Every Superhero That Will Appear In Avengers: Infinity War


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  • ezra mems
    ezra mems 4 hours ago

    Hawekeye and antman ,,,you lairs!!!!

  • robloxgamer 2192212

    Hawakye and war machine and ant man is sadly not in infinity war :(

  • Doom Guy
    Doom Guy 7 days ago

    Where is ghost rider

  • elmer kemp
    elmer kemp 12 days ago

    And Deadpool?

  • Lida Becerra
    Lida Becerra 27 days ago +2

    Hawekeye and antman is not in invinity war

  • Lida Becerra
    Lida Becerra 27 days ago

    Hulk is barley in infinity war

  • Jyoti Xalxo
    Jyoti Xalxo 27 days ago

    Yay...ant man and the wasp releasing

  • Mr. Zia Tradyan
    Mr. Zia Tradyan 29 days ago +1

    Falcon : Ye , i'll survive
    Thanos : **Snaps**
    Falcon : i don't feel so good tho

  • Tabitha Lowery
    Tabitha Lowery Month ago

    I saw avengers infinity war and ant-man was not in it

  • Joseph Salcedo
    Joseph Salcedo Month ago

    just came here after seeing infinity war

  • Riley Tamima
    Riley Tamima Month ago

    Dumbass iron man is the first superhero

  • Ian Cypes
    Ian Cypes Month ago +1

    July 2018, this video is so wrong in so many ways, lol.

  • Tanis Morris
    Tanis Morris Month ago

    I watched a infinty war one already who is the new avengers!!!!

  • Tanis Morris
    Tanis Morris Month ago


  • Tanis Morris
    Tanis Morris Month ago


  • ZackTheFox
    ZackTheFox Month ago

    We dont even see hawkeye in infinity war

  • Dankium Z
    Dankium Z Month ago +2

    (see's hawkeye and antman) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  • Perfect
    Perfect Month ago

    Foul..We Can Explain You In Short Time

  • Jesus Chavez
    Jesus Chavez Month ago

    Ant-Man and Hawkeye are not in Avengers Infinity War.

  • TheSuperChicken300
    TheSuperChicken300 Month ago

    I watched the movie here’s everyone I can remember
    Bruce banner
    Iron man
    Captain America
    Bucky Barnes
    Star lord
    Black panther
    Nick fury
    Stan lee
    Sorry if I forgot one but ANT MAN AND HAWKEYE R NOT IN IT

  • Swam
    Swam Month ago +1

    Every character:
    1. Steve Rogers/ Captain America
    2. Tony Stark/ Iron Man
    3. Bruce Banner/ Hulk
    4. Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow
    5. Thor
    6. Peter Parker/ Spider-Man
    7. T'Challa/ Black Panther
    8. Doctor Stephen Strange
    9. Wanda Maximoff/ Scarlet Witch
    10. Vision
    11. Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier
    12. Sam Wilson/ Falcon
    13. James Rhodes/ War Machine
    14. Peter Quill/ Star-Lord
    15. Gamora
    16. Drax
    17. Rocket Raccoon
    18. Groot
    19. Mantis
    20. Nebula
    21. Loki
    22. Heimdall
    23. The Collector
    24. General Thadeus Ross
    25. Wong
    26. Ned
    27. Red Skull
    28. Thanos
    29. Corvus Glaive
    30. Proxima Midnight
    31. Black Dwarf
    32. Ebony Maw
    33. Shuri
    34. Ayo
    35. Okoye
    36. M'Baku
    37. Pepper Potts
    38. Nick Fury
    39. Maria Hill
    40. Eitri
    41. Stan Lee

  • Jascintha O'Neil
    Jascintha O'Neil Month ago

    Movie Like HERO Awesome 👏😍💖 Avengers Infinity War Marvel Comic

  • sunina s
    sunina s 2 months ago +1

    Spidey is my hero

  • robloxian dude -I do mostly gameplays

    Hawkeye is not in infinty war

  • robloxian dude -I do mostly gameplays

    Every mcu hero (except hawkeye and antman)

  • William Wentz
    William Wentz 2 months ago

    Ant man, and,p hawkeye

    • William Wentz
      William Wentz 2 months ago

      Sorry for the p and their not in inf war

  • imaperson52
    imaperson52 2 months ago +1

    *THE LIST*

    1. Captain America
    2. Iron Man
    3. Thor
    4. Hulk _(well....for the first 5 minutes. Then he was just Banner :/ )_
    5. Black Widow
    6. Scarlet Witch
    7. -Hawkeye- _(wait....he wasn't in Infinity War.......what)_
    8. Vision
    9. Winter Soldier/Bucky
    10. Doctor Strange
    11. Wong _(barely)_
    12. Star-Lord
    13. Gamora
    14. Nebula
    15. Groot _(but....Groot and Hulk never met......)_
    16. Rocket
    17. Drax
    18. Mantis
    19. Spider Man
    20. Black Panther
    21. -Ant Man- _(he _*_ALSO_*_ WASN'T THERE WHAT?)_
    22. War Machine
    23. Falcon

  • Ben Magnez
    Ben Magnez 2 months ago

    I don't really think that Captain America get's his due. I mean he was the first ever avenger and he hasn't exactly got his fair share of appreciation. He's sheperded the MCU from it's very beginning and by right he should get the thanks and dedication that he deserves. PERIOD.

