Nintendo In 2019: Animal Crossing, Sinnoh Remakes, Final Fantasy, & More?


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  • Blackfeather 22
    Blackfeather 22 5 months ago +1

    This video needs to be remade

  • Marsh
    Marsh 8 months ago

    The new Animal Crossing game is Amiibo Festival 2

  • Joshua McJunkin
    Joshua McJunkin 8 months ago

    I just cannot see Skyward Sword being ported to the Switch. The Joycons are not as good as the Wii Remote Plus when it comes to motion sensing and pointing. And both of those are the number one big part of the game. If somehow they managed to make it work, then sign me up for a copy of the game, but I don't think it will happen.
    Luigi's Mansion 3 on the other hand, I think we will see that one come out.

  • sam does gaming
    sam does gaming 9 months ago

    This is what i would do
    (I would release it around June or July)
    Super smash bros 5
    (I would release it In September with the online Service)
    Pikman 4
    (I would release it in August)
    Pokemon switch
    (I would release it in November)
    Fire emblem
    (I would release it in October)
    In 2019
    Metroid prime 4
    (I would release it Around June or July)
    Retro studios new IP
    (I would release it around November or December)
    Animal crossing switch edition
    (I would release it around April or may)
    Mario party 11

  • NintendoLperZDude
    NintendoLperZDude 9 months ago

  • NintendoLperZDude
    NintendoLperZDude 9 months ago

  • Beth Stockton
    Beth Stockton 9 months ago

    I hope animalcrossing gets announced soon plus I want to hear something about spyro aswell even though I think spyro will be next year but I want to be proved wrong.

  • Big_Wes/wesleyisthemannn

    I just want F-Zero to return, dammit. But a new Animal Crossing and Bayonetta 3 looks amazing :)

  • Mashiko HD
    Mashiko HD 9 months ago

    Give me final fantasy 10 remake and 12 ( nostalgia )

  • Joshua Nicholas
    Joshua Nicholas 9 months ago

    Final Fantasy would be interesting on the switch which version would be tho the mobile port or the console version I just hope they will be able optimize it and get it able to run on the switch.

  • Austin Martinez
    Austin Martinez 9 months ago

    I'd be really happy to see Luigis mansion.....

  • Falco Lombardi99
    Falco Lombardi99 9 months ago

    I hope we get Star Fox this year

  • Whitescarver
    Whitescarver 9 months ago

    I'd love to see a Legend of Zelda OoT full remake for the 20th anniversary, one can dream that's the "Legend." =]

  • Silent_Developer
    Silent_Developer 9 months ago

    Man I wish there could be a remake of all the LBP (Little Big Planet) games for the switch besides Sony doesn’t even use that IP anymore and to be fair crash went through a down fall and now he’s on all platforms so why not for the legendary Little Big Planet? The game would be a huge succes!

  • Hopper Grieves
    Hopper Grieves 10 months ago


  • Chief Dragonkiller
    Chief Dragonkiller 10 months ago


  • Jay
    Jay 10 months ago +1

    I have a feeling Luigi’s Mansion will drop this October just in time for Halloween!

  • Malunity
    Malunity 10 months ago +1

    Here is my prediction.
    The next Pokémon game will be revealed in E3 as a form of a trailer.
    The game will be a new generation or a remake of black and white with an open world aspect mixed in following the same path as Zelda and Mario.
    The game will be released in 2019.

  • Raj Bisht
    Raj Bisht 10 months ago

    What the game you are playing in this video

    • H L
      H L 10 months ago

      Final Fantasy XV. Just got "Royal Edition" release too so now is the time to get into it. (Poor reception at launch, but outstanding game right now.)

  • Jay Renault
    Jay Renault 10 months ago

    I don't get Nintendos remake mentality. They seem to remaster Zelda games after 10 years, but with Mario titles it's completely different. Otherwise Mario Galaxy would be next, since it came out in 2007. But Sunshine got no attention whatsoever, so who knows what's going on. Would gladly buy any of these..

  • Gimpler Da Happenin
    Gimpler Da Happenin 10 months ago

    Friggin' slap in da Nintendo Gamecube Logo!!

