Circle of Strangers | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Hannah Stocking

  • Published on Jul 30, 2017
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Comments • 7 076

  • Nismo mO
    Nismo mO Day ago

    2019 and i still watch this, i love this kind of videos !!

  • Marcelo Cândido pena

    Cara é muito top esse vídeo !!!! Excelente !!! Magnífico esse trabalho de vocês !!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Jacob Darity
    Jacob Darity 3 days ago

    These are honestly my favorite vids from him

  • Okhai YDN
    Okhai YDN 3 days ago

    Who knew Anwar could lift weights?

  • Ahmed Azmi
    Ahmed Azmi 4 days ago

    Every one texts😂

  • Phát Otaku
    Phát Otaku 4 days ago


  • Allandrea Streete
    Allandrea Streete 4 days ago

    For a while he was moving like a robot

  • Ismail Habib
    Ismail Habib 4 days ago

    even the bigger earned more than me

  • Николай Билык

    Эсли ты из Украины ставь лайк, дружище)

  • Bhura Bhai
    Bhura Bhai 5 days ago +1

    આઈ લાયક થેટ

  • Hadassah Alabi
    Hadassah Alabi 6 days ago

    How do they not notice each other. The news reporter knows nun of them

  • arturo torres
    arturo torres 6 days ago

    Why did anwar trow his keys ifhe has a bike no car

  • Apriyandi Sidiq
    Apriyandi Sidiq 6 days ago

    Why so relatable

  • Nawid emadoadg
    Nawid emadoadg 6 days ago


  • Rafaela Lima
    Rafaela Lima 7 days ago

    Algum BR assiste isso tmb ?

  • Sortix Krio
    Sortix Krio 8 days ago


  • Linh Ushi
    Linh Ushi 8 days ago

    Lại lên.. Come from VietNam. i love you...

  • toko kd
    toko kd 9 days ago


  • Brandon Vang
    Brandon Vang 10 days ago

    I like Anwar shaved

  • Добрый Вечер

    Девки у Манкузо все зачётные!

  • Hailey Willems
    Hailey Willems 11 days ago

    This is not even interesting you just want vuse you peace of shit 💩 /:

  • Hernan Marchan-Rodriguez

    Canelo 2:03

  • M U F F I N G I R L
    M U F F I N G I R L 11 days ago


  • mwy 8492
    mwy 8492 11 days ago


  • Chan Ben
    Chan Ben 14 days ago

    Why did anwar throw keys even tho he rode a bike lol

  • Hazel YT
    Hazel YT 14 days ago

    Why Are these so god damn amazinggggggggg I absolutely love this channelllllllllllllllll

  • Alivia Roberts
    Alivia Roberts 14 days ago

    Do more of these videos.

  • Kate Cho
    Kate Cho 15 days ago

    Rudy should try ASMR

  • crazier than-u
    crazier than-u 17 days ago

    I'm not sure I get this video. The leaden monotony of human existence is clearly illustrated in the first 30 seconds. The point is belabored as each new character is introduced.
    When the paths of the strangers at last crossed, I sat poised for whatever was going to happen to rouse them from the dark spell that entrapped them. NOTHING HAPPENED.
    Maybe that is the point: This is reality. This is the future that awaits you; get used to the idea. I'm glad that I'm old, and:
    (1) Am no longer required to have a JOB.
    (2) Won't be around too much longer.
    Still love Rudy, though. He and his cohorts may well be the next Not Ready for Primetime Players.

  • IIJIoxuw Bonky
    IIJIoxuw Bonky 20 days ago

    So amazing and funny)) great video!)

  • Cecil
    Cecil 21 day ago

    Why do they all look mad????

  • Luna Ugarte
    Luna Ugarte 21 day ago

    Also the ending was funny for me I dunno why although xD

  • Luna Ugarte
    Luna Ugarte 21 day ago +1

    So this is just about strangers but in reality u guys are actually celebrities ok.....🤑🤑🤑😹😹😹😹

  • Marcus Tube
    Marcus Tube 22 days ago +1


  • Embry Milo
    Embry Milo 24 days ago

    He’s drinking Jaritos


  • BBS Land
    BBS Land 25 days ago

    Yeah I know life sucks dude
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  • DanMKM Gaming
    DanMKM Gaming 27 days ago +1

    Hwo click at phone Like that

  • Eeshaan Achar
    Eeshaan Achar 27 days ago +1

    1:54 Ah shit, here we go again!

