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we broke up

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Sorry we didn't let you know sooner... we wanted to be comfortable talking about it :) All is good tho.. Ill be back to putting snakes on liza as soon as I can find a cobra! Love yalll
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Comments • 376 534

  • Sorina
    Sorina 5 hours ago

    rewatched this, cried again.

  • Vanika Kharkwal
    Vanika Kharkwal 5 hours ago

    its been 11 months now and I am still waiting for them to come back together

  • Safina Marishka
    Safina Marishka 5 hours ago

    Who is here when he is finally married 😞

  • Karen Utley
    Karen Utley 5 hours ago

    I’m just glad there still friends

  • ümit şahin
    ümit şahin 5 hours ago

    David moved on so fast now he is married!

  • Angelina Yepez
    Angelina Yepez 6 hours ago

    I’ve watched this once but the second time it made me cry

  • just shut up
    just shut up 6 hours ago

    My heart is still broken send help.

  • calyn
    calyn 6 hours ago

    not even a year later and he’s married

  • lucy budd
    lucy budd 6 hours ago

    I'm not crying you are!!!

  • Sam Irons
    Sam Irons 6 hours ago +1

    Lol now David’s married to Jason’s mum, well times change 🤔

  • Kay Gee
    Kay Gee 7 hours ago

    FBI open up

  • Makenna Queen
    Makenna Queen 7 hours ago

    Huh. Weird how 11 months later David is now legally married to Jason’s mom o-O

  • Maira Farnos
    Maira Farnos 7 hours ago

    isso saiu 1 dia antes do meu aniversário...

  • Drew Hazel Sarmiento
    Drew Hazel Sarmiento 7 hours ago

    James charles and too late for this cutiessss

  • Rawan Turkistani
    Rawan Turkistani 7 hours ago

    Like I’m crying

  • louvrain lover
    louvrain lover 7 hours ago

    You made me cry

  • mini Maddie
    mini Maddie 7 hours ago

    Liza:I-I don't want anybody
    David:well then what do you want?


  • Lilly Sampson
    Lilly Sampson 8 hours ago

    Liza doesn't deserve u, DAVID

  • thereal emily
    thereal emily 8 hours ago +2

    I'm still waiting for Liza to release a "I found the mayonnaise vid" or David to release a "we are back together" vid and we would know because he would of broke his 4:20 just to release that vid. I rest my case.

  • poetic republic
    poetic republic 8 hours ago

    Watching this back still makes me sob

  • Killer Vicki
    Killer Vicki 8 hours ago +1

    I just went to this video when I saw David say he married his mother on Twitter. GET BACK TOGETHER GOD DAMMIT

  • Carrie Falig
    Carrie Falig 8 hours ago

    Omaigoshhh so sad right now😭😭

  • vexx 109
    vexx 109 9 hours ago

    Why Jason's mom?

  • Kaitlynn Ehrlich
    Kaitlynn Ehrlich 9 hours ago

    I started to cry when he kissed her! You all are so cute and so strong! I hope you keep this strong bond and work through it and if you guys get back together we will all be here to support and to help you though your problems. If you guys decide to not get back together it's okay because we will still support you guys no matter what! We are your fans, your family! We are here for you guys to talk to. We show you guys love no matter if you are a couple or not! We love you. David and Liza! ❤ ~Kaitlynn

  • Ema Lopez
    Ema Lopez 9 hours ago +1

    Whenever I want to cry I watch this

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green 10 hours ago

    Yeah telling a story if yeah is broken up get back together with her David

  • Josie Gamrod
    Josie Gamrod 10 hours ago +1

    Who wants them back together 2019😔 they ruined my ship they better fix it :(

  • Hannah Jaco
    Hannah Jaco 10 hours ago

    Less than a month until the one year anniversary until this video, meaning they've almost been apart for a year and a half. I'm still not over it

  • Cami Jimenez
    Cami Jimenez 10 hours ago

    Get👏🏼back👏🏼 together 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    *me still hoping in May 2019*

  • Chelsey Shang
    Chelsey Shang 10 hours ago

    It’s May 2019 and I’m still sad for this video

  • Beth Momot
    Beth Momot 10 hours ago

    Anyone else here after David married another girl?

