Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Oct 9, 2017
  • Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.
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Comments • 32 842

  • Alicia Mireles
    Alicia Mireles Day ago

    “Grow a penis”!
    Had to rewind I heard nothing after that because I was laughing way too much at that lol

  • Patricia Handa
    Patricia Handa Day ago +1

    Mr. "Slaves were expensive" has a point. Many farmers could not afford a slave. Some options available included renting one for a couple weeks or as long as possible during harvest; purchasing a young, female slave (much cheaper than a male in his prime), using her as a housemaid, and either impregnating her with a rented male or impregnating her yourself, as her children, even though yours, would legally be your slaves. Of course these methods could also all be combined, as slave ownership was what ambitious young southern men aspired to. Owning at least one was not uncommon (38% of southern men did), but as pointed out, they could also be rented. Also, being a foreman was not an uncommon "middle class" occupation. So, yeah, you didn't have to own a slave to be hip-deep in slavery, though some areas (notably West Virginia and eastern Tennesse) were, legitimately, too poor to be much involved in slavery, and therefore did not much support the Confederacy. Funny that.

  • Toronto Transit Channel

    5:50 That's because the civil war wasn't only (or arguably mainly) about the ethics of slavery. It was about the economics of slavery and the political control over it (of which, states rights were a pressing issue).
    Historians agree that conflicts over slavery caused the war, but disagree immensely on what those conflicts were. The question is a loaded question - we don't exactly know what the right answer is, so the best answer should be "don't know", because the details are too broad to answer.
    EDIT: there's no denying that the confederacy was run by hypocrites, the point is that the question is garbage and misleading.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks Day ago

      The best answer is "slavery." The rebels cited "slave" and "slavery" a whopping 80 separate times in their own declarations of secession, all of which are free online.

  • Extra Credit Productions

    This reminds me of Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next. He visited Germany and learned that the schools included Hitler in history class. It's good to learn the bad stuff so we'll know what not to do.

  • Tiagorpg mendes
    Tiagorpg mendes 3 days ago

    they should just carve in the statues "fought for the right of the SUPERIOR RACE to have slaves, and lost"

  • George Doerr
    George Doerr 3 days ago

    I mean I’m fine with removing mounuments and flags, but you still got to keep the confederacy in history books 📚

  • hunter blane
    hunter blane 3 days ago +1

    So why can't the statues just go into museums?

  • Guska Blanco
    Guska Blanco 4 days ago +1

    So they were erected to celebrate white supremacy? That's terrible.

  • Maxim Daigle
    Maxim Daigle 4 days ago +2

    "Centered around a *friendly* North-South rivalry"
    Oh so that's what it was?

  • Vonte OfNeWeRa
    Vonte OfNeWeRa 4 days ago

    The #Confederashe

  • Lavagreat The great
    Lavagreat The great 4 days ago

    Take away; AmErica is a BIGGG SUCCCCsS

  • Rob Vespa
    Rob Vespa 4 days ago

    As an aside, was the TV show's purpose to shame people about long dead ancestors?

  • Paul TheSkeptic
    Paul TheSkeptic 4 days ago

    It's not a grilled cheese unless it's grilled. What you got there is cheese toast. Now there's nothing wrong with cheese toast. It's just not grilled cheese. Yeah, and something about statues too. Don't do slavery.

  • Liam Campbell
    Liam Campbell 4 days ago +1

    bottom line the confederacy was a bunch of traitors to the united states, just like benedict arnold. they should both be looked upon as such.

  • Harrison
    Harrison 5 days ago

    yeah, but now people are painting over George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they owned slaves.

  • ferociousgumby
    ferociousgumby 6 days ago +1

    Someone should take a jackhammer to that inscription on his gravestone.

  • debicadude
    debicadude 6 days ago +4

    I cant believe we are still talking about this, tear it down all of it ffs

  • Swampbutt Stinson
    Swampbutt Stinson 6 days ago

    Oliver and Colbert; my two favorite muckrakers. To be fair, they probably dont do any of the actual, "raking" but they certainly present the facts in a manner both entertaining and informative.

