Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.

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Comments: 25 040

  • Hayato Inazumi
    Hayato Inazumi 7 minutes ago

    Who cares about fucking niggers!!

  • WolfgangLMclain
    WolfgangLMclain 13 minutes ago

    So, I was wrong.
    I'm pretty anti-confederate, pro-equality, yahdee yahda... But I've always defended Confederate monuments with the idea that we should honor our enemies and our history, no matter how painful. That's out the window, now, I had done very little research on the subject and I'm glad John set me straight on a subject where my ignorance has clearly led to me being abjectly wrong.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 2 hours ago

    You know they teach in elementary school it 'wasn't mainly about slavery.' In New York. Which is pretty ridiculous.

  • Mackdaknife6669
    Mackdaknife6669 2 hours ago

    Someplace better for the statues? A dumpster? Bottom of the ocean? Launched towards the sun?

  • Parisa Keyvanmanesh
    Parisa Keyvanmanesh 2 hours ago

    Anyone else start crying actual tears for the first two statue suggestions? I want us to be so much better than what we are

  • Eric Wycoff
    Eric Wycoff 3 hours ago

    I thought the entire reason why those statues are still up is to remind us of how we used to be as a country and why we never turn back to that.

  • Arindam Chowdhury
    Arindam Chowdhury 3 hours ago +1

    basically .....White People messed up the world.

  • Arindam Chowdhury
    Arindam Chowdhury 3 hours ago +1

    You know what the irony was in that news clip ....
    the Black dude looked like a million bucks and the white guy looked like a homeless hobo

  • Sean Clough
    Sean Clough 4 hours ago

    hahaha, you ass-clowns vilify the confederacy for slavery, the cessation led to war and subsequently the emancipation proclamation. the fucking UNION allowed it beforehand. God! people are stupid.
    lol, I am a person ....

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 13 minutes ago

      Ugh. Nothing today compares to the horrors of actual chattel slavery. Even servants are paid for their work. They are FREE. It's not illegal for them to LEARN TO READ. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Sean Clough
      Sean Clough 41 minute ago

      I was criticizing willful ignorance, not supporting cruelty. I am sorry my choice of words leads you to assume otherwise. I must say, you are truly ignorant. The only person "beloved' to me is my mother and I abhor classism. I believe the tenants of (wage) slavery still exist. Today. You may consider this irrelevant, but imagine going to a classy restaurant and having someone serve you a meal. Please, look up the word servant, specifically it's etymology. The lower class serves the upper class. I am saying there is far more to the story than just the Jews in WW2 Germany. There is more to the egregious evil of oppression than the confederacy. Finally, sarcasm, apparently is something very, very lost to you here. Please don't reply because I will then be tempted to reply again, and this thing we are doing is going nowhere.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks Hour ago

      That's the worst defense of the Holocaust that I've ever seen.

    • Sean Clough
      Sean Clough 3 hours ago

      lets ignore the Romani Gypsies or that christianity and islam are also semiitic, further, many atrocities were committed by christians (e.g. the inquisition) and crosses are everywhere ... lol, is that your take on what I typed? You devolved the argument strait into Nazi-ism .... there is an actual term for that  ... I forget it, but it implies "casting pearls to swine" as a direct postcedent.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 4 hours ago

      The Allies allowed anti-Semitism before WWII. Should we build statues of your beloved Hitler?

  • Weasel XP
    Weasel XP 5 hours ago +1

    OK, I think we should take them down. Thanks for the eye opener. As an aside, this argument is much more convincing than the "f@$k, you , you are racist" diatribe that I usually get.

  • TheOldBearTime
    TheOldBearTime 6 hours ago

    It must be feel conflicting to suppose to be proud of the first American rebellion and then not the second.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks Hour ago

      When your argument requires you to disavow the possibility of fact, truth, and reality, it's probably not a good argument.

    • TheOldBearTime
      TheOldBearTime 3 hours ago


    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 5 hours ago

      The truth doesn't matter, only what it feels like to people! LOL.

    • TheOldBearTime
      TheOldBearTime 5 hours ago

      In this case it may not matter that much what the actual reasons are, but what it feels like to people.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 5 hours ago

      You've never heard that from anyone. The reasons for the Revolutionary War are stated in the Declaration of Independence. The reason for the confederate secession is stated in the rebels' own Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina declarations of secession, all of which are free online. None of the declarations of secession mention "freedom" or "state rights." They do cite "slave" and "slavery" a whopping 82 separate times, though, and proclaim "Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery."

