• Published on Jan 6, 2019
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    Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacLeod
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  • Lunar Wolf
    Lunar Wolf 11 hours ago

    I wanna know why their fanbases can’t just leave them alone, if they wanna be together let them be together, if they aren’t meant for each other or something, they’ll spilt or something

  • I love me
    I love me 15 hours ago

    typical white girl smh.

  • Madi Bendy
    Madi Bendy Day ago

    These 12 year old looking babies need to go back to the womb. GET OFF THE INTERNET 😂

  • Noel Fanai
    Noel Fanai Day ago

    Not to be rude, but....Loren's snatching all the popular and innocent boys out there. Bihh, I'm glad you left Hrvy. You don't deserve a boy like him

  • beautiful loser8

    1:42 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • xLil'Crazy CrazyMissesXx

    I laughed trough out this whole video im dying i have cringed troughout the whole video lmao

  • No. whitetoday
    No. whitetoday 2 days ago

    It's his choice to not think global warning is not a thing
    God damn 😂

  • literally ripley
    literally ripley 3 days ago

    *i hate Loren then that makes me hate ian*

  • There’s nothing. To talk about

    They’re two brainless, uneducated, stupid and ignorant people

  • Endiya Earrings
    Endiya Earrings 4 days ago

    THIS is why he moved back home

  • Mya4LIFE Mya4LIFE
    Mya4LIFE Mya4LIFE 5 days ago

    It’s their life and at the end of the day if you don’t like it silently hate don’t do it to them Loren is probably really insecure about herself you don’t know what people have been through in their life like just let people be and if you don’t like them that much then don’t watch them and Ian probably could have a learning disability and doesn’t want anybody to know I mean it’s his opinion if he thinks global warming is fake I think plenty of things are fake but that’s their business and my business

  • Bobby McGhee
    Bobby McGhee 5 days ago +2


  • Bobby McGhee
    Bobby McGhee 5 days ago +1

    my dad always told me that popular people are popular in school but when they get out they ant nothin they are just a person and only a person but some ppl want to be wanted (i mean like date) anyways i ant popular and i rlly dont care if i am

  • lena Chris
    lena Chris 6 days ago

    Loren was a kid lol stop judging , we all did this but didn’t record it 😂 y’all need to chill but they already broke up so fans were right lol

  • Ava Byrd
    Ava Byrd 6 days ago

    AND SHE WAS FAKE CRYING SHE DONT EVEN HAVE TEARS AND SHE DONT EVEN LOOK UPSET She think he would get back together with you and he said she make him look bad I just hattttteeee her she be thinking she grown but she not she just need to get a life worry bout your self

  • Ava Byrd
    Ava Byrd 6 days ago

    I hate her more now I been hate her she thinks she now ever thing and she think she can get what ever she wants she said be your self but she was Being a different person And then she hating on ever body like what is that she need help or something and if she see this video she coming

  • Stop sign CL
    Stop sign CL 6 days ago

    People really coming for him for HIS political views smh so intolerant

  • N U G G E T N O O B
    N U G G E T N O O B 8 days ago

    I honestly HATE LOREN cuz she tries to copy *billie eilish* and WTF why would she copy her does she have no brain cells?!

  • Angélique Moraux
    Angélique Moraux 9 days ago

    Do a video after this u will hate bts plz

  • Riley Cunha
    Riley Cunha 10 days ago

    Oh I see why you hate him he James little brother ok I don’t know what about Ian but you can’t hate for who they and who there siblings are you don’t just saying “this ain’t it chief “ so you can stop yea I never heard of him before until but really his happy let him be happy

  • Cute Unicorn
    Cute Unicorn 11 days ago

    Those tears were about as fake as her career

  • saja elazab
    saja elazab 13 days ago +1

    Dude like srsly ur just a hate channel we get it u hate everyone we also get it but srsly ur overreacting and ur wasting ur time on shit what's the point of hating on celebraties when u get nothing in return u just get hate because of the stupid shit u post like do something useful at Least..

  • Charlotte Potter
    Charlotte Potter 15 days ago +1

    To answer the videos last question: Two talentless rats, to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • asetheticxy squidward
    asetheticxy squidward 16 days ago

    It's really dumb how fans think they can control their idols' lives. If you don't like them being together that's fine but you don't have to throw bullshit at them, you either mind your own beeswax or just go with the flow.

  • xX_wolfy _gachaXx
    xX_wolfy _gachaXx 17 days ago +1

    Global warming is a thing and we need to take action!As soon as possible!So many people believe it is a myth when it’s true.Yes it’s true!😲We need to do something quick before it gets out of hand and the world falls apart before our eyes.