  • Anmol Rishav
    Anmol Rishav 2 months ago

    LMAO. Renner wasn't there

  • Sans The Comic
    Sans The Comic 2 months ago

    you sure about ant man and hawkeye :D

  • Awsome Ymir
    Awsome Ymir 2 months ago


  • gengsta geilo
    gengsta geilo 3 months ago

    Da ist der letzte scheis es gibt kein Happy end

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 3 months ago

    Hawkeye ?.. Ant Man ?..

  • Diamond Raxe 18
    Diamond Raxe 18 3 months ago

    The first part of Infinity War had everyone except Ant-Man and Hawkeye those are not there because they don’t want their families to get hurt but they might be in the part two

  • A Juarez-Saborio
    A Juarez-Saborio 3 months ago

    Why did u lie on Hawkeye and Ant-Man showing up in Avengers: Infinity War. THEY DIDN’T SHOW UP IN THE MOVIE

  • Krisyl Positar
    Krisyl Positar 3 months ago

    How bout that?😂 cash me outside how bout that-Daniellebregoli

  • • Beamer Boy Peep •

    Imaginee if deadpool met Spidey... *HEY BRO YOU COPIED ME* *NO U COPIED ME!*

  • • Beamer Boy Peep •

    Hawkeye is gone lol

  • fabryuk1
    fabryuk1 3 months ago

    The bad guy wins

  • PigOfThePigs
    PigOfThePigs 3 months ago

    Wait? I never say Hawk Guy in the
    Movie! DDD;
    nvm he’s probably in Avengers 4
    Ant man isn’t it in too. He was probably still acting for his 2nd solo movie..

  • Rick Driessen
    Rick Driessen 3 months ago

    Am I the only who watch this before the fortnite infinity war update?

  • Yark its over
    Yark its over 3 months ago

    😂😂😂😂 I'm watching this after I seen the movie.

  • Carson Mennen
    Carson Mennen 3 months ago

    But... but falcon withers away. Does this confirm that they aren’t actually dead?

  • Carson Mennen
    Carson Mennen 3 months ago

    Was anyone else surprised when tchalla gave Bucky the arm? Like tchalla hated him before

  • Carson Mennen
    Carson Mennen 3 months ago

    Lmao this is so wrong. Ant man and Hawkeye do not show up in the movie

  • Dhanaraj Barman
    Dhanaraj Barman 3 months ago

    I am totally beginer

  • Digital Thunder07
    Digital Thunder07 3 months ago

    I remember the first rumors for this movie

    TUBE2MAZA 3 months ago

    ant man is not in it

  • Vijayalakshmi Anbalagan

    what happened to kraglin in infinity war?

  • ********** coming to hunt you.

    It would be a day long man 😆

  • Graceamarisa wibowo
    Graceamarisa wibowo 3 months ago

    Avenger and Dc and guardian of galaxy and X men and fantastic four fight thanos i am 100% they will win 😂😂😂😂

  • Cookz Flip Flop
    Cookz Flip Flop 3 months ago

    To bad guys,

    The movie is 2 hours and 30 minutes long,.

  • Susan Mcdermot
    Susan Mcdermot 3 months ago

    Who's your favourite superhero mine is Spider Man ❤

  • Creeper Starlove
    Creeper Starlove 3 months ago

    Ant Man wasn't in infinity war, was he???

  • Tucks Plucker
    Tucks Plucker 3 months ago

    Hw about the Ghost Rider?

    THE UNI VERSE 3 months ago

    im satisfied with the 3 idiots, they can destroy thanos in a split second! bet ya.

  • Eric Hanson
    Eric Hanson 3 months ago

    Hawkeye and antman weren't in it

  • Lauren Llama
    Lauren Llama 3 months ago

    Hawk eye is not in infinity war

  • TechNoVoid
    TechNoVoid 3 months ago

    It's like a mix of other movie series's mix with others infinity is a good name for it

  • Ricky Lam
    Ricky Lam 3 months ago

    No Superman or Batman

  • Joe Tairei
    Joe Tairei 3 months ago

    Let's talk about the elephant in the room. Randa Jarrar is a rude, crude, hateful, low-brow person. How on earth did a university hire her, let alone give her tenure???