  • appie yeesje
    appie yeesje 6 hours ago

    48+38+9+6=101 You had ONE job !!!!!!!

  • yasmina farih
    yasmina farih 6 hours ago

    Abrolf Rinklor

  • Riebenzahl -
    Riebenzahl - 7 hours ago

    Centered around our friendly north south rivalry......yeah, sure. I just try to imagine oone guy dressing as german WW1 soldier and one as french soldier serving snails and beer to celebrate the friendly rivalry they had ^^

  • Bangcat
    Bangcat 8 hours ago

    The actual abolishment of slavery was a byproduct of the war, not the actual cause. You should brush up on history that's not been filtered.

    I understand a British fame monger not knowing any difference, but the rest of you might actually read, even if it doesn't fit your pre conceived narrative.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 6 hours ago

      He never said abolition of slavery was the cause of the war. Just the opposite, actually. The rebels fought to expand your beloved slavery, and preserve it until the end of time.

    • Bangcat
      Bangcat 8 hours ago read before answering.

  • Bangcat
    Bangcat 8 hours ago +1 Taste them history facts.

  • Bangcat
    Bangcat 8 hours ago +1

    They were all American soldiers... that's why military bases. Half of what you all think about Lincoln and his beliefs of black people are wrong. The north gave birth to the slavery in the nation.

    You even still read your own statistics wrong.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 6 hours ago

      They weren't American soldiers. That's the whole point of secession.

    • Bangcat
      Bangcat 8 hours ago +1 Here's your bonified history facts...

  • ramzi45
    ramzi45 8 hours ago

    people who claim the South wasnt racist or the Confederecy isn't about slavery, is like people who claim Islam is the religon of peace

  • golferbob63
    golferbob63 9 hours ago

    Mr Oliver should get Mr Corden(james) and go back to England. If they don't like it here then they should leave. Btw we kicked there ass once upon a time.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 6 hours ago

      You probably did fight in the Revolutionary War. You're certainly old enough.

  • lord6617
    lord6617 9 hours ago +1

    The trump administration is the head of a new confederacy. Built on racism and the oppression of the many for the good of the few, lying to many of its members to convince them to lay down their lives in the defense of what they've been led to believe is right. We are watching history repeat itself.

  • Persian Mapper
    Persian Mapper 10 hours ago

    "The confederacy is like Nazi Germany of the USA"
    but.... the americans still APPRECIATE the damn thing

  • flozigo97
    flozigo97 13 hours ago +1

    This really isn’t a debate at an Austrian one of my great grandfathers was an actively participating Nazi and no one in my family would consider putting up a picture of him. It’s not a matter of erasing our history, but instead of accepting it and deciding not to honour his beliefs and the shaming past of our nation.

  • Jintaro Kensei
    Jintaro Kensei 14 hours ago

    Lenin's corpse is still on display in Russia. He butchered half the country. Stop bitching about a single war. The rest of the world has had much more and keeps the record. Fkin tards.

    • Jintaro Kensei
      Jintaro Kensei 7 hours ago

      GeniusLad32 Lenin killed half the country after taking over.

    • GeniusLad32
      GeniusLad32 10 hours ago

      Jintaro Kensei That was Stalin.

  • Michael Pharr
    Michael Pharr 15 hours ago

    to be fair, slavery was a state right. soooo kinda not wrong but

  • Throatwobbler Mangrove
    Throatwobbler Mangrove 16 hours ago

    LMAO at Adolf Hankler! That was classic.

  • Throatwobbler Mangrove
    Throatwobbler Mangrove 16 hours ago

    LMAO at Adolf Hankler! That was classic.

  • ramzi45
    ramzi45 17 hours ago

    slave back then where expensive, but a worthwhile investment like a computer today, or a car, expensive but worth it

    • GeniusLad32
      GeniusLad32 10 hours ago

      Sooooo....what's your point?

    • ramzi45
      ramzi45 17 hours ago +1

      so poor white people, did buy slaves

  • Wildfan1984
    Wildfan1984 17 hours ago

    So his ancestors didn't have slaves. Not because they were morally opposed to the institution itself. But because they couldn't swing the tab for owning a slave.

    • Wildfan1984
      Wildfan1984 Hour ago

      RonPaulHatesBlacks Not that I don't despise that protestor, but aren't you being a bit presumptive?

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 9 hours ago

      Also, the secret truth is that he has no idea whether his ancestors owned slaves. He probably doesn't even know the names of his ancestors, much less anything about their lives. They're not why he supports the confederacy.

