Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Oct 9, 2017
  • Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.
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Comments • 33 742

  • Blackmilky
    Blackmilky 3 hours ago

    John Oliver, the audacity of someone going to another country to mock their history. When you abandoned your own shit hole that is the UK clearly because you found America superior

  • David Hart
    David Hart 4 hours ago

    I don't honor traitors.

    • AE Devereux
      AE Devereux 3 hours ago

      The United States was founded by traitors. Honest. Look it up. Would you prefer most of North America to have remained in the British Empire with everyone living under the rule of British kings and queens? The Constitution and Bill of Rights never to have been created?

  • ghallison69
    ghallison69 4 hours ago

    A Brit has no place in the discussion. Shut-up John Oliver!

  • AE Devereux
    AE Devereux 6 hours ago

    When will Israel establish a memorial to the people they killed at Deir Yassin?

  • AE Devereux
    AE Devereux 6 hours ago

    Mr. Oliver, should Britain take down the statue of Bomber Harris?

  • AE Devereux
    AE Devereux 7 hours ago

    @The Duffman
    Did you just pull your other comment off this video in order to erase all our exchanges in that thread? In order to erase all my responses to you? And you've now blocked me from responding on your remaining comment? Amazing. What a coward you are.
    You say that my responses to others are "not normal"? And you are the judge of what is "normal" and calm? You who are so "intense" about this issue that you speak of "piece of shit flags" you want "to piss on"?
    Maybe if you get bothered and "intense" enough you'll pull all your comments off this video and completely run away.
    Here's what I wrote in response to your last comments to me on that other thread. You mentioned Ben Affleck's situation and earlier you pulled a Godwin because you didn't know what else to do. Sorry if some don't find my response easy to follow but then had you not been a coward and left your original comment up we'd all still have the thread to consult:
    >>I thought this was funny (when you wrote): "There is a reason celebrities like Ben Affleck were so ashamed of his ancestors." I know what you were trying to say but your formulation literally states that "celebrities [besides Affleck] were [or still are...] ashamed of HIS [Ben Affleck's] ancestors" [rather than their own]. That's funny. Poor Ben. If his ancestors did indeed own slaves I wouldn't object to him having to pay a huge amount of reparations out. Perhaps all of it. Pearl Harbor (his movie...) was an atrocity in itself.
    Wow, Duffy. A lot of accusations you've made against me. I might have to start numbering them. First off, you don't respect my opinion? Golly, how can I go on?
    War is "bad"? And "dark"? And "the situation hasn't been remedied"? What was your first clue? "People are trying..." I see. Where on this entire page of comments have I "romanticized" the Confederacy? What is "sympathy" with the Confederacy? If someone were to point out that Union troops committed rapes, random killings or atrocities in a certain corner of the "dark chapter" that is the Civil War would your knee-jerk response be to justify such things because "we need to condemn anyone who sympathizes" with people who lived in the South? Just trying to understand and have clarified the "zero-tolerance" statement you've made about (as yet undefined) "sympathy".
    But what's missing in your last post? No more talk of "nazis"? What happened? After going that far to bolster your argument or "condemn sympathy" for the South, you quit?
    You brought it - So we shall discuss it. You must be a "believer" in all we've been told about "nazis" otherwise you wouldn't have bothered to include it, to use it - to fling it forth - in comparison to the Confederacy. And your belief must be based on your knowledge of this subject. Otherwise it's nothing more than the outward expression of a deep-rooted hatred of Germans. So if I were to ask you basic questions about the Holocaust you should be able to answer. Assuming of course you are not a hate-filled propagandist who spreads defamation parroting something he either has no basic grasp of or cares not whether the story he spreads is even true.

  • leonmfrancis
    leonmfrancis 9 hours ago

    people need to remember that shit happened
    it happened for reasons, just because nowadays it doesnt suit fucking happend

  • leonmfrancis
    leonmfrancis 9 hours ago

    this is bullshit

  • nananooknak
    nananooknak 17 hours ago

    MY TWO FAVORITE HOSTS! this truly is top notch!

  • Khum Gurgulliere
    Khum Gurgulliere 23 hours ago

    i hate this limey bastard and wish him harm
    why is he so popular in amerika when he is a discarded failure in his home country?

  • sfincione2000
    sfincione2000 Day ago

    Actually, the fat redneck that said his family couldn't afford slaves wasn't wrong. There were loads of farms back then that didn't have slaves. Personally, I think that another reason for the confederacy was to protect the ideals of the redneck culture, which came from the British Isles. That horrendous behaviour that still lives on primarily in the south. If any "culture" should be erased from the earth, then the redneck one is one the top of my list.

