Africa - Ninja Sex Party

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
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    Filmed on location at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM
    Director & editor: Tucker Prescott
    Camera operator: Kyle Daly
    Gaffer: Adam Siler
    Additional video editing: Matt Watson
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Oskar Krüger
    Oskar Krüger 4 hours ago

    Who said that you can't beat your salmon without watching porn, I did but still I wanna reform my statement. P.S. I'm not gay

  • Blaze12ification
    Blaze12ification 8 hours ago

    I like how you are remaking old music but not messing with it like remixes and other fluff, I hope you can do more. St Elmo's Fire is one in particular I'd love to hear, you already sound like the original singer in my opinion.

  • Jake Jordan
    Jake Jordan Day ago

    3:42, really starting to question my heterosexuality...

  • Bachkrain
    Bachkrain Day ago

    _If they do "Hold the line" that's it, I'll be dying happily_

  • LemonThyme
    LemonThyme 2 days ago

    I forget sometimes that Dan is actually a competant singer lol then I listen to this again

  • yumiyacchi
    yumiyacchi 2 days ago

    Way better than the Weezer one. Don't get me wrong, i love Weezer but this slaps harder.

  • Emily_ galaxy
    Emily_ galaxy 2 days ago

    I know this is the same as the other, but I like this one better.

  • heyman notcool
    heyman notcool 2 days ago

    hooked on a feeling would be A M A Z I N G

  • Jericho Zacrias
    Jericho Zacrias 3 days ago

    why am I just finding this? fucking dan singing is blowing my mind! O_O

  • 1293jessica
    1293jessica 4 days ago

    dan why would you lick 3 fingers to turn a page of news paper please dont

  • CGDotHP
    CGDotHP 4 days ago

    Toto would be proud

  • Jess Yea
    Jess Yea 5 days ago

    This came on at a witchshop n i almost cried

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen 5 days ago

    Nice one Danny!👌😭👌

  • Darkopolypse98
    Darkopolypse98 5 days ago

    Bonus: Take A shot every time you see Dan's Bulge.

  • Darkopolypse98
    Darkopolypse98 5 days ago

    You covered my favorite song ever!! I love this video!!

  • Bladez10
    Bladez10 6 days ago

    Hey, you remember when Weezer did a cover for this song? Me neither.

  • Cupcake Thief
    Cupcake Thief 6 days ago

    Very nice vocals, Danny. Keep up the good work, my boy!

  • Alex Sosa
    Alex Sosa 7 days ago

    "Screw you for chubbin me.."

  • Mythological Minds
    Mythological Minds 7 days ago

    this is the version of africa that should be playing on radios, honestly, not weezer’s

  • Mythological Minds
    Mythological Minds 7 days ago

    i’m pansexual but fuck terminology, i’m gay as hell for this man

  • Stitchy33
    Stitchy33 7 days ago

    Chills guys... Literally, chills.

  • chris kennedy
    chris kennedy 7 days ago

    Pitbull can learn a thing or two from you guys.

  • Chef Hatchet
    Chef Hatchet 7 days ago

    I love his jacket.

  • Chef Hatchet
    Chef Hatchet 7 days ago

    Don't stop me now!!

  • FRUITYbubba Guy
    FRUITYbubba Guy 8 days ago

    Let’s be honest who wouldn’t have glorious sex with Danny!

  • alyssa robichaud
    alyssa robichaud 8 days ago

    I fucking love this song more than the original omg

  • Beth Huff
    Beth Huff 9 days ago

    This Was this filmed in meow wolf

  • Caitlyn Brown
    Caitlyn Brown 9 days ago

    I hated this song until I heard the NSP cover now I can’t stop listening to it and I’m addicted help me please

  • gamer 420 lol
    gamer 420 lol 9 days ago

    Damn, achievement hunter did end up in a weird place.

  • michael torre
    michael torre 9 days ago

    I want his jacket

  • Tyler Hungerpiller
    Tyler Hungerpiller 10 days ago

    So much better than the Weezer cover.

  • Elizabeth Mitchell
    Elizabeth Mitchell 10 days ago

    Play this at my funeral

  • Joshua Texidor
    Joshua Texidor 11 days ago

    I always hated this song … until now

  • do you ever wonder?
    do you ever wonder? 11 days ago

    My dream has come true

  • Kandys Kimbley
    Kandys Kimbley 12 days ago

    This is absolutely magnificent. Kudos to everyone who worked on this. Art at it's finest.

  • Leo Gomelsky
    Leo Gomelsky 13 days ago +1

    Cover bitch lasagna

  • Kaminari Denki
    Kaminari Denki 13 days ago +1

    I'm Dannysexual now

  • 0bl1gatory
    0bl1gatory 14 days ago

    fuck the outfit danny has on looks clean as fuck

  • Lemonware Remixdemon
    Lemonware Remixdemon 14 days ago

    Havve doesnt get the amount of attention he should from this video. Just him looking very confused at where the fuck he is is so hilarious.

  • David Gunderson
    David Gunderson 14 days ago

    God damn though I love Danny's voice

  • darynu
    darynu 14 days ago

    Was a part of this filmed in Wizard Quest in the Wisconsin Dells?

  • Honkedy Bonk
    Honkedy Bonk 14 days ago

    You should do the song Baby Come Back by Player

  • Aaron Trovada
    Aaron Trovada 15 days ago

    Please do a cover of bitch Lasagna

  • fugoogle
    fugoogle 15 days ago

    Favorite song and one of my favorite people!

  • Amber Montgomery
    Amber Montgomery 15 days ago

    Can we PLEASE get more cover songs? I love both under the cover albums so much

  • Greg
    Greg 15 days ago

    Is this even legal!?!

