World's Finest Trailer

  • Published on Sep 5, 2010
  • World's Finest is a fan film directed by Sandy Collora. It works as a trailer to a movie that doesn't exist: the long-awaited cinematic team-up of Superman and Batman. While Superman and Batman have appeared together often in comic books and in animation (notably Super Friends), this fan film is the only time that the characters have been on the screen at the same time in live action. The title refers to a famous comic that used to be published, featuring Batman and Superman working together in every issue.
    Colorra never intended to produce the entire film on his own; this film was intended as an audition reel, showing his directorial talents. Despite the popularity of and acclaim for this project, an official Batman/Superman movie has yet to be made.
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Comments • 22

  • Sebastian Idoria
    Sebastian Idoria 11 months ago

    I need more

  • Charles Gorman
    Charles Gorman Year ago

    If we got this instead, it would've been in the discussion of all time greats comic book movies.

  • Damon9
    Damon9 2 years ago

    Wow. Beautiful job. Batman looks nice and mean, and Superman looks just as good as that Henry guy...

  • iAMe100XP
    iAMe100XP 2 years ago +3

    How'd I know I was gonna see ppl bxtching about the actual BvS movie in the comment section lol

  • Jason Tyler
    Jason Tyler 3 years ago

    wow i agree this would have been more awesome

  • Thiago Eugênio
    Thiago Eugênio 3 years ago

    Fun films like this (which is awesome, btw) make us understand why Hollywood producers prefer a different approach on the unifoms.

  • Iris Trismegistus
    Iris Trismegistus 3 years ago +12

    This makes me wish they had done this kind of movie instead of BvS.
    Its a shame

  • Justin Leach
    Justin Leach 3 years ago +19

    Better than the actual movie.

  • J R
    J R 4 years ago +4

    Why the HELL isn't Sandy Collora involved with the films in some manner? DEAD END (and this) would be preferrable to what I've seen so far from the theatrical films.

  • MIghtiest Kirkland
    MIghtiest Kirkland 6 years ago

    A good trailer. An excellent fan film.
    If you're a fan of Batman: Year ONE by Miller/Mazzuchelli you may recall these two lines:
    Alfred to Bruce Wayne: Shall I fetch your tights, sir?
    Bruce Wayne: Never during the day, Alfred.
    This is why this fan film suffers to me.I know it's cost effective to make it a day time setting, it's set in Metropolis, etc. I know.
    And one HUGE reason why The Dark Knight rises, out of ALL it's many many faults SUCKED to me.
    Two wee cents.

  • Brian The Fanboy
    Brian The Fanboy 6 years ago +3

    I just read an article online that there is finally going to be a World's Finest movie and will take place sometime after the events in Man of Steel.

  • ReaperXC
    ReaperXC 6 years ago

    So good, I would love to see this

  • Yadvi Galaxy
    Yadvi Galaxy 7 years ago +1

    0:53 to 0:59 was the Highlight .....

  • Carlos Atwell
    Carlos Atwell 7 years ago +2

    Nice! The flight scenes are obviously low budget but if Hollywood was to pick this up, it would be the shit!!

  • elviade
    elviade 7 years ago +2

    That's what Superman said too. >< Probably ultimate evil. :X

  • Richard Huey
    Richard Huey 7 years ago +1

    My God this was good! Why can't Warner Bros treat their characters like this? Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were fantastic, but I am sure that their budget was massively higher.

  • nebka44
    nebka44 8 years ago

    What is all the music that is used in the trailer?

  • deductivedetective
    deductivedetective 8 years ago

    @oldchinEEEman what do you mean? will there be no worlds finest?

  • JedM1991
    JedM1991 8 years ago

    Dont like that guy as Batman

  • ejay1118
    ejay1118 8 years ago

    I'd love to know what the story was supposed to be. What exactly did Luthor "unleash?"

  • TheDr3amMachine
    TheDr3amMachine 9 years ago

    first comment! woot!

    this is good stuff, im a huge batman fan!