  • AshidentsHappen
    AshidentsHappen Day ago

    So, to address the President's concern with where the taking down the statues stops, I'm pretty sure Jefferson and Washington are safe as they were key members in the creation and running of the nation and not trying to leave it. Strictly speaking, *statues* of Confederate soldiers are unpatriotic because we are glorifying people who *literally committed treason.* No, Robert E. Lee is not an American hero; IF HE HAD IT HIS WAY HE WOULD NOT BE AMERICAN. The Civil War and the Confederacy are important to this country's history. Fact. But removing the statues isn't deciding if it is or isn't important to remember. It's taking a stance on how we view the actions of those people. In Germany, you don't see Swasticas and Hitler statues. Yet, that aspect of WWII is still remembered and studied. People don't need big, flashy monuments to remember things, especially if you're forced to relearn it every year for about 12 years.
    Fighting to keep statues up of people whose major contribution to history is being proslavery and trying to create a new country that *does not exist and never has,* isn't fighting against "cherry picking history". It's fighting to keep strong reminders of slavery. And we have no shortage of those; see the Washington Monument, the White House, and others.
    P.S. All of history is cherry picked. As Stephen Schwartz wrote in Wicked, "A man's called a traitor-or liberator. A rich man's a thief-or philanthropist. Is one a crusader-or ruthless invader? It's all in which label is able to persist." Whoever has more people left and a louder voice gets to write history.

  • oliver _
    oliver _ Day ago

    Everyone should try to be like Anderson Cooper

  • Andre Tsang
    Andre Tsang Day ago

    The thing is, if you make grilled cheese like that, when the toaster is done and the spring engages the grilled cheese launches out of the toaster.
    Yes it's from experience that I speak

  • Ann Valencia
    Ann Valencia Day ago +1

    And these folks who insist that they want to keep these reminders from the past it's because they still believe that they have a natural superiority over people with colored skin. They committed genocide against the first people of color they ran into American Natives stole their lands and then bought slaves from the Dutch. They didn't employ them. Those southerners always say "The South Will Rise. Again " it's their deep seeded wish".
    Isn't it funny that it's only due to nature that they do have "whitish" skin. And yet they are always tanning to get brown. That's a admission that they think brown skin is admirable. It's a compliment brown skinned people!

  • Ann Valencia
    Ann Valencia Day ago

    The Civil War may have been about a states right to govern itself. But they fought to keep human beings enslaved. That just could not be allowed any longer.

  • wolfpaw1919
    wolfpaw1919 Day ago

    I'm southern born southern breed souther till the day I'm dead

  • Ardor the Apathetic Dog

    For years throughout elementary school and middle school we were taught that the Civil War was fought because of states' rights. In high school a very dedicated and excellent teacher taught us otherwise, because the states' right issue CAME from the slavery issue. However, in all of the text books and as a generally accepted part of the history curriculum, that is how it's commonly taught in the South, if not the entire US. Where I live, one of our largest schools is named after Robert E. Lee, my mother is supportive of the Confederate flag, simply because she thinks it is now more of a staple of Southern pride rather than the Confederacy and slavery, and my grandfather almost got a paint job on his El Camino of the Confederate flag spanning the hood of his car. Hopefully this way of thinking will eventually die off.

  • kole sama
    kole sama Day ago

    This person is talking nonsense.

  • British Nerd
    British Nerd Day ago

    You are trying to show trump as a racist, while there is a black guy smiling right behind him.

  • Brendan
    Brendan Day ago +1

    oh look, another talk show host putting his opinion out there when we all know it doesn't matter.

    • Skippy the Magnificent
      Skippy the Magnificent 3 hours ago

      Oh look! Another commenter who's completely missed the point and we all know doesn't matter.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks Day ago

      No kidding! Talk show hosts should not be allowed to talk or have opinions!!!

  • Richard Jimenez
    Richard Jimenez Day ago

    Cool show 👍🏼

  • Richard Jimenez
    Richard Jimenez Day ago

    I agree strongly that put statues in a museum

  • Drunken Grunt
    Drunken Grunt Day ago

    Lol, love how he negates the fact that the Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in th South (which was obviously ignored) and kept them in the north, or the multiple racist as fuck quotes by Lincoln about Blacks being unequal. But you know, he's a Liberal in a suit with glasses on TV. He has to be correct, right?

