Daniel Bryan & Rowan call Buddy Murphy a liar: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 13, 2019

  • Published on Aug 14, 2019
  • “The New” Daniel Bryan vows to prove Buddy Murphy was lying when The Best Kept Secret claimed Rowan was behind the attacks on Roman Reigns.
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Comments • 651

  • Faizal kuntz
    Faizal kuntz 18 days ago

    If this is commentary on Cancel Culture

  • Hiseng Tandio
    Hiseng Tandio 23 days ago +1

    Just use a lie detector

  • Sports Newz
    Sports Newz 28 days ago +1

    Daniel Bryan has really improve his mic skills

  • Valetine Kamwi
    Valetine Kamwi Month ago

    Aww poor rowan

  • Hrhhhd Xhxhxhdhdhhdhd

    I miss the old Daniel bryan

  • AZA
    AZA Month ago

    hopefully this storyline continues and the mystery attacker is revealed to be jason jordan. who returns to the company after almost 2 years of being absent.

  • Timilehyin Hussain
    Timilehyin Hussain Month ago

    Daniel is actually spitting some truth. Just a tiny rumor can spread into a giant lie and everyone believes it to be true.

  • 21
    21 Month ago


  • Kode GOD
    Kode GOD Month ago +1

    Just have a feeling that is the big show doing this

  • Kode GOD
    Kode GOD Month ago +1

    To me is the big show

  • PanadolSZN
    PanadolSZN Month ago

    Daniel Bryan's heel promos remind me of Chris Jericho's heel promos back in 2009/2010 with his suit. The slow talking just gets me 😂

  • Bren Washington
    Bren Washington Month ago

    I said there was no way Rowan would do something like dat lol

  • The Mockingjay
    The Mockingjay Month ago

    Reminds me of Foolkiller in Jessica Jones S3

  • rojeh refaat
    rojeh refaat Month ago

    Wwe need to change those tittles , they seem so boring

  • Badger Mann
    Badger Mann Month ago

    Buddy Murphy is telling the truth Rowan did it to Roman Reigns Rowan just hiding in secrets

  • Serena Buccellato
    Serena Buccellato Month ago

    use a lie detector on Murphy

  • Soplus Soplus09
    Soplus Soplus09 Month ago

    Wwe have Cctv camera so wwe management should go and check there camera

  • Mohsin Khan
    Mohsin Khan Month ago

    D Bryan has guts to attacks Roman but he play mind game

  • JackGeezy
    JackGeezy Month ago

    God these WWE writers are trash what the hell is this?

  • Gcool243
    Gcool243 Month ago

    Murphy vs Bryan could be a really good match

  • Siba Das
    Siba Das Month ago

    Bryan is gud but rowan is bad

  • Bonginkosi Mavimbela

    Timon and Pumba 😁

  • Mr TDog
    Mr TDog Month ago

    4 months ago: Daniel bryan is the worst heel going Now: Omg daniel bryan is a flipping amazingly awesome heel keep up the good work sir. Lmfao.

  • Parag Soni
    Parag Soni Month ago +1

    Bryan's skills are wow😍😍
    I won't be surprised to see him in Hollywood...

  • imtheginger ninja
    imtheginger ninja Month ago

    I thought Jesus died years ago?😂

  • Kenny Ayanda
    Kenny Ayanda Month ago +1

    Is it just me or the guy in in the front row is always wearing that green shirt and that camo hat even if u go back to old wwe videos

  • Eli The Beast
    Eli The Beast Month ago

    Rowan looks like the Lorax

  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister Month ago

    Lol freshy getting bullied

  • Manmit Patil
    Manmit Patil Month ago


  • Peggy Taylor
    Peggy Taylor Month ago

    He's not the champion so why does it say the planet champion

  • Velveteen Dream
    Velveteen Dream Month ago

    2:10 every damn word he said is correct

  • Obed Haimbangah
    Obed Haimbangah Month ago

    The person who Throw a Pie At Kevin Owens Need A Stunner😂😂

  • Kassongo Josée
    Kassongo Josée Month ago

    Daniel Bryan is a genius !!!! I love his acting soooo much

  • Jack and Jeff Hardy

    what can we say, we go with the flow

  • Muhammad Ehsan
    Muhammad Ehsan Month ago

    Brayn is soooo good as a heel....he have changed his body language

  • PurpleV2
    PurpleV2 Month ago

    Daniel Bryan continues to wreck our society. And the crowds continue to prove his points. May the Planet's Champ at least save the WWE!

  • andii theHUMBLED1
    andii theHUMBLED1 Month ago

    So nobody saw the bullet club shirt . just me . ok 👌

  • jonier burgos
    jonier burgos Month ago

    He’s places such an amazing heel it’s not even funny

  • ademayo Ademola
    ademayo Ademola Month ago

    I don't like u

  • SpideyKnight
    SpideyKnight Month ago +1

    1:28 the crowd chanting IT WAS YOU! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Thebigbad Wolf
    Thebigbad Wolf Month ago +2

    Love the semi Rowan push though

  • corey walker
    corey walker Month ago

    Yeah Daniel, Buddy Murphy is a liar. Lol

  • GHOST``ASHIS ashis
    GHOST``ASHIS ashis Month ago

    Its dam script .like movie those who think its real you are the like monkey ..

  • Prise_500
    Prise_500 Month ago

    It was luke harper

  • Nolan Horn
    Nolan Horn Month ago +2


  • tony matrisin
    tony matrisin Month ago

    I did it for The Rock

  • Jacquo Bangalter
    Jacquo Bangalter Month ago +6

    Looks like Daniel Bryan has replaced Kane with Erick Rowan.

  • Randy Random
    Randy Random Month ago +2

    Why does Daniel Bryan look like he has the Charlie Chaplin moustache?

  • Miguel Jimenez
    Miguel Jimenez Month ago +1

    Birdies dad is such a lunatic

  • Tsm_OG gamer DooDoo Squads

    Why would buddy Murphy lie

  • Tsm_OG gamer DooDoo Squads

    It was them

  • Kara Zor-El.
    Kara Zor-El. Month ago +5

    Daniel Bryan giving me Mysterio vibes with the whole speech about society, truth manipulation and social media

  • J Oxford
    J Oxford Month ago

    I have a feeling it Bobby lashely

  • Xoutics
    Xoutics Month ago

    It’s dean ambrose or dolph Ziegler who tried to run over Roman

  • cory plummer
    cory plummer Month ago

    its the fiend thats been attacking him or allister

  • H OC
    H OC Month ago +1

    Daniel Bryan still the GOAT

  • Jose M Garcia
    Jose M Garcia Month ago

    It was Luke It was Luke It was Luke

  • Calem MrNazreenn92
    Calem MrNazreenn92 Month ago

    Someone behind scene make them their life miserable so where is powerful opponents who can ambush rowan n daniel Bryan attack them like did roman reign get attacked from nowhere..who responsible incident well...someone need get fight them think he lie..so i suggest bring new guy who have big muscle battle tag team against rowan n daniel vs dunno who

  • Terence Miller
    Terence Miller Month ago +2

    I am from 🇬🇾 Georgetown Guyana 🇬🇾 I love all of the wwe superstar except brayy watty because he’s scary

  • Terence Miller
    Terence Miller Month ago +1

    I love you guys so much And i am a big fan of wwe