Would You Rather Harry Kane or Son Heung-Min (손흥민)? Spurs Fans Quizzed w/Sophie Rose

  • Published on May 1, 2019
  • Would You Rather Harry Kane or Son Heung-Min (손흥민)? We spoke to Spurs fans at the brand new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to ask all the difficult questions! It’s time for Would You Rather…
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    Things are hotting up in the Champions League now that Ajax have won 1-0 in the first leg of the semi-finals but Maurizio Pochettino’s Spurs will still fancy their chances in next week's game. But, if the Spurs fans were forced to make a decision, who would they rather sell? England’s football hero of World Cup 2018 and Golden Boot winner Harry Kane, or the record-breaking South Korean Son Heung-Min?
    Harry Kane stole the nations hearts in Russia’s World Cup 2018 as the captain of the England squad, seeing the nation through some tough matches as England edged closer and closer to the holy grail of winning the World Cup. Harry Kane is probably one of the best strikers in the world right now, but with the amount of ankle injuries he has had over the past season 2018/19 has not been his best for Tottenham.
    South Korean Son Heung-Min has excelled for Spurs, especially in the absence of Harry Kane. He had a legitimate case to win the PFA Player of the Year award this year and might well have been nominated has the vote taken place later in the season. However, after being shown a yellow card in both the PSV and Inter Milan matches, he was handed a one-match ban missing the 0-1 defeat to Ajax. Spurs and Maurizio Pochettino will be very happy to have him back for the second leg in Amsterdam!
    Tottenham Hotspur are 90 minutes away from being kicked out of the Champions League, but can they make a strong comeback and win on aggregate in the semi-final second leg vs Ajax? Son got a red card vs Bournemouth but will play in the Champions League. If they had to sell one of their two world class forwards, who would they choose? Let’s find out in this edition of Would You Rather...
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  • Squawka Football
    Squawka Football  4 months ago +92

    Would You Rather Harry Kane or Son Heung-Min (손흥민)? We spoke to Spurs fans at the brand new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to ask all the difficult questions!
    It’s time for Would You Rather… *SUB TO SQUAWKA: **bit.ly/SquawkaYT*

  • cris
    cris 7 hours ago

    these people dont deserve sonny. he's the reason why i became a spurs fan in the first place.

  • Justin Coombes
    Justin Coombes 8 days ago

    I would pick Harry, simply because I absolutely love Heung Min Son I willingly accept that I'm in the minority.

  • Thuraya Moghnieh
    Thuraya Moghnieh 12 days ago +1

    Tbh I would sell Kane Sonny is better for me

  • 손유정
    손유정 14 days ago

    내가 다 슬프네 😢

  • Moonlight Sculptor
    Moonlight Sculptor 19 days ago

    Idiot.. u guys should answer the question should not exist..

  • onepiece_quiz
    onepiece_quiz 19 days ago +4

    Son > Kane

  • pi S
    pi S 20 days ago

    Son... They don't consider you as their own... Come to Arsenal.

  • 박ᄌᄋ
    박ᄌᄋ 25 days ago

    토트넘팬들을 위한?? ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Owish Football
    Owish Football 26 days ago +2

    I think son is better than Kane Son just feels like he can score goals from nothing

  • Savage Barry
    Savage Barry 26 days ago

    Son need a team that really appreciate him. He could achieve something instead of stick to the same club with an empty trophy cabinet

  • 김종선
    김종선 Month ago

    time to leave son,,.. as soon as possible

  • 박경원
    박경원 Month ago

    Kane is english. GAME OVER.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Month ago

    Our sonny doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment on his day he is definitely a top 5 scorer in the league. Clinical,technical,fast, and perfectly ambidextrous. I love the man and us spurs should give the man his rightfully earned respect.

  • Lizzy Be
    Lizzy Be Month ago +1

    ⭐️Son Should Leave That Team.⭐️

  • 팡팡 이
    팡팡 이 Month ago +1

    Son will leave this small club

  • 팡팡 이
    팡팡 이 Month ago +1

    I want Son to move to a big club where he can compete for the championship. And I hope tottenham to be smashed. He deserved much love than you think, spurs fans.

    • Matt C.
      Matt C. 20 days ago

      Doesn't make sense. He is on the team with best chance for championship where he can start every game. If he goes to man city or Liverpool it could hurt his career. He would have to share time with players like mane, Bernardo silva, leroy sane.

  • 팡팡 이
    팡팡 이 Month ago +1

    Haha its funny. Son will leave this club and will go to much bigger club. Raise your respect for Son, spurs fans.

  • Diego the GOAT Maradona

    As for Son v Kane, they are both forwards but with different strengths.
    Finding a system that gets the best out of both (wiith Lucas/Lorente/Lamela on the bench) is Pochettino's key job.
    Kane and Son for me is better than Kane with Alli. Especially now with Ndombele to break the lines.

  • Diego the GOAT Maradona

    I know this is just a laugh, but some questions are interesting.
    Campbell v Bale is hard. Financially and in terms of prestige Bale makes sense (superstar player).
    Campbell makes more sense on the football pitch (as well as being a top class CB, he can improve other players and defenders usually outlast attackers)
    Add Modric to that question too.

