r/Entitledparents INSANE Entitled Parent Tries To RUIN Wedding!

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
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    r/Entitledparents In this story, a mother-in-law goes rogue and tries to destroy a wedding just because she hates her daughter-in-law. So, she commits the ultimate insult and shows up at another woman's wedding in a wedding dress! The bride is devastated, but she hatches a plan with her friend to get hilarious revenge. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to hit that subscribe button for daily Reddit videos!
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  4 months ago +2324

    I'm gonna play board games all weekend
    So excited!
    What are you doing this weekend?

  • izukuto
    izukuto 8 hours ago +1

    Rslash: if (person that have photo/video)if you see this , I WILL P.A.Y YOU CASH MONEY

    (IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING) yugo: (interrupting woof sound)

  • Tristan Jones
    Tristan Jones 22 hours ago

    MIL:wears white dress
    Me:that wasn't very cash money of you

  • kaia simms
    kaia simms Day ago

    I didn't know you weren't supposed to wear a white dress to a wedding....my ex picked my dress out for his step sisters wedding it was more of a casual dress but he took the belt off it. He said it would have to do because the colors of my other dresses didn't look good on me because of my skin tone. But I looked bad in it any ways my chest wasn't big enough so it was a little lose at the top so I don't think I did any damage to the wedding I ended up spilling wine and alcohol on my dress while cleaning up after words. Almost had a few anxiety attacks from being left alone (he was the best man) and I didn't know anyone there except for him

  • Qbert Sad
    Qbert Sad 2 days ago


  • Viscount Ratthew von Cheese

    I love the EM voice u use I die every time an EP gets owned XD

  • K C
    K C 2 days ago

    My grandmother ruined my moms wedding by forcing herself to be part of it, and not taking the video she begged to take

  • cimogm
    cimogm 2 days ago

    No, no, no, no, no! Bad parent is not shutting down because she is being criticized ......... bad parent isn't taking any action to correct shitty behavior of those 3 kids because she believes what comes out of her mouth. Dad should be meeting with an attorney, make a plan to leave with the 2 kids he created with the bad parent. And, I certainly hope that none of his income is going to the lazy assed father of those other kids ....... he has no legal obligation to even support them in any way ..... she does, but not him.

  • Ethan Pennington
    Ethan Pennington 3 days ago

    Why does the mother never have to take a DNA test

    It's a joke

  • Yoshi Spade
    Yoshi Spade 4 days ago

    I'm confused, why did the bride cry when the MIL wore a wedding dress?

    • Yoshi Spade
      Yoshi Spade 3 days ago

      @kacktustoo aw...that lady needs to be put in her place then

    • kacktustoo
      kacktustoo 3 days ago

      I could be wrong, for i am just as alien to the social norms of "the wedding", but i think it's because a white dress is reserved only for the bride of a wedding, anyone else who wears one is essentially insulting them.

  • cj Whiteman
    cj Whiteman 4 days ago


  • The Atacker
    The Atacker 4 days ago

    I like r/entitledparents

    It is like a very entertaining book without pictures

  • Early Cuyler
    Early Cuyler 5 days ago

    So in the first story...
    How is the parent guilty of anything? Not changing her preplanned meal for several people to apease 1 vegetarian that was bringing her own food? How is this not in r/choosingbeggers?

  • indo dragon
    indo dragon 6 days ago

    6:51 faith:100

  • FrenzyMedia - We know crazy.

    I love how you had to pause a couple of times throughout the wedding story and laugh