  • esso
    esso 16 days ago


  • Lumpy Potato's32
    Lumpy Potato's32 17 days ago

    He needs to do what's up by 4 non blondes

  • Bonobro
    Bonobro 17 days ago

    I fucking love Danny's outfit in this!

  • spartan1010101
    spartan1010101 17 days ago

    Sorry Wheezer, but THIS is what I wanna hear on the radio

  • cbg
    cbg 18 days ago

    i think his other covers are better but this ones good too

  • Justine Higerd
    Justine Higerd 18 days ago

    So much better than the Wheezer version! 😃

  • British Buffoons
    British Buffoons 18 days ago

    Dan Avidan or toto?

  • wolverine warrior926
    wolverine warrior926 19 days ago


  • Agent Topyo
    Agent Topyo 19 days ago

    Not even ten seconds in and a bunch of robo dudes appear from the fridge and they all go inside it...
    It's official, I need to lay off the weed...

  • Jr Regg
    Jr Regg 20 days ago

    Needs 10k comments

  • Ethan Fleming
    Ethan Fleming 21 day ago

    Way better than Weezer
    lol but most things are better than Weezer

  • TPK_TheJonMan
    TPK_TheJonMan 21 day ago

    Is it weird that I want to watch Avatar now

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi 21 day ago

    There are too many songs called africa

  • LegoMinecraft369
    LegoMinecraft369 22 days ago

    Man, I wish I had known that this music video existed 4 months ago.

  • Foxy.Boi12VEVO
    Foxy.Boi12VEVO 23 days ago


  • HusbandoAndWaifu
    HusbandoAndWaifu 23 days ago +2

    Alert: Samurai Josh is available for employment. Skills include swords and clarinets. Hit me up.

  • HusbandoAndWaifu
    HusbandoAndWaifu 23 days ago


  • daranigan22
    daranigan22 23 days ago

    I can't find a reason not to love anything NSP has ever done and this is why. They are so unbelievably talented and amazing. Be it a cover like this or one of there originals like cool patrol, they have earned a life long fan.

  • Allen Glass
    Allen Glass 23 days ago

    Meow wolf is awesome

  • The Predator
    The Predator 25 days ago

    What about a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody?

  • AFinleyProductions
    AFinleyProductions 26 days ago

    The only acceptable cover of this song

  • jaade
    jaade 27 days ago

    this cover does things to my body that i will never understand and honestly i'm fine with that

  • Jasmine D.Greene
    Jasmine D.Greene 27 days ago

    That little head shake at 3:55 gives me Goosebumps every fricking time and idk why

  • ZekeTOON
    ZekeTOON 28 days ago

    I didn't know I needed this

  • Brenna F.
    Brenna F. 29 days ago +5

    I see the fridge was inspired by the escape room

  • Dave Burford
    Dave Burford 29 days ago

    that house though.

  • renaabilas
    renaabilas Month ago

    this is so very indulgently eighties aesthetic... the early star trek spaceship set... going through a fridge into some mystical neon-lighted streets and funky trees... portrait shots with venetian blind shadows and kaleidoscope backgrounds... the pan through the empty house at the end... g l o r i o u s

  • Soundless
    Soundless Month ago

    Quiz : what's your favorite band

    Me, sweating nervously: *mumbles* ninja sex party

  • Maddy Nelson
    Maddy Nelson Month ago

    Tucker, this music video is incredible

  • Antonio Lomascolo
    Antonio Lomascolo Month ago


  • sploopyloops
    sploopyloops Month ago

    Where that guy at who posts the lyrics for people to sing along to

  • AJ Woodruff
    AJ Woodruff Month ago

    Fucking nailed it good job! Plus my 9 month old approves too.

  • Youtube Rebel
    Youtube Rebel Month ago

    you guys should cover ocean man by ween it would be truly beautiful

  • Squid Inc.
    Squid Inc. Month ago

    Welp, guess I’m gay now

    DZ4FREE Month ago


  • Chunk Puddingtits
    Chunk Puddingtits Month ago

    When the cover is BETTER than the Original. Prove me wrong.

  • Julius Carlsson
    Julius Carlsson Month ago


  • Rohan Kingu
    Rohan Kingu Month ago +1

    And for 4 minutes and 39 seconds all was right in the world.

  • Chap Styqe
    Chap Styqe Month ago

    Thank you Danny Sexbang, this blessed me today

  • Chuck Scarborough
    Chuck Scarborough Month ago

    They filmed this at a Rainforest Cafe! 😂

  • Cthulhu Fox
    Cthulhu Fox Month ago +1

    Better than Weezer

  • NickeWoop
    NickeWoop Month ago

    What i would give to see these guys cover 'Power of Love'. I can picture Dan's voice so well over that song

  • TaeTae's Beret
    TaeTae's Beret Month ago

    Please do hotel california

  • hilliajf
    hilliajf Month ago +1

    anyone else notice that Weezer's Teal Album ripped of Under the Covers completely... Danny needs to lawyer up

  • Knightfall8
    Knightfall8 Month ago

    W I D E S C R E E N

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson Month ago


  • Yung Lil
    Yung Lil Month ago

    my ass longs for dan's hot, throbbing member

  • phydog
    phydog Month ago

    i'd love to see covers of these songs in their own style.

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M Month ago

    Did he just say UwU?

  • dudedurham
    dudedurham Month ago

    Better than Weezer’s cover.

  • håm n pøtåtøës

    love that i was there 5 months before this
    i feel blessed

  • Clauds Fake
    Clauds Fake Month ago


  • Default
    Default Month ago +2

    Thank fuck they kept the laugh at the start

  • Warren Kings
    Warren Kings Month ago

    This deserves all the likes on the internet. Guys that worked on this are ridiculously talented.