  • Kimberly Campbell
    Kimberly Campbell 20 hours ago

    Anderson cooper I love you 😍😍

  • zoe vee
    zoe vee 20 hours ago

    Fucking jimmy savile. If there's a hell, he's in it.

  • Crank Dawg
    Crank Dawg 20 hours ago

    OMG! Colbert cameo! Freakin' Awesome!!!!

  • Albert Rogers
    Albert Rogers 21 hour ago

    About the Flag of the Confederacy. If it is being carried by a person who aserts his belief in what it represents, he should be asked if he *_really_* wants to be separate from the United States, which is what the Confederacy did. H'e perfectly entitled to do so, and we should siimply start with striking his name fro the records of citizens of the USA..
    After a sufficient purge of these people, of course,we need a general election.

  • WestOfEarth
    WestOfEarth 21 hour ago

    Also let's be clear. Most people feel these statues and other memorials belong in museums. Very few believe they should disappear. Calls of 'trying to erase history' isn't remotely true. Trying to erase intimidation, yes. Statues in a museum do not erase history.

  • Connor Shidler
    Connor Shidler 22 hours ago

    An evil entity is the Soviet Union, an evil entity is Nazi Germany, an evil entity is semantics and identity politics. There's no wonder this show has dropped in views because it's views are extremely biased. Your like the Christians you make fun of. You cherry pick your own bullshit and state it as the whole truth. The constitution of any country is biased towards a majority, look at america's. White landowners can vote, that doesn't make it or the people who wrote it evil, what makes them evil is this nihilistic attitude all liberals have now and its been getting old for about a decade. Stop deifying people based on there color and looking for diversity in skin color. Tearing down statues and burning flags won't get you anywhere, all it shows is how stupid college kids and minorities high on white people can be.

  • MartianManFromMars
    MartianManFromMars 22 hours ago

    Why do people give a shit about fucking STATUES?

  • MartianManFromMars
    MartianManFromMars 22 hours ago

    Who fucking cares about the Confederacy?

    They've all been dead for years.

  • LEEboneisDaMan
    LEEboneisDaMan 23 hours ago


  • Joey George
    Joey George Day ago

    The monuments should stay

  • Sean B
    Sean B Day ago

    You have to admit that there is a certain irony of a British immigrant telling us about US history...

  • Kennedy Schwiebert

    We are taught in school that it was about state's rights. Maybe more that the union was fighting about state's rights or Lincoln's goal was preserving the union by establishing that state's did not have the right to leave?

  • JP Rhea
    JP Rhea Day ago

    Don't you mean A. T. Hankler?

  • Matt Jamison
    Matt Jamison Day ago

    Lots of fun facts in the comments. Read on...

  • Alejandro Espinosa

    9:00 the wierd guy with a beard is right, most of the population of the south lived in poor conditions, only the few rich people where slave owners, the white low class often even worked side to side with the slaves for money, some white families lived free but with no food compared to the slaves sometimes these white people lived in poorer conditions.

  • Bjorleif Blank
    Bjorleif Blank Day ago

    John Oliver started as a decent journalist, and did an excellent job. He still entertains well, but has clearly switched to social engineering, by trying to influence people. Depressing.
    As for the Civil War, it started 1961, and the Union passed the Emancipation Proclaimation 1963. So what were they fighting about 1961-63? And the Union included several slave states - that of course were NOT covered by the 1963 EP. :)
    The whole 1963-stunt was to stop England and France from supporting the Confederacy.

  • PhoenixXMC
    PhoenixXMC Day ago

    I was laughing at Confederate Santa but then John showed what statue they’re arguing for and that’s my home town 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jane Kailey
    Jane Kailey Day ago

    John, sorry to enlighten you, but the Confederacy was actually PART OF they U.S. "They" were not "enemies" of the U.S., they were part of the U.S. The North was enemies of the South and vice versa (at least that's the story). IT WAS A CIVIL WAR; "THEY" DIDN'T KILL US; WE KILLED EACH OTHER!!!

  • morbidly obese
    morbidly obese Day ago

    John Oliver wants his cheese.

