Jimmy Kimmel on Santa Fe School Shooting

  • Published on May 19, 2018
  • We had another school shooting today in Santa Fe, Texas. At least ten people were killed, ten are wounded, mostly high school kids. Once again our leaders are sending their thoughts and prayers. President Trump said he is “with the people of Santa Fe in this tragic hour and will be with them forever…” except for when it comes to doing something, then he will not. Neither will any of the Governors or members of Congress who don’t ever do anything because they are fearful that it will hurt them politically. They care more about the support of the NRA than they do about children. So register to vote now. The only way we can make an impact on this epidemic is to make sure we vote for the politicians who will do something. This kind of thing does not happen in countries that have real, sensible gun laws. For more information about how to make change go to www.everytown.org and lets do something about this already.
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    Jimmy Kimmel on Santa Fe School Shooting
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Comments • 7 639

  • O Aurora Nova O
    O Aurora Nova O 21 hour ago

    Well said.

  • The Jew Himself
    The Jew Himself 2 days ago

    Couldn't be more spot on.

  • Elmo Jedburgh
    Elmo Jedburgh 2 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel Is Totally HYPOCRITE

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 2 days ago

    Enough politics!!
    It isn't enough that we have to hear about this crap from the numerous "news" outlets!
    Figure it out Kimmel, you aren't in the majority on this issue. Not saying I disagree with you, but my God enough with the politics!
    Can't you feel sympathy for the victims without pushing a political agenda??

  • RythmBoy
    RythmBoy 5 days ago

    "we are going to save your guns!" Just think about that declaration from Trump. Does he care about your kids, or about NRA money?

    AMERICA'S PATRIOTS 5 days ago

    Exactly how hard is it to sweep the schools for weapons, put a metal detector at each entrance and post a security patrol inside and outside the school? The cost goes to each state, add 1 % to the sales tax, problem over. Then we will see if all these gun grabbing liberals will put their money where their mouth is.
    Nice Rhetoric Kimmel. We will start with you. your body guards have to give up their guns & you have to move out of your gated mansion community. Ass Wipe.

  • sinat03
    sinat03 6 days ago

    i am glad i live in sweden

  • Jennifer Sunil
    Jennifer Sunil 7 days ago

    I hate these people who are hurting children

  • Kurt Vonfricken
    Kurt Vonfricken 8 days ago

    1:05 he said "our democracy"
    Whose democracy is he talking about?

  • Evil Patrick
    Evil Patrick 8 days ago +1

    To all the people who say "If we take all guns away, we are threatening the second amendment.": We aren't trying to take away all firearms, we just want to reduce the amount of weapons of war that are specifically made to slaughter a large group of people, or at least raising the age to purchase a firearm and have stronger background checks.

  • drippy 445
    drippy 445 11 days ago

    Your so right jimmy give your word out i love the way you think

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense 7 days ago

      *You're. Jimmy is a idiot if he can't see these shootings are staged.

  • K Balluff
    K Balluff 11 days ago

    Impossible with the NRA backed republican controlled Congress

  • Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP

    I hope someone shoots your kid Jimmy, then maybe you'll think twice about using dead kids to push political policies.

  • Sarah Wilterdink
    Sarah Wilterdink 12 days ago

    Enough is enough.

    • Joe Nemo
      Joe Nemo 10 days ago +1

      Yes I am tired of hearing Jimmy cry for me to give up my rights because of the actions of lunatics hopped up on psychotropic drugs.

  • psychotronik13
    psychotronik13 12 days ago +2

    My pro gun sheriff just got elected yesterday. LOL

  • Butter Del Loco
    Butter Del Loco 13 days ago +2

    How dare you use this tragedy for you’re political adgenda. Shame on you. We are real people, good people, you are not welcome here in Santa Fe, Texas.

  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen 13 days ago

    “They don't have intelligence. They have what I call 'thintelligence.' They see the immediate situation. They think narrowly and they call it 'being focused.' They don't see the surround. They don't see the consequences.”
    ― Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

  • JackaBoiPlays
    JackaBoiPlays 13 days ago +3

    I don’t like Jimmy Kimmel. He is too much of a whiner liberal.