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks Day ago

      As a wartime executive order, legally the EP could ONLY apply to states in rebellion. Freeing the few remaining slaves in the Border States required a constitutional amendment, which is why Lincoln passed and signed the 13th Amendment that you hate so much. Obvs.

  • Moshe Eban
    Moshe Eban 2 days ago +1

    If statues of those morons are part of history, then Germans should fill every street corner with Nazi symbolism. Lying racist white-supremacist snakes trying to preserve racism by calling it history & heritage.

  • Jake Grunwald
    Jake Grunwald 2 days ago +1

    The confederacy has a rich and glorious history!

  • Wyatt B
    Wyatt B 2 days ago

    The people are kinda correct, its history, remember it or you will repeat it. The symbol represents southern pride and not racism any more. symbols change their meaning all the time look at the swastika, a rainbow = gay now, the infinity symbol, or skull and crossbones by pirates which mean danger or possible death.

  • Bjorn Thor
    Bjorn Thor 2 days ago +1

    Anyone claiming the Civil War was about states' rights is either ignorant or lying. Of course it was about slavery. The Civil War never would have been fought if slavery did not exist in the South. Period. I scoff every time someone uses the states' rights argument to defend a state law. Because in the vast majority of cases where that argument was made AFTER the Civil War it was made by a southern state trying to defend a law that discriminated against blacks and other minorities. "States' rights" is just an excuse bigots use to justify their bigotry.

  • Ben Kachelhofer
    Ben Kachelhofer 2 days ago

    The main point that is often ignored in the piling on is that, THERE WAS NO CIVIL WAR, a civil war is when there is a fight over a single government. The Confederate States independently drafted their own Constitutions and made no offensive effort or attack, until the Union struck first. The Union WAS THE INVADING FORCE, almost the entire war was fought in the South, and as the man in the video described, many in the South, most of which didnt own slaves, TOOK UP ARMS TO DEFEND THEIR OWN FARM, THEIR NIEGHBOR, THEIR TOWN, THEIR STATE (See William Sherman, See Atlanta, see hundreds of other Confederate towns that were destroyed). We dont blame the men who fought in Vietnam for the misguided foreign policy of the government , and in that case they were flying half way around the World to engage in conflict, not protecting their homeland.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks Day ago

      The confederates unconstitutionally seceded, raised an army, and attacked American soldiers and military bases all across the South, including at Fort Sumter. If you declare your trailer park to be a separate sovereign nation and open fire on your neighbors, it's not an "invasion" when the cops come to arrest you, and attacking the cops is not "protecting your homeland."

  • YoyoDS5
    YoyoDS5 2 days ago

    The clip where the guy was talking about how his ancestors couldn't afford slaves because they were expensive and equal parts hilarious, interesting and telling. Because if they didn't have slaves and couldn't afford them, why would they put their lives on the line for something that essentially didn't affect their lives? Unless they were hoping they would get rich enough to afford them, or they despised being seen as equal to the people they thought as slaves, I don't see why he is fighting so hard for that history. I mean cognitive dissonance or the racism is in his spirit and that, but wow.

  • Matthew Berg
    Matthew Berg 2 days ago

    This idiot has no idea what he is talking about. there is nothing wrong with the confederacy.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 2 days ago

      Fuck yeah. There's nothing wrong with the confederacy. Unless maybe you think slavery is morally wrong and horrifically indefensible.

  • Bradden Scott
    Bradden Scott 2 days ago

    Omg, the toaster idea is awesome

  • Michael John
    Michael John 2 days ago +3

    That the federal govt allowed segregation to exist after the Civil War was a massive mistake that enabled ignorance to fester.

  • wailinburnin
    wailinburnin 2 days ago

    Unfortunately, the white guy at 9:02 is tragically right about the Civil War. While we should praise the Abolitionist Movement, truth is, the advent of reliable steamship service to and from Europe meant that "free labor" was more cost effective than slavery, slaves were understood to be too expensive, economic studies of the time showed this, and inventing an "American Dream" sold tickets. That is Capitalism and it is the same system we live under now. Many, if not most, white soldiers and people of European extraction in the United States at the time supported the idea of ending slavery and loading all the existing slaves (with free blacks encouraged to follow) on ships and sending them back to Africa - these ultra segregationists included both Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Beecher Stowe as well as a number of black nationalists who justifiably wanted out. But worse, for the issue of Confederate Statues, is that most, if not nearly all, were erected during intense Jim Crow Era segregation in order to destroy any trace of the legacy of Reconstruction and rights of Black People and set up monuments to White Supremacy. Capitalism makes pigs of us all, Black African Slavery was a grave injustice, what injustices are we (and I mean "we" as all of us, we are all together) ignoring right now? That, should arguably be the question going forward, yet what do we get: "healthcare is not a universal right and we need to teach kids to be entrepreneurs" for starters. More of the same Capitalist money worship denial of humanity.

