Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Oct 9, 2017
  • Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.
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  • Runtime: 21:39
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Comments: 28 045

  • seeker
    seeker 21 minute ago

    imagine if they had a statue of hitler in germany

  • Human Wreckage that you love

    Even If the civil war wasn't about slavery (which it was about) the confederacy was still horrible, the Andersoville prison camp held up to 30,000 even when it had a maximum of 10,000 people. Union soldiers and innocents were held in horrible exposed conditions in a glorified pen. The man who ran the camp ended up being the only high ranking confederate officer executed for war crimes. The CSA was horrible in every possible way.

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson 5 hours ago

    I wonder why Last Week Tonight use the Irish national news when discussing English news stories?? It must be cheaper or something!! I used to watch Jim'll Fix It when I was a kid, but for some reason I never felt compelled to write in, maybe I had a sixth sense for nonces or something!!!

  • Nicolas Cacace
    Nicolas Cacace 5 hours ago

    A lot of oversimplifications of historical 'fact' presented with less than 20 mins of video with flash cards of information carefully selected to support the views being presented
    The civil war is much more complicated than 'cowboys vs Indians'. It involved domestic and international economics, people, legacy economic policy and politics of the era. Does anyone really believe that so many would have endured so much to protect the rights of a few wealthy land owners?
    What many seem to wash over, as an example, is that slavery was perpetrated by fellow Africans as well as European/Americans - think about it, how was a crew of less than 30 able to capture so many slaves to transport to America? They needed help from available resources - African help.

    ...that being said, it is entertaining (the video, not the capturing and enslaving of people)

  • bisaVCI
    bisaVCI 16 hours ago

    tbh, im not sure if you ever should destroy art. No matter wheather you agree with the message that is assiciated to it, or not.
    I just feel like destroying "unwanted" art, and statues are art, leeds to the famous german "nazi book burning", or the ISIS destroying Palmyra.
    I know that these statues are way less "history" than most of the defenders claim, and they are way less "important" than a milleniums old city. But still. It feels wrong.
    And no, im not a confederate. Im not an citicen of the US either. Im just an innocent european viewer passing by.

  • Tintin Degrelle
    Tintin Degrelle 20 hours ago

    Bravo Americans,bring a foreign Cuck that is ignorant about history to talk about a history.Hey John why do your people celebrate British empire for?Confederacy was saint compared to what British empire did,what does British empire flag symbolizes?

  • Todd Stepp
    Todd Stepp Day ago +1

    I have never even heard of John Oliver before. The only difference between John Oliver and a bag of dog shit is the bag. I just watched dog shit.

  • Todd Stepp
    Todd Stepp Day ago +1

    Abraham Lincoln Charleston Illinois 1856 "I am not now nor have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races. I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And Inasmuch as they can't so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of having the superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. Yet I don't perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position, the Negro should be denied everything. I don't understand that because I do not want a Negro Woman for a slave, I must necessarily want her for a wife. I can just leave here alone."

  • Todd Stepp
    Todd Stepp Day ago

    A Historic White House Meeting
    Eager to proceed with the Chiriqui project, on August 14, 1862, Lincoln met with five free black ministers, the first time a delegation of their race was invited to the White House on a matter of public policy. The President made no effort to engage in conversation with the visitors, who were bluntly informed that they had been invited to listen. Lincoln did not mince words, but candidly told the group:
    You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffers very greatly, many of them, by living among us, while ours suffers from your presence. In a word, we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.
    ... Even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with the white race ... The aspiration of men is to enjoy equality with the best when free, but on this broad continent, not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours. Go where you are treated the best, and the ban is still upon you.
    ... We look to our condition, owing to the existence of the two races on this continent. I need not recount to you the effects upon white men growing out of the institution of slavery. I believe in its general evil effects on the white race.
    See our present condition -- the country engaged in war! -- our white men cutting one another's throats, none knowing how far it will extend; and then consider what we know to be the truth. But for your race among us there could not be war, although many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or the other. Nevertheless, I repeat, without the institution of slavery, and the colored race as a basis, the war would not have an existence.
    It is better for us both, therefore, to be separated.
    An excellent site for black resettlement, Lincoln went on, was available in Central America. It had good harbors and an abundance of coal that would permit the colony to be quickly put on a firm financial footing. The President concluded by asking the delegation to determine if a number of freedmen with their families would be willing to go as soon as arrangements could be made.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks Day ago

      Wow, what a temper tantrum!!! This whiny snowflake needed a trigger warning!!! LOL.