  • Novastarr
    Novastarr 14 days ago

    Greatest country in the world where Guns >>>> the lives of their children? How?

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 12 days ago +2

      Novastarr Because they're not. Just because you say the U.S. values guns over children doesn't make it the case. Thats just another ridiculous strawman because you don't want to take the effort to address actual agruements.

  • Tis but a dream
    Tis but a dream 14 days ago +2

    Banning guns is not the solution. Jimmy Kimmel has bodyguards with guns. So painting this as a political issue is just dishonest.

  • TexasHangunLawJoke
    TexasHangunLawJoke 14 days ago

    The shooter was singing *Another* *one* *bites* *the* *dust* *-* *Queen* as he killed his victims.

  • Josh Renz
    Josh Renz 14 days ago

    We’re in the constitution does it define infringement the second amendment only states that it calls for a regulated militia(National guard)

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 15 days ago

    He he I live in canada

  • Your Flooring
    Your Flooring 16 days ago

    Glad i dont live is usa scary shitty country

    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 12 days ago +1

      Your Flooring I'm glad you don't live here too.

  • hippity hopp
    hippity hopp 17 days ago


  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 17 days ago +2

    Thank you Jimmy for standing on the graves of the Santa Fe Texas students to further your political agenda.

  • Sean Oconnor
    Sean Oconnor 17 days ago +2

    All the school shootings are Jimmy Kimmel's fault...........

  • Ulfric Stormcloak
    Ulfric Stormcloak 17 days ago

    The NRA is too strong!!! Too much power!!!!! It must expend! [Empties thousand of rounds all around]
    A black guy got shot! 😃

  • Dragoon
    Dragoon 17 days ago

    We don't give a damn a out your thoughts and prayers. Take action.

  • YouTube Moderator
    YouTube Moderator 17 days ago

    What about the kids killed by illegals? Should we ban illegals? I agree that immigrants should never be allowed near firearms. That's a common sense given.

  • YouTube Moderator
    YouTube Moderator 17 days ago

    What about the kids killed by illegals? Should we ban illegals? I agree that immigrants should never be allowed near firearms. That's a common sense given.

  • YouTube Moderator
    YouTube Moderator 17 days ago +2

    Kimmels just fired his armed bodyguards and security?

  • Ruben Hayk
    Ruben Hayk 18 days ago +2

    NRA have nothing to do this

  • bobo brazil
    bobo brazil 18 days ago


  • Immortan Joe
    Immortan Joe 19 days ago +3

    I'm so tired of this endless debate about gun control. Regardless of it, people will continue to die.

  • Ron Don
    Ron Don 19 days ago +1

    Soy boy Jimmy

  • I Am Ratman18
    I Am Ratman18 19 days ago +1

    There’s a reason that the second amendment is the SECOND amendment. It’s because we need it to back up the FIRST amendment. Without the second amendment, all the rest of our rights would be gone in a flash

  • Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin Hoffman 19 days ago +1

    we have a lot to do to fix this mess . proper upbringing is a factor also . so many guns on the streets already in wrong hands little kids getting shot in drive bys .people need to get together and people knew that kid was gonna do it but no one spoke up in time !

  • Carly Stockton
    Carly Stockton 19 days ago


  • Jeremiah Valeska
    Jeremiah Valeska 19 days ago

    They can wait until the people turns their back on them.

  • neha doe
    neha doe 20 days ago +2

    Making money along with TVclip in these tragedies...shame on you Kimmel!

  • sonic bandicoot9196
    sonic bandicoot9196 20 days ago


  • justin naylor
    justin naylor 20 days ago +1

    I would love to hear your sensible gun laws jimmy Kimmel

  • Marcellus Mars
    Marcellus Mars 20 days ago


  • FatNinja Flip
    FatNinja Flip 21 day ago

    Guy who got head shotted played a baseball game same day that does not happen.....

  • Zach  Couch
    Zach Couch 21 day ago

    Fantastic editing.

  • Zach  Couch
    Zach Couch 21 day ago +1

    Blame the American people for voting for the losers.
    Americans are to blame.