    • wailinburnin
      wailinburnin 2 days ago

      You are absolutely right, I have not researched documentation and only am recounting what I remember from high school and undergrad history classes which I remember included documentaries shown on 16 mm film projectors. Here the first thing that comes up on a Google Search: Economic debate going on for over 150 years.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 2 days ago

      It's not documented anywhere. That's why you've never cited any primary evidence, and never will. It's hilarious to suggest that the South went broke on elaborate HR training classes for their slaves. Thanks for the laugh!

    • wailinburnin
      wailinburnin 2 days ago

      Believe it or not, this is not an opinion, this is documented. The Plantation System required huge expense for security, guns and drivers, arable land devoted to slave quarters, training costs for some incredibly complicated tasks, paying off preachers to keep the indoctrination strong, and food and and board during periods of down time. It's incredible to consider but it is actually supported and add to this slave trading, all the capital tied up in slaves, it's like your big beautiful coal mine and and all your outlay and along comes cheaper natural gas and renewables, look what's happening, Trump economics. Thanks for your reply, it is true, justice was not the driving factor, it was hard cold economics and White Superiority.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 2 days ago

      No "economic studies of the time" showed that slaves were too expensive or not cost-effective. It always makes economic sense to pay your workers nothing than to pay them something. And it's nice to believe that most white Americans opposed slavery in 1860, but it's completely untrue.

  • Gavin Williamson
    Gavin Williamson 2 days ago

    *Warning: Long Rant Ahead*
    *TL;DR: Keep the statues to celebrate their losses, not the inherit beliefs surrounding them*
    We in Scotland have much the same problem with a statue of the once Duke of Sutherland, George Granville.
    While I can't say I've read a biography of the man I have come to the conclusion he was a professional shit-whistle in his lifetime.
    He was responsible for some of the worst acts of the Highland Clearances in Sutherland which for those who don't know was the sometimes incentive-induced but usually forced relocation of native Scottish Highlanders so their rich landowners could repurpose the land.
    These Highlanders may have been "lucky" and scratched out a living in nearby cities but most were forced to live in different countries entirely within the British Empire, never to see their homes again.
    I myself am a Highlander and do agree that Granville certainly doesn't deserve a statue for his legacy. However, I also don't think we should tear it down as well.
    Like John Oliver said, we can't cherry pick our history and I think keeping the monuments of dead ideas and policies is a nice way to unify those once affected by them and rub it in the noses of those who once agreed with them.
    There are statues of Confederate generals all across The South? Good! Now they're eternally forced to see the black citizens of their states and realise they were on the wrong side of history!
    Auschwitz is still standing? Great! Now it exists as a tourist attraction showcasing how the arguably most evil political ideology to ever exist never achieved its goals, with the people it was supposed to eliminate now freely going there on their holidays!
    George Granville still looks over the coast of Sutherland in statue form? Fantastic! All he'll see is that the fame of his lineage died out while Highland culture made its return and we celebrate those he took out of their homes!
    So, America, I'd argue you should keep your statues. Not to celebrate what those who they are based off believed but to celebrate the fact those same beliefs were ultimately defeated.
    Thanks if you managed to get to the end of this and not fall asleep! Cheers!

    • Gavin Williamson
      Gavin Williamson Day ago

      RonPaulHatesBlacks Again, I'm not stating that the statues literally celebrate the fact that they are of lost causes. That warps the whole point of a monument. But when you compare a statue of a lost ideology to the world around it, it can invoke a sense of pride knowing that what it stood for then is obscure now. That's why I don't want the statue of Granville torn down; it doesn't remind me of the tragedy of the Clearances so much as it reminds me that Highland culture returned, thus, he ultimately failed.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks Day ago

      Building a 100-foot statue of Hitler or Stonewall Jackson doesn't convey the message that they lost and faded away. That's hilarious, though. For that, you would need a statue of Hitler killing himself in a bunker while Allied troops liberated his concentration camps overhead.

