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  • Gacha Amethyst
    Gacha Amethyst 3 minutes ago

    Who's baby ariel???

  • Pargos
    Pargos 9 minutes ago

    I think the same thing is with the Nate(Jeffree Star boyfriend) brother. I don't know his name, but I see him much more in videos than Nathan. I don't know if I am wrong, and I hope I am. Because Jeffree needs good people around him.

  • i know you’re right but
    i know you’re right but 12 minutes ago

    3:41 look who’s talking

    this ain’t it chief

  • Travis V
    Travis V 15 minutes ago

    Ewww, both are from bad Gene cesspools, but I think Ian takes the cake, just look at who is brother is.

  • AshleysStuff
    AshleysStuff 25 minutes ago

    Block head

  • Fay Ioan
    Fay Ioan 34 minutes ago

    why am I watching this? I have no idea who these people are

  • Sunny Sunshine ♥
    Sunny Sunshine ♥ 58 minutes ago +1

    I actually like ian oups

  • El Queeny Yashika


  • Averi Bartlett
    Averi Bartlett Hour ago

    NOt siSTeR IaN!

  • Jackie Drayton
    Jackie Drayton Hour ago

    before you make a mean video about someone get there last name right. it’s Ian Jeffrey Dickerson !

  • MANA
    MANA 2 hours ago +1

    "talent-less rats" HAHA

  • Lali Serrano
    Lali Serrano 2 hours ago

    Why is this a thing? Like, let the poor girl date who she wants. At the end of the day..its her decision.

  • cgi kamatis
    cgi kamatis 2 hours ago

    well, dumb people makes a good match, aight?

  • Diana G.
    Diana G. 2 hours ago

    They're just 2 little kids dating. So what

  • Natalieishere
    Natalieishere 2 hours ago

    Lmao Loren is cray cray she’s just some girl from the web

  • jem rivero
    jem rivero 2 hours ago

    hit like if you think loren should die 🙊

  • just tia
    just tia 2 hours ago

    “i don’t know why [shes] relevant” sis..... y’all had the same “career” how tf are you relevant???????

  • mona !
    mona ! 2 hours ago

    I honestly don’t really care about their past or whatever. If they are happy together then I’m happy for them. Its their life and their choices.

  • Murph05 Xxx
    Murph05 Xxx 2 hours ago

    I think she just uses him to talk to James like Ian has zero personality

  • Hazel Murphy
    Hazel Murphy 2 hours ago

    Stay in school kids

  • per son
    per son 3 hours ago

    *whispers* tHiS aInT iT cHeIf

  • Sydney Minter
    Sydney Minter 3 hours ago

    Ian is ugly with his pig nos

  • WaterTypeWolf
    WaterTypeWolf 3 hours ago

    i understand loren

  • Limelight Lyrics
    Limelight Lyrics 3 hours ago

    Yo I thought Loren was JoJo Siwa for a second

  • tricia t
    tricia t 3 hours ago

    um well. just unfollowed.

  • moon king
    moon king 4 hours ago

    they're going to break up in couple months

  • disappointed
    disappointed 5 hours ago

    ian needs to get a fRicKing life.

  • salsa salsa
    salsa salsa 5 hours ago


  • Ira Indra
    Ira Indra 6 hours ago

    Loren is famous bcs she literally bullied Baby Ariel and Ian is famous because of James AND not caring about climate change... GREAT MATCH 👍

  • Ira Indra
    Ira Indra 6 hours ago

    thought I liked them but this aint it sis

  • Keeping Up With The Kuethers

    Her lazy eye drove me crazy 🤦.

  • Aerin Øckalingen
    Aerin Øckalingen 6 hours ago

    After you broke up with someone, it means that you dont like them anymore, as you were when you guys were in a relationship. So I give the point to Loren on that. But her attitude towards Ariel is unacceptable, because she is not better than her. They are literally doing the same things. Also Ian is literally an ignorant ass hs dropout so there is nothing to say about that.

  • Veronica Santoyo
    Veronica Santoyo 6 hours ago

    Sister had no lips or eyebrows before and had an ugly hairline. Ian is dumb and ignorant af. They’re both talentless.

  • Dre41728
    Dre41728 6 hours ago

    I feel like they won’t last very long, but then again I don’t really care lol

  • Candy Too
    Candy Too 6 hours ago

    How is it that James is so smart, well-educated, articulate and business-driven when he was just a teenager BUT for Ian, he just sounds like a completely uneducated and ignorant guy? They come from the same family and yet, this is what happened. They're complete opposites despite being siblings.