  • Lisa Philpot
    Lisa Philpot 8 days ago

    My EXMIL demanded i have everything HER way when i was planning the wedding to her only child. She even told everyone it WAS HER WEDDING! People kept congrat. her every where we went. I couldnt figure it out at first. She had no plans to personally tie the knot, she was too busy porking a married man. One day when we (her precious precocious bundle of 33 yo 6’2” 225 lb son) were seeing to some details (eye roll for reread that as she kept demanding i give in to her) for the wedding. People that knew her kept asking if her son was the groom, she lit up and said yes....they all looked at her kinda freaky cause he looks exactly like her, you cant mistake them for anything but mother/son. A couple people asked who i was and right infront of me basically stated i was only there to help HER finalize planning the wedding. Nice...right. First clue i had that her son had no balls. So I stopped attending her little planning sessions. Told her we would be having the wedding on a different day under a gazebo and afters would be a cookout in a family members back yard. Totally lost her πŸ’© right there. She threatened to UNINVITE me to my own wedding. So bad how this turned out and so much it pissed me off. Her son was told im done. She could have her wedding and he could go as the groom to that twisted travesty. We didnt talk for almost two months. Hard to do when he moved into my condo months prior. Once he decided to open his mouth up to his parental and gently but firmly insist (exactly how i wanted him to do all along...lets be real shes his mom and i am not about to ruin that even now decades later) he and i needed to plan *our* day as we saw fit and while the offer to help was a blessing, and her input valuable in the end it wasnt her wedding. If she was going to insist on demanding it be her way or no way then no way it was. I was marrying him to get her as a mother in law. He was marrying me to give her a daughter in law. She always wanted a daughter. I was willing to give up almost every other point in my life but three, my great grandmother, my kids, point that we work together to get along and resolve all issues if something cropped up. I thought it was fair. She had a hellacious melt down cause i was changing everything, she wanted it all her way. Her exhusband had to pull her up short when i said it was off the second time. I had no intent of getting married and dealing w that, but i dunno why i let them change my mind again o.O. She was so entitled that her table got served the meals for the head table, and we at the head table drank water and ate salad....

    • Lisa Philpot
      Lisa Philpot 8 days ago

      I have so much more about this woman, like the time my ggma was in a coma and we were all told to come say goodbye, it was physically christmas eve day. Yeah i know but that woman was my entire life. I wanted to head out early to get there give her a hug, say i love you and head back to be with his mom for the rest if christmas day. She tripped because β€œwe didnt know how many more holidays wed have with her (the mil). Uhm my ggma is in a coma near death now. That was her point, why go and waste time to tell one old lady goodbye that was pretty much already dead when she (mil) was alive and right in front of us.

  • UniSwitch
    UniSwitch 8 days ago

    Dear r/
    I love your videos, I watch entitled parents before fencing class and I’m the top of the class because your videos make me so mad. πŸ’“πŸ’πŸ₯°

  • Yugioh Guy 22
    Yugioh Guy 22 8 days ago

    I’m not a parent but I’m like a parent to my little bro I’m 13 his father my stepdad and an idiot he mixed bleach and many other chemicals. but even I understand that if you don’t teach your kid what the right thing to do they can’t do what’s right

  • ShiftGamer 2004
    ShiftGamer 2004 10 days ago

    Me: Puts a small crumb on an EM
    Em: SuEd FoR aSsAuLt!

  • Crystal Hailifax
    Crystal Hailifax 11 days ago

    Time to play one of my favorite games, it’s called Spot The Entitled Person

  • Josey Kaiser
    Josey Kaiser 11 days ago

    The mother in law is a Trump voter. Don’t fucking @ me

  • Lexy Shannon
    Lexy Shannon 12 days ago

    "I know they'll do the right thing"
    Look your child isnt the next jesus and isnt gonna be inherently good. you gotta teach them what's good in the first place

  • Sam Siegel
    Sam Siegel 15 days ago

    I guessed mother in law where the hell is my cookie

  • Kendrick Tromp
    Kendrick Tromp 15 days ago

    I want my cookie now

  • Aiden Nelson
    Aiden Nelson 17 days ago

    Do I get my cookie?

  • Quinyel
    Quinyel 19 days ago

    You had much fun doing this episode, one can hear that. xD

  • Sarah Van Allen
    Sarah Van Allen 20 days ago

    Let start a go fund me for those pic lol

  • Luke McGroggan
    Luke McGroggan 21 day ago +1

    When retard is a bad word.

  • Marta Bronshvayg
    Marta Bronshvayg 21 day ago


  • Drafted xl
    Drafted xl 21 day ago

    i guessed mother and law so do i get a cookie

  • girl1213
    girl1213 22 days ago

    How to ruin a future relationship with your grandchildren? Accuse them of not being your grandchildren because they came out the womb pink and you are convinced their mother cheated on your son. Yeah, real smart.

    IAMA ZNGI 22 days ago

    4:17 im not that good of a person and all my friends know it so if i was there you would see a straight empty line between me and her

  • Kayla Bw
    Kayla Bw 22 days ago

    _Entitled parents recording exists_
    Rslash:just take my left kidney

  • Fade Winterz
    Fade Winterz 22 days ago

    R slash. I've been watching with my mom for over a year. I watch every episode that don't seem to adult only. My mom is a fan of entitled parents and she watches it sometime with me. U should create an app where it's like ebooks but the story's you've told. Also literally such a big fan... might buy merch for my b day. I put my headphones on and listen to these while I goto bed and it helps me sleep well. Thanks for reading story's so I don't have toπŸ‘πŸ˜†

  • Caleb Chaney
    Caleb Chaney 22 days ago

    Here's hoping to the last story's OP files for divorce and gets his biology kids in the custody battle.

