My Top 10 Favorite Years in K-Pop

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • For my 75k subscriber special, I decided that I'll do 2 happy videos for this occasion / milestone for myself. I even got out there and showed my face lol. Still working on that summer body, y'all! It's weird that I can now do a Top 10 on my favorite K-Pop years with ease. Hope you all enjoyed this video! What are your favorites?
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    KPop Stars Songs and Music Videos Featured as Examples Include: (MV) (Alphabetically)
    These artists and songs were discussed and/or shown in the video
    100% - Better Day
    2NE1 - Fire, I Am The Best
    A.C.E. - Cactus, Callin
    April - Oh My Mistake
    B1A4 - OK
    BEAST - Good Luck
    BIGBANG - Haru Haru, Fantastic Baby
    BLACKPINK - Boombayah
    Block B - Jackpot, HER
    BoA - Hurricane Venus, Only One, Not Over U, CAMO, Irreversible
    Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense
    BTS - Fire
    Davichi - 8282
    DAY6 - What Can I Say, Days Gone By, I Wait
    DGNA - Rilla Go
    Dreamcatcher - You and I, Fly High, What
    EXO - MAMA
    EXO-CBX - Hey Mama
    f(x) - Red Light, Nu ABO, Electric Shock
    FTISLAND - Wind, No Better Days, I Hope
    GFRIEND - Fingertip
    Girls' Generation - Genie, Way to Go
    Infinite - Be Mine, The Chaser, Paradise, Destiny, Last Romeo, Man in Love
    KARA - Damaged Lady, Step, Pandora
    MAMAMOO - Decalcomanie
    MBLAQ - Mona Lisa
    MYNAME - Just That Little Thing
    NCT U - Without U
    Oh My Girl - Remember Me, Secret Garden
    PSY - Gangnam Style
    Rain - Rainism
    Se7en - I'm Good
    Secret - I'm in Love
    SF9 - Now or Never
    SHINee - Ring Ding Dong, Tell Me What To Do, Lucifer, Scar, Love Like Oxygen, A.Mi.Go, JoJo
    SISTAR - I Like That
    SNUPER - Platonic Love
    Super Junior - It's You
    Taeyang - Wedding Dress
    TVXQ - Mirotic, Catch Me, Maximum
    VIXX - Hyde, Voodoo Doll, Eternity, Error
    Wonder Girls - Nobody
    X-5 - Going Crazy, Dangerous, Don't Put On An Act
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  • DareDB KPop
    DareDB KPop  9 months ago +53

    Hey DareDevils! What are your favorite years in K-Pop? Hope you all found this video interesting lol. Thank you all so much for the support over the years! I really appreciate it! Please be sure to hit those like, subscribe and bell buttons for me! And see you this weekend for my other celebratory video for my 75k milestone!

    • Joshua Alto
      Joshua Alto 8 months ago +1

      @Secret Army My favorite year in K-Pop is 2018... My main reason why this is my favorite year is because of a lot of debuts were happening!!! (G)I-DLE, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, VERIVERY, IZ*ONE, ATEEZ & MORE!!! I BECAME MORE INTO IT EVER SINCE!!!

    • Devoured by Hallyu
      Devoured by Hallyu 8 months ago

      Congrats for 75k subs !

    • Ipin slark
      Ipin slark 9 months ago

      u never mention t-ara 😔

    • Celi
      Celi 9 months ago

      2009 was definitely the year I reunited with kpop thanks to youtube finally starting to becoming the megabeast that it is today. Before that, my fave year was 1999 when I was living in korea with my family lol. When I moved back, I had to beg them to ship me CDs! It was really rough when I came back to America and wanted to listen to my favorite kpop songs, but the best I could do was find midi files or play the few albums I had on repeat. There was no way to access the music in any reliable fashion at all.

      Until youtube came to existance, and the iconic SNSD Gee became a hit. And it truly spiraled from there. That's why 2009 means a lot to me. Kpop's accessibility started to truly grow internationally, and I could actually listen to music as it was coming out.