  • Nickelplated357 Channel

    Mistakes were made in our past. We didn’t make them, our forefathers did. That was a different generation. Things were different then. I just wish current white people whom have no affiliation to that time period could just get let off the damn line!! I did nothing!

  • Redacted
    Redacted 6 days ago

    I knew Jimi Savile was a paedophile before I had any idea what that was. When I was little I said he was the creepiest person I had ever seen, when I got older I said he was a kiddie fiddler, when the news came out and people who worked with him said they didn't know I said (and still say) they were liars.

  • redneck kid
    redneck kid 6 days ago

    Leave it alone leave our conference alone

  • Kevin beem
    Kevin beem 6 days ago

    Hm a flag

  • Aiken
    Aiken 6 days ago

    Slavery still is the cornerstone in the USA, no living wage is the proof.

  • Pierre Petit
    Pierre Petit 6 days ago +1

    State rights about you know, owning other people...

  • Austin Leach
    Austin Leach 7 days ago +2

    Anyone who says the Civil War was about states' rights should be immediately asked what rights were the states looking to protect. Spoiler warning, it was about the right to own slaves.

  • Mwaniki Mbau
    Mwaniki Mbau 7 days ago +4

    The headlines on "Holy Shit That's Not Remotely The Point" magazine had me in tears

  • Michael Rey
    Michael Rey 7 days ago +6

    The swastika was apart of Germany’s history, yet you don’t see them hanging it up.

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival 8 days ago

    The dichotomy of "slavery vs states' rights" is actually pretty interesting.

    Basically, after the South lost the presidential election to Abraham Lincoln, they were 100% convinced that he was going to try to kill off slavery. (Pretty much the same as how idiots were certain Obama was going to take their guns and kill their grannies.) Lincoln tried to assuage their fears, and tried to skirt the topic carefully, but their paranoia surged and they seceded.

    They piled up their reasons for secession, but "states rights" was pointedly a reference to who was in charge at the federal level. The South didn't want the North's values imposed upon them. Had Lincoln not been elected, they would've had no qualms with their pro-slavery federal government, and the war probably wouldn't have happened. And ironically, had the war not happened, slavery might not have been abolished. (Basically, Lincoln be all like, "Well, shit, if these assholes are going to revolt over abolition, might as well do it anyway.")

  • Hannah Bleu Harrington

    To be fair, Dolly Parton's Stampede does have great food, and the equestrian show is entertaining

  • Joseph New York
    Joseph New York 9 days ago

    I think the Civil war was about states rights than about slavery.

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 8 days ago

      It was, specifically about states' rights to have slaves.

  • Daniel rogers
    Daniel rogers 9 days ago

    A friendly north south rivalry lol

  • Erik Brock
    Erik Brock 9 days ago

    I'm not as well versed in civil War history as I could be, so if anyone knows the answer to this question, I'd love to hear it. What was the Confederacy's general policy regarding people caught trying to defect to the Union?

    • Erik Brock
      Erik Brock 5 days ago

      @Amir Hagit Einav true enough. still a completely different world to what anyone in the modern United States grew up in.

    • Amir Hagit Einav
      Amir Hagit Einav 6 days ago +1

      Erik Brock also you mean 19th century cause that was when the war was.

    • Erik Brock
      Erik Brock 7 days ago

      @RonPaulHatesBlacks you've never plowed a field in your life and neither have I, much less everyday for a living; don't kid yourself. You know facts and statistics and dates about the broad, broaaaad evolution of the country, and that's it. there are, mostly, no historic documents to find about what day-to-day life of the average citizen was like because most people at that time were illiterate. If you think it appropriate to pass moral judgment on conscripts for the wars they were drafted into, then you are absolutely not the student of history you attempt to imply.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 7 days ago

      @Erik Brock Of course we have an idea what life was like in the 18th century, the same way we have an idea what life was like in Nazi concentration camps. We study history.