  • Miclow Gunman
    Miclow Gunman Day ago

    I live and grew up in Georgia, but I was born up north. Throughout my life, everyone talked about the civil war being about states rights. Even in college, my history teacher said it was ridiculous to say the civil was was about slavery. The narrative is similar to things we hear now. The heavily industrialized north was consolidating power through wealth gained and then pushing their agendas onto the south using that power. The south wanted to keep their morals, rights and so such, and so they revolted. That is how it was taught to me. The elephant in the room was that the morals and rights being protected were those of owning slaves. The war was indeed about rights/morals AND slavery. Both sides are technically correct. its just which emphasis you put on the narrative.
    It is very much the current conservative idea as well. The "Communist Liberals" are trying to kill my rights and morals with there nanny state handout godless laws. Conservatives try to halt progression in the name of morals, fearing that if we change, we may change towards a more evil society. It has always been this way. slavery, womans rights, gay rights. when used properly, it is a check and balance to progressivism. It gets us to question changes before we make them. A full tilt progressive society can easily turn itself into a totalitarian dictatorship if gone unquestioned and unchecked. But a far right gov't will trample peoples freedoms in the name of morals of the past. The sweet spot for the US seems to be center left, but that pisses off the progressives AND conservatives.
    That also puts into the light on the glaring difference in society towards these statues and figures. Conservatives see then as people who stand up for fighting for your rights and beliefs, a trait we all should revere and love. It just so happens that that right and belief was the right to own slaves and the belief that negros were inferior, buy hey.....details.

  • Aanya Theos
    Aanya Theos Day ago +1

    When I was a kid, I thought the KKK was something related to chickens ... idk why 😂😕

  • carolinen174
    carolinen174 Day ago +1

    "Who was working that farm" SHIT

  • Planeboy 2520
    Planeboy 2520 2 days ago +1

    If it’s part of your history put it in a godamn museum!

  • ToughAncientSpark
    ToughAncientSpark 2 days ago

    BTW, there were great leaders on both sides. Lincoln did not want retribution on the Confederacy as enough blood had been shed and considered southerners as part of the United States and not traitors. Robert E Lee was asked to continue the rebellion and lead a guerrilla movement against the North but refused having said "It is good that war is so terrible that we do not grow fond of it."

  • ToughAncientSpark
    ToughAncientSpark 2 days ago

    Actually, at the start of the American Civil war, states rights was the issue. The North chose to ignore the question of slavery in order to avoid a war. They left it up to the new states to decide. After a couple of years of war, Lincoln realized that it could become a political issue to prevent foreign intervention by France and Great Britain. After all, they would not want to enter in a war on a side that supported slavery, would they?

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks Day ago +1

      That's a wordy way of saying the rebels were fighting for slavery and its expansion. The rebels said the same thing in their own Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina declarations of secession. Anyone can read them, and learn the truth.

    • ToughAncientSpark
      ToughAncientSpark Day ago

      The Southern states were fighting for the right of each individual state to decide whether to be a slavery state or not. The North allowed new states to decide individually because the federal government (mainly Lincoln) did not want the South to have an excuse to start a civil war.
      States rights was more about the continuation of slavery rather than thumbing their noses at the federal government.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 2 days ago +1

      If the issue at the start of the Civil War was "states rights" instead of slavery, the rebels would have said so in their own Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina declarations of secession.

  • Aidan mc auley
    Aidan mc auley 2 days ago


  • Ufthak1
    Ufthak1 2 days ago

    Wanting your ancestors to have been nice, good people?
    Relatives of mine on my mother's side fought in the German Gebirgsjäger in WW2. Others served as SS military police. My grandfather on my father's side served in the British 8th Army and cheated on my gran when my dad was 4 years old.
    Frankly, I don't give a rat's arse.

    • Ufthak1
      Ufthak1 2 days ago

      I find it interesting to find out what my ancestors did, but I don't feel compelled to somehow honour their memory or justify their actions. I have ancestors who served in the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS in WWII. Does that make me a Nazi? Of course not.
      So yes, it is an insane suggestion.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 2 days ago

      Do you feel compelled as a matter of "heritage" to defend Hitler and the Holocaust? Or do you correctly recognize the insanity of that suggestion?

  • TheSuperdaine
    TheSuperdaine 3 days ago

    That ending was fantastic!

  • Fermor Productions
    Fermor Productions 3 days ago


  • Cloud
    Cloud 3 days ago +1

    "It's not a slippery slope because it stops somewhere !" -The intellectual left

  • Nightmare Chaser
    Nightmare Chaser 3 days ago +5

    When people say the civil war was about protecting states rights, you just gotta ask what rights were they defending. They usually can't come up with a comeback because the civil war was about states rights but it was about the states right to own slaves, that was the right that they were defending.

  • Captain Doomsday
    Captain Doomsday 3 days ago

    I can already feel the searing hate-heat over those proposed statues of black people, but how is America so messed up that a British person just had to explain its history to them?
    And why would you SUPPORT the Confederacy unless you yourself were a bigot? It's over, the people involved are dead, and you aren't accountable for their actions, so why associate with them like that?

  • J. M.
    J. M. 3 days ago

    I'd have all those statues. hahaha

  • Thaddeus Wuj
    Thaddeus Wuj 3 days ago

    I'm confused by the redneck in the heated news segment, if his family didn't have slaves, how was fighting the war going to impact their keeping the farm? Not that having slaves would have made it ok, but now his position makes even less sense.

