Designer vs. Budget Baby Clothes Shopping Spree! | OMG We're Having A Baby

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate  3 months ago +1865

    Joey and I had so much fun shopping for Mr. Baby! What's your favorite outfit or item? We broke outside our usual thrift stores and budget-friendly stores and splurged on some designer items for him! #becausewhynot ; ) ... He'll probably be naked and in a onesie the first 3 months but the cute outfits are making me soooooo excited for his arrival! Love all of you Creative Weirdos!

    • D Hill
      D Hill Month ago +1

      Kate and Joey you might want to get some cozy onesies so when Baby Moon is home cuddling With you guys he can be cozy

    • Susana Hernandez
      Susana Hernandez Month ago

      Thrift store with baby clothes is gage and atlantic city of maywood they have a good selection I love shopping there for my son

    • maryanne eggers
      maryanne eggers Month ago

      Just caught this vid. And I am shaking my head . Everywhere outside of LA probably has a ton of thrift stores that carry baby clothes. Here in Florida, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Thrift USA and more. I have also lives in the midwest and northeast...Other vloggers I watch from the West Coast area also score thrift hauls! Also, check out Facebook online garage sales, craigslist and local yard/garage sales. Those outfits are adorable...but I am sure, as you may know, they grow out of NB and 0-3 VERY quickly, and used is seriously the way to go! Actually....most of their lives...all they DO is grow out of clothes at LEAST 3x a year!!! LOL Good Luck and God Bless!

    • i vlog
      i vlog 2 months ago


    • Tori sheehan
      Tori sheehan 2 months ago

      A good place that is a Thrift store for kids AND babies is called Kids to Kids! It's here in TEXAS but idk in California but that's a store to look into tho

  • 新井インカーナション

    I’m your new follower her in Tokyo japan. I’m so excited to your baby congratulations for you two.

  • Sam Sorkin
    Sam Sorkin 9 days ago

    :) how about moon for a name? :) lol

  • Jude Lewis
    Jude Lewis 13 days ago +1

    You guys are gonna be the greatest parents EVER!!!!!

  • Caitlin Westmoreland
    Caitlin Westmoreland 13 days ago

    Thought his name was moon but in this they said they don’t know his name?

    • Caitlin Westmoreland
      Caitlin Westmoreland 13 days ago

      Oh Thankyou aha, I thought I was watching them in order but obvs not 😂

    • Jude Lewis
      Jude Lewis 13 days ago +1

      Caitlin Westmoreland
      This is an old video. His name reveal video was after this one.

  • Erin Magill
    Erin Magill 15 days ago

    Where I'm from we have specific resale stores just for babies and kids, I'm sure L.A has one or two

  • 136uV0uwi
    136uV0uwi 15 days ago

    I’m sooo excited to meet baby Moon!!! ☺️

  • Arianna O'Summer
    Arianna O'Summer 16 days ago

    I can't stop looking at Joey's nose now :/

  • Mr. Supreme
    Mr. Supreme 16 days ago

    He's such an la baby

  • Ale Penguin
    Ale Penguin 16 days ago

    Omg Moon will be soooo cuteeeeeee

  • tanjin haider
    tanjin haider 16 days ago +1

    You named him Moon

  • Nuha Abdul
    Nuha Abdul 16 days ago

    Hi Mr.Kate I always buy clothes for my siblings babies . In the first 6 to 7 months the baby loves to snuggle in sleepers and jumpsuits and rompers. You can also buy online from ali express they are really cheap and mostly good quality. love your videos XOXO

  • King Kymmie
    King Kymmie 16 days ago

    Honestly I’m so excited for baby moon. You guys are going to be amazing parents 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Liz Lovee
    Liz Lovee 17 days ago

    I don't know how world wide this thrift store is but in FL there is a store called once upon a child. And they are a "thrift" store just specifically for kids of all ages. I play June's journey, I've actually had to redownload it bc I fell off for awhile. It's a fun game.

  • Icecream Sisters
    Icecream Sisters 20 days ago

    Moon is name I know

  • Michelle Furman
    Michelle Furman 22 days ago

    How about sun moon for a boy and star for a girl

  • Emma Messer
    Emma Messer 23 days ago

    I really like the name tucker

  • Berkley Irwin
    Berkley Irwin 26 days ago

    The outfit with the New York shirt is my favorite!!!!

