Who Is ACTUALLY The First Avenger?

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
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    Today Ben dives into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to try and uncover who was ACTUALLY the first Avenger.
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Comments • 3 349

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  3 months ago +790

    Who do you consider to be The First Avenger?!

  • Asrar Qureshi
    Asrar Qureshi Day ago

    Nicholas Joseph Fury because he came up with the idea and in a way he's like their leader because he brings them together and even helps out like it Age of Ultron when he brings the Helicarrier

  • Colors Unknown
    Colors Unknown Day ago +1

    Are ALL the Avengers the first Avenger?

  • Nick Luciano
    Nick Luciano Day ago

    It is captain amrica

  • Blablabla092 NerdWorld

    Ave n gers its a rock n roll band!!!

  • Ruah22
    Ruah22 2 days ago

    Uhhh wouldn't Nick Fury be the First Avenger??

  • Jahrhys Greenidge
    Jahrhys Greenidge 2 days ago

    The first Avenger is Thor, he's over 1000 years old!

  • Susie Howard
    Susie Howard 4 days ago

    Tony Stark

  • FinalGaming
    FinalGaming 5 days ago

    Iron Man is the ONLY option. While Captain Marvel sparked the idea for the Avengers, she wasn’t an actual Avenger because they weren’t formed until Tony went around and got people. Captain America, although sparked the idea for Shield, was not the first hero to start the Avengers.
    THEREFOR, Tony is the First Avenger. Haven’t watched the vid but if this isn’t the answer y’all goofed.

  • SamuraiJuno
    SamuraiJuno 6 days ago

    y’all need to colab with matpat

  • Madison Shekell
    Madison Shekell 6 days ago

    Clint recruited black widow

  • Aksaya Edla
    Aksaya Edla 7 days ago

    I thought for a second they are gonna say Thor cause he is 1500 years old .

  • spencer rosas-gunn
    spencer rosas-gunn 8 days ago

    It's nick fury because he created the avengers. BTW yes he is an avenger, not legally but he DOES do avenger work and if you don't believe me you should watch him fight.

  • reeses pieces
    reeses pieces 14 days ago

    I think it's Clint because Clint was working for shield for a long time and he is the reason that Nat is an avenger

  • T1M3_BR34K3R
    T1M3_BR34K3R 15 days ago +1

    Uhhh...Hawkeye was the one who saved/recruited Black Widow... I'm pretty sure he was first.

  • Brock Gascon
    Brock Gascon 15 days ago

    Captain America saved the world before anyone else. Therefore he has to be the first Avenger. Also if you go rewatch the Avengers he was the first and only approached by Fury to join the team. An argument could be made that Natasha and Clint were not considered apart of the Avengers until after the fight. They were both definitely shield, but not every Navy Sailor is a SEAL. No one thinks Mariah Hill was an Avenger and she was as involved as those two until the final battle.

  • Amy Hilzer
    Amy Hilzer 16 days ago


  • Jonah Washburn
    Jonah Washburn 18 days ago

    Wouldn't Cap, Tony, Bruce, Clint, Nat and Thor ALL be the first, since they unanimously decided to become the Avengers during the Avengers movie?

  • Rachel Clapper
    Rachel Clapper 18 days ago

    If the avengers had a band I think it would be called A minor

  • R0bilicious
    R0bilicious 19 days ago

    If we’re going by similar parameters as you did for Hawkeye and Black Widow, then Phil Coulson would be the first Avenger since Fury basically called him one in the finale of AoS season 1. (Btw I don’t actually think this, but I really like Coulson)

  • RogueTrident
    RogueTrident 19 days ago

    I still say cap is the first.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 19 days ago

    I don't know why but lately his voice has been so ANNOYING

  • Max Ng
    Max Ng 20 days ago

    Look, captain marvel is the FIRST avenger cuz the photo in capt marvel, carol danvers was nicknamed avenger, and that is where fury got the name avenger initiative

  • Fandom Fanatic
    Fandom Fanatic 20 days ago

    There might be something totally disproving this that I don’t know about, but if not I would argue that Natasha and Clint were both Agents of SHIELD before they became Avengers, like Agent Hill except that they were at like the highest level. I think that this is what caught SHIELD’s eye. Plus, Nick Fury, or at least Phil Coulson, had already worked closely with them, so I think that was why they were approached to join the Avengers Initiative. This would mean that they got their numbers when they joined SHIELD, so I think don’t think that this necessarily determines the time at which they were each approached about the Avengers Initiative. Even then though, we know that Clint was a part of SHIELD before Natasha, so those numbers could just be random.

  • jenna l
    jenna l 20 days ago

    no technically it’s howard stark.

  • Wica Jay
    Wica Jay 20 days ago

    First Avenger is Nick Fury the creator of it

  • joshua moore
    joshua moore 21 day ago

    what about nick fury? Id say he qualifies as an avenger and seeing as how he started the initiative, he's obviously first

  • John Willis
    John Willis 21 day ago

    I think there is an argument to be made for Nick Fury himself or even Coulson, as the two who tracked down and recruited all the others, plus Coulson's "death" was a big part of what solidified the initial team.