  • Diego the GOAT Maradona

    "Arsenal never win league again or Spurs win Champions League"
    Obviously Spurs win the champions league.
    Arsenal never gonna win the league again anyway!🤣🤣🤣

  • northwest!
    northwest! Month ago

    Of course u would sell son, no one will buy harry kane now

  • Eric Augusto
    Eric Augusto Month ago

    Son is really really good, he's the future
    But people seems to forget how good harry kane is just because 1 injury riddled season
    Harry kane is the spurs, without him spurs wasnt even gonna be a top 4
    That guy carried the spurs into this position, other player stepped up and thats good

  • 윤상현
    윤상현 Month ago

    I think they chose Cane cuz he is english

  • Hmj
    Hmj 2 months ago

    son is better than kane lol

  • kenploin
    kenploin 2 months ago +1

    son should join liverpool or manu

  • Nice One Sonny
    Nice One Sonny 2 months ago

    흥민아 이적해라....

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo 2 months ago +1

    Harry Kane is not your own he doesn't even speak English how can he be your own

  • Abdul Muhaimin
    Abdul Muhaimin 2 months ago +1

    Both are best player,but I think Son is better... Sorry Harry Kane.. peace from Liverpool fans..

  • 유수진
    유수진 2 months ago

    I just imagined son with the real madrid next to bale, ramos, marcelino, modric, benzema and hazard with of course zidane.....JUST WOW

    Son is what a talented player is ! of course kane is good but for me I prefer Son, he seems to have way more potential that we've all seen

  • Shon voo
    Shon voo 2 months ago +1

    I’m Man U fan, we want son there.

  • hadi hassani
    hadi hassani 2 months ago

    why is the reporter soooooo HOTTTTTTTTT
    THE only reason i watch that video was bc of her. XD

  • Mohammad Khairie
    Mohammad Khairie 2 months ago

    all of them picked son because son is asian. am i right ?

  • Yu Gi Ho?
    Yu Gi Ho? 2 months ago

    Son has more votes than harry cane

  • Football Manager
    Football Manager 2 months ago

    Son, give up, stop trying, they won’t love you, you’re yellow, I’ve given up, so should you

    LANDON RITTER 2 months ago


  • Alex Kumar
    Alex Kumar 2 months ago

    Why Son??????

  • 김유정
    김유정 2 months ago

    Son, lets go to the Real or Barcelona!, Tottenham is so small club...

  • Min Woo Han
    Min Woo Han 2 months ago

    They rather win champions league but choose Kane and sell Son.

  • Leo Jeon
    Leo Jeon 2 months ago +1


  • 토트넘
    토트넘 2 months ago +6

    제발 좀 한국 닉네임 달고 한글이나 영어로 손흥민 선수 빨아재끼는 글좀 남기지마라 쪽팔린다 진짜

  • J.Y Lee
    J.Y Lee 2 months ago

    Goodbye spurs.

  • Radioactive Japan Boycott
    Radioactive Japan Boycott 2 months ago +1

    Why are u so pretty?

  • Nizam M
    Nizam M 2 months ago

    Harry Kane has delivered for the club season after season and has always been the top goal scorer for Spurs. Son has done extremely well this season and without his contribution, Spurs might not have been in the top 4 in premier league and in the semi finals of CL.
    It's just that these people are just the minority of the Spurs fans and do not represent the enitirety. If Son has contributed than so has Harry. Having to choose between them is already difficulty and she is asking who to sell. Why to sell, both are doing great and let them stay where they are. If she is forcing you to choose one than just force her to choose none.

  • P3dr0
    P3dr0 2 months ago

    Spurs fans are so demented

  • P3dr0
    P3dr0 2 months ago +1

    Son is better

  • Xernos HD
    Xernos HD 2 months ago

    1:03 big oof

  • Salai Thang
    Salai Thang 2 months ago

    Spurs are still trophyless since 2008 because Pochettino was stupid enough to play Harry Kane a full 90 mins vs Liverpool even though he was underperforming after coming back from injury. If Poch had played Lucas along with Son, they would have won the CL! And as MU fan, I would have been much happier :P But I understand the Spurs fans for wanting to keep Kane more :)

  • 파엘
    파엘 2 months ago +1

    6:19 😐👍

  • Florian Orozco Burgo
    Florian Orozco Burgo 2 months ago

    If son was arabic
    There would be all arabic football lovers crying about racism in comments 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Micheal Oloriegbe
    Micheal Oloriegbe 2 months ago


  • 에용건희
    에용건희 2 months ago

    son is king kane is derty player we lose become kane he not go to game and lucas mora go to game we win

    • KGB
      KGB 2 months ago

      급식새끼냐? 영어 더럽게 못하네

  • Diego Andrade
    Diego Andrade 2 months ago

    5:24 man what the hell are they smoking 😂

  • one 1994
    one 1994 2 months ago +1

    i really hope son go to germany back. i like him better there. As what these fans are saying, he is "not of their own".

  • IJP
    IJP 2 months ago +1

    2:30 LMAO he is looking at her arse 😂😂

  • Garin Aryaputra
    Garin Aryaputra 3 months ago

    Kane cant even run.

  • Jan Gaming
    Jan Gaming 3 months ago +1

    Arsenal fan here but son is wat better

  • 임한영
    임한영 3 months ago

    This is why spurs lost champions league.

  • Expert Sneeker
    Expert Sneeker 3 months ago

    Son is by far better than kane

  • najib warsame
    najib warsame 3 months ago

    These guys are tapped they literally said Harry Kane because he’s one of our own he started at arsenal and will never reach sons level of ability