

  • StllBreathnBut_Y
    StllBreathnBut_Y 2 months ago

    The game always just strikes me as... messy. It’s keeping me from wanting to play it.

  • clydefrosch
    clydefrosch 2 months ago

    Why's it not on the switch?

  • Francisco Felix
    Francisco Felix 2 months ago

    Glorious, charming, memories and simple but amazing gameplay and story.
    a hat in time took my heart and make me look back in the old times of platformers and it was amazing, i'll give another copy to a friend later this month ;3 (i just played this game on january XD)

  • b0sse
    b0sse 3 months ago

    This is so nostalgic and brings me back to my favorite type of games from back in the day like jax and daxter series, sly cooper, crash bandicoot, psychonauts, banjo among others.
    cant wait to see what gears for breakfast does next

  • PhoenixKev
    PhoenixKev 3 months ago

    This game looks fun gameplay wise but honestly this cutesy artstyle is so off putting, probably a very unpopular opinion lol.

  • Lukas Novella
    Lukas Novella 3 months ago

    My favorite parts is

  • gang skouter
    gang skouter 3 months ago

    The ending

  • TheBrazilRules
    TheBrazilRules 3 months ago

    Maybe I am being nitpicky but this is not a spiritual successor. You can't be a spiritual successor of a genre, otherwise every game in the genre would be one. spiritual successor means trying to take the mantle of an older game by doing a very similar game to it as to be able to just slap the older's game name on the new one if you had the rights to do so. So basically a spiritual sucessor is just an unofficial sequel.

  • duomation!!
    duomation!! 3 months ago

    paper mario ttyd eat your heart out

  • Warded Thorn
    Warded Thorn 3 months ago

    God I love this game with my entire soul I wish I cpuld afford it and I totally will buy when I can!!!

  • Natsumi Chan
    Natsumi Chan 3 months ago

    Can't wait to buy this game

  • Ene Saue
    Ene Saue 4 months ago

    Being scandinavian, it is hilarious to listen to how americans pronounce the creator's name

    • Ene Saue
      Ene Saue 4 months ago

      I noticed. You said it a lot better than other people I have heard. Love your videos, by the way. Hope you will grow bigger 👍.

    • Snoman Gaming
      Snoman Gaming  4 months ago

      I asked him specifically how to pronounce it to make sure it was right

  • Akemi Homura
    Akemi Homura 4 months ago +1

    this is a cute experience.

    J.THECOMENTER 4 months ago

    I can't believe that all the options were correct!

  • Zap Tap
    Zap Tap 4 months ago

    Bit weird how I seen this vid on my recommended straight after I 100%ed a hat in time

  • Toastie
    Toastie 4 months ago +1


  • Nick Schoenfeld
    Nick Schoenfeld 4 months ago

    6:30 Do not be self conscious about your butt. I’ve never seen it, but I’m sure it’s quite nice.

  • Tam Binder
    Tam Binder 4 months ago

    LOVE hat in time! I played it SO MUCH! And even went and played a number of the levels twice! I think I love how much heart and just Cuteness is in the game its just adorable and you really bond with the Hat Kid. Even getting into the Subcon forest and its "Spoopy" atmosphere made me smile. Up untill the Ice queen witch was ALL my nope! With the addition of the Seal the Deal Expansion and the Coop play it just got even MORE adorable! This game is a Rare treasure of games in today's time and I hope we can expect it to inspire more people to make great games like this again!

  • Nexxus Gaming
    Nexxus Gaming 4 months ago

    OKay, hold up, what in the hell are Camera whiskers?

  • FatheredPuma81
    FatheredPuma81 4 months ago

    Well sadly these guys probably learned their lesson. Doesn't look like the game did insanely well :\.

    • FatheredPuma81
      FatheredPuma81 Month ago

      @IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded Also just found out not only did you lie about the sales on Steam you also lied about the fucking rating. It's #21 lol.

