It's Always Sunny in the GOP

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  • metalmugen
    metalmugen 2 months ago

    I wish I could see that bitch's reaction of Donald Trump winning

  • Atom Cat
    Atom Cat 3 months ago

    what's the song at 0:23?

  • AGenericAccount
    AGenericAccount 5 months ago +2

    can you imagine he put "Donald Trump wins the presidency?" That would be psychic

  • The Hentai King
    The Hentai King 7 months ago

    "donald trump wins the presidency"

  • Biased Eisenkiller
    Biased Eisenkiller 7 months ago

    What a time to be alive

  • Matthew
    Matthew 7 months ago

    This video aged well.

  • A Person...
    A Person... 10 months ago

    I'm laughing then I remembered reality so that turned into crying and puking

  • Sombavlogs
    Sombavlogs Year ago

    You're in LEMMiNO's video!!

  • DekuStickGamer
    DekuStickGamer Year ago

    And now look at us.

  • Tom Leben
    Tom Leben Year ago

    what was the music at 0:23?

  • Chicken
    Chicken Year ago


  • Chris zosh
    Chris zosh Year ago

    Who's laughing now?! Answer: Likely someone somewhere

  • Alex Nardelli
    Alex Nardelli Year ago

    Its even better now that hes the president

  • Pich Ofir' Aviyah


  • The Crobat Cave
    The Crobat Cave Year ago

    0:22 has to be played at 0.5 now.

  • MetaWulfTV
    MetaWulfTV Year ago

    Everyone pissed that trump won.85% of you did not Vote

  • Clemence Grumble
    Clemence Grumble Year ago

    Genius, my fellow.

  • JJ41890
    JJ41890 Year ago +14

    The guy in the video is Keith Ellison, and he's being supported by Bernie Sanders to become the leader of the DNC. I hope he gets it.

  • Grant Cronin
    Grant Cronin Year ago +10

    This is due an update.

  • Luke Preston
    Luke Preston Year ago +1


  • hamish hill
    hamish hill Year ago +2


  • steelers8279
    steelers8279 Year ago +5

    little did we know.

  • Joe Quinn
    Joe Quinn Year ago +3

    Not sure if still funny or just sad

  • AlphaHawkP
    AlphaHawkP Year ago +1

    Who's laughing now, fuckers?

  • Hyp0thermia
    Hyp0thermia Year ago +25

    Well, uh, I think we all know why we are all here.

  • Stalysfa
    Stalysfa Year ago +8


  • danielvutran
    danielvutran Year ago +3


  • Conky
    Conky Year ago +4


  • Jack Duripper
    Jack Duripper Year ago +85

    They laughed, until it happened

  • udahluser
    udahluser Year ago +8


  • Nathab Jones
    Nathab Jones Year ago +1

    gg the end is nigh

  • aleks
    aleks Year ago +48

    Coming back to this video now. Perfect.

  • ApplesPapples
    ApplesPapples Year ago

    Liberal officials and media personalities were in general supremely arrogant cunts this election cycle.

  • silencyne
    silencyne Year ago

    Crying 😂

  • Desireè Norwood
    Desireè Norwood Year ago +1

    Literally everyone this month, last year

  • nmbr4 lizard
    nmbr4 lizard Year ago

    funny as fuck i hope we get tons of these

  • Leandro Vieira
    Leandro Vieira Year ago

    Hi. Sorry for my bad english

  • Agiri
    Agiri Year ago +120

    The way that woman laughs makes me think she's the most insufferable bitch I've ever seen

    • pUSSYcREAM
      pUSSYcREAM 9 months ago

      dee you bitch

    • Agiri
      Agiri Year ago +4

      damn you're right

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned  Year ago +53

      Don't assume things. She might be the SECOND most insufferable bitch you've ever seen.

  • Ryukachoo
    Ryukachoo Year ago +4

    i love the shit out of these always sunny cold opening edits, just in general

  • InfectedSoup
    InfectedSoup Year ago +8

    sorry for being stupid, so this is way before trump became the chosen republican candidate?

  • WiFi Luke
    WiFi Luke Year ago +6

    This is so fucking hilarious, and exactly why Trump ended up leading the republican ticket

    • WiFi Luke
      WiFi Luke Year ago

      hahah mitch cady, yeah, spectating this shit from outside of the us is actually hilarious
      And then i realize that whoever wins will affect me all the way in sweden too... which feels really shitty
      anyways dude hope you have a nice day.

    • Mitch Cady
      Mitch Cady Year ago

      30,000 emails.

  • mk fu
    mk fu Year ago +4

    Holy shit you're brilliant!

  • Spencer Woody
    Spencer Woody Year ago +1


  • Reuven White
    Reuven White Year ago

    It would be just a hair better if the title was different and didn't include "Always sunny", because the surprise makes it great haha. Awesome video!

  • PopeOwned
    PopeOwned  Year ago +22

    Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying this video! You're more than welcome to check out any of my old works, if you wish.
    Thanks again!

    • Tom Leben
      Tom Leben Year ago

      what was the music you added in?

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned  Year ago

      Haha, thank you! As soon as I saw that clip, I knew it had to be done.

    • Bruner4Life
      Bruner4Life Year ago +1

      Dude this is some comedy genius, I'm real impressed man!

  • SulaimanamialuS
    SulaimanamialuS Year ago +44

    the smug laughter and yet overblown coverage is what they did and got Trump to this point. dumb clowns. But much respect to Rep Keith Ellison.

    • Daniel Patten
      Daniel Patten 7 months ago

      SulaimanamialuS despite his amazing hindsight they still don't make him the chair of the dems

  • Paisley
    Paisley Year ago


  • John Jacques
    John Jacques Year ago +17

    This is beautiful, in a horrifying way.

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned  Year ago +16

      That can sum up the whole election, honestly.

  • bensas42
    bensas42 Year ago +4


  • Chanclas
    Chanclas Year ago +121

    Well done. Pretty funny how sure they all are. They seem so arrogant especially looking back on it.

    • Dylan Smith
      Dylan Smith 6 months ago

      Wow what a nice, well informed, wholesome guy. How do I get to be your friend?

    • The Hanged Man
      The Hanged Man Year ago +1

      Enjoy being thrown out of a helicopter, leftist scum.

    • Chanclas
      Chanclas Year ago

      +Dylan Thomas For sure. This election is pretty farcical, but none the less they were all so certain that it wouldn't happen that they laughed about someone even suggesting it.

    • Dylan Thomas
      Dylan Thomas Year ago +5

      I don't see it as arrogant at all. Donald Trump is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the republican party and to the presidential office. The always sunny part doesnt just end when the video does. Were living in something that a TV writer might come up with.

    • mOnK27640
      mOnK27640 Year ago +1

      you should sent it to them on twitter rustle their jimmies a little lol

  • cb0nez
    cb0nez Year ago +9

    amazing. what date is this clip from? how far we've come since then...

    • Gott mit uns
      Gott mit uns Year ago

      If July, 2016 was almost a year ago for you, then that's the only logical conclusion.

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned  Year ago

      +Gott mit uns How did you find out?

    • Gott mit uns
      Gott mit uns Year ago +3

      are you a time traveler?

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned  Year ago +11


    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned  Year ago +14

      July 26, 2016. Almost a year ago...

    SANAFABICH Year ago +37

    This is so well put together that ain't even gonna troll. Am I getting soft?

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned  Year ago +69

      Perhaps. There are pills for that sort of thing.

  • Brayden C
    Brayden C Year ago +19

    this is perfect

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned  Year ago +2

      Thank you! I thought it went well together.