      Channels like these remind me of how lucky we are to have so much knowledge available to us. Before I had to live off of bare skeleton websites and scraps, but we have wonderful information hubs like dareDB now, haha! Congrats on your 75k and thanks a lot!

    • Jenny Saurer
      Jenny Saurer 9 months ago

      Mine was definitely also 2012 because this is the first year that I started to Stan a group and got stuck in the kpop world. I've known it since 2010 but wasn't really into it but thanks to infinite in 2012 I really got into kpop

  • Mayday
    Mayday 4 months ago +1

    2015 arguably had the three best kpop girl group albums of all time; Reboot, 4 Walls and The Red

  • Fiza Riaz
    Fiza Riaz 5 months ago

    5:04 i Love that you Love A.C.E🥰 and promote them in so many of your videos♥️
    STAN A.C.E
    Stan 5 Member ALL
    Equal Line Distribution
    And Center

  • Aina Irdina
    Aina Irdina 6 months ago

    my fav year is 2012, 2013 & 2015!!

  • pinee
    pinee 6 months ago

    This video shows how many good and hit songs that SHINee has :)

  • Jeannie Kue
    Jeannie Kue 6 months ago

    2011 - discovered kpop.... enjoyed watching and experiencing block b, b1a4, beast, infinite, Kara, 4minute... saw the free kbs kpop concert in jersey oct 2011 and saw a lot of groups that are now disbanded as my first kpop concert ... no regrets

  • Wittle Alien
    Wittle Alien 6 months ago

    Love ur vids and ur so beautiful oh ma gawd ahhhhh haha keep it up 🥰💕😇🖤

  • Love Luv
    Love Luv 6 months ago

    2009-11 are my favorite years

  • riceycake.mp4
    riceycake.mp4 7 months ago

    2012 was the year I found kpop, but I wish it was the year I actually invested myself in it. 2016-2017 has to be my top years because kpop was like a nice escape from reality and stress. Plus I became an f(x) stan in 2016 and a full on Red Velvet trash in 2017.

  • thevipblink
    thevipblink 7 months ago

    Voodoo Doll is an underrated vixx *bop*
    Thank You KARA

  • Cackle
    Cackle 8 months ago

    Yessss 2012. So good. Can I just say....2018...terrible. Almost everyone disappointed me. Blackpink, MAMAMOO EVEN JUST A LITTLE!, Dreamcatcher (After their first three comebacks these ones I liked less), I was hyped for Winner and they released Everyday which I preordered and then hated... ahhhhhHHH. The best thing about it was Shinee.

  • Lone Note
    Lone Note 8 months ago

    "My Dark Anime Princesses" DareDB

  • beautiful dayz
    beautiful dayz 8 months ago

    my fav year definetely is tied between 2013 and 2016, 2012 and 2015 was great too. And my least fav is 2014 bcs i take a break on kpop for like almost a year

  • No Name
    No Name 8 months ago

    Dare, I think your smile is soo cute 😍

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross 8 months ago

    wow my favorite year 2013 2014 and 2015

  • Park Sooyoung Love
    Park Sooyoung Love 8 months ago +1

    You’re explanation for 2012 just got me so jealous 😂

  • Park Sooyoung Love
    Park Sooyoung Love 8 months ago +1

    Yes you’re a 'choice' too!

  • Park Sooyoung Love
    Park Sooyoung Love 8 months ago +1

    Finally someone who loves Without You that much!!!!

  • Chance Ussery
    Chance Ussery 8 months ago

    2006-2010 was the best then after 2012-2015

  • NM 5L
    NM 5L 8 months ago

    I got 10 years tooooo👏👏👏👏👏👏. Yes 2008 is my favorite year ever. This is the year that started everything to my 5hinee.2017 tho....