  • KT 7
    KT 7 26 days ago +1

    I loved the Japan outfit with the quick slides

  • Skye
    Skye 26 days ago

    Awww Kate's shoes are just a little bigger than the baby's shoes!

  • Destiny Cage
    Destiny Cage 27 days ago

    ahhhhh yall are too damn cute. I'm obsessed! more baby videos please!

  • GrumpyGuppies -
    GrumpyGuppies - 27 days ago +1

    kate: " I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant

    Me: *doing the math in my head*
    Me again: * realizes it's 6 months
    Still me: " JUST SAY 6 MONTHS"

  • Destiny Powell
    Destiny Powell 28 days ago

    Side note from one mom to another..
    My son grew way too fast and outgrew everything newborn by 2-3months and got barely any use out of his shoes lol. I learned not to buy too many in one size. Til he became 2yo. Lol

  • chelsea marie
    chelsea marie 28 days ago

    Honestly so surprised you couldn't find baby clothes at thrift store. All the thrift store in my area have a whole section of baby clothes... Maybe it has to do with the fact I'm in a small town?

  • Cutie Feminist
    Cutie Feminist 29 days ago

    This is so cute!! Please do this again next time you get clothes for him!!

  • Esther Dam Hansen
    Esther Dam Hansen 29 days ago

    It really is true like Kate you look SOOOO GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL 😍😍

    • Esther Dam Hansen
      Esther Dam Hansen 12 days ago

      I know my name is awesome 😂😂

    • Jude Lewis
      Jude Lewis 13 days ago +1

      Esther Dam Hansen
      And Esther, you look so damn hanson!!! 😋

  • Amanda Sutton
    Amanda Sutton 29 days ago

    The one and only 'Once Upon A Child' used kids clothing and gear store near to you is in Oceanside. Here's the website: It's where I go for my kids where I live. You'll love it!

  • Angelina P
    Angelina P 29 days ago

    Name it if it’s a boy jake or Jacob Joey and Kate jake or Jacob

  • Alexis Garrison
    Alexis Garrison Month ago

    There is a thrift store called Grow Kid Grow in downtown LA

  • missy
    missy Month ago

    Lol wow really no goodwill baby clothes. The ones here have like 2 or 4 little row of baby clothes

  • Noa Shvadron
    Noa Shvadron Month ago

    Baby clothes usually hand-me-downs from friends and family - that's why you can't find them in charity shops...

  • Luis Camello
    Luis Camello Month ago +1

    Joey and Kate are gonna be the best parents ever! Mr.Baby is gonna be soo lucky!♡

  • Sofia Gomez
    Sofia Gomez Month ago

    What would you do if Moon didn’t want to be a creative weirdo (I’m sure that’s impossible but this is hypothetical)

    B DOUBLE F VLOGS Month ago

    You should have gotten Gucci socks too!!!! Love you guys

  • Dana Barbecho
    Dana Barbecho Month ago


  • Ceci Oriente
    Ceci Oriente Month ago

    you should have checked pluto's closet, I love going there with my mom to look at clothes for me or my little brothers

  • Super Nuggets
    Super Nuggets Month ago

    I’m getting confused is there a boy and a girl or only boy?

  • Hira Mujahid
    Hira Mujahid Month ago

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭They're just so Adorableeeeee!!!!! Love em🌸🌼🌻💮🏵🌷⚘🌺🌹❤💕💗💞💝

  • Daph funkk
    Daph funkk Month ago

    You guys should have checked out Ross for baby clothes!

  • lauren hibbitts
    lauren hibbitts Month ago

    Find someone who kisses you as much as Joey kisses Kate find someone who has much love in his eyes as Joey does when he looks at Kate ❤️ that’s love 💕

  • Auntie_Oof
    Auntie_Oof Month ago

    Moon When He’s Ten: I had Gucci stuff when I was a baby! Beat that!
    His Friends: DUDE, wow.