    • Erik Brock
      Erik Brock 7 days ago

      @RonPaulHatesBlacks the Nazis I will give you because they are more contemporary, but most people have absolutely no idea what life was like in the late 18th century. certainly no one in the modern US. Maybe if you're a farmer in Uganda you have some idea of what life was like back then, but aside from that no, so we're not in the position to judge. most of us have also never had a gun held to our head, literally or figuratively, and been ordered to join a war. I oppose war on principle, but with a family to help support I don't know what I would do if it really came down to it.

  • Duskrider007
    Duskrider007 10 days ago

    To my left there's a wall, to my right there's a closet and I'm Canadian. I think your statistics are flawed.

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 11 days ago

    People getting triggered over statues is ridiculous. The USA has far more important things to fix than statues. Also, I'd say a good 90% of the people couldn't tell you who any statue was.

    • ZEDFRA
      ZEDFRA 5 days ago

      Ever heard of doing multiple things at once.

  • E H
    E H 11 days ago +1

    Why don't we just erect a Confederate park? A big park all the statues can go to where idiot's can see them but the rest of us don't gotta lol

  • Elizabeth Hoang
    Elizabeth Hoang 11 days ago

    Monuments of confederate soldiers glorify them to try and opress back people. In my opinion, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers who owned slaves, have statues and are glorified for their work as founding fathers, not to opress people ONLY because of their work founding the nation. Monuments celebrating the fact they owned slaves should be taken down. If you disagree, it's okay. Reply and I'll try to think about what you said and take it into considerstion if i didn't before.

  • Fifth Business
    Fifth Business 13 days ago

    That restaurant was medieval times. Same menu, though I didn’t get free Pepsi because I was in the green knights section :/

  • J.A. Bristol
    J.A. Bristol 13 days ago

    What trying times we live in!

  • Darth Aquarius
    Darth Aquarius 13 days ago

    Even the ladies

  • Noah Folse
    Noah Folse 14 days ago

    I think that some should be preserved... in museums
    additionally the south fought for slavery. I have no doubt about it but the Lincolns main goal was not to get rid of slavery but instead to keep the union together.

  • Leeber Snowy
    Leeber Snowy 14 days ago

    I bet the number of monuments spiked after that horrible movie came out- the one that was funding by the kkk- I don’t remember what it was called- gone with the nation??

  • Andres Porras
    Andres Porras 15 days ago


  • landon B
    landon B 15 days ago


  • Booti_Boi 69
    Booti_Boi 69 15 days ago

    Y'all should check out the problem Canada has with John A. MacDonald

  • Daniel Wasner
    Daniel Wasner 16 days ago +1

    I am from germany and even we learn that the cicilwar was for or against slavery and that the south was for slavery

    • Joe Schmoe
      Joe Schmoe 11 days ago

      You should know that there weren't very many US states back then. Maybe 30 and like the one fat white guy said, not every white family owned slaves. It was very indeed expensive to own other people. They had to be fed, housed and clothed.

  • ShockCo Truth
    ShockCo Truth 16 days ago

    How bout this. Lose all the idols. The statues, the obilisk that is named the "Washington monument", tear down Rushmore, and get rid of sun goddess in New York

  • johnny five amoris Iesu Christi

    john oliver the lying anti american . john hates everything that stands for freedom and for god. the csa fought against the illegal war against Southern freedom/. john loves the fact that people are soo dumbed down that he can deceive them easily with his satanic lies.

    • ZEDFRA
      ZEDFRA 5 days ago

      @Stephen2462 more than that he's insane too.

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 8 days ago +2

      Someone got triggered lol.

  • Carter Dreyer
    Carter Dreyer 16 days ago +1

    Robert E. Lee however believed slavery was evil and succession was wrong. He only fought for Virginia. Why are we taking down his's statues.