  • Kiπg KTM
    Kiπg KTM 27 days ago

    This whole video are asmr!!😂

  • Asmr Beast
    Asmr Beast 28 days ago

    I frickin love jarritos

  • Jayda Dawn
    Jayda Dawn 28 days ago

    Why they look so stiff tho😂

  • Calvin Jeppesen
    Calvin Jeppesen 28 days ago

    That’s cool due

  • Sophia nguyen
    Sophia nguyen 29 days ago


  • Zeina Ismail
    Zeina Ismail 29 days ago

    If Hannah was wearing a shower cap why did she have a towel on Her head???

  • Porfirio Rojas
    Porfirio Rojas 29 days ago

    Hi my mane is Fernando i just what to asked you can you

  • Pankaj Lakra
    Pankaj Lakra Month ago

    You Are" RACIST"- Why you put the name of only three people which are whites, you are racist .. you have not mentioned the name of black person. I don't like this

  • Romeo kkm
    Romeo kkm Month ago


  • Joe Chamoun
    Joe Chamoun Month ago +1

    What type of music you do
    Rudy: YES

  • BJ Stha Stha
    BJ Stha Stha Month ago +1


  • Amani XOXO
    Amani XOXO Month ago

    Sound design for this?

  • 1000 subs with no vids

    Why did I wait for someone to say to kids “YA WANT SOME FREE CANDIES” while sitting in a van

  • Um qualquer
    Um qualquer Month ago

    Agora que eu reparei que ele tem uma tatuagem do Corcovado

  • Khaled Mousa
    Khaled Mousa Month ago

    u guys have to shave ur armpit

  • sofia shah
    sofia shah Month ago

    I liked this Vedic a lot

  • andi irvan
    andi irvan Month ago +2

    Ah we go again 1:51

    • amel bb
      amel bb 27 days ago

      I didnt get it

  • Talida Kurtmann
    Talida Kurtmann Month ago +2

    That was so creative. Making the moves right according the rhythm! Well done guys

  • Umair Rocky
    Umair Rocky Month ago +1

    Im a waiter in dubai and i work for 12 hours in restaurant life sucks sometimes its same everyday

  • 수윤왈리드
    수윤왈리드 Month ago

    😆lol ...

  • Ţhě Ëńťřöpý
    Ţhě Ëńťřöpý Month ago +1


  • The Best Collection

    Who else loves Anwar's face?

  • Ryytime
    Ryytime Month ago

    I like how the captions at the start are

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff Month ago +4

    WHY does everybody throw their keys when they're inside xD
    I never do that. I'm a perfectionist and everything has to be in iTs PlAcE PlEaSe

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff Month ago +4

    Ooohh the new reporter transition was golden man you is a a genius.

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff Month ago +2

    Only me who can't take Anwar seriously? LoL

  • army Bangtan
    army Bangtan Month ago +1

    I really like all Rudy's video's that made with this way 🍒

  • xo.12335
    xo.12335 Month ago

    كاتبها بلعربي😂😂😂

  • Niko Sklepic
    Niko Sklepic Month ago

    Rudy what is your favorit jaritos my is mango

  • Forger Of The Memes
    Forger Of The Memes Month ago +1

    lol Anwar's entrance was the best

  • Shumi Barua
    Shumi Barua Month ago


  • Calindonesia
    Calindonesia Month ago +2

    Anwar actually live like CJ from GTA SA

  • Tyrone Price
    Tyrone Price Month ago +10

    Waiting for a sound design vid...
    Like if u want him to post it as well

    • Kate Cho
      Kate Cho 15 days ago

      Tyrone Price He did :)

  • Kamrun Nahar Tamima

    pretty well😍👌

  • Ka Ho Yim
    Ka Ho Yim Month ago

    Anwar acting like he's from GTA

  • Glit Activity
    Glit Activity Month ago


  • Corie Hercules
    Corie Hercules Month ago

    the last dude looks like a relative