  • Spider- Man
    Spider- Man 21 day ago

    Thumbnail has disabled iron man

  • Noah Babineau
    Noah Babineau 22 days ago


  • Ricky Webb
    Ricky Webb 22 days ago

    Except Natasha said Clint found her

  • Rhiannon Leal
    Rhiannon Leal 22 days ago

    I think Carol Danvers is the first Avenger because . . .

    The Avengers could only come after her since she was the inspiration behind the name. Yes, there was the Protectors, but I believe her adventures with Nick Fury did more than inspire a name change and most likely inspired some of the ideas of the initiative. Therefore when Nick Fury is typing on the computer and editing the Protector initiative he is, in fact, creating the Avengers Initiative.

    Carol Danvers left Nick Fury a way to contact her if needed, therefore joining his group to protect the planet. Since this happened at the same timeframe as the Avengers Initiative being created, see point one, then she has to be the first avenger.

    Those are my thoughts.

  • Tom GameR
    Tom GameR 23 days ago

    Okay, how about this explanation for Cap: He was the first person to be fighting for the Earth’s protection.

    Let’s see how fast this one’s proven wrong...

  • Amy Pattie
    Amy Pattie 23 days ago

    Late to the party, but I think that Captain America being called “the first Avenger” suits his character, because though he might not be the first recruited, but I believe like he is portrayed in his movie, he’s the poster boy of their boy band. He might not be the first Avenger, but he’d be the first Avenger according to the public eye.

  • Patrick Prun
    Patrick Prun 23 days ago

    hawkeye and black widow are agents of shield. the join the team at the end of the avengers 1. The team was looking for superpower people they dont fit the bill sorry. i disagree

  • Tony
    Tony 23 days ago

    Calling it before the end of the video, thor is the first avenger. He's 500 years old. I thought he would be so much older.

  • Zoe Haines
    Zoe Haines 25 days ago

    Bulbasaur is the first avenger

  • Sharon Quigley
    Sharon Quigley 25 days ago

    Thor,because he saved the earth from frost giants

  • chance davis
    chance davis 25 days ago

    Hawkeye is cuz he brought black widow in

  • IronAgent
    IronAgent 25 days ago

    New for 2020 Black Widow: The first avenger

  • Slytherin Forever
    Slytherin Forever 26 days ago +1

    Captain America happened in the 1940s. Captain Marvel happened in the 1990s. Iron man happened in 2008.
    It's a tough one.
    But, I think the First Avenger might be . . .
    Captain America

  • Lol Get Wrecked Noob
    Lol Get Wrecked Noob 26 days ago +2

    Clint is the real first Avenger because he was the one to bring Natasha into SHIELD

  • Agustin Gamez
    Agustin Gamez 26 days ago

    While Carol Danvers inspired the initiative, Captain America inspired Peggy and Howard to form SHIELD. Without SHIELD, there wouldn't be the agent Nick Fury (later director) that gets inspired and rounds up the team.

  • Evve Locce
    Evve Locce 27 days ago

    Kinda cool that the people dying in endgame are the person who started the mcu and the one who started the avengers.

  • Hayo
    Hayo 27 days ago

    Nick Fury is the first Avenger

  • jay jay goodman
    jay jay goodman 27 days ago

    While in shield

  • jay jay goodman
    jay jay goodman 27 days ago

    Hawkeye traced her down

  • Wening Wahyuningsih
    Wening Wahyuningsih 28 days ago

    IMO,I think Captain Marvel is the first Avengers,she is the person who inspired Nick Fury the name "Avengers"(MCU)

  • Krisslanakus
    Krisslanakus 28 days ago

    Why the heck iron Man missing an arm

  • CarlottaStudios
    CarlottaStudios 29 days ago


  • Brock Cheek
    Brock Cheek Month ago

    It is obviously Captain Marvel

  • Templarino Pizza
    Templarino Pizza Month ago

    Out of the first 6 mcu avemgers its technically thor, but the reason why cap was known as the first avenger is because he was the first to do the job of a hero

  • 501rst clan
    501rst clan Month ago


  • Fortnite Blonde
    Fortnite Blonde Month ago

    the first avenger is Stan lee

  • Pudding Pepzi
    Pudding Pepzi Month ago

    Me before video: it's iron Man
    After watching video: it's iron Man

  • lanky1983 - Fortnite

    So... ur telling me that hawkeye who recruited black widow is not the first avenger?????? I’m sorry did I miss something?

  • Tico Tran
    Tico Tran Month ago

    What about Nick Fury and Maria Hill? Somebody check their ID numbers.

  • Renee Rials
    Renee Rials Month ago


  • Abby Scott
    Abby Scott Month ago

    Black Widow: The First Avenger

  • E2B2
    E2B2 Month ago

    Lol I decided to watch the whole video in 1.5x and it was pretty easy.