  • Ben Walker II
    Ben Walker II 8 months ago


  • APH SpaPort SJ ELF
    APH SpaPort SJ ELF 8 months ago

    1. 2012 (2008-2009 golden era of Kpop)
    2. 2011
    3. 2009
    4. 2008
    5. 2018 (last year was really amazing)
    6. 2013 (EXO and B.A.P

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown 8 months ago

    If you were into kpop back then and 2012 isn't your favorite year what are you doing

  • Oreyda Cortés
    Oreyda Cortés 8 months ago

    it's you is a GEM. Period.

  • Soft For The8.
    Soft For The8. 8 months ago

    It will be almost a year since I got into KPOP, but my opinion 2009 was the best! All the iconic songs was made. But 2018 will always be a favorite I have over 100 songs downloaded as well 😭😭

  • Jonari Syeoni
    Jonari Syeoni 8 months ago

    I think my favorite years of kpop would be.. 2008, 2017, 2009, 2012, 1997, 2018, 2015
    #1 - 2008. 2008 is what I see as my favorite year of all time because in that year I started to care for the first kpop band. I knew kpop before thanks to the mom of my best friend, and I still remember how my friend send me a yt video on the 4th of September 2008 with the message "you remember the boy from this superstar show I showed you in 2006? The boy you told me you wanted to know about if he debuts? Well, he has his debut today" and so I met 2pm and fell in love. (the boy was Junho, forever my ultimate). Other songs were good as well so I say, 2008 is the year.
    #2 - 2017. That one was easy to choose. Why? EveryDay6. I got at least 2 awesome songs every month, I loved every single song they produced that year. That was awesome. Also imfact and ace had amazing songs, ikon finally had a comeback and I loved bling bling and bday. I still do.
    #3 - 2009. It was an awesome year and also a hard one in kpop. Back in 2009 I only cared about 2pm, I didn't see myself as a kpop fan at that time. In 2009 our leader left the group, that was really hard, but 2pm went through it and they achieved so much in that year. Their songs? Best. I loved every single one.
    #4 - 2012. The year 100% debuted. That alone made it awesome. I loved their debut so much. And all the good comebacks in that year. Myname released awesome songs. I liked exos debut and baps as well. And Apink had some awesome songs. It was a good year.
    #5 - 1997. Why? H.O.T and Sechskies. That's all I have to say.
    #6 - 2018. Ikons love scenario. Pentagon with shine. All these awesome nct songs, unb had their debut and one comeback, dreamcatcher was really good as well. 2018 had a lot of good music.
    #7 - 2015. The debut of Day6 and ikon. 2pms music, junhos solo stuff. I really enjoyed Got7s songs in that year as well. And bts still made music I really liked back then as well.

  • Marie Pagan
    Marie Pagan 8 months ago

    How lucky for you, to win a signed INFINITE album!
    I'm not as organized as you to be able to detail years and the songs in each. However, it does give me an excuse to spend some time browsing and choosing.
    I do know that my first year was 2012 and that I went crazy downloading discographies!

  • shusukepanda
    shusukepanda 8 months ago

    My top 3 are 2011, 2017, and 2018, surprisingly. If I had to do top 5, I'd probably add '09 and then '10. 2015 was definitely my least favorite from 2009 to now. I went back through some of the releases, and 2012 was not as good overall as I remember, whereas 2013 and '14 are a bit better than I recall. This year so far has been disappointing, but I guess 2 straight years of really great material spoiled me.😋

  • alex taokaenoi
    alex taokaenoi 8 months ago

    2013 is the year of the sub-units when 4minute's Jiyoon & Gayoon debuted as 2Yoon, Dasoni, T-ARA N4, Infinite H, 100% V, AoA Black and the comeback of SISTAR19 & Trouble Maker since 2011 was slayed me tbh
    2012: it's kinda wild af and i like 2017 too

  • Laura M
    Laura M 8 months ago

    i agree that 2012 is the best year in kpop though i do have to say that for me 2015 closely follows ;P

  • o lawd he coming
    o lawd he coming 9 months ago

    I started to like kpop 2011, so I def agree with that 2012 was the best year!! I miss Kara tho lol.