    • J.A. Bristol
      J.A. Bristol 15 days ago


    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 16 days ago +1

      @Carter Dreyer He freed them immediately in 1857? That's awesome!!!

    • Carter Dreyer
      Carter Dreyer 16 days ago

      @RonPaulHatesBlacks yes he did. It is well documented. Look it up.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 16 days ago

      @Carter Dreyer No, no, no. He must have freed them immediately in 1857. He did believe slavery was evil, right?

    • Carter Dreyer
      Carter Dreyer 16 days ago

      @RonPaulHatesBlacks he freed them in 1862.

  • Callum Venter
    Callum Venter 17 days ago

    Hitler is not the same as the south.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 16 days ago +2

      @johnny five amoris Iesu Christi The fact that you're allowed to read, write, and post your dissent proves you wrong.

    • johnny five amoris Iesu Christi
      johnny five amoris Iesu Christi 16 days ago

      @RonPaulHatesBlacks america destroyed freedom and enslaved all american to bankers to corps and to uncle sam. you love proving you are a lying scumbag.

    • RonPaulHatesBlacks
      RonPaulHatesBlacks 17 days ago +1

      America beat both of them. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Derek Durham
    Derek Durham 17 days ago

    I live close to Branson where Dixie stampede is

  • Ninja Turtles
    Ninja Turtles 17 days ago

    You can totally erase history

  • KrazyVideoChick
    KrazyVideoChick 18 days ago

    20:18... uuuummm... John, you ever heard "Gator Bait"? The alligator would be a terrible statue for Florida. It has like everything to do with slavery. Surprised the writers didn't catch that one.

  • Eliot Jurgensen
    Eliot Jurgensen 18 days ago

    I would like to ask a question in reference to the continued use of the Confederate flag. In what way is displaying the Confederate flag different than displaying the Swastika or Nazi Germany flag?

  • Howard Barnett
    Howard Barnett 19 days ago

    6:12 It was about the States' right to continue slavery, so both. Neither State's rights or slavery exist today, so it's a moot point.

    • Howard Barnett
      Howard Barnett 16 days ago

      @johnny five amoris Iesu Christi Really? Can you cite some sources for that? You know, proof?

    • johnny five amoris Iesu Christi
      johnny five amoris Iesu Christi 16 days ago

      slavery was on the way out before the war started. the slaves in the south was being paid for their work. the north did not give a damn about blacks nor slavery. the north did not give a damn that the children were being murdered in their slave centers aka factories.

    • johnny five amoris Iesu Christi
      johnny five amoris Iesu Christi 16 days ago

      slavery still exist. we in america are enslaved to uncle sam

  • Ivo Karmely
    Ivo Karmely 19 days ago +1

    Didn’t the Confederacy lose the Civil War? Why have statues that commemorate people who lost?

    • Raphael alexandre yensen
      Raphael alexandre yensen 11 days ago

      Why does Spartacus have a statue? He lost to slaving Romans? To different people a symbol will mean different things. That's why they argue. It's not about physically winning on battlefields, It's about winning ideas in civil discourse. The statue is a symbol and the symbols are being weaponized into political weapons. The reason we should not have these statues is that the Ideal they represent should not define us. Not because we could beat them on a battlefield.

  • Helel Alexander
    Helel Alexander 19 days ago


  • Nichole
    Nichole 19 days ago +1

    Omg, my dad worked at Dixie Stampede. Now I’m thinking bout that soup they have there. It’s good af.

  • kris light
    kris light 20 days ago

    people who dont like the Confederate statues are so sick of hearing "Ok Boomer"...

  • dan brooks
    dan brooks 20 days ago

    The Original GOP.

  • GentleColt Pony
    GentleColt Pony 20 days ago

    It's weird cause I found out that Alexander Stephens and President Lincoln were actually soldiers who fought together in a rebellion. Talk about friends turned rivals. Oh, and bonus fact: only 25 percent of Southerners actually owned slaves since the average price for a house now (500 thousand) was how much they were worth