  • kamb squad
    kamb squad 19 days ago

    i honestly liked them

  • Kylee Grace
    Kylee Grace 20 days ago


  • cookieswithmolk and Jam

    Loren's acting is hella funny when she tried playing the victim card tbh fans just like her because of her looks

  • bAsiC
    bAsiC 21 day ago

    when i heard that ian and loren was dating... i was *done*

  • F 1000000
    F 1000000 21 day ago

    Wow, imagine being that stupid to drop out voluntarily from high school. Ian must think he can take/share his brother's coins.😅💩🤑

  • Shark Adventures
    Shark Adventures 21 day ago

    Can’t believe she’s worse than Kylie Jenner

  • Shanna Daniels
    Shanna Daniels 22 days ago

    They jumped on that quick they was craving to break the news they were together

  • I’mjustalonelyuser
    I’mjustalonelyuser 22 days ago

    Me: Watches Loren Gray lying for about 5 minutes
    Me: *I dont wanna do it*

  • Pristine J
    Pristine J 23 days ago

    No hate but i hate ian only.

  • Aruchies xoxo
    Aruchies xoxo 23 days ago

    Grant Knoche is a real talented man. i will die to see him and loren together

  • Brooke McDowell
    Brooke McDowell 23 days ago

    I thought charles was James middle name

  • Crooked Toes
    Crooked Toes 23 days ago

    I ship them because they both have something in common by being talentless rats

  • Abby Y Absurd Yoink
    Abby Y Absurd Yoink 24 days ago +1


  • XxJesse ValentinexX
    XxJesse ValentinexX 24 days ago

    who cares...

  • Luna Edits
    Luna Edits 24 days ago

    Talentless rats thank u very much

  • Riley McDonald
    Riley McDonald 25 days ago

    no one come hating on me, but i think ian is fine with loren. they make each other happy, and that's all that matters. if y'all want to get in there way, then go ahead, but if you want to make someone feel low of themselves to make them do bad things, i don't believe you should because that's how things end up going the complete opposite way if you know what i mean. they are happy and none of you should tell them what to do because they have their own brain to tell them what to do. all of you need to just stop hating on a relationship that is healthy and rigid.

  • the rainbow channel
    the rainbow channel 25 days ago

    Idc they can love whoever but honestly I just don’t like them as people so ... yh

  • pirha Iftikhar
    pirha Iftikhar 25 days ago

    Man I Love teas xD

  • Lou An
    Lou An 26 days ago

    Lmao theyre both such trashy pieces of shit smh

  • Yee Yee Summers
    Yee Yee Summers 26 days ago +1

    i ship them they both talentless rats they go perfect together

  • Charmed
    Charmed 26 days ago

    *Bill scrolls*
    *Bill sees something he doesn't like*
    *Bill ignores it*
    *Bill is smart*
    There's no need for hate. If you don't like something ignore it. No need to spread hate and negativity.

  • PinkEpicWolfy
    PinkEpicWolfy 26 days ago


  • Ananya Talluri
    Ananya Talluri 28 days ago

    When I was 9 I learned about global warming and this guy hasn’t?

  • XxGh0st PandaxX
    XxGh0st PandaxX 28 days ago

    Why is supporting Donald Trump and not believing in global warning is a bad thing. My father is a very educated man on not only politics, but other facts as well. I dont think people should be dragged for what they believe. As I have made some choices on life some people would disagree on, but I was still educated.

  • yasiris batista
    yasiris batista 28 days ago

    she think she all that when she was little but girllllll byeee u not cute falicia

  • Ruthie TV
    Ruthie TV 29 days ago

    Stop disturbing other people's relationship

  • Amara Penelope
    Amara Penelope Month ago

    theres something wrong with baby ariel
    shes so wrong.as in inappropriate

  • Amelie X
    Amelie X Month ago +1

    We have come to the conclusion that he’s an idiot

    SHLEEP YEET Month ago

    Why does his political view matter

  • Gacha Liv
    Gacha Liv Month ago

    4:44 before you trash talk and you're famous then learn how to do your cam angles.

  • AnEsA
    AnEsA Month ago

    Lmao she's so rude and so ewww I don't like her 😶

  • motor brain14
    motor brain14 Month ago

    Ian Charles


  • Eva Draco
    Eva Draco Month ago

    Exactly what the cover says, they're 'Both Total Trash'

  • Giselle Gendelman
    Giselle Gendelman Month ago

    you guys are just petty little jellies otherwise you'd never care to have people turn on them in the first place, quit harassing these people no one gives a fuck who you hate

  • ariana latte
    ariana latte Month ago

    if loren truly liked ian why did she let her fans shit on him honestly shes no better

  • L4UG3
    L4UG3 Month ago

    I didn't know that James Charles has a brother. Cool, homeschooling.

  • Ariesthea Adel
    Ariesthea Adel Month ago

    out of all the guys Loren has dated, tbh my fav was Flamingeo, they were cute asf

  • Madelyn Chvala
    Madelyn Chvala Month ago

    James Charles was right, global warming is caused by green house gasses.