  • iceman3317
    iceman3317 10 months ago

    If Pokemon 8th Gen was going to come out this year, it would have been announced a month ago. I don't see it coming out till Spring 2019. Unless it is a 2nd version, (Plat/BW2 ect) or remake (HGSS ect), they never wait till Spring to announce it.

  • Nintendo Fan64
    Nintendo Fan64 10 months ago

    This is what i would do for the rest of 2018
    Wolfenstein 2
    Super smash bros 5
    Gta 5
    Nintendo online(Nintendo online will launch with the virtual console and virtual console will now have game cube games)
    Luigi's mansion 3
    Walking dead
    Call of duty blackops 4
    Fire emblem
    Super mario odyssey
    Hello neighbor
    Monster hunter world
    Pokemon go
    We will also get
    Wwe 2k18
    Fifa 19
    Nba 2k19
    Madden 19
    The switch will also get the new sonic racing game

  • NYCJoeBlack
    NYCJoeBlack 10 months ago

    I would like these games for either the Nintendo 3DS and/or Nintendo Switch:
    (1)Final Fantasy V - 3D Remake
    (2)Final Fantasy VI - 3D Remake
    (3)A Super Mario World Remake
    (4)A Contra Collection
    (5)eShop Compilation
    (6)Sega’s 3D Classics
    (7)A new EXCLUSIVE Resident Evil
    (8)A new Mario Kart game
    (9)Fantasy Life sequel
    (10)Advance Wars
    For those Final Fantasy 3D remakes... Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V both got 3D remakes on the Nintendo DS and FFV/FFVI were supposed to happen on the Nintendo DS, then got cancelled in favor for the Nintendo 3DS, but that never happened.
    I want Square-Enix to do what they’ve done with Dragon Quest XI and that’s release FFV/FFVI in both, the N3DS and Nintendo Switch with the Nintendo Switch having not only superior visuals, but visuals appropriate to the Nintendo 3DS; that cute ChiBi look with visuals that don’t got to far to being too realistic like FFXV or even FFIX.
    MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coresonic23
    Coresonic23 10 months ago

    I think the original Final Fantasy VII would go good on Switch

  • Coresonic23
    Coresonic23 10 months ago

    I would like to Harvest moon come to Switch. And yeah I am looking to get back into Smash Bros. And also would like to have a New animal crossing for switch as well

  • A Dandy Gnar, In Space
    A Dandy Gnar, In Space 10 months ago

    . . . Wait? There was a Luigi's Mansion 2????
    Beyond that, I still wonder why in Animal Crossing I'm the only freaking Human... or why do I even have to be a Human???
    Why can't they make it less awkward if we want to give Isabella heavy pettings....

  • Bryson
    Bryson 10 months ago

    I just want to see gameplay of anything... we have too many announcements with just logos.

  • Adam Adams
    Adam Adams 10 months ago

    Animal Crossing Switch will be released Holidays 2018. The phone game doing great and Nintendo will not wait until 2019 to lose out on the marketing momentum the phone game will bring to a 2018 release. Save this post and thank me later.

  • techimonkey
    techimonkey 10 months ago +1

    Love your video! The music that played in the background triggered memories of the many hours my brother played of Mario Super Sluggers and hearing the music in the background constantly

  • Soul Feed
    Soul Feed 10 months ago

    Can you guys stop acting like Pokémon is confirmed to come out this year.
    It could happen but it’s unlikely because why would they release two system selling games on the level of Pokémon and smash in one year

  • Tyke
    Tyke 10 months ago +1

    I don't know why i waited so long to watch this, it was fire. The amount of research you did is insane.

  • RedMage23
    RedMage23 10 months ago

    I have literally not heard of Fortnite outside of begging for it to be on the Switch, lol

  • Will Durgin
    Will Durgin 10 months ago

    Intro on point

  • Aron Gaming
    Aron Gaming 10 months ago

    I think pokémon switch is gonna be gen 8 than after that gen 4 remakes for the switch

  • Leif Millennium
    Leif Millennium 10 months ago possible release date on dec 31, 2018?

