Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Review

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • Mark and Kristian give you their spoiler filled review for Avengers: Infinity War.
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Comments • 4 873

  • Collin Ash
    Collin Ash 16 days ago

    Nick fury: Mother fu........

  • Andrew Bristow
    Andrew Bristow 3 months ago

    Watching about a month before the release.

  • Hollywood Swinging
    Hollywood Swinging 5 months ago

    Kristian “Why did Tony have the flip phone?” Harloff

  • JiZz2Xtreme
    JiZz2Xtreme 5 months ago

    Tony Stark got stabbed through the stomach by that huge knife thing.. he actually should be dead from the wound.. thats some powerful instant fix anything nano-byte spray he's got.

  • Michelle Varas
    Michelle Varas 6 months ago +1

    Thanos won the battle but the averages are going to win the war. Dr strange sacrificed himself bc he new that, that was the only way to win the war.

  • Libra1986
    Libra1986 7 months ago

    I am Groot
    I am Steve Rogers
    Lol, only CAP can be so polite during battle. Got to love him!

  • Shining Star
    Shining Star 7 months ago

    Humans were made to be worshippers but most people choose to worship things in the world like comic books, movies, celebrities, sports, concerts, etc. Instead of worshiping their Creator. You were created by God to give Him pleasure and to please Him and in return He will fill you with love, give you spiritual power, guide you through life, give you happiness, take away your depression, anxiety, and anger and on top of it all, He will love you like a son or a daughter and you will never be lonely again. The emptiness that you feel inside of your soul was created for His Holy Spirit and your body is a temple for Him to literally live inside of you. He even made you in His image and likeness. Until you surrender your life to Jesus, you will feel empty and useless.

  • Samsaranian Supreme
    Samsaranian Supreme 7 months ago

    Rabbit is correct and clearly the smartest among you

  • Céd the Other Entertainer

    Hawkeye will also be key to the second part on account of him never missing

  • Ed smith
    Ed smith 8 months ago

    Did thanos get motivation by another supreme being
    GOD .
    If I remember my bible studies
    I remember GOD being so pissed with all the people and animals in the world that he nominated a guy call NOAH and his family to collect two of each beast then he sent a TSUNAMI to destroy everything apart from the Ark.
    Was God considered a bad guy ?
    No his action was seen as clensing of the world .
    How is Thanos any different?
    At least he left half the world .

  • Andrew W.C.
    Andrew W.C. 8 months ago +1

    When Thor mashes everything and yells out “BRING ME THANOS”... that was some serious big dick energy. Seriously.

    KILLNATION123 9 months ago

    Infinity war sucks and it was complete garbage and a discombobulated mess !!!!!

  • Irfan Nasyriq
    Irfan Nasyriq 9 months ago

    what if killmonger returns int the second movie!? that would be a wtf suprise moments!!, love your review..

  • ti dward marguerite
    ti dward marguerite 10 months ago

    Maybe the villain dude is just manipulating reality

  • Jamey Collins
    Jamey Collins 10 months ago

    I love your reviews! And I love how you guys aren't afraid to use the "f" bomb especially when you are excited in your reviews. I loved the movie! The death of Peter Parker/Spiderman was very sad.

  • Dj Tomcat
    Dj Tomcat 10 months ago

    Steve gave him that flip phone at the end of civil war

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 10 months ago

    Gwyneth Paltrow is awful...she doesn’t need to be in any of these films.

  • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
    Mr.SmithGNR Smith 10 months ago

    All you dummy’s really think any of them are dead? Disney is to greedy to allow that. The “deaths” felt hollow.

  • Shakera Nathan
    Shakera Nathan 10 months ago

    Mm non vxzplnfq. F}}?????? lolhhcxzqqy

  • YoseMiteEmery
    YoseMiteEmery 10 months ago

    IMO none of avengers or guardians died. They will all be back in part 2.

  • Paul Schmick
    Paul Schmick 10 months ago +1

    Why did Tony have a flip phone? Did you not watch Civil War? Jeez.

