True Facts: Leafhoppers and Friends

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
    Dr. Andreas Kay
    Dr.Kay has captured intimate portraits of many wonderful animals. All of his photos and footage are worth a look
    TinyCreature Hub:
    I love this channel from Singapore. Lots of great videos from an enthusiast!
    Malcolm Burrows ScD, FRS
    Dr. Burrows led the fantastic research pertaining to the jumping mechanism of the planthopper nymph
    Gernot Kunz:
    Animals of Costa Rica App:
    Gernot provided most of the photos and has an incredible collection of animal shots in his app. Check it out!
    Thierry Bourgoin:
    the FLOW database
    A very deep database of this vast collection of species.
    If you have suggestions or footage:
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  • GEMINIz _
    GEMINIz _ 7 hours ago

    Y’all ever played spore?

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    glenisterm 7 hours ago

    Could you do hamsters?

  • Alex van Oers
    Alex van Oers 9 hours ago

    Cicadas? They look similar...

  • Alan Paris
    Alan Paris 9 hours ago

    Leafhoppers Type Fire, normal, fairy, thunder, omg its how pokemon!

  • Hairtrigger83
    Hairtrigger83 11 hours ago

    So glad you came back to making these videos, great work as always.

  • Earth 'n
    Earth 'n 11 hours ago

    I hope every 4th grader gets to see this!

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  • houchi69
    houchi69 12 hours ago

    I believe those ants are called the Assucker Ants.

  • Jacob Musgrove
    Jacob Musgrove 14 hours ago

    You should do more spiders species.

  • rudolph mantooth banksy

    Omg yall r foolin lmao

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    kill it

  • BittersweetLisa
    BittersweetLisa 18 hours ago

    Just noticed it now but he sounds like the narrator in peppa pig

  • Jim C
    Jim C 19 hours ago

    Please please keep making these videos! I cant stop laughing at these! I have watched them at least 5 times each since I found your page last night

  • pingosimon
    pingosimon 21 hour ago

    I love all your videos, but this one is just the best!

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    ultimateninjaboi 21 hour ago

    Stop fibbing, Jerry

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    Business in the front, party in the...butt.

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    Dan Lewis Day ago

    A new favorite. Bravo!

  • Mihaela Dudovska

    Add some ads, man. I would watch them all for you.

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    I think I'm in love with zefrank1...❤️

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    #Jerry #HoneyDeeeur

    PEACE Day ago

    cute, but devastating to plants

  • Ok
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    They devistate my garden tho

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    Yes bebbeh!

  • Lord Vig
    Lord Vig Day ago

    this was beautiful, too damn short lol

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    To accesserable the beauty of our world to humanity is worth to be done.
    Thankfully, N.!

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    Tomer P Day ago

    Zefrank, I think it's time to do one about wombats!

  • AlwaysRushesIn
    AlwaysRushesIn Day ago

    Working in lawn care these guys suck.

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    Gdsm9 Day ago

    LMAO!! ZeFrank1, I'd love to see one on elephants, if you have any ideas for that. Love your videos.

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    I think we can all strive to be a little bit more Mildred.

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  • Noti Fawkes
    Noti Fawkes 2 days ago

    I wish some of these were in my backyard.

  • Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson 2 days ago +3

    "Science is one long passive - aggressive argument" Truer words were never spoken.

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    Fishers O.M. 2 days ago

    Welcome back! It made my day! Thanks a lot! :)

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    This are wonderful. 😂

  • prestigious carrot
    prestigious carrot 2 days ago

    But what about their penis?

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    Thank you so much for making these videos again :-)

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    • Original Virtuoso
      Original Virtuoso Day ago

      PEACE 😂😂😂😂 I had to sit on that one for a minute

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      lol Lefthopper

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 days ago

    We need facts about the sun fish!!!

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    Mildred is my Zodiac now

  • 007Chakochi
    007Chakochi 2 days ago

    Awesome narration 😂

  • Lionheart 95
    Lionheart 95 2 days ago

    I literally fell in love with them just from the narration. Sadly, if one teleported next to me, no matter how small or magnificent the party butts, the little wibble wobbles, or the Ludicous speed helmets, I would scream. And want to die.

  • thomas gatto
    thomas gatto 2 days ago

    That thing looks like a popcorn

  • redd ztone
    redd ztone 2 days ago

    So smol

  • Rissa
    Rissa 2 days ago

    Everyone in the comments like "as a scientist, science being a passive aggressive argument is so true" and im just here to tell you that I'm a film student and it still checks out.
    Maybe EVERYTHING is a slow passive-aggressive argument.

  • craig me
    craig me 2 days ago

    Wonderful, thank you. Lovely creatures. Remember the other 99% - Subscribed.

  • Grim Haunting
    Grim Haunting 2 days ago

    A true facts about the platypus would be greatly enjoyed!

  • Virginia Hunt
    Virginia Hunt 2 days ago

    Poking around like a hungover nurse on blood drive day...LMAO

  • Thomas Terry
    Thomas Terry 2 days ago

    Entomology: Apparently the branch of science that is obsessed with what comes out of insect butts. 10/10 was not disappointed.

  • Nick Guy
    Nick Guy 2 days ago

    I shouldn't watch these in the library.

  • Kossolax the Foresworn

    well they are interesting, if they would only eat weeds instead of the plants we actually care about.

  • Jenna T
    Jenna T 2 days ago +1

    No, "that is how a leafhopper do." *sulks wistfully*

  • Heather _
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    Cutest bug ever.

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    I also love them

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    Are there no butt munching ants about?