  • rachel Hannah
    rachel Hannah 10 months ago

    Yes sinnoh remaks thanks arceus

  • Taha Zaman
    Taha Zaman 10 months ago

    I need pokemon asap cause I have usum and I finished them both plus I play a game on roblox called pokemon brick bronze it should be a real game

  • Rolling Donphan
    Rolling Donphan 10 months ago +12

    If we do get a luigi’s mansion 3, I really hope it’s more like the first one because 2 was pretty disappointing. The first one had a better story, better gameplay, better mechanics, and even had a good amount of creepy scenes in it

    • Socket Monsters
      Socket Monsters 10 months ago

      I much prefer the first myself. It was tight. The only thing I didn't care for was the backtracking, but it was at the price of a sense of being confined to a single mansion which I thought was better for a claustrophobic feel.

    • Tantaroba
      Tantaroba 10 months ago +1

      Not really. I played both, part 2 first then part 1 and the controlls in 1 are bullsh*t. In part 2 the controlls are very good to me. Sure the graphics are better in 1, but remember, its a 3DS

    • NGameTheCube
      NGameTheCube  10 months ago +1

      Rolling Donphan I’ve heard next level games are actually making the 3DS port, so I think they may be going back to the original so they can find what made the first Luigi’s Mansion great and learn, then make Luigi’s Mansion 3 really special.

  • M10
    M10 10 months ago +6

    I feel stupid for asking this, but what is the game playing in the background?
    Also, great video!

  • ItsKgan
    ItsKgan 10 months ago

    Don't heart this comment ;)

  • Diamond Butter
    Diamond Butter 10 months ago

    If this gets a heart all of your subscriber's accounts will be deleted

  • Zucchini Lale
    Zucchini Lale 10 months ago +3

    I think we’re gonna get a Skyward Sword remake this year. It’ll be either announced in the main E3 Direct, or be like Super Star Saga and get announced during TreeHouse Live

  • Razor Wing
    Razor Wing 10 months ago +1

    394 comments? How could you possibly heart all of them?

  • Mr. Exposition
    Mr. Exposition 10 months ago

    Metroid prime 4 and bayonetta 3 for sure coming next year

    GRIZZLYPAC 10 months ago +1

    I love this video

  • Organized Chaos
    Organized Chaos 10 months ago

    I just want a banjo kazooie open world game and conquers game with worlds like odyssey.

  • Zeinbergess
    Zeinbergess 10 months ago

    I hope Poke'Mon switch comes out this year, but with SSB coming out this year I don't see it happening.

  • *insert name here*
    *insert name here* 10 months ago

    Ur mom gay (test to see if he hearts this comment)

  • Cassidy McCabe
    Cassidy McCabe 10 months ago

    I'm probably like the only person ever who played ever oasis and it's so cute and fun. If there is a sequel I will be at the midnight release holy shit

  • Harrison Goudappel
    Harrison Goudappel 10 months ago +2

    Glad youtube recommended me this video. Like the commentary, solid videos. I'm eager for more, and the Sinnoh remakes.

  • Ace D.
    Ace D. 10 months ago

    demake? fuck off

  • Cazador
    Cazador 10 months ago +3

    lol he hearts every comment

    • Dark Squid !
      Dark Squid ! 10 months ago

      NeckYourself does he loves us or wants to annoy us with hearts

  • Lily
    Lily 10 months ago +4

    games i want for my switch atm:
    animal crossing (please. i need it. desperately.)
    maybe undertale???? (i played it back when it came out, v nice but god i hate the fandom)

    • Taha Zaman
      Taha Zaman 10 months ago

      lil your in luck go on your switch and go on news theres something about undertale coming to switch

  • Kieran Gallagher
    Kieran Gallagher 10 months ago +2

    Pikmin please thank you

    • Jajalitho
      Jajalitho 10 months ago

      Kieran Gallagher PIKMIN!! What where who?!?!?!?

  • Ghost 1
    Ghost 1 10 months ago

    TBH i think DP remakes will come after GeN 8

  • J Swizzle
    J Swizzle 10 months ago +5

    Diamond and Pearl remakes are gonna be like the wait for Hoenn xx they'll try to 'surprise' us again

  • gamerZANZUS
    gamerZANZUS 10 months ago

    I'm thinking that there are two Zelda development teams, the home console team and the handheld team (A link Between Worlds team) and we will be getting another top down style Zelda for switch (and maybe 3ds) because by 2019 we wouldn't of had a top down Zelda for 6 years.