  • Ellie Melvin
    Ellie Melvin Month ago

    Moon is a perfect nameeeee

  • Out Of This Planet X
    Out Of This Planet X Month ago +1

    can someone tell me is a thrift store in usa the same as a charity shop in England x

  • Unicorn Gymnast
    Unicorn Gymnast Month ago

    The way joey looks at Kate is soooo cute 💗💗💗

  • sashbowsandarrows Maisha Addai

    They have baby consignment shops. That’s where all the baby clothes are going. If it’s great condition moms would rather sell them to consignment shops

  • Tracey Bradshaw
    Tracey Bradshaw Month ago

    Omg I’m clucking like a chicken. My boys are 18 and 20 now and baby fashion has come a looong way since then. I recently had a look through the 2 boxes of baby clothes etc I saved and was oohing and ahhhing, even shed a few tears for memories of my tiny babies who are now young men (who are fashion junkies - inc thrift store originals). Can’t wait to see your little man all kitted out ❤️

  • Anna Fratto
    Anna Fratto Month ago +1

    All the baby outfits are so cute!!! 😍

  • Eima
    Eima Month ago

    Baby clothes are about the only thing that makes me want another one.

  • Shelby Hahn
    Shelby Hahn Month ago +5

    Maybe it's just me but when I was little most of the time I just wore a diaper... Maybe that's weird lol idk... Love you guys!

  • Hachmann Family Email

    It would be perfect if 🌕 has black hair

  • j o s i e s h a e
    j o s i e s h a e Month ago

    the first ppl to get away with filming in a gucci store hahaha

  • Ninaparker44
    Ninaparker44 Month ago

    In Florida we have gently used baby stores! Ones called once upon a child and ones called twinkle twinkle. Maybe y’all have some of those?

  • Erica Nevarez
    Erica Nevarez Month ago

    Also check out H&M and baby gap cuuuute clothes!!💙

  • laura parry
    laura parry Month ago

    OMG! Way too cute!!!😍

  • Maud van der Sande
    Maud van der Sande Month ago +2

    You should go to H&M of Walmart to buy baby clothes! They have a lot!

  • Maud van der Sande
    Maud van der Sande Month ago +1

    Is it a boy or a girl? Cause then you should do boys clothes or girl clothes

  • Arianny Vasquez
    Arianny Vasquez Month ago

    Who is watching this and saying his name is Moon 🌙

  • Sonia Carter
    Sonia Carter Month ago

    In Australia our op shops have baby clothes. It's all about recycling and reusing.

  • Marianna MacIsaac
    Marianna MacIsaac Month ago +1

    Joey + Kate= Jake

  • Olyvia Sendjirdjian

    Omg your bump is huge and so cute

  • Lemon Yellow Elephants

    2:10 says the babys name

  • Rubi’s Crazy Life
    Rubi’s Crazy Life Month ago +3

    When the Gucci slides get too small , you should each have one as a key ring / memory or put both of the Hermes and Gucci shoes in a memory box xxx

  • Kk Xx
    Kk Xx Month ago +1

    2:15 is like soo cool if u pause on it.

  • Kk Xx
    Kk Xx Month ago

    2:12 awe

  • Kk Xx
    Kk Xx Month ago

    0:14 always makes me laugh 😂

  • Time for Cheese
    Time for Cheese Month ago

    U should call him moon

  • Tracie DuPuis
    Tracie DuPuis Month ago

    They grow out of newborn soooooooo quick

  • La familia Slime
    La familia Slime Month ago

    You should go to children place there are cute things

  • Lindsey May
    Lindsey May Month ago

    If you look at the baby picture at 4:42 his foot looks like a angel wing and Joey connected his hand to a beautiful wing for good luck and love. Kate and Joey have the cutest dimples, so baby is going to be cuter than ever especially if he has Joey's blue eyes. Good thoughts, I love you all plus the kitty cat.

  • Huma Ahmed
    Huma Ahmed Month ago

    What about naming the baby boy Noah?!😙😋😎😊😊🙂

  • Parisvlogs and more

    Hey Mr.Kate I just became a creative weirdo. So happy for u.