    • FatheredPuma81
      FatheredPuma81 Month ago

      ​@IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded Well TVclip decided to say "no" so here's the summary...
      Game actually sold 1m units on PC, Xbox, and PS4 not on Steam, you're comparing it to a game with a rocky start and comparing it to a game that is significantly older than it, and ironically you're bringing up games that could be considered to have done insanely well.
      Also it's not like any of this matters as the game just went on a small sale or something causing a giant increase in player count meaning it might actually make it there.

    • IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded
      IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded Month ago

      makes you think, huh.. single player games don't generally have a lot of concurrent players. just look at no man's sky or subnautica.. around 2-3k average players daily and according to sales and critics those games made a good success

    • FatheredPuma81
      FatheredPuma81 Month ago

      @IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded Pretty insane though that a game with 1m sales has practically no one playing it though...

    • IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded
      IfYouReadThisYouAre Retarded Month ago

      @FatheredPuma81 1 million sales and counting seems about enough.. and now they are releasing a dlc i already prepurchessed.

  • Teeth Skylark
    Teeth Skylark 4 months ago

    Soundwave is the only transformer

  • Christian Schneider
    Christian Schneider 4 months ago +1

    Just played through this game and the thing I loved the most about it, was that it actually surprised me so often. Platformers usually use similar settings. Beginning with a grassworld, followed by desert, snow, lava etc. But this game does avoid these tropes completely, makes every mission unique and isn't even afraid to shift its tone completely. Some missions were tense and there were even parts in this game, where I was genuinely terrified, something I would have never expected. Plus I loved most of the bossfights. They were the right amount of challenging and intense and also very creative. As much as I like Super Mario, I'm not a huge fan of its 3-Hit Boss-Design.

  • MrRhysReviews
    MrRhysReviews 4 months ago

    Man this looks SO FUN... Funny thing is it's just waiting for me to start it on my PS4 since I downloaded it on a PSN Sale like nearly a year ago now xD

  • McFly
    McFly 4 months ago

    I love this game, but one thing that I definitely disagree is "improved camera". There are so many occasions where - even when put on "far" setting - camera suddenly zooms in and gets stuck two inches from Hat Kid's face and you have absolutely no idea where you or your surroundings are. This is not a huge deal in a regular game, but in Death Wish missions is pretty much a game breaker.

  • TheCreatorOfContent
    TheCreatorOfContent 4 months ago

    Honestly, my main complaint with the game is that this is not the game many people backed.

  • Matt Bruckard
    Matt Bruckard 4 months ago

    What I like that for some reason it isn't available on xbox one in Australia. Gears for breakfast... I thought you liked me...

    GIVE IT TO ME GOD DAMMIT! I played two hours of co-op with my friend on his computer... AND NOW I JUST WANT TO HAVE IT MYSELF!

  • massi amir
    massi amir 4 months ago

    The charm is what I like

  • I Chose Hampture
    I Chose Hampture 4 months ago

    Absolute classic. I adored this game.

  • Ethan Newbold
    Ethan Newbold 4 months ago

    I love that I’ve never played the actual game, but have seen so much coverage of it on this site that I can feel like I played it for myself.

  • Petriell0
    Petriell0 4 months ago

    super mario sunshine momevemnts

  • Race Frazier
    Race Frazier 4 months ago

    I don't know why I bought this game. I play Dark Souls, Salt and Sanctuary, Counter Strike and PUBG. About 10 min in I was bored. At the 30 min mark I was laughing at all the silliness and charm and having fun. When I found the emote to stick her tongue at people, that was my favorite button. The patty cake mafia also made me chuckle. The boss battles are done very well challenging without being punishing and felt really good beating them. I only gripe , I would like to see more of Mustache Girl. She is supposed to be the big baddie but only pops up sometimes. In the first chapter shes vital to the story then in most of the others shes just not there.

  • Agent 17
    Agent 17 5 months ago

    Anyone's welcome to see my site.

  • Agent 17
    Agent 17 5 months ago

    Hello Snoman gaming. This is agent 17; I'm a game designer. I was looking for good game designers like myself to learn from to improve my skills. This is my first time watching your videos. Hat in Time does seem interesting, the character design of the girl does look adorable. Your videos do allow me to learn other ways of making my games more interesting, and captivating to other people. If your interested, you can check my site to see my works.
    I will continue watching your videos.

