Megavalanche 2018 helmet cam

  • Published on Jul 9, 2018
  • Mayhem at the Glacier this year. Glad to survive to this and make into the top 10 overal after a bunch of passes through the track.
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  • Alan Ramirez
    Alan Ramirez Year ago

    Crazy dope

    SADSZ Year ago +1


  • Jason Hardy
    Jason Hardy Year ago +3

    Great vid, great race. Thanks for sharing

  • Alvaro Q.F
    Alvaro Q.F Year ago +4

    Don’t do this at home!

  • skypara
    skypara Year ago

    Dude awesome footage and excellent skills... you guys have steel balls

  • Parrudo Films
    Parrudo Films Year ago +2

    AWESOME!! Congrats

    ROCK SHOX Year ago


  • David Casey
    David Casey Year ago

    Awesome job πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Rick Dawson
    Rick Dawson Year ago +1

    Fab run....

  • feminist Will
    feminist Will Year ago

    Dude thx for uploading this, this is INSANE haha, best thing to watch while being off the bike for a while thx to an injury

  • hahafunnylaugh
    hahafunnylaugh Year ago

    13k views and no one commented.


    Also you did great

  • code bear
    code bear Year ago


  • Georgiy Latsinnikov
    Georgiy Latsinnikov Year ago +1


  • jankochanowski
    jankochanowski Year ago

    Last year was desert-dry
    Glad that mud is back ;)
    ... in two places :D

  • Andrei Marius
    Andrei Marius Year ago +1

    Superb , Bravo ,

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L Year ago +1


  • SS Boss 302
    SS Boss 302 Year ago +1

    Nice run! What did you place?


    what bike did you use?!

  • Old Man Mountain Biking

    Nicely done also!

  • Dark_BSoD
    Dark_BSoD Year ago +2


  • luispa76
    luispa76 Year ago

    Con cual bicicleta competiste?

  • 9justice9
    9justice9 Year ago +1

    What a race! Congrats man, awesome effort at the end!

  • Viking The Detectorist

    sweeeet lord its made me tired just waching it :)

  • Pastor Maldonator
    Pastor Maldonator Year ago +1

    Wow!! awesome job man! Congrats, you did very well at the start... a lot of crashes behind (it look irresistible for me... XD ).

  • TheJohanNorway
    TheJohanNorway Year ago +1


  • Petr BuluΕ‘ek
    Petr BuluΕ‘ek Year ago +1

    Crazy:) Nice run

  • Lost with a smile
    Lost with a smile Year ago +1

    42 minutes!! Holy cow. Awesome work!!!!

  • Jules Laureys
    Jules Laureys Year ago

    Ta terminΓ© combien

  • λ°•μœ€μ„œ

    멋지닀~~ korea~^^

  • Nick R
    Nick R Year ago +1

    Well done, good ride.

  • CharvatBros
    CharvatBros Year ago +10

    Sick, I was lovin the race this year. Tried for the first time ever and I will be definitely back next year.
    Cya at the glacier mate.

  • Thomas Lapeyrie
    Thomas Lapeyrie Year ago +9

    5:25 wrong way hahahhaaaa :D

  • Le Typ
    Le Typ Year ago +2

    Nice run - props! Wonder what my time would be ...

  • Martin Pokmat
    Martin Pokmat Year ago +3

    what was your place in finish?

  • Helmetor
    Helmetor Year ago +1


  • Jeff Powers
    Jeff Powers Year ago

    Wow! Intense! Well done. That's on another level. Thanks for posting. And if you don't mind my asking, what bike did you ride for that?

  • Enrique Del Castillo


  • Shawn
    Shawn Year ago +16

    31:48 Wow

  • Paul Mullen
    Paul Mullen Year ago +10

    I was exhausted just watching that. Seriously well done! Am curious, was that guy taking a shortcut that you shouted at?

  • Surprize Toyz Collector

    What bike are you riding ?

    • Iago Garay
      Iago Garay  Year ago +5

      Surprize Toyz Collector Santa Cruz Hightower LT size Medium

  • Richard Kaz
    Richard Kaz Year ago +4


  • non clemente
    non clemente Year ago +5

    What happened to the guy who went through the bushes?

  • 3xb - bikes.boars.beers

    Mega-crack, Iago, me ha flipado ver tu carrera!

  • Emeric Lardet
    Emeric Lardet Year ago

    Slt bravo pour ta place et est tu français ?

  • I LA
    I LA Year ago +2

    IncreΓ­ble Iago!!!!! enhorabuena, tΓ­o cada aΓ±o vas mas fuerte.

  • Spider Gin
    Spider Gin Year ago

    Great stuff. You're a lunatic. Nice skills!

  • Dan Green
    Dan Green Year ago

    Great race! It was crazy that you basically were riding by yourself for a solid 15 minutes of that ride! Is it a strange feeling to be by yourself during a race with 300 people?

  • Stewart Malcolm
    Stewart Malcolm Year ago +13

    I see the guy in front Josh bryceland took a nice short cut when you shouted "where you going man"
    is that even allowed or should riders that cut the course be Disqualified. ?? good race though Lago.

  • Sergi Olivella
    Sergi Olivella Year ago

    Brutal adelantamiento al final!! Muy grande

  • R3IMU
    R3IMU Year ago +17

    Amazing run! Your stamina is remarkable. I thought you were gonna puke on top of that mountain, but you recovered so quickly once you got into the downhill section! Congratulations to your tenth place finish! :)

  • Tzwixi
    Tzwixi Year ago +3


  • Andy MTB
    Andy MTB Year ago +48

    Everyone who rides this is a freaking hero!

  • gap1967uk
    gap1967uk Year ago


  • Tzwixi
    Tzwixi Year ago +1

    you guys so fast! wasnt that fast this we on the glacier!!!!!!!

  • LluΓ­s Montseny

    que grande eres Iago
    Aver si te animas a subir videos de DH

  • Jordi Flores
    Jordi Flores Year ago

    Brutal Iago!! Braaaap

  • cumbres
    cumbres Year ago

    Grande Iago!

  • samuel piovano
    samuel piovano Year ago +27

    31:50 disgusting!

  • ElRubenako
    ElRubenako Year ago +1

    iago... En q tramo has pillado los 92km/h?....en la nieve?