  • Peter Carrillo
    Peter Carrillo Day ago

    Is so if you think the likes and compared to the non likes... it's no wonder Confederates in the time of Waging War and can only amplify why they lost like bitches and they should consider making a new flag for this era... change it up to not look Confederate make it look ambiguous and then you can just lie about it and if anybody ask you what kind of flag that is all you have to say.... if you don't know then don't ask.... hey believe me there were Northern who loves slaves to they just live the further north and believe me in Wisconsin you go up North and it's like Confederacy especially those little stinking towns here's what I don't get north south whatever it seems white folks seem to have the best land and yet they still complain I believe that if you're going to want visitors to come visit your town or whatever and you put it on television" come visit"... you should emphasize only white folks that look like us should come cuz you know and I know White people hate ethnics because Avast majority of whites they're usually fat and ugly and I'm talking about majority of them and I want you I'm only talking about the small little stink towns.. I am planning a trip next summer to work my way through all parts of Wisconsin next spring I will be filming to see if anything changed so get ready Wisconsin oh and by the way my video taping will be secret

  • DionysusFTW
    DionysusFTW Day ago

    The reason of the war was secession, that's it. The trigger was slavery, but that's it. South wanted secession, north wanted to kill the confederates rather than allow that to happen

    • DionysusFTW
      DionysusFTW Day ago

      Oh, remember Alamo, when americans fought Mexico because slavery was abolished in Mexico and americans didn't want to not bring their slaves when entering Mexico illegally. Also the war of 1814 when brits were releasing slaves they were pictured as giant monsters. Confederates are not stupid slave lovers, USA is that, and was that throughout history.

  • Miss Minutia
    Miss Minutia Day ago

    As the caption suggests in the clip of the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue ("Mayor wants statue removed"), most of Nashville wants that statue gone. Trust me, I grew up there- everyone fantasizes about dynamiting the damn thing. Trouble is, as you said, it's on private property and the owner is a gun nut as well as a heinous racist. At least the ones on public property people can do something about; it's high time they did.

  • RMLEE77
    RMLEE77 Day ago

    4:38 This hack completely misleads his audience of lemmings. Yes you libtard snowflakes, I called you lemmings. Read a book. Hell read 5 books. He picks and chooses his citations based on his biased opinion, and twists them then calls them fact.

    "A common assumption to explain the cause of the American Civil War was that the North was no longer willing to tolerate slavery as being part of the fabric of US society and that the political power brokers in Washington were planning to abolish slavery throughout the Union. Therefore for many people slavery is the key issue to explain the causes of the American Civil War. However, it is not as simple as this and slavery, while a major issue, was not the only issue that pushed American into the ‘Great American Tragedy’. By April 1861, slavery had become inextricably entwined with state rights, the power of the federal government over the states, the South’s ‘way of life’ etc. – all of which made a major contribution to the causes of the American Civil War." -The History Learning Site. (From his own country, and not written by a confederate)

    Let me break it down for you simpletons. The cause of the Civil War was that the Union (United States) starting imposing restrictions and taxes that benefited the North while excluding the South from the rest of the union. These were directly aimed at forcing them to change their way of life.

    Example: Tariff of 1832 "Enacted on July 13, 1832, this was referred to as a protectionist tariff in the United States. The purpose of this tariff was to act as remedy for the conflict created by the Tariff of 1828. Mainly, the protective Tariff of 1828 was created in such a way that it intended to protect the industry in the north. So the Tariff of 1828 was also called the Tariff of Abominations by Southern states as it seemed unfair on the part of the government to favor the North by sidelining the south." -

    All you have to do is read, and research to find this guy is feeding you bull from his leftist agenda playbook.

    • Piecemaker1975
      Piecemaker1975 15 hours ago

      If it's not beyond your mental capacity, try to read and understand:
      I dare you!

  • LilTRoberts1000
    LilTRoberts1000 Day ago

    If it's a memorial for Confederate soldiers then I'm alright with that. Hundreds of thousands of people died in America's bloodiest war. There should be memorials for something like that. They were still Americans, they were still our people. However a monument celebrating the confederacy that lost is like celebrating the nazis for giving it their allies . The confederacy goal was to keep slavery. People don't like that so they come up with states rights bullshit. It's true it was states rights. A states right to keep owning slaves that was in the states constitution. Your history is about killing Americans so you could own other people. To say you got a little rebel in ya is to say hey fuck the government, but let's actually do it and be traitors. That's what the confederates were. Traitors who along with the North are responsible for the most American deaths in one war than every other war.

  • Perspective Engaged

    I really don’t pick sides but something does bother me a bit. Why do liberals get super excited about racism?

  • Luca Avesani
    Luca Avesani Day ago

    So Germany should have Hitler's statues all around according to Trump "logic"?!?

  • Danielle Levi
    Danielle Levi Day ago

    I understand there is a need to discuss which statues/monument should remain and for which reasons. But the extremism we can see on both sides of the polarized USA appalls me. There is a need to discuss more moderately about it; which is not the way it is done at the moment.