  • Rohit Eagala
    Rohit Eagala 10 months ago

    Watching this movie in theaters was one of the best experiences of my entire life

  • Radu Oarga
    Radu Oarga 10 months ago

    Love the review, love you guys, but... I hate that fucking music from the intro

  • Chris Dodges
    Chris Dodges 10 months ago

    1:32 Woah bro, woah

  • Jonah Kesoyan
    Jonah Kesoyan 10 months ago

    Just watched Avengers, sorry I'm late. It was awesome. Mark said I want to talk to guys like Jon Schnepp and I completely lost it for a minute. RIP

  • jerald blake
    jerald blake 10 months ago

    Okay everybody think back to the first Iron Man Tony Stark cell phone was beyond anything we have ever seen also in any other movie his cell phone is futuristic but in Infinity War he has a flip phone please explain

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 10 months ago

    Lol no one cares about Heimdall

  • Matthias Moylan
    Matthias Moylan 10 months ago

    Thor is my favorite character in the mcu now

  • Mark Cobbs
    Mark Cobbs 11 months ago

    Thor and Rocket was awesome.

  • Mark Cobbs
    Mark Cobbs 11 months ago +2

    I don't think Vision is gone. Shuri downloaded something right before Thanos henchmen broke into lab. Shuri has his base programming or something. She can also rebuild his vibranium head.

  • veksone77
    veksone77 11 months ago +1

    I'm so tired of hearing this bullshit about "what are the stakes".. When is the last time you've seen any kind of movie with a good guy and a bad guy and the good guy loses!? Seriously... You can count the movies in which the good guy loses on one hand... It just about never happens...

  • Matthew Levally
    Matthew Levally 11 months ago +1

    The flip phone was mailed to Tony at the end of Civil War.

  • Waseem Karodia
    Waseem Karodia 11 months ago +1

    Cap gave Tony the flip phone at the end of Civil War. Stan Lee delivered it.

  • Matt D
    Matt D 11 months ago

    The flip phone is the phone Steve mailed him at the end of Civil War. It's an untraceable phone with Steve's number in it in case he ever needed his help.

  • Varun Joseph
    Varun Joseph 11 months ago +1

    Flip phone was given to Tony by Rogers at the end of civil war. To contact cap after he went rogue at the end of that film. 'Flip phone' only way to reach cap if a situation like the one in infinity war happened.

  • Raquel Costa
    Raquel Costa 11 months ago

    this movie is thanos, thor and dr strange. i loved it

  • #1carsking!
    #1carsking! 11 months ago

    The saddest scene for me was thanos killing gamora

  • Kenneth Miller
    Kenneth Miller Year ago

    they set up Thanos love for gamora in the first guardians movie when Thanos called gamora his favorite daughter.

  • Edbert Yves
    Edbert Yves Year ago

    Stop man

  • Edbert Yves
    Edbert Yves Year ago

    Tony had flip-phones because Steve Rogers send it to him through Stan Lee as a courier. This happen at the end of Civil War Movie..

  • Colin Cassidy
    Colin Cassidy Year ago +1


  • Κωστας Μαυροματης

    HEAR ME OUT! Guardias 3 comes out, gamora is still dead after Avengers 4 , golden lady sends adam warlock to kill Guardians , and they some how or make friends with him or forcing him to lead them INTO the soul stone AND save Gamora !!! How cool may this be???

    REID DUDAR Year ago

    Mark IS awesome
    Kristian is a weak link butt hurt guy....dishes it...cant talk it......lame. Loser. Awful.

