Hyaenas making love

  • Published on Mar 22, 2009
  • Hyaenas making love

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  • ousseynou sy
    ousseynou sy 2 years ago


  • Vine Kumar
    Vine Kumar 2 years ago


  • Abeba Gheresus
    Abeba Gheresus 2 years ago

    hej eww

  • almond glue
    almond glue 2 years ago

    I am disappointed...

  • Dr.Mohamud Hassan Ali
    Dr.Mohamud Hassan Ali 3 years ago +1

    very difficult to mate hyena each other

  • Juan Pablo Baltazar
    Juan Pablo Baltazar 4 years ago +2

    Cindy, Every hyena has a penis and a v*****. Look it up.

  • David ferman Ferman
    David ferman Ferman 4 years ago

    Buscó novia

  • David ferman Ferman
    David ferman Ferman 4 years ago

    David ferman

  • John Fryson
    John Fryson 5 years ago

    They are both girls crazy.
    Look it up people.....(hyenas man parts)

    • Juan Pablo Baltazar
      Juan Pablo Baltazar 2 years ago

      Yes but its considered a Pseudo penis

    • BigPigPig
      BigPigPig 2 years ago

      +Juan Pablo Baltazar that's not penis, is long clitoris with vagina. Read other document to know them.

    • Mohammed Albloushi
      Mohammed Albloushi 3 years ago

      +Juan Pablo Baltazar ظالع

    • Juan Pablo Baltazar
      Juan Pablo Baltazar 4 years ago

      @Cindy Tja Every hyena has a penis and a V*****. Look it up.

    • Cindy Tja
      Cindy Tja 5 years ago

      They are 1 male and 1 female you idiot.....

  • aguy64
    aguy64 5 years ago +1

    The female is shenzi and thevmale is banzai!

  • Mullerornis
    Mullerornis 6 years ago +1

    Ask any comparative psychologist and they'll answer that animals are far more emotionally complex than previously thought.
    "Making love" is a semi-accurate description.

  • terminator847
    terminator847 7 years ago

    what's the difference?

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 7 years ago

    What fucking moron writes a title like that? Humans make love, animals mate you fucking idiot.

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 7 years ago

    Saddest fuck I've ever seen!

  • manos3790
    manos3790 7 years ago

    Animals mate. Humans make love or fornicate.......Dip-shit!

  • kthomp55
    kthomp55 7 years ago

    No not making love,they are breding. The only way the female allows the male to mount her is she has to come into heat or in season.

  • mutterschied
    mutterschied 7 years ago

    Sice female uses to have lotsa more penis than males, it's a wonder distinguish who screw who... Mwaaahahaaa...!!!

  • kelsieRocks100
    kelsieRocks100 7 years ago

    They both have penises the girls give birth through a penis

  • sbuMakhubu Makhubu
    sbuMakhubu Makhubu 7 years ago

    Their big belly affecting them later...

  • charlestonchewy
    charlestonchewy 7 years ago

    Ed disliked this, lol.