    Through the depiction of the issue, you seem to imply that Federalists/Republicans were the angels of history. What about all the Presidents following the Civil War that discriminated African Americans until 1968 (and I'm nice with the date)? They should also see their statues/monuments discussed, shouldn't they? Yes, Federalist/Republican were against slavery, but don't think for a second it was for the glory of justice: it was a very strategic move by Republicans to win the war, combined with, indeed, the advocacy of FEW (and only a few) enlightened men. Meanwhile, colonialism dominated worldwide, and social darwinism was the main school of thoughts of white westerners. Shouldn't we simply take down all statues/monuments of White men of the 18th C and so on? And burn the books of all racist philosophers? Won't be a lot of public figures and scholars remaining. Of course, we shouldn't celebrate those outdated ideas; but we also need to remember them to understand how much the world changed and what is different from before; and what is still not. Also, while some people in the US might today celebrate those outdated values; I am convinced many people don't celebrate slavery, but celebrate another side of the public figure. These are the more moderate people you need to be discussing with, not the extremists. And you punish and shame those moderate because of the extremists.

    Also, careful with the way you approach this issue. Today, Confederate and Republicans are part of the same American Nation, despite the fact they fought against each other. if you push too much the "Us VS Them" discourse (with, on top of it, the claim that the "us" is the Righteous), don't be surprised it slowly materializes and Americans become 2 different nations.

    And finally, John Oliver's ideas of putting up such new status IS a great idea: because it increases the collective memory (rather than decreasing it) and leads to a more reasoned discussion between Americans about who and which ideas TODAY Americans want to share

  • manutd hater
    manutd hater Day ago

    The most important thing I asked myself was "is there a gender wage gap in child labor" #feminism

  • Mikayla Bone
    Mikayla Bone Day ago +1

    My parents took my to Dixie Stampede when I was 10... Never realized how weird that was until now.

  • infam0usP
    infam0usP Day ago

    if whites are the “superior race” like Alexander Stephens claimed, why are they usually getting their ass kicked in every professional sport outside of hockey & NASCAR?

  • Mathis Martens
    Mathis Martens Day ago

    remove like European display dilemma.

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren Day ago

    The KKK only exist in the Bible states.

    Science vs. Religion: Go.
    Can't wait to read it.

  • america123jeff
    america123jeff Day ago +1

    I lived in the deep South for a few years. The rest of the country would be amazed at how divided it still is in some communities in the South. Neither race wants anything to do with the other one (Black people make up 65%, white people make up 34% and 1% or less are other races). There are exceptions, but for the most part, it is still socioeconomically divided. The general area is poor, but the few that do have money are white. They still have a segregated school system, no joke. 100% of African Americans go to public schools and 100% of whites go to private schools. Not good private schools, poor ones that exist for the purpose of segregation. The teachers make half of what public school teachers make, but if you're white, you can't teach in the public schools. You'll be harrassed by faculty and students alike. The N-word is quite common for white people to say, but only amongst themselves - and yes, with a hard 'r' in reference to African Americans. The mayor is a flaming racist and white supremacist. When I say this, I mean it: the mayor makes the modern day KKK look like an episode of Barney & Friends. And most of the people that live in the cities of the same state don't even know this town exists.

  • Brady McClaskey
    Brady McClaskey Day ago +1

    My great great grandfather was a confederate officer. I don’t give a rat’s ass.

  • g mail
    g mail Day ago

    ORRRRR start educating the next generation about pros and cons about it.

  • rabbid dog
    rabbid dog Day ago

    fuck with the south and ill shoot you in the face with a 45!

  • Thomas Calvin
    Thomas Calvin Day ago

    It is mind-blowing how people like John Oliver can support the notion a person can decide how to define their own existence, whether it be through gender ideology, abortion, or same-sex marriage, and yet at the same time condemn as bigoted the Confederacy, which, on his own view, would just be a group of people _trying to define their own existence._ Yes, the Confederacy was morally abhorrent, but that is only the case in light of a pre-existing set of moral values, and _not_ because of the moral values John Oliver and co. claim we have the right to create as part of our own self-definition. No matter how well-researched or well-presented his arguments are, John Oliver will always undermine his claims so long as he, and people like him, continue to support the notion of self-definition.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar 23 hours ago

      Thomas Calvin you equated change with improvements!! I pointed out to you that is restrictive and not the whole picture!!!