  • Gregory Frowendown
    Gregory Frowendown 3 days ago

    how about no fucking statues at all

  • Glitter
    Glitter 4 days ago

    As usual crime is out of control because of niggers. The REAL racist terrorist 5.8% of the population black males commit 54% of murders. In the United States whites are murdered by blacks 8X more than blacks murdered by whites. In the 10 most populated cities 93% of murders are committed by blacks. White police officers kill white suspects 6X more than black suspects meanwhile black police officers kill white suspects 16X more than black suspects. The average IQ of the three races in the United States are Asiatic 118, Caucasian 115, Negro 84. 72% of black children are born into homes with no Father. 13.8% of the population Negro consume 48% of all welfare. UH OH here come the uneducated violent niggers to say look at the white serial killers that's all the welfare trash niggers can say.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 4 days ago

      Um, yeah. Stupid racist losers support the confederacy. Everyone else supports the United States of America. No surprise there.

  • Glitter
    Glitter 4 days ago

    Only insecure liberal sissy beta males are scared of the Confederate Flag.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 2 days ago

      I thought losers shouldn't get participation trophies.

  • Christopher Stockhaus
    Christopher Stockhaus 4 days ago +1

    11:33 curb your ancestry.

  • blacklabelsdevil
    blacklabelsdevil 4 days ago

    Leave the status alone it's world history if you can't handle history please kill yourself worthless waste of skin then anything with Martin Luther King should be torn down to and his statue to fucking hippy bitch made punks right wing losers die

    • blacklabelsdevil
      blacklabelsdevil 3 days ago

      RonPaulHatesBlacks no shit really your missing the point kid this is about erasing history no one has said a thing about any of this till now so think about this what there saying is history never happened while dumb fucks are making fun of everything

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 days ago

      The Trenton Riots happened after MLK was killed. You're a moron.

    • blacklabelsdevil
      blacklabelsdevil 3 days ago

      RonPaulHatesBlacks The Trenton Riots of 1968  but who really gives a fuck the past is the past the future is now so historical wars never happened so lets just take down anything that has to do with history because it never happened

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 days ago

      What history proves your claim that MLK started a riot that killed hundreds of thousands of American soldiers?

    • blacklabelsdevil
      blacklabelsdevil 3 days ago

      RonPaulHatesBlacks grow up kid and go read about the history and then get back to me kid

  • Chaquella Houston
    Chaquella Houston 4 days ago

    As a black person I understand the need to remove them, but removing them will not change the past. It is still our history the good and bad. We need to stop ignoring our history and start learning from it.

  • Nicolis Clark
    Nicolis Clark 4 days ago +1

    Easy Way to tell someone is a Social justice warrior - Neo Marxist - Post modernist . As soon as the discussion becomes political , which they will make it very quickly. They use words like "oppression / oppressed* whoever is the most oppressed among them has the most pull. Its the oppression Olympics....... "Racist" the last people to be as obsessed about racism until today were the Nazis, ( side note, the kkk were the political strong arm of the democratic party) anyhow the left wants separate black dorms at Harvard. I thought we fought to end the separation of races. MLK would be rolling over in his grave............ *Patriarchal System* So they are talking about archetypes.This is mythology, good king, evil tyrant, but the thing is, the world is incredibly complex and there are two stories being told at all times. Both Good and Evil. and SO they are only pointing to the system as the EVIL TYRANT but they are not acknowledging THE GOOD KING. its like yes you are oppressed slightly in some way by the system, its asking you to conform. But the benefits far outweigh the negative. You get to live in arguably one of the safest countries to ever exist. You don't have to walk outside in the US and worry about being attacked by gangs of marauders or wild animals ......generally. You can sit on your comfy couch and watch TV and play video games and get as fat as you want....haha...........*Sexist* historically women have never been safer, or had more power in the united states than ever before. Women dominate the university right now in attendance and they are taking on positions of political power at a rate never before seen in the history of the world.... what more do they want??? No women anywhere to ever be harmed again, Well guess what, this is an evil world with evil people in it and you have to decide who is who ONE BY ONE , not just lumping all men in a group and saying they are out to get you....... * Intolerant * the United states used to be called the melting pot. People of so many different cultures are able to get along here more than any other place in history. Places like the middle east and Africa they war continuously even between their own people. And god help you if you went there as a western person and start crying intolerance. They would laugh in your face, or worse............. *victim* this word has just become a power play move. The world is incredibly complex, and everyone is a victim of something, all of us. Nothing happens to you that doesn't pretty much happen to all people.... So buck up. Face the day head on with your chin held high. Just like a boxer you have to bob and weave out of the way of your troubles and keep on trucking. Orrrrr Stay in your room, talk shit online, then show up to rally's with mask and signs and possibly even destroy things and harm people. Because that helps.( sarcasm)........*violent* - this is a new one because now they're saying words are actual physical violence " Such crap, grow up you over privileged sensitive adult babies. The world is so complex and there are so many different people and things happening its impossible not to be offended somehow, GET OVER IT. life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it ..............* white privileged* this is classic identity politics. You look at a 40 year old white man with a nice car and a nice house and say " he must of stole that from me somehow"... is there anything more evil than that. Actually its called hard work, The United States was founded on equality of opportunity, Not equality of outcome. Meaning, the harder you work, the further you go, Hard work wins. And these young people who party all day and never do shit wonder why they have it so hard. Go bust your ass all day every day for 20 or 30 years to finally be successful and then tell me how it fells when some punk ass kid comes along and says you don't deserve that money and we want to radically transform your country. Transform it into what exactly? they speak of utopias and egalitarianism. Well then how come the only examples of those ever tried on earth resulted in the death of over 100 million people. Stalin, Mao , Hitler, Pol Pot. they tried to institute those exact ideas and killed tens of millions of their own people. Hell look as Venezuela right now. They just voted in all the ideas that the american leftist and democrats want and now they have to stand in line for 12 hours for toilet paper. Deep down people are just mad that some people are rich and they are not. and they would rather us all be poor together than learn how to get up off their ass and fix them selves and their family and everything around them. Start There.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 days ago

      You were done a long time ago, you pathetic snowflake!!! Time to grow a thicker skin, boy!!!