    HEHEHE IM A FAT KING 10 months ago +10

    I see Animal Crossing, I click!

  • Truman Schlegel
    Truman Schlegel 10 months ago +2

    Is it only me who would not like a Pokémon game on the switch rather than the ds? I see why users want it on the switch, however the switch is very expensive for me and many others who might have 3ds’, I just feel a lot of people will miss out on great games.

    • Sandra Nicole
      Sandra Nicole 10 months ago

      consoles run out of use eventually, the switch will get cheaper. don't worry.

    • Cazador
      Cazador 10 months ago +1

      Truman Schlegel well nintendo didn’t accommodate for you lol

    • Jordan H
      Jordan H 10 months ago +1

      You also have to keep in mind that the switch is obviously the more powerful device so naturally better games are going to go to the switch as they continue to improve and work on games with that device in mind

    • narutofox180
      narutofox180 10 months ago +3

      The 3DS has received multiple Pokemon games. The hell dude.

    • Calad Euka
      Calad Euka 10 months ago

      It's true. sadly tho, the 3ds is 7 years old .. come on. Just save for that. i know it maybe a hard time. think of the poor people who needs to buy a ps4 just for digimon. *that's expensive.*

  • Soul
    Soul 10 months ago +34

    We need Animal Crossing 🍃

  • Porkcjop
    Porkcjop 10 months ago +16

    How about Pikmin 4?

  • Xeno
    Xeno 10 months ago +22

    There is no way Pokemon Switch is coming out this year. If it does, I will get a tattoo of a Pokeball on my arm. Mark my words.

    • Some guy online
      Some guy online 9 months ago

      Xeno what kind of wager is that? Either way you win.

    • Hopper Grieves
      Hopper Grieves 10 months ago

      Damn. I really liked USUM and XY. :/ But each opinion differs lmao

    • Xeno
      Xeno 10 months ago

      Same. I'll be kind of worried if it does. I don't want another set of atrocities such as X/Y and S/M and US/UM.

    • Hopper Grieves
      Hopper Grieves 10 months ago

      I kinda don't want it to come out yet either tbh. Like, Pokemon needs a break

    • Xeno
      Xeno 10 months ago

      TaintedXGamer nah I'd get zangoose, he's my favorite

  • SmashFocus
    SmashFocus 10 months ago

    0:01 I LOST IT THERE

  • Deonte Robinson
    Deonte Robinson 10 months ago

    That slap.

  • Chantal-Patti Paddy Girly
    Chantal-Patti Paddy Girly 10 months ago +1


  • Oldenvye6432
    Oldenvye6432 10 months ago +3

    This boy band vs the stone giant game looks fun.

  • Phillicus Amarillicus
    Phillicus Amarillicus 10 months ago +12

    I would like to see any Super Mario Galaxy game.

    • Edward Redder
      Edward Redder 8 months ago

      Phillicus Amarillicus as much as it saddens me, it’s never happening

  • Dual Otaku
    Dual Otaku 10 months ago +1

    Final fantasy 15 on the switch has been on my mind for a while there are many factors that worry me. Can they even fit the full game on a cartridge and would It run well?

    • Dual Otaku
      Dual Otaku 10 months ago

      Saitama, The Strongest Man well at this point my fingers are crossed that a e3 announcement will happen because if not I'll just give up on the idea of ff15 on switch

    • Saitama, The Strongest Man
      Saitama, The Strongest Man 10 months ago

      Dual Otaku I own it on Ps4 it recently reached 80 gb. 84 with royal edition. Not to forget the new dlc episodes they are pushing out this year.

    • Dual Otaku
      Dual Otaku 10 months ago

      Saitama, The Strongest Man hopefully a lot of compression is done because the game on ps4 is over 50 gigs also we need to consider that the royal edition adds even more to that. So I'd imagine that's over 100 gigs! 😱

    • Saitama, The Strongest Man
      Saitama, The Strongest Man 10 months ago

      Dual Otaku Nintendo has been working working on cartridges that can handle larger space but as usual it will take a while.