  • Lane DY
    Lane DY 7 hours ago

    4:27 she's literally Jojo siwa

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy 7 hours ago

    She such a selfish kid

  • Farah Nabilah
    Farah Nabilah 7 hours ago

    The room's acting skills is much more better than the sob story's....sad

    SUAVE B 7 hours ago

    4:30 is that even LOREN?💀

  • Amy Juniper
    Amy Juniper 7 hours ago

    His last name isn’t Charles

  • Sandra Lemus
    Sandra Lemus 7 hours ago

    ...is him not believing in global warming a bit like ryan being annoying or is he actually an uneducated moran, he would know it's real and somthing should've happened 20yrs ago if he was so ignorant and took a fucking environmental science class. All i see is rich dumb people with no talent

  • Marena McKenna
    Marena McKenna 7 hours ago



    to both of them

  • sonagi
    sonagi 8 hours ago

    Man what are children doing nowadays

    • sonagi
      sonagi 8 hours ago

      tbh idc but tea!

  • emily ann
    emily ann 8 hours ago

    You shouldn’t give a F*CK if he supports Trump. You’re all a bunch of insane confused sheep.

  • Le Muffin
    Le Muffin 8 hours ago

    What generation is this where we care so much about who dates who? And trash talk the other person because they are dating their idol. Jesus Christ XD

  • AskMeAnything AtAll
    AskMeAnything AtAll 8 hours ago

    Her fake cry on the broad cast... As a drama student, I'm offended.

  • cami
    cami 8 hours ago

    this 16 year old girl has had so many relationships...im out here 17 years old and never had a boyfriend...lol

  • K L
    K L 8 hours ago

    Idk why it matters if they're together or not. No matter how much trash they may be.

  • Pau line
    Pau line 8 hours ago

    lol ian even got his *own name’s* spelling wrong on his email on his bio 😂😂

  • Eric
    Eric 9 hours ago

    Man, the fans really dragged their asses to the other side of the universe!! 😂

  • Lint roller From ikea
    Lint roller From ikea 9 hours ago

    Is it just me or is Ian just actually ugly and just NOT attractive what so ever 🤭👀

  • Flix The Usagi
    Flix The Usagi 9 hours ago

    Ian go back to sister school

  • Chelsie Clough
    Chelsie Clough 9 hours ago

    "Ian jeffrey charles" lollll charles isnt even their last name charles is james middle name

  • Flix The Usagi
    Flix The Usagi 9 hours ago

    I don’t ship but Im also not against it, sure it’s cringy af but like whatever I don’t support either of them anyway (also Ian is so dumb I didn’t notice it until I saw this video thank you lmao)

  • sweet phangurl
    sweet phangurl 9 hours ago

    Theyre perfect for eachother. Like atract atract attractd like.

  • Lyli Mia
    Lyli Mia 9 hours ago


  • itz_Sarah
    itz_Sarah 9 hours ago

    2:18 my god🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Brooklyn Biglieri
    Brooklyn Biglieri 9 hours ago

    Why did they show her worst TikToks 😂 no hate or anything

  • Stephanie Vega
    Stephanie Vega 9 hours ago

    Who else thought James Charles brother was gay😂sorry lol

  • Just_Another_La_Beebo_Tea

    That hoe looks like a damn pineapple

  • Taylormoon
    Taylormoon 10 hours ago

    I've never done anything to purposefully hurt someone but trust me when i say wishing half the population dead doesn't make me a bad person, i wouldn't actually say to someone kill themselves more like do something that makes you matter or be part of the reasons that if i found a virus to wipe out humans but leave animals and earth untouched i would kill our whole species, it's just being fed up with the fact that humans have had thousands of years to stop being meaningless destructive parasites and yet so many of the population are either greedy or passive to the point of being part of the problem.. imagine being a teenage girl and seeing first hand how ignorant someone is and yet they are what the world is deciding matters and with all that opportunity to be educated and a benefit to society they do absolutely nothing so i probably would have said some shit out of anger like the trees are wasted on a bitch because honestly at the rate we are destroying the earth trees matter to me more than baby ariel, i mean she still has time to improve but she could also end up a trump sized problem. Instead of the world seeing things like loren does they told her she's an asshole and this ariel girl is what this world is designed for so she became shallow and dated some airhead guy and now people are mad? Can't win unless you truly are a piece of shit i guess..

  • Kyla Dudelston
    Kyla Dudelston 10 hours ago

    I couldn't watch past 3:00. Can someone not be a Trump supporter? what has our world come to?

  • Chris Flowers
    Chris Flowers 10 hours ago

    I personally never really had a problem with Ian bcos I didn’t care for him a bit. But he gets all his fame from James does he not? Not that I know how dumb he is... i just can’t help but laugh at this poor man. Loren over looking like Laura Lee not a tear shed. Not even gonna start w her I never rlly like her irrelevant ass. But I mean I can’t wait till their relationship goes to shit it’s gonna be fun lmao 🙈💖✨🌟

  • Twinkletoes987 AJ
    Twinkletoes987 AJ 10 hours ago

    those videos of loren are from YEARS ago

  • taehyung's thot
    taehyung's thot 10 hours ago

    I follow neither of them, but that video of her sobbing was so fake anyone could tell that shit. You literally have to have 10 braincells to think she was actually crying.