    • Nicolis Clark
      Nicolis Clark 3 days ago

      I'm done with you simple bitch

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 days ago

      You keep getting triggered!! It's fantastic!! What a perfect snowflake!!!

    • Nicolis Clark
      Nicolis Clark 3 days ago

      RonPaulHatesBlacks you keep saying the same thing every time you idiot

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 days ago

      Fuck your feelings. Stop being such a whiny little bitch who gets triggered by every post.

  • Jonathan Pope
    Jonathan Pope 4 days ago +1

    The confederate flag is at a primal level racist and I think it's nice to know where people stand and where to stay away from. It would suck to be around kkk and not know it at least you have symbolism of warning that you may be in intolerant grounds. It would have been nice if nazi's still worn there flags after war instead of hiding in south america. Also the North politically was almost equal part to blame for slavery, and profited off it too.
    A flag says a thousand words. Native Americans probably saw the USA flag differently than french revolutionaries 100 years later. I think flags are imperialistically flamboyant.

  • Scott Jewett
    Scott Jewett 4 days ago +1

    "You can't change history" she says at 2:19. You can, however, acknowledge a dark period in your country's history without glorifying it. I'm fairly sure there aren't Nazi statues all over Germany.

  • Joseph Thompson
    Joseph Thompson 5 days ago

    The civil war was about states rights... the state right to own slaves

  • ShameldaTheLamest
    ShameldaTheLamest 5 days ago

    That twist at the end reminded me how adorable John Oliver and Stephen Colbert are.

  • Funky Town Monkey Pimps

    I stopped when he inferred to confederate soldiers not being US soldiers. They were. Done and done. War does not always have a definitive bad guy. Yes slavery was bad yada yada, that is not what the south was fighting for. They were fighting for states rights and fought against what they believed was becoming a tyrannical government, as encouraged in our second amendment. Fuck you John Oliver, you are manipulative to an audience who will blindly believe everything you say. I would go as far as to say you are worse than these "enemy" confederates.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 4 days ago +1

      They were traitors who betrayed their government because they wanted to keep their slaves. Fuck em.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 5 days ago

      They were not American soldiers. That's the whole point of secession. If the Civil War had anything to do with "states rights," the rebels would have said so in their own Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina declarations of secession, all of which are free online. Sorry you got so triggered, snowflake!!!

  • Issac Wentzel
    Issac Wentzel 5 days ago

    God Bless the Conferderacy!

  • Dalton
    Dalton 5 days ago

    It's ok to be white

  • Adam Halley-Prinable
    Adam Halley-Prinable 5 days ago +2

    I love how whenever someone expresses that they do not like this show, not a single one of them can explain why he's wrong or what me misrepresented, it never gets any more in-depth than "He's a rat faced bastard". You're a hero Johnny, keep up your relentless torrent of well-researched and documented arguments

  • bsedhs
    bsedhs 5 days ago +1

    These monuments represent more to me then south vs north (slavery vs freedom). It represents kids. Kids influenced by shitty adults to go fight a war in which they firmly believed they are right....these monuments are for the kids that died fighting for pointless/stupid ideas. And that's why it pains me to see these fall. It is all about interpretation. I don't see these as a representation of slavery. I see them as kids dying for the ideals of older men. And it hasn't stopped. We still die. For what? What are we fighting for? Corruption? Hypocrisy? Superiority? ....why?
    Kids that join the military, join under the guise that they are doing something for our country. The kids in the south thought the same thing back then. They were wrong. But so was I. I signed up, and I went to a foreign land to fight for my country.... Who did I fight? Poor people...(afghans). Why? Because they were bad. That's it. That's all the reason I needed.
    When I went over there I realized, they aren't all bad. They are just different. They live a different they deserve to die for that? Are we the ones who should decide that? Am I the one to decide that?
    We make our kids do terrible things...then we want to forget about it like it never happened. Well, the civil war happened, and these monuments should remain as a reminder of our follies, and remind us that our kids should not be sent to war without an absolute reason.
    This is just my two cents, I don't really care want happens to the monuments, because regardless if they stand I will still feel the way I do... but I just thought I would comment.
    To be 100% clear... remove them, but don't forget the lesson. Sometimes are leaders suck. And don't deserve to be followed.

  • Merged Zamasu
    Merged Zamasu 5 days ago

    2;30 Hey, there's my Local News!

  • Princeblunt Resident

    I think the best point of the whole thing was: "History is preserved in museums, books, mini series/documentaries. Statues are to glorify people". That sentence alone sums it up pretty well. There's not much else to say on that. These statues are a disgrace and should all be removed just like the statues of Stalin, Hitler, Saddam, etc.