  • Jasmine Mireya
    Jasmine Mireya 10 hours ago

    Come to watch this anytime I’m feeling like having a good cry lol

  • Jin’s Trash
    Jin’s Trash 10 hours ago +1

    I love how she cussed for David 😭

  • diana
    diana 11 hours ago +1

    Well, he’s married to Jason’s mom now so

  • Brittany Hernandez
    Brittany Hernandez 11 hours ago +1

    I’m still crying... 😭

  • Elizabeth McFadden
    Elizabeth McFadden 11 hours ago

    This is the only video of his that his more than 4:21 long

  • Bob pilgrim
    Bob pilgrim 11 hours ago +1

    Friend zone

  • Adam Santiago
    Adam Santiago 11 hours ago

    Ok they need to get back together now!

  • Slim Richards v2
    Slim Richards v2 11 hours ago

    "Liza doesn't even have boobs yet"

  • Jhasmine Samoy
    Jhasmine Samoy 12 hours ago

    Anyone here after David just got married

  • Lumpy Pineapple
    Lumpy Pineapple 13 hours ago

    You know it is serious when it isn’t 4:20 min long

  • Euan Hamilton
    Euan Hamilton 13 hours ago

    Not 4:20, but 6:19, hell yeah

  • louis Heidi
    louis Heidi 13 hours ago

    May 18 2019

  • Sarah Gameing
    Sarah Gameing 13 hours ago

    2019 may 18th: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Breanna Nguyen
    Breanna Nguyen 13 hours ago +2

    my hopes for them getting back together died when he married jason's MOM

  • Erica Barron
    Erica Barron 14 hours ago

    It’s May 2019 and I’m still crying

  • depressed ;
    depressed ; 14 hours ago

    Okay who is here after david married his friends mom 😖

  • Savanah White
    Savanah White 14 hours ago

    “Who do you want?” “You” OH MY GOSH MY HEART😭 I’m not crying, you’re crying

  • Στελλα Κουρεα
    Στελλα Κουρεα 14 hours ago +1

    David is married now lol

  • kaydence Harrison
    kaydence Harrison 15 hours ago

    3:11 broke my heart

  • Maximina Franz
    Maximina Franz 15 hours ago

    I'm cray for you guys

  • mai
    mai 15 hours ago

    17 months after the break up he's now happily married 😉

  • Katya K.
    Katya K. 15 hours ago

    5:52 who else felt their hearts shatter at Liza's face after she "slapped" David, like, for some reason that expression hit me so hard i literally teared up

  • Hannah Paras
    Hannah Paras 15 hours ago

    Anyone literally crying

  • Ramsin Ramzi
    Ramsin Ramzi 15 hours ago

    Aww I am so sad

  • Gacha Monster
    Gacha Monster 15 hours ago +3

    4:24 is my fav part of the vid I started crying and laughing

  • Zoe Eidet
    Zoe Eidet 15 hours ago

    A year later he’s married to Jason’s mom... he really upgraded

  • Lana Kamareddine
    Lana Kamareddine 15 hours ago +1

    I come here when I’m sad

  • telepathy90
    telepathy90 15 hours ago +1

    I love how she wiped her fingers on David after wiping her nose 😂

  • shakira francois
    shakira francois 15 hours ago +1

    I miss y'all so much:(

  • Isabella Morford
    Isabella Morford 16 hours ago +1

    Quick break? 2 HOURS LATER

  • Martina Vidergar
    Martina Vidergar 16 hours ago

    Ker si ti car

  • Aud _Tree
    Aud _Tree 17 hours ago +1

    And now she’s married to Jason’s mom/

  • tutti frutti love
    tutti frutti love 17 hours ago +1

    i’ve watched this /822992 times and still cry:(

  • Lorna Jackson
    Lorna Jackson 17 hours ago +1

    And now he’s married to Jason’s mom? Lmao

  • Kaliah Brownღღღ
    Kaliah Brownღღღ 17 hours ago +14

    David: "If we both find someone else I just want us to respect that"