    • Gavin Williamson
      Gavin Williamson Day ago

      RonPaulHatesBlacks I'm not saying they were built to celebrate the fact they lost; more that people can now look at them and take away the fact the ideologies based around them have faded / are fading into obscurity as the other side won. You could make a 100m high statue of Stonewall Jackson and place it smack dab in the middle of New York; all it will do is remind people that, in the end, The Confederates and slavery as an institution lost in the grand scheme of history.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 2 days ago

      A triumphant 40-foot statue doesn't celebrate a loss, and is vastly different than preserving the remains and horrors of Auschwitz. Obvs.

  • eric debord
    eric debord 2 days ago

    john Oliver your an idiot.
    why did your government protect that sex offender.
    the whole country knew what he was doing and your government kept it covered up.

  • IdiotBoxProductionsTV

    There were other things they fought for besides slavery, lincoln gave them an offer to surrender within 60 days and they could keep their slaves, and they didn’t

  • dorvanie
    dorvanie 2 days ago

    i'll vouch for SC since i live here unfortunately, to say we would like the Colbert statue. pls let us have it. when can it arrive?

  • Jim French
    Jim French 2 days ago

    Hey Oliver,when are you going to do a show about the British Hairbuyers and the bounty on Penobscot
    Baby Scalps..and how the BABY SCALPS were called REDSKINS..? How much would you pay for a BABY SCALP ? That happened Oliver...let’s hear an opening bid funnyman..

  • Samuel Roberts
    Samuel Roberts 2 days ago

    19:48 Atlanta Texas? Atlanta is in Georgia

    • Skippy the Magnificent
      Skippy the Magnificent 3 hours ago

      There is an Atlanta, Texas, and it's that Atlanta where Bessie Coleman is from.

  • Zachy
    Zachy 2 days ago

    remove statues of Confederate soldiers as they were the enemy.
    But erect statues of racist hinduphobes like Churchill since they are not a good minority vote bank

  • Big Kountry
    Big Kountry 2 days ago

    Go figure democrats telling people in the south what statues to have. Next your going to tell them they talk funny and need to be retaught

  • Christopher Matthews

    You need to go to HELL. You and the sorry ass United States. They are a bunch of lying, murdering, slave mongering, and bullying.

  • usun
    usun 2 days ago

    I don't see a problem. Russia has monuments to White officers who lost the civil war.

    • usun
      usun 2 days ago

      I now realize, that "White officer" sounds hilarious in this context, but White were as opposed to Red ones :). Which is also hilarious in this context for the US viewers.

  • Jim French
    Jim French 3 days ago

    None of your friends played with Miles..mine did.I really doubt you even know who Miles was.
    Dixie you have a real name?

  • Rick Monty
    Rick Monty 3 days ago +1

    Flag waving mediocre simpletons. Indicative of meaningless lives wasted.

  • Jim French
    Jim French 3 days ago

    Hey John Oliver..are you better than Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis,and Louis Armstrong put together?
    They ALL recorded DIXIE..and those guys all hated Fags like you..English Rock n Roll got ALL its best moves from Dixie...and WHY did MILES DAVIS choose ..When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again as
    the last tune on his final departure from history? Not God save the Queen..?

  • dessakat
    dessakat 3 days ago +1

    As an American... The Confederacy not American history... They're traitors... It angers me greatly that people will be like..."mAh history"... It's fucking bullshit n

  • Jim French
    Jim French 3 days ago

    70 million infected worldwide English new to your tribe.?
    You didn’t seem to understand Britain’s role in selling its Slaves off to the Confederacy.
    Well... HIV is going to be around Britain for a long,long time with guys like John Oliver
    and the gay-boys in media..

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 days ago

      "The AIDS epidemic is sweeping *DEAR OLD BRITAIN* into the closet last I heard...70 million infected,35 million dead."

  • ruben canas
    ruben canas 3 days ago

    Heritage not hate and you are one of them democrat the man that started the kkk was a democrat

  • The Ripped Reaper
    The Ripped Reaper 3 days ago

    Im blows my mind that a British is taking down on Americans about slavery while the British themselves were the original slave masters who bought and brought Africans in North America, followed by the Spanish and Portuguese.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 days ago

      Fuck yeah, man. No British person is ever allowed to say that slavery is morally wrong, because of what other long-dead British people did in the 1600s. BEST. ARGUMENT. EVER.