  • Nancy Berry
    Nancy Berry 23 days ago

    I did not get my cookie

  • Dorkfish
    Dorkfish 24 days ago +1

    Last story, my thoughts: Fire works.

  • HarleyDaveason
    HarleyDaveason 25 days ago

    Thomas’s kakapo:Lets make a battle royale for Karen’s!
    Apex:When they release that update copy it guys!

  • crossface222
    crossface222 26 days ago

    Now THAT is a good friend. We should all be so lucky to have someone like her as a friend. That's a ride or die chick right there. Someone needs to put a ring on that.

  • Matthew Zablocki
    Matthew Zablocki Month ago

    So the mother in law was in the wrong about saying she was rude for not eating meat. However, vegetarians need to not force their lifestyle(which is what most do) on everybody else.

    • Rachel Bennett
      Rachel Bennett 28 days ago

      I agree with your sentiment, but feel it doesn't apply for that story. MIL was warned that there were dietary restrictions, and she brought food with her that she could eat. It didn't interfere with anyone else's life.

  • landons shenanigans

    We got a problem y’all
    By the time I’m watching this 507 Karen’s have seen this dislikes

  • Caleb Maldonado
    Caleb Maldonado Month ago

    That is bullshit catholic do not come from Jews the only relationship they have is that Jesus was a Jew and that means nothing he could of been Hindu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • friday boy
    friday boy Month ago

    Why do people always spell mum wrong

  • Tony King
    Tony King Month ago

    what is op?

    • Tony King
      Tony King 29 days ago

      @0s1f oooh, thanks CK....

    • 0s1f
      0s1f 29 days ago +1

      Original poster

  • kruksis crucs
    kruksis crucs Month ago


  • DockM 17
    DockM 17 Month ago

    What’s the problem with a dress

  • Aranis Rios
    Aranis Rios Month ago


  • Thomas Maher
    Thomas Maher Month ago

    I want my cookie

  • nugget supports
    nugget supports Month ago

    it’s true, babies are usually born without much skin pigmentation because of the lack of sunlight. And afterwards the melanin/skin pigmentation appears.

  • luv2bevl
    luv2bevl Month ago

    Haha hahaha haha haha.
    We all were giggling along with you with that white dressed Mother of the Groom.

  • RyseTerion 101
    RyseTerion 101 Month ago

    I want my cookie please any will do

  • beeziebubs
    beeziebubs Month ago

    Will anyone ever give RSlash the pride and honor of getting pay for a picture or video of entitled people??

  • Jc Gaming
    Jc Gaming Month ago

    I wish the entitled parent voices were their actual voice xd

  • D e e D e e
    D e e D e e Month ago

    rSlash just fully asked a 12 year old for photos and offered to pay for them as well.
    This out of context is s u s p

  • Kailynn Rea
    Kailynn Rea Month ago +1

    6:40 pls pls pls let me see the pic oml pls post it on ur channel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Khanh Dong
    Khanh Dong Month ago

    huh 500 dislikes and 500 replies (the replies are on ur comment rslash)

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw Month ago

    i’m so confused whenever there’s more than one line it jumps and gets the letters highlighted with yellow it hurts ;-;

  • Saitama
    Saitama Month ago +1

    Rslash: You win a cookie
    My dad: *Buys chocolate filled cookies*
    Me: Wait a minute...
    *X-files theme plays*

  • Nether Warrior
    Nether Warrior Month ago

    My mother was one of those helicopter mothers who always told me what to and was demanding about it, also acted like one of those may I speak to your manager karens all the time. Anyways she kinda got tired of me being a disappointment to her although at that point I was an A- student at one of the best schools in the state and regularly won first or second place in state wide math competitions, but anyways, eventually she left the country leaving me completely too, before this she would put me down every day about how Im much worse than her and she wouldn’t even let me hang out with any friends. At that point I had grew quite mad at her, although through the occasional phone call I just noticed she is a sad woman who doesn’t want to fix her own problems so she makes life toxic for everyone else. Anyways the r/entitledparents reddit videos are fun to listen to sometimes when I’m a bit down.

  • Scylon
    Scylon Month ago

    Last story... drop the bitch to the corner. Seriously you are doing it to yourself at that point.