  • SimplyAnayah
    SimplyAnayah 10 hours ago +1

    The video of her imitating Ariel makes me so fucking uncomfortable you see how jealous people are. YIKES

  • Steam_Cold
    Steam_Cold 10 hours ago


  • Oakley spigener
    Oakley spigener 10 hours ago

    Why am I watching this? Why was this recommended to me?

  • Ali Bevins
    Ali Bevins 10 hours ago

    they both seem to think way too highly of themselves, match made in heaven.

  • Roxana Roman
    Roxana Roman 10 hours ago

    Stop they are the cutest couple bye

  • i do not exist
    i do not exist 10 hours ago

    James explaining everything and Ian denying with zero backup is the funniest thing i ever did see maam

  • _eqhemeral
    _eqhemeral 10 hours ago

    here's the real tea ;
    who the fuck cares ?

  • Mariangeles Herrera
    Mariangeles Herrera 10 hours ago

    They're so cringey it's no joke make it stop!!!

  • Hanyu Is Bae
    Hanyu Is Bae 10 hours ago +1

    Lol..hate them.. tbh I've never liked Loren, because she's a selfish prick, and she acts like everything is about her. I've never seen anything wrong with Ian tho, soooo.. just hating on the couple and definitely Loren

  • Delaney Dysthe
    Delaney Dysthe 10 hours ago


  • Offensive Human being
    Offensive Human being 10 hours ago

    Imagine if people dated and their two fan bases merged, theirs would be Shister/Brother Angels?

  • Adrianna M.Johnson
    Adrianna M.Johnson 10 hours ago


  • compelled edits
    compelled edits 11 hours ago

    0:10 im gonna get klaroline out of there

  • Alyssa Villarreal
    Alyssa Villarreal 11 hours ago

    I only ship Ethma idk about you❤️

  • Astahs
    Astahs 11 hours ago

    they're both two talentless people that y'all make videos for and watch 24/7

  • Fake Amna
    Fake Amna 11 hours ago +1

    leave him da fuck alone bitch ass 🖕

  • bree just bree
    bree just bree 11 hours ago

    6:50 one eyes bigger than the other lol 👀💅

  • Marcus Sideridis
    Marcus Sideridis 11 hours ago

    She is trash

  • Marcus Sideridis
    Marcus Sideridis 11 hours ago

    Her crying is so fake

  • Tinara Nathania
    Tinara Nathania 11 hours ago

    james: *yOu'Re DuMbBbBbbbB*
    ian: ...


  • libby lopez
    libby lopez 11 hours ago

    idk why but i thought ian was gay

  • sydney beth bryant
    sydney beth bryant 11 hours ago

    this ain’t it, chief

  • ally only made this to comment

    no one understands that the video of loren mocking baby ariel is from 2016. she has addressed things like this in a livestream and has became a better person.

  • bangpink outsold
    bangpink outsold 11 hours ago

    They’re both untalented. Actually, all musically users or whatever tf are untalented but it’s little kids who give them that big ass platform and that’s when they start getting verified or known for just “lip syncing” 💀 anyways, stan real talent like bts and blackpink. Mwah💋

  • Claire VH
    Claire VH 11 hours ago

    You say that like global warming is real cause nope try again chief

  • Sophie_Rose
    Sophie_Rose 11 hours ago

    She is really bad at acting. I'm an actress so I can tell good acting from bad acting, and you can tell she is bad at it.

  • •Murray• •HeleneJ•

    *James Charles is very talented so just seems he didn’t leave anything leftover in that womb for the next offspring because man that boy is as dumb as a rock*

  • worm salad
    worm salad 11 hours ago

    hhgghdjdhhf how is ian such a fucking idiot I can’t believe someone can be so stupid

  • Andi Jayy
    Andi Jayy 11 hours ago

    once they break up loren’s gunna drag ian harder than she dragged gio

  • George Clotte
    George Clotte 11 hours ago

    Why am i watching this? Lol

  • Lena C
    Lena C 12 hours ago

    Two dumb superficial teens that have waay too much influence. KIDS LOOK FOR BETTER ROLEMODELS

  • KweenKay Gacha
    KweenKay Gacha 12 hours ago

    James Charles is sitting here drinking his tea and he is SHOOK

  • lee
    lee 12 hours ago

    ya they're cringe but is it your business? nah,,,, leave them alone bud let people live their lives

  • Skylar Denise
    Skylar Denise 12 hours ago

    Kids this dumb and hormonal should not have a following/platform. It does nothing good for ANYONE

  • Julianna H5782
    Julianna H5782 12 hours ago

    Shittng on this kid for his conservative views is corny af. He's a fucking idiot, for sure, but like... So cringey.