  • SJNaka101
    SJNaka101 Year ago +2

    Dudes the flip phone was from civil war
    Edit: dudes it was legitimately critical that scarlet witch stay behind, as proven by the fact that the moment she left is when vision got ambushed
    Edit 2: my dudes, the fact that he got the soul stone is proof that he loved gamora. If he didn't, he wouldn't have got the stone. There's like, no refuting that.
    Criticisms aside, I enjoyed the review or I wouldn't have watched it all. Kudos to you guys. Hit a lot of the good points

  • Gus Keller
    Gus Keller Year ago +1

    I like Infinity War for its grandeur but do recognize its flaws (many that may come naturally with a project like this). Good but sometimes too much, this one is fun watch. This review covers it well:

  • Merv Watson
    Merv Watson Year ago

    The Wakanda battle was sooooooooo pointless... along with the scarlet witch/vision relationship... that whole side of the movie was just filler.

    JACK DAVYZ Year ago

    I'm just stoked this has over 500,000 views lol

  • matuzz GG
    matuzz GG Year ago

    I think at cap os gonna die because the named the captain amerika civil war not ciVilwar they wanted to give him third And last movie

  • Spoder Mon
    Spoder Mon Year ago

    The Spider-Man scene didn’t really bother me. But, like. I kinda hate Spider-Man tbh. So it’s whatever

  • FoSsiL924
    FoSsiL924 Year ago

    I like a lot of collider stuff but you two should have passed on doing this review you probably understood maybe 50% of the movie at most and comic book stuff in general

  • FoSsiL924
    FoSsiL924 Year ago

    I know this was already probably said and this has been out a while but aren’t these two supposed to be movie peeps did they even see CA Civil War ? When cap mails that flip phone to Tony with a letter trying to fix things a little and telling Tony “ If you need me I’ll be there” maybe these guys should actually watch these Marvel movies a few times . Btw you have read comic books right ? because whole galaxies or planets have been destroyed and brought back you should have people who are more knowledgeable on comic book lore or stories maybe get Kevin Smith to explain the basic ABC’s on comic book stories before the fake deaths whine or just review regular movies and your not alone other sites kind of don’t get it also

  • picklechin
    picklechin Year ago +1

    A theory I have is that in Avengers 5, Gamora will somewhat make a return and replenish the lives of all the Avengers that died. And since there’s proof another Spider-Man movie is gonna be made, obviously they should come back. But it’s just a theory...

  • Elliott Collins
    Elliott Collins Year ago

    You guys don't even know why Tony has the flip phone? The lack of knowledge in this video by these guys is disappointing.

  • SaF
    SaF Year ago

    People who say Starlord messed it up didn't pay complete attention to the movie, and not because Dr. Strange saw the future. Thor could have killed Thanos with a headshot but he didn't because he wanted to look him in the eye and tell him that he lost. Also, the theme of the movie was 'Sacrifice', and how Thanos was the only one willing to do the sacrifice, so he won. The avengers and mainly Wanda didn't sacrifice vision earlier. Loki didn't sacrifice Thor. Gamora didn't sacrifice Nebula. Thanos did sacrifice Gamora. And if you think about it, Peter Quill (Starlord) was the only one that actually was willing to do it (Wanda too, but too late). He hesitated, but in the end he did try to kill Gamora. Thanos denied it, but even said "I like him". Like Thanos, he was the only one willing to do it.

  • ActivistArts
    ActivistArts Year ago

    should have went for hand not head

  • Trenice Mclemor
    Trenice Mclemor Year ago

    no offence but y'all talk to much at the beginning

  • Benjamin LaVallie

    romans chapter 12 verse 21 be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good

  • LWNV
    LWNV Year ago +1

    Tony had the flip phone because Steve gave it to him at the end of Civil War with the letter Steve left Tony.
    Pepper breaking up as tiny went into space was a throwback to the avengers movie when tony tried to get a hold of Pepper and couldn’t. There were a ton of throw backs to all of the previous movies.
    Scarlet Witch was told to stay with Vision in order to immediately destroy the stone as soon as it was out of his head. She was not supposed to leave him! Yet she did and as soon as the bad guys realized that they attacked vision is the lab.
    End credit scene was flawed as Nick Fury burned his eye patch in order to hide more easily. Yet he was wearing the damn patch. Huge flaw.
    I want the second movie lol. I really think that that everything is placed for Bucky to take over Cap’s role. They are wearing similar clothes and everything.