  • Matacos S
    Matacos S 21 day ago +1

    Arm schools. People say they don’t want to make the school feel like a prison, but I’m sure kids would feel a lot safer with protection

  • Michael Vincent
    Michael Vincent 21 day ago +1

    Is this another crying video

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a 21 day ago

    it's gotten so normal that jimmy is now the only night host that gave this any air time

  • mbrang00
    mbrang00 21 day ago +1

    If you take away the guns, the criminals win....however when you hold parents responsible for the actions of their offspring...others will learn. We live in a society now where parents are afraid of disciplining their children. That's where change needs to start. Kids should not be scared of their parents, but they should be scared to get in trouble. Parents similarly should be scared of the law when their kids get in trouble instead of relying on government systems to do the parental job for them. my 2 cents...spend them wisely.

  • Crazy tj Guy 2000
    Crazy tj Guy 2000 21 day ago

    I love my guns sorry for y'all

  • BNK2006
    BNK2006 21 day ago

    Oh jimmy. Shut up and show us the juggies on trampolines.

  • Steve Stiff
    Steve Stiff 21 day ago +2

    Nobody gives a crap what YOU think Jimmy

  • P.D. HeiZ
    P.D. HeiZ 21 day ago


    • SS Robs
      SS Robs 19 days ago

      P.D. HeiZ Which is? Why can't people explain what they're linking?

  • Gabija Stankevičiūtė

    I'm not even from the USA but wathing those kids suffering this much is unbearable. PLEASE do something to stop this.... prayers from Lithuania

  • FoxyKing93 ®
    FoxyKing93 ® 21 day ago

    You leftists are responsible for this!!! All the "white men blame" politics are the reason of people depression.

  • Mediawatcher
    Mediawatcher 21 day ago

    Thank you jimmy kimmel!

  • Coreyr384
    Coreyr384 21 day ago +1

    What exactly does Kimmel want the politicians to do ?? Ban "assault weapons" ? The kid used a shotgun and a revolver. The NRA isnt even in the top 50 of political donors, so that NRA money comment is bullshit. Just admit it Jimmy, the "something" you speak of is a complete repeal of the 2nd amendment and full confiscation. No law could have been written in history or future that would have prevented this, and NO ONE here can dispute that.

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper 21 day ago

    What a Fake Squeeze Doll you are Mr Man Show😂😂😂😂

  • Johnny Grin
    Johnny Grin 22 days ago

    We are going to need to have more police on campus and have to search every student that enters the campus for weapons amd drugs.

  • Tony Young
    Tony Young 22 days ago

    The video at the end is a brilliant piece of propaganda. Keep it up!

  • Richard Marchant
    Richard Marchant 22 days ago

    It's a sad fact but an American child would be safer going to school in Somalia than anywhere in America at the moment

  • Richard Marchant
    Richard Marchant 22 days ago

    It's a sad fact but an American child would be safer going to school in Somalia than anywhere in America at the moment

  • Richard Marchant
    Richard Marchant 22 days ago

    It's a sad fact but an American child would be safer going to school in Somalia than anywhere in America at the moment

  • Radiation King
    Radiation King 22 days ago

    I wish that we wouldn't have guns but if we do we should atleast put a tax on owning guns that why less people would be likely to own one

  • Nick
    Nick 22 days ago

    I'm 16 and I'm a registered voter

  • Nick
    Nick 22 days ago

    Love you Jimmy

  • Safdar Ali Shah
    Safdar Ali Shah 22 days ago

    i remember that day when 120 children get killed by taliban in Army Public School Attack Pakistan i cried that and pray to god please never repeat that again in history .....but its very bad to feel ......
    i prayer for all those parents ,brother ,sisters and friends who lost their relatives ......

  • Twenty one Panicking pilots


    DSLRH D 22 days ago

    stu stud studer some more while you read that teleprompter

  • Kylo Targaryen
    Kylo Targaryen 23 days ago

    Alcohol and drunk driving! Prohibition!

  • Big Villain
    Big Villain 23 days ago +1

    Lol sounds about white it ain’t no joke

  • rockerdude8000
    rockerdude8000 23 days ago

    Jimmy is so dumb he doesnt understand the US isn't a democracy it's a representative republic. They don't mean the same thing. Democracy is mob rule 51 percent decide everything. Republics are rule that govern all in our case the constitution is the highest law not the feels of people with armed security guards.