      Your standard is any moral value at any point in time!!!

      Homosexuality in 16th century wrong... This is your first standard... Fast forward 5 centuries (through self definition and widened comprehension of phenomenon)

      21st century - acceptance ... Change of moral value by improvement..

      Bye.. For real.

    • Thomas Calvin
      Thomas Calvin 23 hours ago

      "Moral values change, they can improve or degenerate and have toxic secondary effects..."

      I never denied they can improve. What I denied is that improvement is synonymous with change! Improvement requires a standard; change does not. You ignored this point. Maybe you should actually _think_ about these issues, and not just regurgitate your feelings about politics.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar 23 hours ago

      Thomas Calvin listen one neurone... Moral values change, they can improve or degenerate and have toxic secondary effects...

      Slavery wrong - improvement
      Women Sexual revolution and freedom - improvement
      Exploitation of women's sexuality and creation of a rape culture - toxic effect of sexual revolution
      Gay rights - improvement
      Resurfacing of neo nazism - uncalculated toxic effect of identity politics

      Now im really done.. Good luck in defining your self and your moral values..

    • Thomas Calvin
      Thomas Calvin 23 hours ago

      “The fact that moral values change is exactly why today we have the moral highground over past events.”

      That would not be a moral _change,_ but a moral _improvement,_ and a moral improvement only makes sense if there is some standard. I am not surprised, however, that you were too sloppy to catch this distinction.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar 23 hours ago

      Thomas Calvin how your thought process goes is as fascinating as watching paint dry... The fact that moral values change is exactly why today we have the moral highground over past events. We know better so we do not perpetuate the same bs... I'm done with you...

  • swamidude
    swamidude Day ago

    I wouldnt care if my ancestors had slaves, they probaby hadnt as Europe didnt really import them theirself. However it was normal at that time, I think its usefull to judge people to their own timeline. Having slaves wasnt partically bad and pretty normal back then. Only if you find out he was known for the brutality against his slaves and raping their women or something you can say that even in that timeline that might have been seen as bad.

    I think its not something you must want to go back to, but there is also no need to feel any guilt or shame for it either. You didnt do it yourself, it was a different time, not really impactfull anymore. As if black people in that time frame wouldnt have done the same, hell most were sold by their own people back in Africa. At that time in history any 'race' that would have gained a leaders position on arms and wealth would have done simular things. Also there arent many credits for the fact that white people actually abolished slavery, while all the succesfull empires of other origin before it didnt.

    Also everybody entered the states in free will, they shoud have been able to leave the union. Now the south wanted to keep slavery, sure, but the north didnt invade because of that... It was for control of the land and power, simple as that. They should have been able to leave in my opinion...

  • Mike Ock
    Mike Ock Day ago

    Can I get that last one installed in my home?

  • Jin Wong
    Jin Wong Day ago

    confederates are traitors and deserve the same treatment as nazis. death.

  • LateNite
    LateNite 2 days ago

    All these years later and the country is still split. The left hates the right and the right hates the left so maybe it would be better for both sides to split this country in half. Shows like this help to show why we need a split.

    • LateNite
      LateNite Day ago

      Haha we shall see. A revelation is coming little feller.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Day ago

      LateNite bs... South was wrong then... It's wrong now... The south will come into the 21st century, no matter how much it drags its feet and throws tantrums... We haven't yet invented the time machine so buckle up... It's going to be a very liberating ride! 😉

  • Dimitri Tucker
    Dimitri Tucker 2 days ago

    Thank you.

  • Kali Newsom
    Kali Newsom 2 days ago

    I'm a Liberal southern lady who is planning on studying american history in college and I hate the confederacy, but 1- we should not erase the history of that war because it is what got us where we are today. And yes only the top 1% we're able to own slaves and did want states rights, it's very combined in reasoning and we should keep these statues in a museum about the confederacy and slavery much like the Holocaust Museum

  • MB
    MB 2 days ago

    He isn't the highest paid "race-baiter", but damn-it, he should be. He is the most talented...

    • MB
      MB 10 hours ago

      The word antagonist, applies to you.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Day ago

      MB no, not really, it was more a general you than anything but if it applies... 👍

    • MB
      MB Day ago

      Thanks, for the insight... It's incredibly insightful, especially since you have a profound understanding of me. Right?

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Day ago

      MB he makes you look in the mirror. If you find the reflection ugly it's not his fault. Do better.

  • bushpilot2001
    bushpilot2001 2 days ago

    You see!!!!!!!!! This is why we need more student's of history. Sometme's the truth isn't pretty,pretty, pretty bad. Larry David reference. LoL?

