Which Countries Hate The United States?

  • Published on Sep 20, 2015
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Comments • 20 736

  • Ram Kumar
    Ram Kumar 12 hours ago

    The map you showing is not correct. Kashmir is integral part of India

  • val iM back
    val iM back Day ago

    The Democrats are the real anti-American

  • NoJam
    NoJam Day ago

    They hate America but they also love mEricA

  • A. E.
    A. E. 2 days ago +1

    "*Which Countries Hate The United States?*"
    "well it's a bit complicated"

  • Bob Kabes
    Bob Kabes 2 days ago


  • pd 69
    pd 69 3 days ago

    Maybe if you stop bombing there countries and helping evil tyrant countries like Israel, then they'll start liking you.

  • မြန်မာ ကွန်ပျူတာ သင်ခန်းစာများ

    USA pretends caring about the world. In reality, USA only cares it owns benefits. Trying to involves in other nations`s issues make more hatred. You have world best social media tool but nations are awared of your input methods which you want to be biased. Never try to control the world if you love diversity.

  • Ana Mohamed
    Ana Mohamed 4 days ago

    The question is why world hate USA your don't think in that USA in last 20 year kill more than 3 m human we the three world not human we like animals if you want kill or destroy ant country from us you destroy but USA and west are gods can't any one in the world thuch thim and I'm only talk about government

  • Xavier King Smith
    Xavier King Smith 4 days ago

    I'm American and I'm an Asian minority. America is not as bad as you think. Most people here are really nice and kind hearted. It's the political leaders that try to interfere with other countries. But the citizens are some of the nicest people. If you don't believe me, come to America and see for yourself

  • Hippity Hop
    Hippity Hop 4 days ago +2

    Everyone hates USA, even NATO members but if your country tries to leave NATO USA will do the same thing as what they did to Iraq or Libya "USA will bring you freedom" (destroy your country)

  • Crapgamer reviews Rocks

    I don't hate America I hate (Americans) haha :)

  • 好厉害
    好厉害 8 days ago +3

    US government is the largest terrorist organization in the world.

  • alpha painmaker!!
    alpha painmaker!! 8 days ago

    I like americans but there stupid government is causing a war and i hate that racist president who only wants power than asociate with other countries

  • se fd
    se fd 8 days ago

    Love the USA from Israel your friend

  • shahram danesh zafsr

    You forgot iran you fools

  • Danish khatana
    Danish khatana 9 days ago +1

    We pakistani hates 98.9%

    • Just a dude
      Just a dude 5 days ago

      Danish khatana
      Nobody cares about Terroristan I mean Pakistan

  • Siejar Barez
    Siejar Barez 9 days ago +1

    Afghanistan 90% hates america

  • Bratrstvo Mrdaku
    Bratrstvo Mrdaku 9 days ago

    Czech republic hate Usa , WITH RUSSIA FOREVER

  • Александр Чоковский

    America and NATO forces destroyed my country Libya in 2011 and they killed many civilians and Qaddafi and they even used uranium

    KILLA FAKE 9 days ago

    It the libreal who we hate

    KILLA FAKE 9 days ago


  • m j
    m j 9 days ago

    The question should be what country likes America i think you will get through it faster and you only have to use one hand sorry 2 fingers speeking on behalf of Ireland ,,,,the people of America ar not that bad ,for a population that is heavily medicated on prescription meds ..........

  • Mr. Chim Chim
    Mr. Chim Chim 9 days ago +1

    Just know I was here before WWIII

  • Slavic Man
    Slavic Man 9 days ago +1

    Death to America! Death to NATO! Death to EU! And long life for my Slavic brothers!!!

  • Steffy Hierrot
    Steffy Hierrot 10 days ago +3

    You forgot México 😠

  • sofia schuyler
    sofia schuyler 10 days ago +1

    i thought all of them did lol

  • HeavenlyDemon
    HeavenlyDemon 10 days ago +4

    Everyone !! Everyone hates american's

  • R6 Siege
    R6 Siege 11 days ago

    Here from America half of us hates trump a lot and the reason why we think there is so much conflict between us and other countries is because the government likes to interfere between country conflict to get good looks for presidents so they can get re-elected for president and them interfering makes the conflict worse but in some situations we have helped out a lot but not as much conflict we created

  • Algerian Gamer
    Algerian Gamer 11 days ago

    america has never fought against terrorists because it is a terrorist itself

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 12 days ago +2

    We from bangladesh hate america.
    I dont know any country that likes america.