    Also David: *Marries Jason's mom*

  • lizi nanava
    lizi nanava 18 hours ago +1

    I'm here after david married Jason's mum😂😭

  • Gatcha Tube
    Gatcha Tube 18 hours ago

    WHY!!!!!!!!!!!break up

  • Christiana Cric
    Christiana Cric 18 hours ago +1

    When David said "I love you" I felt it so bad 😭💔 and I was replaying it again and again and I was crying like hell 😭😭 I definitely understand why you guys broke up. But when you two started crying it really break my heart... I can't see those faces crying, if you guys ever cry in front of me (something that would never happen bc I can't meet y'all :c) I'm gonna start crying as well like...I got the softest spot for you two 😭💖 I'm just hoping that both of you realize how much you mean to me and that you are an amazing people, its like..worse than a heartbreaking. I hope you read this comment and if you do I hope you two get back together bc you're both PERFECT together so I wish the best to both of you😭🤧💖

  • Joanna Florence
    Joanna Florence 18 hours ago

    Jesus Christ😵I still wish they were together 💯its not even a year yet...

  • hi bye
    hi bye 18 hours ago


  • Not PG
    Not PG 18 hours ago +1

    and now David Dobrik is married.

  • Austin Dougan
    Austin Dougan 18 hours ago +2

    why do i do this to myself. even in their brake up video they so cute together. i really need to move on

  • Allon Isaacs
    Allon Isaacs 19 hours ago

    I thought this was clickbait

  • TheOof Wolf
    TheOof Wolf 19 hours ago


  • Rowan Morgan
    Rowan Morgan 19 hours ago +1

    Omg im stll crying in May 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lotus Burneson
    Lotus Burneson 19 hours ago


  • Pauline McAlinden
    Pauline McAlinden 19 hours ago +1

    Back in 2 years for the wedding 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  • Shaheim47
    Shaheim47 19 hours ago

    Omg it’s 2019 and I’m still watching this

  • Cotton candy Caroline
    Cotton candy Caroline 20 hours ago +1

    I loved when she loved wiped her boogie on him

  • shivaani mahesh
    shivaani mahesh 20 hours ago

    Can you guys stop commenting stuff like "they should get back together..." and stuff like that. I don't know whether you're joking or not but it's their decision tbh. I will respect their decision

  • Duck Face
    Duck Face 20 hours ago +38

    Who knew 11 months later David would marry Jason’s mom

  • Danya Sarr
    Danya Sarr 20 hours ago


  • Annika Watzka
    Annika Watzka 20 hours ago

    Who else started balling when he started crying because she swore for him?!?😭😭😭4:24

  • Reaper’s Babe
    Reaper’s Babe 20 hours ago

    Please, I’m crying but laughing cuz they’re still funny. They’re pretty chill which is kinda weird to me, idk how to feel!

  • Gabby G
    Gabby G 21 hour ago

    Ok this is so sad but 3:06😂

  • Ashley Cadena
    Ashley Cadena 21 hour ago +2

    All because of the hairless cat

  • Kyavishay Naidoo
    Kyavishay Naidoo 21 hour ago

    I think it's about time you found the mayonnaise

  • Stephanie Supliguicha
    Stephanie Supliguicha 21 hour ago +1

    And now he’s married

  • Mark Holterhaus
    Mark Holterhaus 21 hour ago +1

    when the title is in lowercase you know its serious

  • lps princesses girl s s

    why though I liked when u we're together but why r u laughing still r u still friends please get together again or be friends just whyyyyy but I still love u guys both of u

  • Shila Thapa
    Shila Thapa 21 hour ago

    damn ! These tears are unstoppable .

  • Tropical Pineapple
    Tropical Pineapple 22 hours ago +10

    Who is here from when he married Jason’s mom

    *okay only me*

  • Just Faryn
    Just Faryn 22 hours ago +2

    Who is sobbing over this video

  • Mackenzie Williams
    Mackenzie Williams 22 hours ago

    I’m waiting for david or liza posting a video titled “we have the mayonnaise”

  • Tryston Sowell
    Tryston Sowell 22 hours ago +1

    oh wait david is married now

  • Tryston Sowell
    Tryston Sowell 22 hours ago

    this still makes me sad

  • Quinn Brink
    Quinn Brink 22 hours ago

    i hope they found the mayo

  • Jeanne Preo
    Jeanne Preo 22 hours ago +1

    It’s almost 1 year until they posted this. 😞😢

  • Mia Erin
    Mia Erin 23 hours ago +1

    yes it’s been a year and a half since they broke up and yes I’m still balling my fucking eyes out and yes I’m still waiting for them to go back together 🥺