  • Bob ap Bob
    Bob ap Bob 3 days ago

    Most soldiers fought for their community. Your relatives and neighbors joined so you joined. Mostly. My great grandfather who lived also in North Carolina, told the Confederate conscription officer he could shoot him but he wasn't going. They took him anyway and the next annotation in his records is from the US Provost marshal because he deserted. I have other North Carolina ancestors who also deserted the CSA army. They were heroes.

  • Bob ap Bob
    Bob ap Bob 3 days ago

    The largest military base, Ft Bragg, is named for the worst general in American history.

  • Thomas Day
    Thomas Day 3 days ago +1

    It's particularly hilarious that our traitorous, Orange Turnip President this "they're trying to take away our history." Donny, your American history began with your father and ended with you.

  • Tony Stewart
    Tony Stewart 3 days ago +1

    This just displays how many ignorant people we have in the U.S. I know there are ignorant people all over the world but the U.S. takes the cake on this with the utter disgust of what some of the citizens are fighting for. Racism is a disease and the U.S. is infested with it.

  • Blood Taker
    Blood Taker 3 days ago

    What about the rights of native Americans?

  • Jim French
    Jim French 3 days ago

    The British sold how many Slaves to the Confederacy? Well,well,well...The AIDS epidemic is sweeping
    dear old Britain back into the closet last I heard...70 million infected,35 million dead...and I bet that
    John Oliver is going to be the lucky face in the bath house that wins that lottery..

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 days ago

      70 million AIDS infections in the UK!!! That's hilarious. The entire UK population is only 65 million.

  • Lil Paulia
    Lil Paulia 3 days ago

    The food is great at Dixie stampede

  • Malice Madness
    Malice Madness 3 days ago +1

    I'm Australian and I fucking knew your civil war was about slavery! What is WRONG with you America!?!

  • Ruthlessnoodle
    Ruthlessnoodle 3 days ago

    You are a human shit stain.

  • Schutte God
    Schutte God 4 days ago

    Despite the jokes, it really is hard to listen to a smug Brit judge us about our history...when all along it was the British who introduced slavery to our country to begin with. Get over yourself, John Oliver.

  • Cosmic Dog
    Cosmic Dog 4 days ago

    this is still a thing, because deep down, a lot of regular white people feel threatened by black people, in so many different ways.

  • Issadog Boss
    Issadog Boss 4 days ago

    Only in America LOL

  • peter rabbit
    peter rabbit 4 days ago

    Hey, John Oliver, you ignorant putz, the first slave owner in Virginia was Anthony Johnson, a BLACK man. In 1650,he had several slaves, and became wealthy. And your home country, England, where you grew up, has a social order in which the lower classes can NEVER enter the upper classes, no matter how smart or talented. And England, where you grew up, has colonized, brutalized, dominated and killed all manner of humans in Africa, India, and many other places. It was not until 1834 that England finally passed The Abolition Act, that freed the slaves of the British Empire. Your own country profited from slavery (the misery and death of millions) for CENTURIES. And the way your King and Queen treat my ancestors in Ireland, to this very day, is abominable. By the way, America saved your asses in WW2, so show some gratitude, friend.

  • Chris Dipaolo
    Chris Dipaolo 4 days ago

    I don't think British have much room to talk as far as disgusting racist and oppressive history lol

  • cattigereyes1
    cattigereyes1 4 days ago +1

    Honesty hurts

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan 4 days ago

    I love it when twats from across the pond tell us how racist we are. They should read a history book.

  • Decibel
    Decibel 4 days ago

    'He looks like if a nickel did cocaine'

  • Gerard Vaughan
    Gerard Vaughan 4 days ago

    15k Downs ?! That's worrying. No, not ONLY 15k, Fifteen Thousand Thumbs DOWN ?! How do I get head around that ?.
    "Houston, we Really Do have a problem, this time"

  • thosetwodudes
    thosetwodudes 4 days ago +1

    15:40 falling out of my chair laughing

  • Adewale
    Adewale 4 days ago +3

    You don't see germans keeping their nazi shit up, they still let you know about their fucked up history

    only racists want the confederate shit up

  • littlegayfairy
    littlegayfairy 4 days ago

    The United States should support Israel more and provide Israel more military weapons for free (rise to $200 billion per year in free weapons). Then, Israel should castrate all Palestinian males to prevent them from having any more children. Then the United States should make Israel a territory of the United States, just like Puerto Rico. Israel should exterminate all Arabs in the Land noted in the Bible. God gave them that land. Once Israel exterminate all those Palestinians and Arabs in the ancient land of Israel, the United States should make Israel a territory of the United States, just like Puerto Rico.