  • Caythie O
    Caythie O 9 months ago

    My first thought was 2012 got to be first... This year was just so overwhelming in terms of musical output. I always get hyped only thinking about this year of kpop

  • 96NightRider96
    96NightRider96 9 months ago

    Can you give us advice on how to get our lives together going into our 6/7th kpop year? i wanna be a successful adult like you one day, derek!

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago

      Lol. It takes time and patience, I feel. Do what you love. :) Thank you for the support!

  • 96NightRider96
    96NightRider96 9 months ago

    2013- yess that was exo's year. my fav year because my first kpop year

  • 96NightRider96
    96NightRider96 9 months ago

    yayyy derek

  • Kx
    Kx 9 months ago

    finally someone who agrees with me on suju's it's you! so underrated! thank you for a great video

  • Lorine Vionnet
    Lorine Vionnet 9 months ago +1

    the most shocking part was that you went to EXO's debut showcase omg I'm jealous

  • x z
    x z 9 months ago

    aw you're nobody's baby

  • Diane tt
    Diane tt 9 months ago

    Aw I enjoyed this video! So cute how you went to so many lives and you support so many groups! Love it

    SPINETTE SPYDER 9 months ago

    You, good sir, have amazing taste

  • TheLouise116
    TheLouise116 9 months ago

    been a fan since 2009/2010 I'd say the best 2010, 2012

  • Heaven of Villains
    Heaven of Villains 9 months ago

    I found K-Pop since 2007, but it was 2009 that is my great year for K-Pop.
    Because in this year, I found my first ever group to stan and called myself as their fanclub name, which is SNSD.
    And 2009 is very *FANTASTIC* , we've got Gee, Genie, Sorry Sorry, Fire (2NE1), I Don't Care,
    Abracadabra, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Ring Ding Dong, Again & Again, Hot Issue, Mister, La chA TA and so much more.
    It was the incredible year of K-Pop, and it placed in my heart until now.
    Another my favourite year in K-Pop are 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017.
    But out of these four, I ranked 2015 at the second place after 2009, because 2015 is another great year in K-Pop for me.
    Because most of my all time favourite K-Pop songs nowadays are from this year,
    like You Think by SNSD, Ice Cream Cake+Automatic+Dumb Dumb by Red Velvet, I Need U+Dope+Run by BTS,
    4 Walls by f(x), Hot Pink by EXID and I by Taeyeon. Also, 2015 is the year that I found my second bias group
    that I can called myself their fanclub, which is Red Velvet.

  • Mashu
    Mashu 9 months ago

    It's You is also my fav suju song !!

  • Mariah R.
    Mariah R. 9 months ago


  • umitzie
    umitzie 9 months ago

    You are such a k-pop nerd. I love it haha. I discover k-pop the same year as you 2009, but I was obsessed with TVXQ (although they were disbanding haha) for one year or so, and I only looked at their stuff (I got 6 years of TVXQ recap to do haha) and partially other things (Super Junior It's You is one of my favourite suju songs!) until 2010 where I started listening to other things (BEAST - Soom made me a b2uty/light ❤) and after that I just fell hard for all things k-pop. I don't know about years specifically, but all the songs you put here made me so nostalgic! Thank you for a great video!

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  9 months ago +1

      You're welcome! And thank you for watching, fellow K-Pop nerd!

  • aminata jallow
    aminata jallow 9 months ago +1

    Wait exo showcase wow

  • Shooga
    Shooga 9 months ago

    you're so smiley. i like that like A LOT

  • Renate
    Renate 9 months ago

    The Chaser is SUCH a BOP! 2012 was such great year and the debut of my ULT group: B.A.P.
    Even though I prefer 2016 because of one album in particular, 2012 is a close second.