  • Andro A
    Andro A 5 days ago

    A friendly which 700 000 people died.

  • Fred Wangleboy
    Fred Wangleboy 6 days ago

    run forrest run!!!!

  • ubermom
    ubermom 6 days ago

    Jim Crow and the KKK were the work of the Democrat party. How about we get rid of THEM?

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 5 days ago

      The parties switched positions a long time ago. Nice try, though!

  • Macky Boo
    Macky Boo 6 days ago

    The civil was was about slavery. The civil war was also about states rights. It's both. Both are very important.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 5 days ago

      If the Civil War was about "states rights," the rebels would have said so in their own Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina declarations of secession.

  • Lizzi Gilmore
    Lizzi Gilmore 6 days ago

    Holy shit, when Stephen Colbert started to move it scared the hell out of me!!

  • Lizzi Gilmore
    Lizzi Gilmore 6 days ago

    We're taught in school that it was mainly about states' rights... Like slavery too, but that wasn't even part of the war until later on, right?... Like, Lincoln only brought it in later as a way strategy...?

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 6 days ago

      That's brutal. Where do you live that they're teaching that?

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 6 days ago +1

      No, slavery was the reason the south left the Union. It was about states' rights to the extent that it was about states' rights to own slaves.

  • Lizzi Gilmore
    Lizzi Gilmore 6 days ago

    I'm sorry... What was that about grilled cheese??? Is that real!?

  • Ronald Reaner
    Ronald Reaner 6 days ago +1

    What they fail to mention is that these statue are mostly on private land and any attempts to remove them would be against the first amendment, people have the right, even if it is racist, to have their message be heard

  • Jack Mara
    Jack Mara 6 days ago

    One question: If the main reason for the civil war was slavery, why had some states of the Union slavery???

  • Someone please send help

    Thanks for the Alligator! As a Floridian since birth, that is 100% accurate 👌🐊🖕

  • Diego Cortex
    Diego Cortex 7 days ago

    May neo-confederates get stripped of their us citizenship. They are fucking traitors to America.

  • jtl0411
    jtl0411 7 days ago

    14:50 I just want you guys to know that the man who supposedly should've "grown a penis" earned a bronze star in WWII fighting a group much worse than the Confederacy. I'm not here to debate the monuments or anything. Just wanted to point that out.

    • jtl0411
      jtl0411 4 days ago

      RonPaulHatesBlacks I'm confused. Who are we talking about here?

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 4 days ago

      Military service is the only thing that matters. It's about true sacrifice. A man gives up his life for his country and gets awarded five separate medals by the United States of America? And you want to give him shit for one bad act after the war?

    • jtl0411
      jtl0411 5 days ago

      A few people. Anyone in the army who received a Bronze Star in the Gulf War. What's your point?

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 5 days ago

      Military service is the only thing that matters. For example, do you know who received the Bronze Star, National Defense Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, and the Kuwaiti Liberation Medal?

    • jtl0411
      jtl0411 5 days ago

      He probably was, but that's not what he was found guilty of. None of that matters though, as my comment was, again, not about whether he's a good politician. I'm just talking about his military service. I don't know much about the man at all other than that.

  • Horus Aegir
    Horus Aegir 7 days ago

    There were very few slave-owners compared to people without slaves.
    That doesn't change the fact that the Confederacy had deep roots and investment in slavery.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 7 days ago

      Actually, the 1860 census found that 1/2 to 1/3 of white Southern families owned slaves, depending on the state.

  • Charles Iannini
    Charles Iannini 7 days ago

    You know what is he brout up nancy karigan and tonya harding when the last thing I saw was a
    trailer for I Tonya

  • Anthony Acri
    Anthony Acri 7 days ago

    From the happy little island that brought you Galllipoli and ten dead Italian soccer enthusiasts ,drop dead queenie and I hope you don't dare have Clinton or Letterman on soon, but then,the smarmy are terribly shortsighted .

  • flexitarianbeanqueen

    that creepy coked up nickel statue was the namesake for Forrest Gump! remember? mama named him after nathan bedford forrest, to remind him that well.. sometimes people do things that just don't make no sense.

  • King David
    King David 7 days ago

    How can you explain that 300,000 Africans that owned Land and Sharecropped in the South fought under the Confederate Flag. You might want to check your facts, you are as childish as your show is. That Flag is all about the Act of 1871. Passed right after the War. Funny the same thing happened with the Patriot Act being all typed up and ready to sign the day after the 9/11 inside job. The bankers told Congress, sign it or there will be Marshall law. We have it now anyway. Of course you are from Britain and you know America did not win the Revolutionary War. We made a deal. War is a Racket, the Library has it.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 7 days ago +2

      That's hilarious. The rebels adamantly refused to allow blacks to even enlist as soldiers until a few days before the war ended, because they were petrified by the thought of black men with guns. Only a few signed up, and none saw combat. Go back to your chemtrails and lizard people, nutball.

  • Divya Sasidharan
    Divya Sasidharan 8 days ago

    I don't get America. There could be ppl who will cling on to such horrendous past as their love affair but for govt to let that happen n military to have a base under while they focus guy against it is beyond me. We condemn nazi so strongly n don't celebrate hitler in every corner of Germany or anywhere, why would Americans with all the power to have the knowledge want act this way? Why after defeating south they let south run this place like that? Normalize hitler too then.