    • Just a dude
      Just a dude 5 days ago

      Only backward uncivilized shithole countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan hate America.
      Civilized countries like Japan, South Korea, France, United Kingdom etc all love America

  • James Freeman
    James Freeman 12 days ago

    "How broken and shattered is the hammer of the whole earth! How desolate is Babylon among the nations!" Jeremiah 50:23

  • 孙笑川
    孙笑川 12 days ago


  • glenn Esposito
    glenn Esposito 12 days ago

    I hate Americans the most...I'm glad they lost there number one position..

    • TheGhostKidney7
      TheGhostKidney7 5 days ago

      @Jadon Severson Soon they will, dumb fat yankee!

    • Jadon Severson
      Jadon Severson 12 days ago

      glenn Esposito they didn’t lose they’re position dumbass

  • ZJ2 Scourge
    ZJ2 Scourge 12 days ago

    ww3 now

  • Vun Hou Edmond Chok
    Vun Hou Edmond Chok 12 days ago +2

    lets kill USA from now on!

  • B O
    B O 12 days ago

    132000 civilian deaths??? Bwarghharrghahhaa... Oooh you need to paint a more realistic lie. This is too funny to even be disgusting.

  • md intekhab
    md intekhab 13 days ago +1

    actually all countries hate America

  • Luca Giese
    Luca Giese 13 days ago +1


  • Luca Giese
    Luca Giese 13 days ago +1

    German hate you too

    • Ringo
      Ringo 12 days ago

      do a lot of germans blame america for the refugee crisis? thanks if you answer

  • NewYorker
    NewYorker 14 days ago +1

    As an American everyone hates us

    • NewYorker
      NewYorker 14 days ago

      @TactzyX It will be in Iran for sure

    • TactzyX
      TactzyX 14 days ago

      NewYorker hopefully the war is in Iran not USA

    • NewYorker
      NewYorker 14 days ago

      @Tara Sirius I don't understand most of what you said

    • NewYorker
      NewYorker 14 days ago

      @TactzyX I know. I hate him. And poeple think we actually like him

    • TactzyX
      TactzyX 14 days ago

      At this point Donald Trump is dumb he calls the shots for the army it’s his job but he started war

  • Sazid Shahriar
    Sazid Shahriar 14 days ago

    Well I think the government of USA is the main reason for this hatred not all the people. As they produced great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy they were assassinated. So there can't be any true leader in USA but only a pervert leader.

  • wsu. prime
    wsu. prime 14 days ago

    Dont forget that some americans in the us hate our president.🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  • baller studios
    baller studios 14 days ago +2

    I'm American and I hate America. Lmao

    • 好厉害
      好厉害 9 days ago

      Welcome to Canada

    • baller studios
      baller studios 12 days ago

      @I AM TIRED OF MY LIFE if I knew that I wouldn't have made that comment. If you travel throughout America all you will find is bureaucracy and meth.

      I AM TIRED OF MY LIFE 12 days ago

      C'mon America is a great country. You know that too

  • brave heart
    brave heart 14 days ago +16

    Every country hates this Godless, Evil worshiping, war mongger, imperialist world bully.

  • Bio sam u bg-u
    Bio sam u bg-u 15 days ago

    I hate american government, but i hate brainwashed cockey american patriots more, when I hear the phrase i want to shoot a cold-blooded that person in the head.

  • sosis ayam
    sosis ayam 15 days ago +4

    Indonesia hates United States

  • GooglR Ratings
    GooglR Ratings 15 days ago

    Americans prefer to watch walking dead over actually learning about the history and the atrocities their country commits and public supports the military missions which are in the name of freedom but in reality they cause nothing but destruction and suffering.
    I am not an American but I am from an English speaking country and I'd happily fun a cause to carry out attacks on US soil.