  • שלומי יוחאי
    שלומי יוחאי 5 months ago

    Psychonauts is better But this game is good too

  • Escamation Mark Gamer !!!!!!!!!

    my favorite part is world four.
    You get to chose what part of the world you want to takle.
    each section of the world are just as much fun as each other

  • M4R
    M4R 5 months ago +1

    From the first 3d game I ever played which was Super Mario 64 in 1998, then I played Zelda 64 in 1999. After which Final Fantasy impressed me in 2000s, I played all of them since. After which the game that impressed me was Zelda Wind Waker. I was then impressed by Prince of Persia in 2003. And then I played a few games, went back to roots of RPGS some were nice. However since Wind Waker, nothing left me hopeful of what people are making until A Hat in Time. This game simply has more soul than many of them combined. A hat in time has soul, remember it people! :)

  • Chappie
    Chappie 5 months ago

    I have yet to finish this game because of that fricking Queen Vanessa level.
    The level's splash art incapsulates my standing towards horror. Terrifying. I think i just have to force myself through hat part. It has a similar effect like the grand piano from Mario 64, only it's stretched out into the entire level...
    I got this in the Humble Bundle and i haven't finished it yet...

  • Charl Louw
    Charl Louw 5 months ago

    My fav part is yes

  • Victrola 1926
    Victrola 1926 5 months ago

    The porn pretty good too

  • Crabulon27
    Crabulon27 5 months ago

    The noose , because i find it relatable!
    ha ha...

  • samcheer_
    samcheer_ 5 months ago

    I never use the triple jump technique because I wasn't know that there's a way to do it. Simply, I used my scooter for the long jump, and yes it work very well though

  • wowviewer
    wowviewer 5 months ago

    What I love about the game is the exploration. A game that I compared it to was DK64. And.... yeah, it’s tremendously better. DK64 just feels like you have to do the same thing and... it feels.... empty. Hat in Time, on the other hand, despite also being an open world, it felt more alive. But I would say the camera was something that helped out a lot. It sucks that inevitably, it’s going to go against you on certain spots, but kudos for the developers to get a what if statement and have the camera go another angle should that occur. I felt like there were parts that the game had its faults with the controls.... only to realize that I was doing it wrong. Example of this is the wall jump.
    Tip!!! If you jump towards a wall, Hat Kid will start to run to it first BEFORE you can wall jump. This can help you climb to hard to reach places. If you want to go higher, double jump first and then go to the wall.

  • Catherine Yart
    Catherine Yart 5 months ago

    My favorite part is the whole game with Hat

  • viper king 65
    viper king 65 5 months ago

    What's an IP

  • Kaif 207
    Kaif 207 5 months ago

    The thing that i love in hat in time is just the hat kid smug face

  • Triple-D26
    Triple-D26 5 months ago

    Chapter 4 ruined the game for me tbh

  • Anime lover
    Anime lover 5 months ago

    This game is combination of wind waker and Mario 64
    Means it's one of my favorite game...

  • Spunow
    Spunow 5 months ago

    A both love and hate death wish. I love it cause its hard, I hate it cause its really hard.

  • HerculesHS
    HerculesHS 6 months ago +1

    There's only one thing that I believe everybody HATED in A Hat in Time: IT ENDS!!!!!

  • Faux of The Fox and His Band of Merry Friends

    I'm honestly torn between the queens haunted castle and the final part of the cinema world. Both were absolutely incredible. And tying in the time rift story book to the queen was a beautiful way to paint the picture of the two characters in it.

  • Guilherme
    Guilherme 6 months ago

    the highest point of all 2017 games was the fingergun

  • Galaxy's Adventures
    Galaxy's Adventures 6 months ago

    I like the taunts

  • red_pharoah
    red_pharoah 6 months ago

    What I love about the game is how it manages to make YOU feel like a kid at almost every corner. The game's protagonist is a child, and it seems perfect how the adventures, cutscenes and interactions feel like something out of a kid's imagination. I was giddy when Hat kid covered herself in mud and chased after the paranoid mafia. Accidentally starring in movies and taking some of them super seriously when they're wacky as hell was also a very "kid" experience.
    The way the camera and effects move also emphasize things from a child's standpoint, and I love Hat in Time for making me feel that way

  • GalloViking
    GalloViking 6 months ago +1

    I have a feeling Super Mario Odyssey took a lot of inspiration from this game.