  • Bryon Goff
    Bryon Goff Year ago

    And I didnt read the other 4.8k comments, but Bucky is first to disintegrate

  • Bryon Goff
    Bryon Goff Year ago +1

    "This android thing that she fell in love with."🤣🤣

  • var1328
    var1328 Year ago

    Thanos wipes out half the planet - what's the big deal? There are still 4 billion people on the planet. At least there will be a lot less traffic and housing will be cheaper. Is Thanos really that bad of a guy?

  • PrimeTimeAction
    PrimeTimeAction Year ago +1

    The theme of this movie was sacrifice. Alot of people from Star Lord to Cap and Scarlet which could have won if they had the will to sacrifice on the right time. The only person who had that will was Thanos and he won. And Dr. Strange also had the will so he will eventually win.

  • Kieron Campion
    Kieron Campion Year ago +1

    "Did we lose?" was not meant to be funny at all.

  • santiago Sanchez
    santiago Sanchez Year ago

    I gotta defend peter quill with him hitting thanos and having that reaction because peter had that same reaction to finding out ego killed his mom.

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez Year ago

    What's up guys!! I love your videos! Cap send Tony the flip phone at the end of Civil War with a note telling him to call him if he ever needed help. It was in the package Stan Lee delivered to Tony calling him "Tony Stank".

  • Andres Esqueda
    Andres Esqueda Year ago

    you like the spurs???????? hell yeah hello from San Antonio! love the show.

  • David Shimonov
    David Shimonov Year ago

    Tony had a flip phone because Captain America sent it to him at the end of Civil War - it was supposed to be used if he ever needed to contact Steve.

  • DrillOllie
    DrillOllie Year ago

    Thanos has the power stone. No one mentioned that and how he beat hulk. Thor was amazing!!

  • Scott Starr
    Scott Starr Year ago

    I didn't buy that Thanos loved Gamora either. Other than that, I loved the film.

  • leon mully
    leon mully Year ago +1

    My son who is 9 is still crying about spiderman and groot 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Ralius
    Ralius Year ago

    one joke that was too much for me was when thor was talking about everyone he lost, his brother, father, mother his home his people (from what we know he is the only asgardian alive) etc etc, and it was said in kinda jokey way.... they should havegone for 100% seriouse tone with that conversation and finish it with thor saying that he pretty much has one thing left to do and that is to find and kill thanos, no more avengers or firends just a hunt for thanos after he gets his new wepon. end credit scene was not that improtant.... it was ok

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago

    awesome movie

  • HipHop Since 89
    HipHop Since 89 Year ago

    Nice!!! I enjoyed the video. We’re compiling the hottest artists on our page you should check it out! #89

  • Rodney Thompson
    Rodney Thompson Year ago

    WT Hell -GREAT movie then HOLLYWOOD IDIOT directors let the DAMN BAD guy win / and the GOOD guys die/ are you kidding me ?? hollywierd --you SUCK.

  • Adam B
    Adam B Year ago +1

    “I’ll do you one better. Why is Gamora?”

  • Tanner Thurman
    Tanner Thurman Year ago

    So I was watching the movie and when Black Panther turns to dust, a African American couple gets up and leaves. Like bruhhh it’s just a movie don’t bring all this negativity in the movie.

  • Captain Spike 191

    5:00 Steve gave Tony the flip phone at the end of Civil War

  • Tanner Thurman
    Tanner Thurman Year ago

    At the end of civil war tony gets the flip phone from captain America so that if he needs to get in contact he can

  • Andy Han
    Andy Han Year ago

    Fun fact Tony had a flip phone cuz that’s what Steve Rogers sent him in a package at the end of civil war telling Tony if he ever needs him he can always reach him on that phone n stark was just making fun of how such a dinosaur Steve Rogers is using a flip phone

  • flome games
    flome games Year ago

    Cap sent Tony the flip phone

  • sparkleforever246

    tony got that flip phone from steve at the end of civil war!!