  • Amazing Mario Bros
    Amazing Mario Bros 10 months ago +3

    If this comment gets hearted then everything in this video mentioned will come true

  • IGN Moon
    IGN Moon 10 months ago

    Gen 4 to gen 8 remake

  • Ben Blanchard
    Ben Blanchard 10 months ago

    The switch should play all 3ds games. It’s ridiculous that I️ need a different handheld to play those titles. Big missed opportunity for the Switch. Plus, there is no reason, whatsoever that Nintendo hasn’t released a retro library yet. Huge missed opportunity.

    • Cazador
      Cazador 10 months ago

      Ben Blanchard It’s not ridiculous, a 240p tiny screen on a tv screen and big tablet would look horrible, did you even see the DS on Wii U? Looked like horse shit.

    • Ben Blanchard
      Ben Blanchard 10 months ago +1

      Astral Gemini good point. Didn’t even think about that pesky second screen. I️ always thought the bottom screen was under utilized in most titles. Usually a map or something. They could crop the main screen slightly and put a smaller “picture in picture” screen on the bottom left or right. Small enough not to block the main screen and big enough to use...

    • Astral Gemini
      Astral Gemini 10 months ago +3

      you'd have to resolve the splitscreen functionality that most DS and 3ds games have in order to make that work. Don't get me wrong, i'd love to get all those classic titles and ds games on the Switch but im not sure how they'd deal with the split screen problem.

  • Akilah Tucker
    Akilah Tucker 10 months ago +2

    I hope its a links awakening remake

    • HyruleMaster022
      HyruleMaster022 9 months ago

      Hey guess what it already happened!!! 20 years ago

  • Omegathehusky
    Omegathehusky 10 months ago +1


  • PokéBlox Gaming
    PokéBlox Gaming 10 months ago +1

    How do we know this is real?

  • sandwichdude97
    sandwichdude97 10 months ago

    Nintendo has been officially revealing their new Pokémon games at the beginning of the year for a while now. We have no information at all about Pokémon Switch besides the fact that it exists. It’s not coming out this year. It’ll most likely drop next year.

    • Cazador
      Cazador 10 months ago

      sandwichdude97 nope, I didn’t make it up, a Pokemon employee said it on Twitter

    • sandwichdude97
      sandwichdude97 10 months ago

      NeckYourself You made up that last part. Nowhere was it ever said that Nintendo is pushing Game Freak to get Pokémon out by December. It’s not Nintendo’s philosophy to rush games like that.

    • Cazador
      Cazador 10 months ago

      sandwichdude97 Well you cant always Predict something based off of tradition, and it’s likely there will be a direct soon and Pokemon will come out Around the holidays, nintendo is pushing them to get out so they have a system seller this December.

  • Joey TheWeirdo
    Joey TheWeirdo 10 months ago

    I have to disagree with Diamond and Pearl remake name and Picture your making it like black and white remake there has to be a new name
    instead of that.
    And the picture?! Your just showing a Shiny palkia and a shiny Dialga and look at the Diamond and the pearl it’s like your making it Sun and Moon if you didn’t make this design I’m sorry but make sure to take a picture of this of the person who made it ok?

  • SuperSwagger
    SuperSwagger 10 months ago +5

    *G a m e : S k y w a r d S w o r d*

    • LoneWolf
      LoneWolf 10 months ago

      yess!!!!! needs an HD version

  • Ctrl Ult Delete
    Ctrl Ult Delete 10 months ago +22

    honestly at this point i'd be over the moon if ac got an announcement trailer like metroid prime 4 i just wanna know it's actually coming eventually :(

    • Ashton DeMarse
      Ashton DeMarse 8 months ago

      There is a placeholder on Canada’s Best Buy website for Metroid Prime 4. My guess is it is going to at least be given a retail cover appearance by E3.

    • Joshua McJunkin
      Joshua McJunkin 8 months ago

      And the sooner the better, I'm hoping that we will see a December release. And Smash Bros in November would be great.

    • Unigardy
      Unigardy 9 months ago

      Ctrl Ult Delete I think that we'll get more than an announcement trailer and actually see gameplay when it is announced, probably at e3 for a 2019 release

    • Some guy online
      Some guy online 9 months ago +1

      Ctrl Ult Delete it is eventually coming. That much can't be disputed. As for when? Hell IDK

  • D1991S
    D1991S 10 months ago +1

    i don't fucking care about all the games from the nintendo livestream. the only best game was super smash bros but the rest is so damn disappointed. they should bring the exclusiv games from the real nintendo everbody is waiting for and not a ton of bullshit.

