DP/30: Skyfall, director Sam Mendes


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  • Robert Humphries
    Robert Humphries 2 years ago


  • TheLonesomeChef
    TheLonesomeChef 2 years ago

    At 24:08 the interviewer basically calls what Spectre was going to be like.

  • fifteenminute
    fifteenminute 2 years ago

    Amazing interview!

  • oscar hallersten
    oscar hallersten 3 years ago +4

    I did not like specter, but Sam Mendes is so interesting and smart, one of the best directors working today with no doubt

  • Benjamin Gentile
    Benjamin Gentile 6 years ago

    4:14 Casino Royal was never referencing older Bond films? No Pastiche at all, sure, a hot chick who now works with Bond saying, "I'm the money every penny of it" could not possibly be making a joke about Money Penny.

  • bobgoran
    bobgoran 6 years ago

    Oh, it is kinda obvious that this interviewer generally hates bond movies. Fair enough. But let's correct factual errors: 1) Casino Royale wasn't the first time the Bond series went back to basic (see OHMSS and FYEO). 2) John Glen was slightly more than just a stuntman. Glen was the editor for On Her Majestys Secret Service, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. He's also the one who gave us the pre-title sequence for The spy who loved me with the classic ski jump.

  • Macatakaful
    Macatakaful 6 years ago

    It is, at least partly...
    If you watch the commentary, every sentence Sam Mendes mentions how appreciative he is to Conrad L. Hall for creating the atmosphere and doing this and that with the lighting.
    Either way, he may just be creating Sam's image.
    Who knows - I like Mendes.

  • Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson 6 years ago +1

    What an interesting and charming man

  • Delmar Terblanche
    Delmar Terblanche 6 years ago +3

    One of the best directors working today.American Beauty, Jarhead, Road to Perdition, Revolutionary Road and now Skyfall are all masterpieces. It's a shame about Away We Go. Still, everyone has their one fault.

    • garad123456
      garad123456 2 months ago

      What, you dislike that film? To me its the best one of what u mentioned

  • 1gersgirl
    1gersgirl 6 years ago

    What an interesting insight into a wonderful film.

  • HotPocketsBoy
    HotPocketsBoy 6 years ago

    @hornymaneee I highly doubt that he was offered avengers

  • Joshua Dang
    Joshua Dang 6 years ago +2

    The constant zooming in and out was a bit distracting. But great interview

  • Felujioboy
    Felujioboy 6 years ago

    These interviews are great, have you ever considered making all of these available as podcasts?

  • Dodges
    Dodges 7 years ago

    This is a pretty well known fact.. Mendes was more of an apprentice on that film.

  • MajorBoothroyd007
    MajorBoothroyd007 7 years ago

    Great stuff. I love the interviewer's own enthusiasm for being with Sam and asking him about the process of making a Bond picture as well as Sam's great and informative answers to those inquiries. Michael and Barbara really left Skyfall in some talented and dedicated hands with Sam, and I couldn't be happier with the final product. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing him do more Bond films (especially with Dan) in the near future.

  • hornymaneee
    hornymaneee 7 years ago

    He was offered to direct the avengers but he turned it down good thing too cause it would've spoiled the ending in the opening narration and be uncomfortable to watch like American beauty

  • Dodges
    Dodges 7 years ago

    Hm, considering his DP essentially directed American Beauty...

  • tyleire
    tyleire 7 years ago

    Enthusiasm, brilliance, and likeability... isn't too hard to see why Sam Mendes is such a successful director.

  • Wyatt Weymouth
    Wyatt Weymouth 7 years ago

    I mean if he did to a trilogy they'd be produced pretty quickly and maybe take 6 years total but still =/

  • Wyatt Weymouth
    Wyatt Weymouth 7 years ago

    Comon if you're saying that you then you've got to be aware of the small amount of films great directors tend to have in their filmographies. Imagine if Kubrick got locked into a trilogy, then we'd have well, sad faces =(

  • Wyatt Weymouth
    Wyatt Weymouth 7 years ago +1

    I've never seen a DP/30 that was actually 30 minutes.

  • Wyatt Weymouth
    Wyatt Weymouth 7 years ago

    No don't let that happen! Mendes is too good for that! We can't have more directors trapped in trilogy formats.

  • Dominique Marsell
    Dominique Marsell 7 years ago

    Another great interview. Like I noted the producer's braveness in cutting off the Bronson era at its height. I'm a BIG fan of GOLDENEYE.

  • marcinharj2008
    marcinharj2008 7 years ago

    One of the best interview i've seen here. Thanks!

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 7 years ago

    wow, who is this David Poland chap? He's interviewing everyone!

  • Timothy Mably
    Timothy Mably 7 years ago

    Let's get Sam on all future Bond films from now on.

  • nicholas aaron
    nicholas aaron 7 years ago +2

    Javier Bardem was almost too good. I just wanted every scene he was in to last forever. Incredible, the guy's played two of the very best villains ever in just over 5 years.

  • UlrichUlrich
    UlrichUlrich 7 years ago

    Lovely man, humble and down to earth. Great interview.

  • liliripe
    liliripe 7 years ago

    Fantastic interview, thanks.

  • KidsPlayingSuperheroes

    great interview.

    PANDAPILCH 7 years ago

    I'm a huge fan of this guy and his work. Thanks for this interview.

  • clrscr
    clrscr 7 years ago

    cool thanks !!

  • STK
    STK 7 years ago

    Very good movie. Much better than the garbage that was Quantum of Solace.

  • ravishingravi
    ravishingravi 7 years ago

    You have a great collection of videos