  • Kansas22
    Kansas22 23 days ago

    I would help the wounded and if i got shot while doing that thing then i at least died helping. I dont want to be a hero i want to save others and not be recognized. Jimmy love your vids dude you really help me when i want a good laugh.

  • JanoMusic
    JanoMusic 23 days ago

    This is America

  • Christina Sapp
    Christina Sapp 23 days ago

    Well said Jimmy!!!

  • Stinky Monkey213
    Stinky Monkey213 23 days ago

    Cuz you make it hard ?

  • ken5336
    ken5336 23 days ago

    Gunz are important than first graders

  • Djrobot8
    Djrobot8 23 days ago

    A shotgun and revolver were used, both of which were obtained illegally. Please do tell what “common sense gun control” would have stopped this. Please tell me.

  • jon smith
    jon smith 23 days ago

    Just another statistic for trumps watch. Nothing will or ever happen.
    They put guns before kids and will never change.
    Under over odds are awesome tho!

  • MrBigEnchilada
    MrBigEnchilada 23 days ago

    How does banning guns stop people from mental problems

  • Native AMERICAN GreyBear

    Jimmy Kimmel is one of the most inbred fucktards out there, I honestly believe he is Ellen degenerate, and Rosie O'Donnell's illegitimate offspring! He's the load his momma should have swallowed!

  • Nathan Light
    Nathan Light 24 days ago +4

    I'm gonna start calling my AR-15 an MS-13 so you liberals will defend it

    • Doctor Faustus
      Doctor Faustus 12 days ago

      Bwhababahah too funny

    • Artemis
      Artemis 20 days ago

      Nathan Light 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣by far the best comment I've read!👍👍

  • Mlg Noscoper
    Mlg Noscoper 24 days ago +1

    It just isn't that easy Jimmy, taking the second amendment away could have devastating repercussions.

  • Wylee elPuppo
    Wylee elPuppo 24 days ago

    So I'm supposed to give up my property because some maniac went nuts? I think I'll keep it to fight against maniacs thank you. "Only cops need guns", and when seconds count they are ten minutes away...

  • freeloverboy
    freeloverboy 24 days ago

    never give up your guns people. want to know why , because goverments dont give up their guns either. in fact they build nuclear weapons of mass destruction and play whos thougher with other countries. its the law of the fist in disguise people.

  • Amran Sidek
    Amran Sidek 24 days ago

    when will you people learn?? So many young people DEAD because you love your toys?

  • lithium
    lithium 24 days ago +2


  • Mark Holley
    Mark Holley 24 days ago +1

    I blame the killer

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 24 days ago +1

    Appreciate the internet so i can and will look back at this propaganda and remember agreeing with zero of it in 30 years and see what kind of country is left over

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 24 days ago +1

    Jimmy you are so fake and you know it...

  • Adapto 1432
    Adapto 1432 24 days ago

    Guess Melania's "Bee Vest" campaign isn't working on our children!

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 24 days ago

    Thank you Jimmy for talking about guns. You are a great guy !!!

  • Alex Crivellone
    Alex Crivellone 24 days ago +4

    Hmmm I thought TVclip didn't monetize videos about tragedies

  • StormDCW
    StormDCW 24 days ago +1

    I can understand having a moment of Respect. But he is in entertainment. We come here to be entertained. This guy... I don't know about this guy.

  • alg11297
    alg11297 24 days ago +1

    Hey Jimmy tell us what to do? What is your solution? How about arming teachers? How about retired military people at the schools? What do YOU think would work and why? This country has the most guns and most crazy nuts in the world. You just can't stop them but you can be on guard.

  • snagh
    snagh 24 days ago

    2nd amendment is not a bible , why Americans can't change it , and why do you need to have guns unless you are In Secured , America is bombing Syria , Iraq , Yemen , claiming that they present a threat to America, while the real threat is those corrupted politicians supporting the NRA .

  • Carter Lee
    Carter Lee 24 days ago

    Mental health and warning signs need to be acknowledged. Both weapons that were used in Santa Fe would even be legal in states like California where there are extremely strict gun laws. There should be tighter school security, and a database for each state where warning signs can be aknowledged and documented.