  • Potatro tatro
    Potatro tatro 10 months ago +35

    Sure a Sinnoh remake would be cool but I’m not ready to feel old just yet

  • Alex
    Alex 10 months ago +37

    I love animal crossing but the mobile version is a disappointment to me very limited

    • Unigardy
      Unigardy 9 months ago

      Alex well it is free, so I think that it's an ok game for that.

    • Alex
      Alex 10 months ago

      I think that's what the original animal crossing games are for. Stripping away so much from a game that was already simplistic in nature leaves you with very little left to keep you engaged

    • Alex
      Alex 10 months ago

      for the first few months you had to catch the same 6 fish and bugs over and over again and the quests are repetitive. I'm trying out the fishing journey which has some promise, but there is zero sense of exploration in this game which is a staple in animal crossing games.

    • Zac lemaster
      Zac lemaster 10 months ago

      Alex I love the mobile version

    • Batman clone Gerome
      Batman clone Gerome 10 months ago +3

      Its not meant to be a full game. Its meant to be a game you can pick up and come back to occasionally.

  • Epsilon-144
    Epsilon-144 10 months ago +8

    Metroid Prime 4 ^.^

    • Max Garza
      Max Garza 10 months ago +1

      Epsilon-144 I'm waiting for the Metroid Prime 4 trailer to be shown at E3.

  • Tim Schill
    Tim Schill 10 months ago +14

    Can someone please explain what's so great about animal crossing?

    • a Bear
      a Bear 10 months ago

      Tim Schill
      That's what many tought before they gave it a change. If you want you could try new leaf. It takes usually a couple weeks to really understand. But of course it's not for everyone!

    • Cazador
      Cazador 10 months ago +1

      It’s so addictive, it’s like they put nicotine in the cartridge.

    • Cazador
      Cazador 10 months ago +1

      YOU NEED TO PLAY NEW LEAF RIGHT NOW, when I was younger I played it everyday and it was my favorite game back then.

    • sunsbookishgamesx
      sunsbookishgamesx 10 months ago


    • Ryan Davison
      Ryan Davison 10 months ago +1

      Tim Schill al Animal Crossing is beyond addictive. I really want it to come out this year

  • Youtube Pizzer
    Youtube Pizzer 10 months ago +4

    They’re really running out of things fans want from them

  • Portal 4ever
    Portal 4ever 10 months ago +1

    Luigi’s mansion music is always welcome

  • MarkSKristensen
    MarkSKristensen 10 months ago +11

    All I want is Animal Crossing & Pokemon.
    I bought the Switch for Splatoon 2, and those two, Splatoon 2 is still the only game on my Switch, although I will get the Crash triology when it releases, any other games are just bonuses for me, like if they make a Mario & Luigi RPG, or Luigis mansion 3 etc that'd be great too.

    • Mashiko HD
      Mashiko HD 9 months ago

      Santiago Ponce i dont like Mario Odyssey too. Still got it.

    • Unigardy
      Unigardy 9 months ago

      MarkSKristensen i also dont like BOTW

    • Santiago Ponce
      Santiago Ponce 10 months ago

      MarkSKristensen damn you don’t like about 90% of games

    • MarkSKristensen
      MarkSKristensen 10 months ago

      Not the biggest fan of that Mario game, looks pretty fun, but also too different, not sure I'll get it, maybe when it's cheaper.
      And BoTW is an open world game which I don't like at all, I prefer more story driven linear games when I do decide to play a singleplayer game,

    • Santiago Ponce
      Santiago Ponce 10 months ago

      MarkSKristensen what about Mario ODYSSEY

  • TheMadChallenger
    TheMadChallenger 10 months ago +3

    Info is good but try matching the video with what your taking about more. Not just titled name.