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann 7 days ago

      Divya Sasidharan, the US is different from Germany and other European nations because it gives oddly large amounts of power to states. Somewhat of a complicated history, but the US was formerly known as _These_ United States of America, it was a Confederacy of independent nations (that’s why they are called states, while the rest of the world uses other terms, like provinces or counties). If the Constitution did not include state empowerment, the modern day US would probably not exist. Under these conditions, readmitted states were able to interpret Civil Rights differently, engage in de facto racial suppression, and proliferate Confederate ideologies. One of the many demons looming over US History, and it sucks.

  • Unqualified Ursine
    Unqualified Ursine 8 days ago

    OK, what the fuck? 6:00 those statistics add up to 101%. Up until now, I had thought this show was smart.

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann 7 days ago

      Unqualified Ursine, true true, but this many decimal places aren’t always warranted. One thing I don’t like too much about those statistics is that they were drawn from only 1,507 adults (arguably too few to determine the consensus of the nation). Having four digits of precision in this instance would convey a specificity that is not warranted.

    • Unqualified Ursine
      Unqualified Ursine 7 days ago

      Gnome Ann True, I figured as much, but I thought it was common practice to leave up at least 2 decimals to avoid this type of inaccuracies. Because 101% is really an awkward thing.
      It didn't break the show... it's just awkwar, really.

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann 7 days ago

      Rounding: the bane of statistics. The Pew Research Center analysis included the message that figures may not add up to 100% due to rounding. I personally don’t think this was done maliciously, and this type of result is common.
      For instance:
      1/3 +1/3 + 1/3 = 1
      0.333... + 0.333... + 0.333... = 1
      33.3...% + 33.3...% + 33.3...% = 100%
      33% + 33% + 33% != 100%
      This is completely normal, in my opinion it is better than randomly adding one to a percentage, that would be a misinterpretation.

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee 8 days ago

    He just compared the lead of a kids tv show to a very significant part of American history

  • padseven
    padseven 8 days ago

    For you morons who think slavery ended with the civil war take a field trip to your local social services waiting room. There you will find hundreds of slaves in any given hour on any given day. And you all thought you were so smart! Jokes on you!

  • DarknessCalling
    DarknessCalling 8 days ago

    Take the statues down, but put them in a museum. Not glorifying asswipes doesn't mean destroying historical pieces. And definitely don't let these antifa airheads do it. These asshole are just as anti government and just as racist as the retard alt right.
    Seriously. Put them in a museum next to a plaque that describes what huge cock-gobbling douche nozzle they were. Nothing needs to be destroyed.

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones 8 days ago

    It was about taxes, not slavery, get it right, the north even didn't want to get rid of slavery. It was a bad thing, but, taxes were the original purpose of the civil war.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 8 days ago +2

      If the Civil War had anything to do with taxes, the rebels would have said so in their own Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina declarations of secession, all of which are free online.

  • Stake2
    Stake2 9 days ago

    Slavery was the political cause, but not the motive. One cannot turn the war into a moral fight since the social philosophy that condoned slavery (Locke and some old school intellects) was far from outdated in the US. At issue was not so much human dignity as free liberal citizenship that by no means entailed equal value of all humans but instead presupposed an abstract and ordered overlay of society. Arguably, this overlay still exists in the US, only its logical outcome or flower - chattel slavery - has been nipped from the bud.

    • Stake2
      Stake2 8 days ago

      I was trying to say that political declarations are unable to subsume historical realities. "All men are created equal" is a political declaration, but hardly corresponds with empirical reality. Since Montesquieu, the distinction between law and its spirit has been critical to make. It is true that Federalists such as Hamilton reduced the spirit of the law to law by elevating the Constitution into a natural law. But few southerners would agree to this reduction. Instead, they became very much aware of the mutations in the spirit of the law that Montesquieu's analysis revealed.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 8 days ago

      The rebels said slavery was the motive, including in their own Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina declarations of secession, all of which are free online.

  • -SquidwardQTennisballs -

    Shut up you rascist liberal Brit, read a book for once and realise that the good guys were the confederates

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 9 days ago

      Snowflake needed a trigger warning!!! LOL. I bet the Nazis were the good guys too!!!

  • Molly Maloy
    Molly Maloy 9 days ago

    In Estonia, they melted down statues of their Russian Tsar oppressors and used them to make their first federal currency.
    Just something to think about.

  • Zee Captein
    Zee Captein 9 days ago

    15:34 looks like something that came out of a robot chicken episode

  • Tyler Fliss
    Tyler Fliss 9 days ago

    I died when Colbert showed up

  • Kholofelo Lekgoathi
    Kholofelo Lekgoathi 9 days ago +1

    Vox explains how this problem started,

  • Gilli Weed
    Gilli Weed 10 days ago +1

    It isn't surprising to me that so many Americans believe it was about states' rights because that's what they teach in schools. I grew up in Texas and every U.S. History class I was in *emphasized* "It wasn't about slavery!! It was about states' rights!!'' I was so confused when I went to a private school and the teacher there dared to say the Civil War was about slavery.