  • dablet00
    dablet00 2 days ago

    so funny how most blacks now follow the white men's religion now though isnt it? Kunta Kinte must be rolling in his grave.

  • Myacono
    Myacono 2 days ago +2

    This is why the G.O.P attacks education. To have a misinformed dumb public that believes their racist BS.

  • Randell Porter
    Randell Porter 2 days ago +1

    BREAKING NEWS:  Oliver and Weinstein!   Enough said......

  • Barry Geistwhite
    Barry Geistwhite 2 days ago

    I fully agree with the idea of relocating confederate statues to museums. Just tearing them down, regardless of when they were erected, feels a bit like trying to redact history. We don't need to honor those men, but we do need to remember them. Also, the statues provide an interesting focus point for the context in which they were erected as well. Knowing that one was put up as a message against the rising Civil Rights Movement can have more impact than learning about the man the statue depicts.

  • Sparky Mularkey
    Sparky Mularkey 2 days ago +1

    Anderson Cooper is the fucking best. Bravo!

  • Timothe Poirier
    Timothe Poirier 2 days ago

    energy Anybody see one's better this%case?%

  • harry pot
    harry pot 2 days ago

    I've been to many countries,and I have yet to find a country without a few war criminals made of metal,standing around in some park somewhere.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Day ago

      harry pot i see the pot in your handle stands for something.. 😂

    • harry pot
      harry pot Day ago

      pankakesnotstellar You're taking a huge risk in responding.When the captain of the lemmings finds out that one of the flock has escaped,they'll be sending dogs out to find you.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Day ago

      harry pot aww... look at Mr Nihilist over edgy!

  • Gisella Fonseca
    Gisella Fonseca 2 days ago

    Oh Mr.Oliver. the monarchy of the English empire is not the reason you can't eat at an Indian restaurant. The movie The Love Guru is why you can't bring yourself to go face the employees at said restaurant. But hey, there's always takeout. (Just fake your accent while ordering).

  • Benjamin Davis
    Benjamin Davis 2 days ago

    Fun fact: the SPLC has declared the trifoce a hate symbol used by white supremacists.

    Yes, really, THAT one from your childhood.

  • Alwyn Philip
    Alwyn Philip 2 days ago

    what about the native americans???? what about their history??? how do you defend completely siding over that part of history????

  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 2 days ago

    Also, Charleston could have way better monuments. I mean come on.... where is the monument for the Hanson Brothers? Old time hockey!!

  • HeliRy
    HeliRy 2 days ago

    This segment brought up another possible contender for a future piece for John's writers to work on.... the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is pretty much the _InfoWars_ of left-wing narratives and identity politics.
    If _Social Justice_ had a CSI squad on speed dial... it'd be these chuckle-fucks.

  • Ian T
    Ian T 2 days ago

    Jesus wants a hug!

  • Ester Højrup
    Ester Højrup 2 days ago +2

    "Do you know how expensive a slave was back then"?

    Oh no no no no... You need to shut the fuck up, man.

  • Scorp
    Scorp 2 days ago

    The Confederate Flag ( Battle Flag ) . . is NOT AN OR A SEX OFFENDER!
    retract you're statement, or be fired.

  • katie scott
    katie scott 2 days ago

    Review outstanding laugh for mean review blow very rid.

  • Nick burke
    Nick burke 2 days ago

    And the band was shawadiwadi

  • jpaine619
    jpaine619 2 days ago

    John Oliver is a liberal twat.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Day ago

      jpaine619 he's a liberal mind and a very educated one at that... America needs those at the moment... Dearly.

  • Nazareadain
    Nazareadain 2 days ago +1

    I don't think they should be honored, but history should still be on public display. If we don't think that there are things we should know whether we like it or not then I question the presence of all these schools. Perhaps they too belong in museums since we're going to assume they're just naturally going to be sought out. And with all due respect, if the worst that comes from it is that we have a discussion about that part of history - I think we can deal with that. Taking them down won't stop people from misconstruing the history - but it will stop people from knowing about them and having the chance to correct them.

  • Julian Baxter
    Julian Baxter 2 days ago

    It also shows how much states rights mean. Even Lincoln said if he could've won the war without freeing slaves he would have. The war was about slavery. But was also about this country becoming free from the federal government and believe me they'd rather u believe it was only about slavery.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Day ago

      Julian Baxter becoming free from the federal government because they wanted to continue to.... Wait for it.... Maintain slavery as their economic system. Yeah.