  • spongeBobGotTheSudsBecause HeDankAsHell

    As much as I love Marvel Comics and the Marvel movies this wasn't the best Marvel movie to dates that title still goes to Captain America Civil War or the Winter Soldier I mean don't get me wrong this was an amazing movie probably in my top 5 favorite Marvel movies but it was just too overhyped

  • iam trappedonanisland

    How many comments are bashing these reviewers for NOT KNOWING thats the phone Captain America sent to Tony? Im sad because they lost their credibility about what theyre talking about for me:(

  • Chloé Boylan
    Chloé Boylan Year ago +1

    That spiderman death scene it made me cry

  • fuzzylogic218
    fuzzylogic218 Year ago +2

    One of the best lines was. Tony Stark to Thanos on Titan planet. "You throw another moon at me and we are going to have a problem."

  • Chris Rivera
    Chris Rivera Year ago

    Tony had the flip phone that captain america gave at the end of civil war

  • WildCard811 Time
    WildCard811 Time Year ago +1

    Ok why the fuck are you connecting a penis enlargement pill for little beta boys to hulk not being able to become hulk lol

  • Ru New
    Ru New Year ago

    Rogers gave him the phone at the end of Civil War

  • Jerry Albright
    Jerry Albright Year ago

    Mark, Tony doesn't have a flip-phone, that is the phone Steve Rogers sent to Tony at the end of Civil War

  • Ant Khan
    Ant Khan Year ago

    He had power stone that's why he got hulk...

  • monde hadebe
    monde hadebe Year ago

    These two always seem to have a weird tension between them

  • andile majozi
    andile majozi Year ago

    peter parker dont go plz man

  • Jennifer Mungin
    Jennifer Mungin Year ago

    Thor and Rocket scenes were my favorite. Thanos killing Gamora legit made me shed a tear. Peter Parker’s death made me weep. I want to understand more about Thanos. When he snapped his fingers it was like he went to another realm where young Gamora was there. I’m just ready for part 2 like NOW!

  • Paul Jazzman
    Paul Jazzman Year ago

    Sweet rabbit likes baby carrots

  • John Luke Jr
    John Luke Jr Year ago

    the second Scarlet witch left the tower, Thanos warriors flanked the city and over whelmed the shields. They held back forces until she appeared on the field of battle.

  • John Luke Jr
    John Luke Jr Year ago

    the flip phone is from the last scene in Captain America Civil War where Cap gives tony the burner phone with his number on it.

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith Year ago

    I thought they did a fantastic job balancing all of the characters and emotional tone of the movie- I felt the real panic you get from nightmares when you are being chased and know you're too slow and too weak to overcome the monster. But I haven't heard anyone mention the abysmal use of CGI on the Black Order! They have used such amazing practical effects in the MCU in the past, like Nebula and Vision. They couldn't just slap some Voldemort Makeup on the Ebony Maw or glue horns onto a tall lady's head for the warrior chick? It looked like I was watching a cut scene from a video game whenever they were in it.

  • robinfun21
    robinfun21 Year ago

    They killed almost all the damn heroes and I thought that was fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was already pissed that the killed Loki off in about the first fast minutes of the damn movie even though Loki wasn't a hero.

  • Matt Murdock
    Matt Murdock Year ago

    Don’t you guys think when Doctor Strange looked into the future he saw Star Lord freak out and mess everything up? Doctor Strange didn’t stop Star Lord because everything needed to play out the way it did. The one winning timeline. They had to lose this battle to ultimately beat Thanos in the next one. I don’t understand all this hate towards Star Lord.

    • Matt Murdock
      Matt Murdock Year ago

      Colton G it ultimately doesn’t matter though

    • Colton G
      Colton G Year ago

      They understand that this is the only timeline where they win, but that doesn't dismiss Star-Lord's arrogance and idiocy in that moment. It's a stupid decision for Star-Lord regardless of the endgame.

  • TheWaterMaster
    TheWaterMaster Year ago

    Tony never used his chest beam...