  • Quality Con-trolling
    Quality Con-trolling 4 days ago +1

    Lol that dude was hilarious “do you know how expensive a slave was???”

  • Tim Carroll
    Tim Carroll 4 days ago

    The gent with his flag shouldered had an extremely valid point. According to US Census figures from the 1860's, only 3.6% of citizens in Confederate states owned multiple slaves. I found this tidbit of extremely interesting info while doing a research paper on slavery while in college.The VAST majority of Confederate citizens were poor people who worked their asses off in the same fields, doing the same labor that slaves did.
    And common sense should tell everyone that 95% of the population of the Confederate states would not leave their homes and families to go on foot and fight a bloody war just so the rich guys in the government and the rich plantation owner a few miles up the road could keep his slaves. If you do not believe me, then go try to convince 95% of the folks at your job to risk their lives on some plan that will make you rich and see how well your recruitment goes.
    But these truths do not fit the narrative, so they are discarded.....

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 4 days ago

      That means you have a two-car household. We measure property ownership by household, not by individual. Children cannot own cars or slaves, and including them is a cowardly act intended to skew and distort the truth. The truth is that slavery and slave ownership were pervasive in the antebellum South.

    • Tim Carroll
      Tim Carroll 4 days ago

      "We" don't talk about cars per may. My household has two cars and 5 people. That means that 60% of my household doesn't own a car. That is a fact. You can spin it by saying my household has a car to suit your needs, but the fact remains that my three children are not car owners.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 4 days ago

      All property is measured by household. We talk about the number of cars per family, and televisions per household. You are attempting to artificially deflate and minimize your beloved slavery by including children and others who would never own slaves individually. That's an epic fail, slappy. There's no shame in admitting the truth, which is that slavery and slave ownership was pervasive in the antebellum South. If you have to lie about slavery or the Holocaust in order to defend it, that's a telltale sign that you're on the wrong side of the discussion.
      You're not going to find the "government census data book" because it doesn't exist. You're lying about it, or misremembering it. You should be honest about that, too.

    • Tim Carroll
      Tim Carroll 4 days ago

      So you are quoting the number of "families" that owned slaves while I am citing the individuals who actually owned them. Nice way to inflate your number using the same data....pretty slick I must say!
      The data you are looking at has been compiled into a much more recent database. The info I was looking at was from an actual government census data was hard as hell to find (and read given it was a photo of old ass printed data) 5 years ago.......and I am not about to go to all of that trouble finding it again just to show you something that you wouldn't believe no matter what because it doesn't fit your narrative.
      So troll away on the other posts as you were before. But again, I do say well done on skewing those numbers to fit your data. That is some Goebbels-level data manipulation propaganda right there!

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 4 days ago

      That's funny. You didn't provide a source for any of your Lost Cause lies, and you never will. The 1860 census is widely available online, including at The quote is also widely available online, unless someone is too fat and lazy to do a Google search, including at
      There's no shame in admitting the rebels seceded and fought for slavery, the self-declared "cornerstone" of the entire confederacy. It's just a historical fact, like the Holocaust. Pretending otherwise demeans the gravity of what the rebels fought for, and died for. It's shameful.

  • Aaron E
    Aaron E 4 days ago

    The rival war could have been avoided if Lincolyn (would have been smart enough) to have said; if you want to join the union great! If you don't you're on your own. Then after they tired of the other countries trying to carve them up could say hey join the union and receive US protection! And not one Amarican would have killed any other Amarican! But Lyncolyn was so short sighted 4 years of the bloodiest crap in US history. NOT A GREAT president!!!!!

  • Mighty Marouane Fellaini

    How about they move the statues out of public parks and move them into museums where history is supposed to be and what they were made for. That way we keep the statues and people can still learn about who they are

  • Gerberger
    Gerberger 4 days ago

    The fake applause and laughter seem to distract the brainless masses from how shit of a show this actually is. His jokes aren't funny and everything else he talks about is either nonsense or useless. This is TV.

  • Gaz Matic
    Gaz Matic 4 days ago

    Just because the UK did something stupid doesn't mean America should follow suit
    You can't even have a breadknife

  • James Barlow
    James Barlow 5 days ago

    This guy has pretty much run his course

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 5 days ago

      The guy with 10 Emmy awards and a contract through 2020? Not likely. I think you've run your course in life, boy.