  • vexillum rubrum
    vexillum rubrum 10 days ago +1

    Stop crying about your ancestors being confederates, mine where in the fucking Waffen SS! It fucking sucks to look inside the old stuff of my great grandfather and my grandfather expecting to find some old photos and the first thing you notice is a damn swastika on every document. Even the document/badge you get for learning how to fucking swim (don't know if you have that in the us)!

  • Cid the Black Mage
    Cid the Black Mage 10 days ago

    They applauded for the woman because she was the first woman to do something, but not for the guy who escaped slavery and made something of himself? I love John Oliver, but fuck his audience.

  • Bryan Trollaski
    Bryan Trollaski 10 days ago +1

    The average Confederate soldier fought to keep union forces from gang raping his wife, possibly murdering his children, and then burning his city to the ground! See Sherman's march to the sea. Southerners called the Civil War 'the northern war of aggression' for a reason! THAT was the motive of the average soldier to fight. Not to mention that military aged men were being drafted, so it's not like they had a choice anyway! Only the top 2% of society owned slaves. Most whites were either sharecroppers or tradesmen. To claim that the average confederate soldier's motivation for risking his life in battle was to preserve the wealth of rich plantation owners is naive at best; and slanderous at worst!

    • Gnome Ann
      Gnome Ann 8 days ago

      Just to beat this dead horse some more, an analysis by J. Glatthar determined that 1/2 of 1861 Confederate recruits lived with slaveholders, and the vast majority had an association with the institution. A quip on behalf of a Confederate soldier without slaves reflects this, a soldier recounts that “a short time ago he bought a negro, he says, to have something to fight for.”

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 10 days ago +1

      Actually, the 1860 census found that 1/2 to 1/3 of white Southern families owned slaves, depending on the state, while many more owned them in the past, rented them in 1860, and/or were saving to buy them in the future. And you obviously don't have to own slaves to support slavery; hell, you're living proof of that! Thanks for the old Lost Cause lies, though!! LOL.

  • Alex Romanov
    Alex Romanov 10 days ago +1

    Man Anderson Cooper is the man!

  • Jehar Shah
    Jehar Shah 10 days ago

    Anderson Cooper! 🤣✌🏽

  • Nickat Nite
    Nickat Nite 10 days ago +1

    HBO =Hobknob Sucking Bitch is Oliver 🇺🇸 Make America Great Again!!!

  • nightlightabcd
    nightlightabcd 10 days ago +1

    It's not a surprise that Trump, being ignorant, shallow, narrow minded, uncouth and a prick, and was elected because of that, which says a lot about where the right is taking this country!

    • padseven
      padseven 8 days ago

      nightlightabcd that is President Trump. He has a title, you do not. Also your grammar says a lot about the American public school system.

  • Fourth-Dimensional Quasar

    It actually WAS about state's own slaves.

  • Carly Mauldin
    Carly Mauldin 11 days ago

    I’m not really for or against taking down the statues. I’m definitely not proud of the confederate flag or the civil war, but if we are going to take down thousands of monuments just because they’re linked to slavery then we have to change our currency and pretty much all other monuments too. It wasn’t just southerners that owned slaves. And the war wasn’t only about slavery either.

  • Verde the Star Warrior

    How the hell did Steven Colbert clone himself?

  • Comm ___
    Comm ___ 11 days ago

    Lee and Stonewall are enough... Their actually good generals everyone else just... No....

  • Joseph Mammina
    Joseph Mammina 11 days ago

  • Sarah Trachtenberg
    Sarah Trachtenberg 11 days ago

    In all fairness to the fat guy with the confederate flag, most Southerners *did not* own slaves; he was right in that slaves were expensive and the average person couldn't afford one. I'm not saying that flying the Confederate flag is all well and good, but I do concede that he has a point. And oh yeah, a lot of Hitler's admirers do point out how much Hitler loved dogs. (I bet he hated cats, though.)

  • MARCO 713Texas
    MARCO 713Texas 11 days ago +1

    I saw a Confederate flag flying down in here in Houston I was like wtf

  • Alex S
    Alex S 12 days ago

    that dude holding the flag at 9:44 and then at 9:50 needs to be a meme!

  • enjoyitbro
    enjoyitbro 12 days ago

    So the war where the most Americans died in was just a north and south friendly rivalry? Good to know