  • Rover Plush 2.0
    Rover Plush 2.0 10 months ago +7

    .hctiws eht rof gnissorc lamina rof tiaw tnac I

  • The Ocean Man
    The Ocean Man 10 months ago +5

    What are you playing

    • The Ocean Man
      The Ocean Man 10 months ago +1

      Charles_ZX oh thanks

    • Charles_ZX
      Charles_ZX 10 months ago +2

      I think he’s playing Final Fantasy 15

    • The Ocean Man
      The Ocean Man 10 months ago +3

      Why am I getting likes and hearted I just wanted to know what he was playing...

  • Acid Spray
    Acid Spray 10 months ago +3

    I wish there was a harry potter swich game

  • Kenza Chetoui
    Kenza Chetoui 10 months ago +2

    Fuck this gonna be a great console ...
    Bayonnetta , Pokémon , AND Animal Crossing !

  • Nico
    Nico 10 months ago +2

    Pikmin 4

  • James k. Roolk
    James k. Roolk 10 months ago +5

    I want a new donkey kong 3d game

  • Daniel Messineo
    Daniel Messineo 10 months ago

    Although I would love for gen 4 remakes to come out this year I don’t think it will. Reasons why is because,
    1. They never start a new console with a remake.
    2. Even if they were coming out it would probably be 2019 (gen 8) 2020 (gen 4R) because each gen lasts about 3 years and gen 7 has only been out for 2 so far.
    3. Leaks for a new eevee evolution (aka new Pokémon) has been going around meaning that they wouldn’t make a new Pokémon for a remake but they would make a new Pokémon for a new gen (8).
    The only thing I think is weird is that if a new eevee evolution is happening (and being announced this year with the new Pokémon movie) it would be odd that they would tell us about a new Pokémon and then have us wait a 1 1/2 years to just play a new Pokémon game with the new Pokémon. That’s probably the only reason why I think a 2018 Pokémon could happen but I still think 2019 will be gen 8 with 2020 being gen 4R.

    • Daniel Messineo
      Daniel Messineo 10 months ago

      Yeah it’s funny how much has changed in a day because I now think that a gen 8 could happen this year.
      1. New leaks say that they are finishing their Pokémon US/UM toy/plush products this April, which would only make sense to stop if that means a new Pokémon game is getting ready to be announced and then released later this year this year. (Stop gen 7 production early this year = getting ready for gen 8 production later this year alongside new game)
      2. One reason why I thought that Pokémon wouldn’t come out this year was because a Pokémon called Zeraora (gen 7) would be announced in next years Pokémon movie (2019) (which would mean no new Pokémon this year sense they would still have Zeraora to announce next year) but leaks say that Zeraora is actually being announced in this years Pokémon movie (2018) alongside the new Eevee evolution.
      So yeah my brain just did a 180 from thinking gen 8 next year to gen 8 this year, which is awesome since I (like many others) want a Pokémon game sooner rather then later.

    • Graestra
      Graestra 10 months ago +1

      Daniel Messineo I think they’ve already had around 2.5 years to work on the switch game, plenty of time to get it out by the end of this year. If it does get pushed back I can’t see it coming out later than February, but I don’t think they want to miss the holiday season. I think Nintendo’s goal was to sell another 20mil switch units by the end of this fiscal year, and I don’t think they can depend solely on Smash bros to do that, so the latest they would release pokemon would be early next year, but to maximize sales having pokemon out before the holiday season would make the most sense.
      Maybe they have a big announcement they are saving to release this holiday season, like Animal Crossing, so that they can afford to hold back Pokemon to next year.

    • Joey TheWeirdo
      Joey TheWeirdo 10 months ago

      I agree however how come so much people want gen 4 remakes then gen 8 remakes?

  • Davarrio Peppers
    Davarrio Peppers 10 months ago

    Was not expecting that intro

  • Eustace Bagge
    Eustace Bagge 10 months ago

    I want to see a new DK game. Unfortunately I might have to wait a while because Retro is making a new story-based game

  • Megatron Man
    Megatron Man 10 months ago

    Chill bro, it's not even half way through 2018.

  • Dr D-PAD
    Dr D-PAD 10 months ago

    Don’t worry about 2019. It’s only March 2018. I can’t plan ahead that much 😂

  • ididzelda
    ididzelda 10 months ago +1

    What about Pikmin 4? That game has been supposedly "very close to completion" since July of 2015.