    Btw I’m a small youtuber.🌻😁😂😊🐶✌️

  • Charmagne Loyola
    Charmagne Loyola Month ago

    You're both sho cute!!! Argh I hope I can find my own joey 😝💕💕💕

  • Cortney Vick
    Cortney Vick Month ago

    Out here in Alabama we have tons of baby consignment shops and also so much baby stuff in our thrift stores!!!!

  • Gilly Fish
    Gilly Fish Month ago

    Most well dressed kid ever

  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson Month ago

    What about moon 🌙

  • Smith Family adventures

    Love your style Kate and mr moon

  • Darla Bennett
    Darla Bennett Month ago +1

    BTW, New York shirt with suspender pants outfit and glitttter boots are my favvv!!

  • Darla Bennett
    Darla Bennett Month ago

    My girls are 7 & 10 and still grow out of clothes sooo quickly. Especially in their early years I went to thrift stores. It's random that yours don't carry a decent selection but there is also stores dedicated to just baby/kids clothing. Children's consignment shops. I would buy clothes/toys/shoes/bedding you name it then if items were still in good condition or I had major store bought items I would sell the items to the shop and be able to purchase newer things I needed. Super long comment but I highly recommend trying to find a Children's consignment shop near you!! GL!! Love & Light 💟✌

  • Kristine Elizabeth
    Kristine Elizabeth Month ago

    Name suggestion: Kenton :)

  • Marlene Larkin
    Marlene Larkin Month ago

    Mom and me

  • Lyrixa 0824
    Lyrixa 0824 Month ago

    hi moon

  • Baylee Hardenbrook
    Baylee Hardenbrook Month ago

    I thought his name is moon?

  • Mathi & Viki
    Mathi & Viki Month ago

    So cute! The baby is gonna be so cute in these clothes!!

  • Lilianna Roma
    Lilianna Roma Month ago

    You can tie die the white thing mabbob

  • Gamer RL
    Gamer RL Month ago

    My mom doesn't even let me pick my own clothes that I like at the store and I'm a teen. If she doesn't like it we won't get it. Even if it was only $5

  • laura schaechtele
    laura schaechtele Month ago

    Try 4 kids only and Noah’s Ark. they are thrift store chains for babies

  • Jennie Smythe
    Jennie Smythe Month ago

    That child will wear those shoes like twice. Sad. Better to wait until their kids. And they have a size for longer period of times.

  • Jordyn B
    Jordyn B Month ago

    The New York shirt with the suspenders is so cute omg I can’t wait for him to come☺️☺️

  • Tamar Barzel
    Tamar Barzel Month ago

    The name is moon🌛

  • Heidi Proctor
    Heidi Proctor Month ago

    Most baby clothes end up in shops dedicated to the trading and selling of them. So check for something like that

  • gamer fam
    gamer fam Month ago

    When is the baby coming. I hope it is the same Day as cousin

  • Erin Dixon
    Erin Dixon Month ago

    The lack of baby clothes in the thrifts in your area is truly weird...every thrift that I’ve visited in Nebraska over the years has always had some baby clothes, though the amount varies. Your little guy will be so cute no matter what he wears.

  • Hannah Roy
    Hannah Roy 2 months ago +1

    I love that the outfits are gonna be so comfy for him!

  • Christine Lidwina
    Christine Lidwina 2 months ago

    When an unborn baby is more stylish than are

  • Kristen Marjanovich
    Kristen Marjanovich 2 months ago

    You should save all of that for when he has a kid so someone can keep on getting the use out of it☺💖

  • Caroline Tamarez
    Caroline Tamarez 2 months ago +1

    Omg!!! These outfits are my favorite❤️ schmalll!!!!!

  • i vlog
    i vlog 2 months ago +4

    Ur baby is lucky cause he has to to live with ur love and positivity and his going to be like that while he grows up and he will be a humble and a creative weirdo

  • Ailin del Grosso
    Ailin del Grosso 2 months ago

    Cutest video ever!!!!!!

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg 2 months ago

    Lol 😂
    Love you guys so much

  • Ashley HW
    Ashley HW 2 months ago +3

    Target has the best inexpensive baby clothes. 🎯 👶🏽 I love Just One Year and the Carter’s Target line. ❤️ 🎯