  • Qlutch Qazi Gaming
    Qlutch Qazi Gaming 5 days ago +1

    If what the confederates are saying is true then their should be a hitler statue in Germany because “its history”

  • L. Whalen
    L. Whalen 5 days ago

    How about a statue of General Sherman in Georgia? I mean, it is their history after all...

  • Wiley Coyote
    Wiley Coyote 5 days ago

    "The Dilemma of Will Baxter"
    Bonnie and her music boxes,
    And a bar fight of course,
    Box camera shadows,
    And long on its course...
    A player piano,
    A dilemma day
    All her gay parties,
    They're well on their way...
    They called it a schizo,
    a narco, a play,
    And strung up the wires
    In every which way...
    Gunpowder "gonnes"
    They shock and dishevel,
    But nothing stirs death
    Like a music box devil
    Willard Now sits,
    His head in hot oven
    The witch is to cook him
    And eat up his brethren
    The dilemma of Willard
    And all he unplugs
    Every man addled
    "And then there's the drugs..."
    -Narco Victrola, 2018

  • Marty Zielinski
    Marty Zielinski 5 days ago

    Dear sweet John..... Thank heavens that we yanks haven’t had to take you Limeys seriously for the past 242 years. And thanks as well, for your judgmental, divisive rhetoric that helped prevent Hildabeast from winning in 2016. Pleas accept heartfelt gratitude too, for having learned NOTHING from that lesson....

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 5 days ago +2

      This alt-right snowflake needed a trigger warning!!! LOL.

  • sinistar99
    sinistar99 5 days ago +3

    You could turn the same statue question around. Today we have a statue of Robert E Lee next week do we have a statue of David Duke.. The next week we have a statue of Timothy McVeigh the week after that Adolph Hitler where does it stop?

  • Raymond Potts
    Raymond Potts 5 days ago

    Way to go, Asheboro, North Carolina!

  • octoberboiy
    octoberboiy 5 days ago +3

    I'd love a huge Benedict Arnold statue placed near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Then let's hear all these "oh it's history" people protest against it. Traitors don't deserve memorials, ESPECIALLY NEAR FEDERAL BUILDINGS.

  • Sir Maggotbone
    Sir Maggotbone 5 days ago

    love it

  • patricia Hemelesi
    patricia Hemelesi 5 days ago +1

    the confederacy should be remembered as nazism is in Germany.
    The confederate monuments should be collected in a museum. Not forgotten, no, but not celebrated in public either.

  • SinHurr
    SinHurr 5 days ago +3

    "only the right state's rights matter"
    So the conservative ideology hasn't changed much, I see.

  • O T
    O T 5 days ago

    Crazy how USA gives such a large amount of weight into teaching children about the history of USA yet only 38% know what the civil war was about. Come on! That's the only part of USA history since it came independent that they teach in other countries if they have a stable education system! Well, aside from the North Korea, apparently.
    Before you bring the world wars and the cold war on me... That's not only the history of the USA - it's the history of majority of the humankind.

  • Roger Orlando
    Roger Orlando 5 days ago

    I love being lectured about American history by a British Twat .

  • Humberto Flores
    Humberto Flores 5 days ago +1

    This just got better and better

  • Humberto Flores
    Humberto Flores 5 days ago +2


  • cryptivecorn
    cryptivecorn 5 days ago

    Hilter didnt do anything wrong

  • Mosef
    Mosef 5 days ago

    9:53 "Adolf Hitler nice to his dogs"
    "Is there a gender wage gap in child labor?"

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin 5 days ago +7

    You would think that all signs of the losing side of a war would be wiped out.

    • Rikki Tikki Tembo
      Rikki Tikki Tembo 3 hours ago

      *institutional racism is a powerful thing

    • Drunken Grunt
      Drunken Grunt Day ago

      Thats why the US flag was wiped out after Vietnam...oh wait, thats now how things work.

    • IdiotBoxProductionsTV
      IdiotBoxProductionsTV 2 days ago

      Fred Garvin nobody changes the state flags that contain the British flag. We have towns named after Indian Americans. Where’s your logic

    • Connor Thomas
      Connor Thomas 3 days ago +2

      Racism is a powerful thing.

  • lanterngaming
    lanterngaming 5 days ago

    Anyone else notice that the poll was 101%

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 6 days ago +2

    No you cannot change history, but you do not have to glorify the most heinous parts and people of history.