  • Julian Baxter
    Julian Baxter 2 days ago +1

    I'm sick of people hiding behind a "need" to hold up specific racist symbols to feel like a "rebel" and a desire to embrace "historical culture" while ignoring the truth behind historical triumphs and tragedy for self serving EVIL! Next time look at the denial and evil in peoples faces and hearts when u ask about this in depth. I want to suck off and eat out everyone involved with this show for years of true patriotism with a host from another country who's more American than most "elected" officials. God bless u all and all that u do and may we NEVER forget what truths and facts u've exposed us to. I could cry cuz, until this show, I never thought this country would allow such exposition to be so easily accesible and accepted to the degree it has. There is hope. Love Julian Baxter, Kearney MO.

  • NinjaNezumi
    NinjaNezumi 2 days ago

    John John John... it was primarily about money, the money was tied to the slavery, they wanted to keep the slavery because it led to the money, and they wanted their private contracts with the international community. It wasn't "JUST" slavery.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Day ago

      NinjaNezumi also I now read better the bs you write about the British... The British had their own problems because up until then they mainly used linen as main cloth, but because of slave labor the US actually had extremely cheap cotton, so they started switching and buying cotton... Local linen producers couldn't deal with that, so that started /accelerated even further the efforts for industrial processing...
      The north US had started its own industrialisation and yes civil war became more and more a reality because of the fondamental change north was going thru, the south having its own objectives and it was mainly to have slavery as the backbone of its economic system plus currency and other trades they might have...

      Civil war is civil war, Lincoln knew slavery was mighty important to the south so after 2 years of wars peace at any cost looks not so bad... The idiocy of southern states to refuse that because until then they had a few military victories is what brought them down... But they still remember it fondly and with pride... And people like you leave no stone unturned to try making it into smth else... 🤢

    • NinjaNezumi
      NinjaNezumi Day ago

      The Funny thing about Jefferson Davis putting the right to buy and sell slaves in the Confederate Constitution is that it was a rallying cry like "Democrats will take your guns!" - No actual threat had been made against the Southern States' Slave Trade. That's what I'm trying to explain to you.

    • NinjaNezumi
      NinjaNezumi Day ago

      The Confederate States seceded from the Union EXCLUSIVELY because of the platform of the Northern States to limit and prohibit currency printing and foreign trade deals. Abolishing slavery was NOT EVEN A POINT OF ORDER until 1863.

    • NinjaNezumi
      NinjaNezumi Day ago

      "NinjaNezumi states rights to trade slaves.."

      Did you not read the part where I said Lincoln was NOT threatening Slave State rights to buy and sell slaves?

      The Slave States were demanding the right to print their own money and trade Domestic Products without approval of the Federal Government. Lincoln was opposed to that. IT WAS PART OF HIS FUCKING PLATFORM.

    • pankakesnotstellar
      pankakesnotstellar Day ago

      NinjaNezumi states rights to trade slaves... 🤢the first explanation about the civil war from anyone with a minimum of intellectual honesty is: it was about the slavery first and currency and trade (amongst others slave trade) also... There's smth not right in your humanistic thought process...

  • Daniel Ader
    Daniel Ader 2 days ago

    Who else realized that his statistics add up to 101%

  • Julian Baxter
    Julian Baxter 2 days ago +1

    Thank u God!!!!!!!!!×%@%%#&#^#^#^$&×^@^^#&>@^@@_@^@^^÷&@>#^!*&^×<_÷^÷>@&^#=^^-%÷&×*+(@&@^@^@#^÷%!$!%@/@/%@!%%@^@&#&$&#^@##&&@<-^@%@^@&$*#<#^@^@^#>@&^%@@^#&#*#^#^#&&#&##^!%!%@^@^:#^@^@^#^#>#&+%#^#^#^#^@&#^÷^^#@^#^#&#^^#^#&;##&#&#$&#*#&$=^×@^#&#$!$!'afa($*&=&=÷&#&&$#^^÷&=>$&#^@^#*$^×&÷&#^#:#:!%!$!$!@%!;!%!%%!%!%^!!%!%

  • ChrisBrengel
    ChrisBrengel 2 days ago +1

    Stephen Colbert! LMFAO!

  • Messy Marv
    Messy Marv 2 days ago +1

    I think it’s pretty messed up that Robert Smalls didn’t get an applause and Bessie Coleman did. 👎 👎

  • Rui Busto
    Rui Busto 2 days ago

    >having ancestors who had slaves = you're racist.