  • Johannes Jay Martinez
    Johannes Jay Martinez 3 months ago


  • Jessica Cox
    Jessica Cox 3 months ago

    groot says we groot

  • Molynexyz
    Molynexyz 3 months ago

    I wish dead pool was in infinity war

  • Admiral Snackbar
    Admiral Snackbar 3 months ago

    Yeah there was no Ant-man and Hawkeye

  • Darkraiking 90
    Darkraiking 90 3 months ago

    RIP Vision ☠☠☠☠😭😭😭

  • Geetanjali Shivdasani
    Geetanjali Shivdasani 3 months ago

    thanos is actualy spelled as thanatos

  • Gina Domingo
    Gina Domingo 3 months ago

    Avengers 4 will possibly be entitled " Avengers:The Rise Of Thanos"

  • Zuri
    Zuri 3 months ago

    I hate that they didn't bring Quake into this, she would have been very useful.

  • Vincent Alhambra
    Vincent Alhambra 3 months ago +2

    I didn't see Hawkeye in the movie.

    • Vincent Alhambra
      Vincent Alhambra 3 months ago

      Angel Rojas 12 yeah, probs because "Ant-Man and The Wasp" is coming soon.

    • Joker Games
      Joker Games 3 months ago +1

      Vincent Alhambra yeah or ant man I did not see him

  • AlifOon Azhar
    AlifOon Azhar 3 months ago

    Ant-Man Is Not In Infinity Wars

  • Francisco Figueroa
    Francisco Figueroa 3 months ago

    Not deadpool. ...

  • Khalid Hashmi
    Khalid Hashmi 3 months ago

    just loves the both sherlocks both are amazing

  • Lindsey Doornbos
    Lindsey Doornbos 3 months ago

    To me there is no spider Man without toby miguire


    thanos killed kamora loki heimdel scarlet witch vision spiderman black panther winter soldier drakz mantis star lord dr strange groot
    not much hulk either just bruce banner in the hulk iron man suit

  • Margote
    Margote 3 months ago

    I wish they would have included Wonder Woman. I mean come on... she's an actual GOD....

  • Josh Seraphim
    Josh Seraphim 3 months ago

    So many people die

  • Nerd Central
    Nerd Central 3 months ago

    groot says 5 words I, we, am, are, and groot

  • nxhxart __
    nxhxart __ 3 months ago +1

    You uploaded this video in my bday thanks bro 👌

  • Rasmus Nilsen-Bie
    Rasmus Nilsen-Bie 3 months ago

    how the hell is spidey appearing in avengers 4 if hes ded

  • Jack Gautier
    Jack Gautier 3 months ago

    I flip u flip u read my mind

  • Vangie Sanchez
    Vangie Sanchez 3 months ago

    Would have loved to see Wolverine(X-men),Deadpool,DareDevil,Electra,GhostRider, and Fantastic Four...frowny face😖😖😖😖

  • Sound Quake
    Sound Quake 3 months ago

    Where’s nick fury

  • MHHBeast Games
    MHHBeast Games 3 months ago

    I'm hype!

  • loki ston
    loki ston 3 months ago

    where is loki.....this is not fair

  • vahida mohd
    vahida mohd 3 months ago

    Avenger are super heros

  • Gilbert Perales
    Gilbert Perales 3 months ago +1

    Hawkeye or Ant man were not in Infinity War

  • McSpicy Lover
    McSpicy Lover 3 months ago

    lol i rly love it when black panther said "WAKANDA FOREVAAA" 😂👌

  • 罗薇
    罗薇 3 months ago

    I just watched Avengers:Infinity War today and Hawkeye is nowhere in this film

  • Robloxian Airways
    Robloxian Airways 3 months ago

    you forgot about ghost rider

  • Carla Maddison
    Carla Maddison 3 months ago

    UM......X-MEN ??

  • WalkingFoxGR
    WalkingFoxGR 3 months ago

    where is DEADPOOL!!

  • Tony Blackwell
    Tony Blackwell 3 months ago

    Two wrong . . .

  • Kam zoo
    Kam zoo 3 months ago

    hulk can't actually be in a movie alone because he can't keep a whole movie up by himself.

  • Mushabati Auther
    Mushabati Auther 3 months ago +1

    I wander if superman the powerful superhero wll appear in this infinity movie

  • Mushabati Auther
    Mushabati Auther 3 months ago +1

    You guys a frgting one superhero superman

  • Sean Dotollo
    Sean Dotollo 3 months ago

    hes a liar captain america dont die

  • Retro.
    Retro. 3 months ago +1

    I just came home from watching it and honestly it was a bit disappointing it was more of Infinity Talk and Planning instead of Infinity War.

  • PredatorPlayZ/ PredatorZFX

    Captain America is old already

  • PredatorPlayZ/ PredatorZFX

    Can my comments get 1k likes