    At least someone has a brain in this video.

  • Vanessa Lisette
    Vanessa Lisette Month ago +3

    me: *oh my gosh, I really don't care about these kids, let them live their lives*

    also me: watches the entire video for some drama but still doesn't care

  • Jessica Virge
    Jessica Virge Month ago +1

    Who’s here after the James scandal with Tati... what team even tho it’s kinda over but stilllll

  • Area Code
    Area Code Month ago +1

    he's in highschool. stop overanalyzing kids lives before they have a chance to explore and experience what life has to offer. leave him alone.

  • Littify
    Littify Month ago +1

    He’s right about global warming tho so he’s not a total dumbass

  • sarancia's world
    sarancia's world Month ago

    I think they're talentless rats

  • glossysunmin
    glossysunmin Month ago

    I just realized Ian is dumb asf for not believing global warming is real

  • Rebel_riptide Leverett

    I thought Ian was gay the whole time tf

  • EpicMonkeyBoss 69
    EpicMonkeyBoss 69 Month ago

    Fact James Charles is smarter than ian

  • XxPeachy_ YTxX
    XxPeachy_ YTxX Month ago

    Ian being ignorant about global warming 😂

  • YoUr NeW CriNgE mUm

    New couple on the list! But Dani and her man nah cuz

  • Sims Freeplay
    Sims Freeplay Month ago

    Loren is dumb stupid 🤣 and cry? Sis WHEREEE??????

  • HeartXXX Cervantes
    HeartXXX Cervantes Month ago +1

    Loren is being over dramatic

  • L
    L Month ago

    Sis, what the fuck? It ain't your business. If they are happy, then let them be. The fuck

  • sahara came
    sahara came Month ago

    Omg her acting skills suck :/ i was sitting down laughing at how bad it is

  • rosie mk
    rosie mk Month ago

    They dont have any talent😑

  • Mãnï kåûr Gîll

    Ok James Charles is smart.

  • Olivia Hofman
    Olivia Hofman Month ago

    I think it’s rly disgusting how you make fun of and in a sense encourage others to mock and bully a 16 year old.

  • Sarah Tuma
    Sarah Tuma Month ago

    this video was so unnecessary lmao

  • Nicholas Navarro
    Nicholas Navarro Month ago

    That girl at 3:40 on here seems mentally ill or something lol
    wtf, she's weird

  • Ashle _ii
    Ashle _ii Month ago

    how is their relationship cringe lmao i find it adorable but they broke up because of people hating on them i don’t get it this world is terrible now ian is in a terrible state right now of depression because of the breakup and with what everyone was saying this is terrible.

  • Parks
    Parks Month ago

    You little girls are so toxic. He follows a trump account? Oh that must be such a no no, you know, considering HE WAS VOTED IN. This kid Ian is dumb but politics have nothing to do with it.

  • Bobby Elliott
    Bobby Elliott Month ago

    So he’s bad because he likes trump lol

  • Taylor Dedeaux
    Taylor Dedeaux Month ago

    How long did we honestly think they’re we’re gonna last 🙂

  • Gro Bøe
    Gro Bøe Month ago +1

    worst ship ever

  • Shar Co
    Shar Co Month ago

    His last name is Dickinson

  • sippin facts
    sippin facts Month ago

    *loren grey cries crocodile tears*

  • Avery Ooten
    Avery Ooten Month ago +1

    Okay look at her closely
    Who does she look like..
    Jacob Sartorius?!
    I think yes

  • bri's sunflowerzz
    bri's sunflowerzz Month ago

    Ian is a flat earther

    • Amelia Ross
      Amelia Ross Month ago

      bri's sunflowerzz with depression**

  • happy kidd
    happy kidd Month ago

    ian jeffrey charles? wtf 😂

  • NamelessMyers
    NamelessMyers Month ago +1

    Okay so he supports trump 🙄 and y’all dragging him for that ... pray for liberals 🤦🏻‍♀️ if it was vice versa wouldn’t be the same huh ?

  • chimdoll
    chimdoll Month ago

    I'm sorry but it really ISN'T your business who two 16-17 yr olds date

  • Miss Tress
    Miss Tress Month ago

    I don't know who Loren and Baby Ariel is or even anything about them but pretending to be someone's friend and backstabbing that someone is kind of horrible.

  • Aliyah Phillips
    Aliyah Phillips Month ago

    Her sob story reminded me of Laura Lee's apology tbh😂😂

  • papa lot
    papa lot Month ago

    what a (sob story)

  • Nature Bees
    Nature Bees Month ago

    drama channels are stupid

  • sianna pearlman
    sianna pearlman Month ago

    dude he is like 19 or something all 19 year olds act stupid

  • Sara Beth
    Sara Beth Month ago

    This mean to call someone trash who does tht wtf? Disgusted 🤮🤦‍♀️