  • savana196
    savana196 9 months ago +1

    ive been in kpop since 2017 so i feel like everything before that is kinda hazy for me in terms of when what happened, when which songs were released. so i wouldnt even be able to do a ranking like that. However, just based on the songs youve mentioned, i absolutely agree. also, sj's It's You is such a fucking bop

  • K!Junkies
    K!Junkies 9 months ago

    Ah yes, someone else who also appreciates the goodness of A.Mi.Go. (Nathalie always gives me shit for it haha!) - Amanda

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  9 months ago

      That was one of my most played songs too for a long time! I loved it lol. I also forgot to mention "Juliette" as another one of my favorites. SHINee's discography is full of bops haha. Thank you for watching! :D

  • mheiligm 01
    mheiligm 01 9 months ago

    I really appreciate the videos you put out! Since I only got into kpop in the summer of 2017, I always learn something new about older kpop or discover a new song to check out from every one of your videos. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into them!

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  9 months ago

      That's awesome! Really happy to help! Thank you for watching and for the support!

  • Elena Cindrić
    Elena Cindrić 9 months ago

    Loving X-5's songs is considered an unpopular opinion? 😰😱
    And yeeeesssss, 2012 is the best year in kpop! 😃

    • Elena Cindrić
      Elena Cindrić 9 months ago

      @DareDB KPop "Don't put on an act" is one of the best songs ever.. I wish more people knew about bops that X-5 delivered...

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  9 months ago

      Nobody ever talks about them when it comes to favorite songs of 2011. That's all.

  • Natalie Reed
    Natalie Reed 9 months ago +2

    2012 is also a favorite year for me as that is when I got into K-pop. 2013 and 2014 were good too and I was heavily invested though your right that 2014 gets a bad rap for events outside of the actual music. 2017 was decent and respect must be given to 2008 and 2009 for being the Golden years. 2018 was a great year and for me the best year K-pop had had since 2013 (yes, I am letting the outside events affect 2014). I got to see Eric Nam and Day 6 perform in 2018. Looking forward to what 2019 brings.

    OTRAVEZ 9 months ago

    this video makes me so happy as a super junior stan!!
    forever an elf 💙

  • Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph Bi Ph

    Omg you look like a mix of Mr. Incredible, John Wayne Gacy in his clown murderer outfit and a nutcracker doll. In the best way of course.

  • Gabryiel Beard
    Gabryiel Beard 9 months ago +5

    2012 was THAT year. I got into it late 2013. I loved 2013, 2015, and 2019 is about to be a really good year, in my opinion. 2014 had stunning music as well. I also really loved 2008

  • Bet K
    Bet K 9 months ago

    My first exposure of kpop was in 2009
    I got into it at the very end of 2014 and got truly invested into it in 2015

  • Kang Jang Manoban
    Kang Jang Manoban 9 months ago +1

    I haven’t been a kpop fan for too long (9 months) but my god have I really delved into it. I love every gen of kpop and there has been at least one song I adored from each year. 2018 had some amazing songs. It was so impactful for me because if I’m being honest, I was on the verge of suicide and kpop brought me a happiness that I was deeply missing. As for years I wasn’t part of but still hold at high regard, 2009 is in my opinion the most monumental and important year. 2012 is another year that was so perfect in terms of music. Some years I don’t like is 2017 (for music and my personal life), 2014 (for obvious reasons) and 2015 Like you said. Great video Derek and huge congratulations on your growth and success, I’m happy to call myself not only various kpop fandom names (Reveluv, Orbit, Blink, Cheshire, Neverland, Army, Sone, Once, Sunmi stan). But a daredevil too.

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  9 months ago +1

      Much appreciated! I'm happy to see you still here! Thank you so much for the support!

  • Kimmi Lee
    Kimmi Lee 9 months ago

    My favorite years are 2013 2014 2017 2011 2010

  • Antonia v.W.
    Antonia v.W. 9 months ago +3

    I actually can't decide what my favourite year is but FTISLANDs I hope and Sujus It's you are one of my favourite songs of all time.