  • Crystal
    Crystal 16 days ago

    If it makes all of you out there feel any better I do not like this country that I am currently stuck in neither I do not like the fact that most Americans when not going after people in foreign countries go after their own society it seems they have a hunger that never ends for violence and destruction I hope one day I can leave this country behind at this point I'd be willing to take my chances in another country that hates it may sound crazy but that sounds better than being here

  • Jordan TRusso
    Jordan TRusso 16 days ago +2

    North Korea
    All hate the United States, but is it not at least a bit strange how the worst countries on earth with the absolute worst current human rights issues are part of this list?
    Who here would freely immigrate from the United States to any of these countries for the rest of your life?

    • Jak K
      Jak K 15 days ago

      @Jordan TRusso "Of course It's about oil, we can't really deny that"
      -John Abizaid former general

    • Jak K
      Jak K 15 days ago

      @Jordan TRusso 1. I wrote about Iraq and Syria. US soldiers are the terrorists they overtrow the leaders of Iraq and Libya and created this mess. They already done their job in Iraq. Saddam wanted to sell oil in Euro and not in petrodollar. And then he was overthrown. Now they are still in Syria to """"""protect"""""" the oil fields.
      2. Still there are Westeners in China.... You just proven my point.
      About dictatorship, democracy etc: Singapore, Qatar etc. are dictatorships but somehow they are the most succesful countries in the world. Rwanda and Ethiopa are ruled athoritarian as well but these countries have the fastest growing economies Africa with the help from China. Most Business men don't care about democracy etc. as long they make profit.

    • Jordan TRusso
      Jordan TRusso 15 days ago

      Jak K a few things:
      Soldiers don’t want to live in Libya, they are there to keep the peace and fighting terrorists, also, soldiers aren’t walking around with buckets just stealing oil, that’s absurd, and you know how ridiculous that claim sounds as you cannot prove it.
      Second, the only reason any real number of westerners go to China is for business, then they leave, not many people are comfortable living in a tyrannical dictatorship like China, where the government sensors the internet and suppresses the people’s basic rights.....well unless you’re Bernie sanders

    • Jak K
      Jak K 15 days ago

      Israel, Saudi Arabia and Chile love America....

    • Jak K
      Jak K 15 days ago

      Iraq and Libya had immigrants but the Americans had to bring democracy to Libya and Iraq. Now of course nobody wants to live here except US soldiers who are stealing the oil of Iraq and Syria.
      About China: There are many American business men.

  • stonecold derp
    stonecold derp 16 days ago +1


  • Hathem x
    Hathem x 17 days ago +11

    I always dislike American interference in other countries' internal affairs.

  • Preeti Rawat
    Preeti Rawat 19 days ago

    Ok i dont hate American people in general but i hate the government! Most Americans are nice, its the government!!

  • Rico
    Rico 19 days ago

    We never hated Americans we hate your chaotic evil government

  • Pietro Ferrari
    Pietro Ferrari 19 days ago +2

    We hate USA because you are the true terrorists

  • MarkYuri PH
    MarkYuri PH 20 days ago +12

    Things I don't like in USA
    1. They are racist (i got bullied for being a smartie and asian)
    2.the government
    3.many gangsters
    Things i like in US
    1 memes
    2 games

    • Joseph N.
      Joseph N. 4 days ago

      What about outfits? They have cool outfits cuz outfits in Algeria 🇩🇿 sucks lol

  • The Gaming genius
    The Gaming genius 20 days ago +3

    👎This is how many people are watching this in 2020

  • The Gaming genius
    The Gaming genius 20 days ago

    But it is in 2020

  • monstersince
    monstersince 21 day ago

    americans hate the united states work outward from there

  • Seanie Bonnie
    Seanie Bonnie 21 day ago +1

    I live in the U.S, but I really hate the U.S. DEATH TO AMERICA!!!!!!!

  • Damnjan Ivanovic
    Damnjan Ivanovic 21 day ago +1

    Serbs hate America
    Even americans hate america

    • Damnjan Ivanovic
      Damnjan Ivanovic 20 days ago +1

      Your goverment should mind their own bussines instead of acting like heroes for their profit.

    • Eric Kim
      Eric Kim 20 days ago

      I've only ever heard of Sarajevo in World War One, and that's the most important thing your country has ever done.