  • Barrie O'Bama
    Barrie O'Bama 12 days ago


  • Me Meagain
    Me Meagain 12 days ago

    Those who fly the "confederate flag" with the MO of "heritage, not hate" more often than not share the following quality (aside from being white), they're Christian. In case you're wondering, the reason quotations are being used for the term "confederate flag" is because what the average person considers to be the "confederate" flag is actually the confederate battle flag. This is significant because the confederate battle flag, of course, represents a battle; but what were they fighting for? Those who formed the confederate states of America, after first committing treason in the highest degree, were fighting to continue their enslavement of African people. Slavery of African people was illegal in the country they were in, so they attempted to form their own country where slavery of African people was legal. Language concerning the planned practice of enslaving African people in the confederate states of America can be observed in the constitution of the confederate states of America. So as one can clearly see from the history outlined above, the confederate flag is indeed the insignia of a hate group. The history of their violence against a specific group of people is well documented even up to today. The most fascinating thing about their hate though is its potency. The enslavement of African people was illegal in their land and instead of releasing the slaves they had, they not only committed treason, but they entered into war in order to keep these slaves. It is important to remember that white people at this time belonged to families that extended into what would become opposing sides of the Civil War. This means that the white people living in the confederate states of America hated Africans more than they loved themselves. Losing this war only intensified this mindset as the term "Yankee" is still spoken with disdain until this very day by those who embody the ideals of the confederate states of America. After the war, the hate amplified as the proliferation of Jim Crow laws took root and any white person who saw Africans the way God sees them was deemed a nigger lover. This brings me back to the Christian attribute that most confederate flag proponents share. They are saved. This is evident by the fact that they rationalize their behavior towards Africans. The conviction of the Holy Spirit speaks to their hearts and in that moment they know that the victimization of Africans is wrong and so to soothe themselves they explain to themselves that Africans aren't people, but animals, and in some cases, objects. This superficially alleviates the burden of sin. Jesus, who is God as His own Son, defines loves limit when he says there is no greater love than for someone to lay down their life for another. He then proceeds to die and go to hell in the place of everyone who believes in him, including Africans. Yet racist white people see themselves as qualified to decide that people Jesus loves to love's capacity, and even goes to hell in the place of, are inferior to them in every way. What then must they think of Jesus? These behaviors and thought processes stem from the fact that racist white people put their faith in a racist white washed world history which allows them to convince themselves that they are superior to everyone. Take for example the works of Plato. One need only look at the dates of the works he's credited with to see that it's not possible for him to have been responsible for them all. Ancient Egyptians had a constant influx of people from across the Mediterranean, so much so that these visitors established a hub in Egypt to exploit their knowledge. This hub became known as the Library of Alexandria. Egypt was then eventually conquered by those from across the Mediterranean. Racist white people choose to ignore this portion of the history of the world in an effort to elevate the image of people with light colored skin. Continuing in the theme of Africa, consider the Empire of Mali and the fact that it gave birth to the wealthiest human being that ever lived; yet few mention, or even know name. Also, while Egyptians were enemies of Christianity, The Bible speaks of other African people with very high regard. The Queen of Sheba journeyed to and held court with King Solomon. Moses took an Ethiopian as his wife. The only mention of people who could be considered white was with disdain as Rome is one of the beasts that oppose Christianity. (Catholicism is not Christianity.) Racist white people deal so poorly with this fact that they not only deny, but attempt to substitute themselves in the place of the ethnicity of Jesus Christ himself. (Which answers the earlier question of "what then must they think of Jesus.") The Bible very clearly lays out the fact that Jesus Christ is Jewish, and yet this fact is denied to such a degree by racist white people that they routinely depict Jesus with blonde hair and blue eyes, (features held by many to be the pinnacle of beauty due to the crusades of Hitler) while simultaneously and vehemently hating Jews. In America, racist white people can fly the flag of enemies of the state ranging from Nazi Germany, to the treason committing confederate states of America, they can openly form domestic terrorist organizations like the KKK, they can erect confederate states of America monuments all over the south commemorating as heroes, those who gave their lives to perpetuate the enslavement of Africans - and yet after all of that they hold public office in America. But these days have just ended.

  • CamtheHuman
    CamtheHuman 12 days ago +1

    fuck the confederacy, god bless abraham lincoln and god bless the union

  • Nirmal Padwal
    Nirmal Padwal 13 days ago

    "None of us are responsible for what our ancestors did. I have to believe that coz I am English and I would to go to an Indian restaurant again at some point in my life"
    As an Indian, I laughed way too hard on that😂

  • Matthew Schwebes
    Matthew Schwebes 13 days ago +1

    11:49 oh what to even comment

  • uroš plemelj
    uroš plemelj 13 days ago

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  • Aku
    Aku 13 days ago +1

    "State's rights"
    To do what?

  • Eric VanDerBoom
    Eric VanDerBoom 13 days ago

    13:30 Actually, the message that statue sends me is "JESUS WANTS A HUG!"

  • Math. Franssen
    Math. Franssen 13 days ago

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  • Grymfalkon
    Grymfalkon 13 days ago

    This is a hard question to answer for me, I do not believe you should memorize horrible people in history with statues and memorials, then again, a lot of the Confederate soldiers had no slaves and instead enlisted to protect their homes from the invading Union forces, that is an actual thing that quite a few accounts that the Union documented when interrogating Southern soldiers. But it is not right to memorize people who acted as masters over others, it is a really hard question in my opinion.
    Um... if it was made by KKK and for racism then you should really tear them down.

    • Grymfalkon
      Grymfalkon 13 days ago

      No and I agree with not erecting large statues to the larger generals of the Civil War. I am more okay with small local heroes that you can find in cemeteries and other similar places.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 13 days ago

      A lot of Nazi soldiers never killed any Jews and were fighting to protect their homes. Should we build statues to Hitler all over America?

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  • Thekman26
    Thekman26 14 days ago

    I don't care about the small statues and memorials or really all of them but one, stone mountain. Now stone mountain, I think, is just too big of a memorial that took too much time and effort to create to tear down, no matter the cause or politics behind it.