Latest qurbani 2009

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  • samprasant
    samprasant 7 years ago

    and for muslims this is quarbani with such cruel act these musims expect allha to accept quarbani

  • Awais Qamer
    Awais Qamer 7 years ago

    ass holes shemales

  • Sarah Malik
    Sarah Malik 7 years ago

    Why did he cut the neck from so many places.

  • umais umais
    umais umais 8 years ago

    qurbani ke liye takbber zarori hai per ager ghalti se nahi perhe to niyat bhe kafi hote hai

  • Abdullah Ahsan
    Abdullah Ahsan 8 years ago

    i agree wid u leo4life786 i dnt hear takbeer either