  • Megalomaniac :V
    Megalomaniac :V 6 months ago

    The parts I liked the most were both the story and the characters. As you said, the controls and the camera didn´t limited me.
    But the absolute best part of the game is, by a long shot, its loading screens. Just look at them, they´re fluffing adorable!

  • Woomy McVroomy
    Woomy McVroomy 7 months ago

    My favorite thing about it is the care about this game. They put the smallest details that make the game 100 times better!

  • Katsuragi Kiomik
    Katsuragi Kiomik 7 months ago

    this is actually one of my favorite games ever made now, and id say the ending made me cry my damn eyes out, not because if it was sad or not. But because it was over... this game was another whole world to me and the fact that it was over made me cry...

  • Red Tally
    Red Tally 7 months ago

    I related to the fire characters in Subcon Forest that just want to die.

  • EndurableDude
    EndurableDude 7 months ago

    make a part 2 on bad game design with the dlc

  • KoishiKomeiji11
    KoishiKomeiji11 7 months ago

    hat kid is important

  • vulkan435
    vulkan435 7 months ago

    Anyone remember epic mickey?
    That camera was awful.

  • Roxor128
    Roxor128 7 months ago

    I have only two complaints about this game: 1. The controls are really heavy on your left hand, especially during platforming-heavy segments. 2. There's no in-game way to remap the controls. If you want to do it, you have to go and edit a config file.

  • Nob the Knave
    Nob the Knave 7 months ago

    Cant wait til this hits the Switch!

  • Toxic Narwhals
    Toxic Narwhals 7 months ago

    woah woah WOAH! it's not cute as heck, *IT BE CUTE AS HEY*

  • Isaia h
    Isaia h 7 months ago

    I have a hat in time 🎩 and It IS still fun.
    So fun I had to complete it all if you don’t have the game but you have some free time get a hat in time it will not let you down.

  • EXcentriX
    EXcentriX 7 months ago

    I hear the music, which later becomes "Peace and Tranquility"

  • Dhalucario
    Dhalucario 8 months ago

    I am grateful they added modding support. My favorite level is honestly the ones of the conductor. He is such an unique and funny character and the levels seem intresting and require alot of movement.

  • Lueroso
    Lueroso 8 months ago

    I've only seen the bosses, but now I HAVE to go and find gameplay. This game is soooo adorable!!

  • Mettaton Ex
    Mettaton Ex 8 months ago

    The absolute best thing about A Hat In Time is easily Hat Kid herself. Not just because her movement options rival Mario, not just because everything she does is breathtakingly adorable, but because her personality perfectly encapsulates the mindset of a collectathon player. You play Mario and it's implied that Mario is trying to be a hero and save Peach, but you can tell with Hat Kid that she really doesn't care about that. Although many missions involve altruistic objectives, like stopping the Mafia, all she really cares about is getting the Time Pieces. She legitimately would not have gotten involved with Mustache Girl's evil endeavors if they didn't involve stealing her Time Pieces. (The following statements are in italics because they are spoilers, so if you have not played this far and wish to avoid spoilers, do not read them).
    _The best example of this is with the recently released Seal The Deal DLC. In the final act of the cruise ship level, the ship crashes and Hat Kid rescues everybody she can before it fully sinks. That sounds selfless, but the whole reason the ship sank to begin with is because Hat Kid hijacked the helm and steered it into an iceberg that had a Time Piece on it, which wasn't a coincidence either, because you can see it in the distance at the start of the level. Yeah, she develops a little by the end, since you have the choice to grant a single Time Piece to Mustache Girl after the final confrontation, but I feel like that's there because the devs know that some players will want to take pity on her. Her primary concern is still to get home, which she needs the Time Pieces for. It's so well designed. I love her character._