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  • Snacks perry
    Snacks perry 6 hours ago

    Wow I pay 475 a month for a 1 bedroom and only pay electric .

  • Goat78
    Goat78 7 hours ago

    You are crying about paying $800 for a couch. you also said it is the most expensive thing in the apartment. But you and your roommate pay $4800 a month for a apartment. GTFOH.

  • RobertPowell3
    RobertPowell3 7 hours ago

    Couch nor the typewriter worth what y'all paid for them. Are y'all INSANE !!!!! 800 dollar couch.

  • Cold German Beer
    Cold German Beer 16 hours ago

    Play Jew games, win Jew prizes.

  • armando sanchez
    armando sanchez Day ago

    This girl she is so cute.

  • Dolores Batiste
    Dolores Batiste Day ago

    Y'all kick me in ass if i IF I pay that kind rent and I'm NOT buying it...NYC see them coming lol...

  • ItsMe Cat
    ItsMe Cat Day ago

    4800 a month here you would have a 10 k sq foot house

  • Maacah O'Neal
    Maacah O'Neal Day ago

    The most I would pay for that apartment is $850-1,000 its definitely nothing special. You could be paying mortgage on a house for a lot less and for more space.

  • TheFuronda
    TheFuronda Day ago

    I pay a $650 mortgage for a 2 story house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

  • queennixon123
    queennixon123 Day ago

    I guess my rent in South Florida isn’t so bad :/

  • heaven j
    heaven j Day ago

    I live in new york every youtube I see who is making an apartment tour for new york the borough they live in is Manhattan that the big city so their apartment is very small an some of them is not upgraded but in Manhatten you not buying for the apartment you are buying for the city an amities that Manhattan have to offer.as for me I live outside the city so my apartment is a lot larger depend on your location determines the rent.

  • Missdeeinspired
    Missdeeinspired Day ago

    That's expensive I know someone that that live in the projects/section 8 that have 3 bedroom and they pay $700 a month this is a lot of money

  • Agnes Rodriguez
    Agnes Rodriguez Day ago

    I'd could never pay that for an apt.

  • Ayu Arbie
    Ayu Arbie Day ago

    She should have her own channel, I love watching her talking 😬

  • Conner lee Carey
    Conner lee Carey 2 days ago

    what i want to know is how much of her paycheck that 1600 a month is making up, cause either all of her money is going into this place or I need to get a job at Refinery29.

  • Analia Bermeo
    Analia Bermeo 2 days ago

    This was a fun one! I find home tours a bit boring, but this was sparkly :)

  • Alyssa F
    Alyssa F 2 days ago

    Geez in the south you'd get a mansion for this much

  • It's My Life
    It's My Life 2 days ago

    Oh Gosh! It's interesting to see the cost of living in different states. In Atlanta a 5 bedroom house with a full  basement , private yard and driveway can run about 1,500.00 a month in a mortgage. Wow we!!  Nice video though...

  • Farshid Persia
    Farshid Persia 2 days ago

    You can get a mansion with that rent in my country

  • QuietCharm
    QuietCharm 2 days ago

    Ally Hickson reminds me of Fefe Dobson. :)

  • imurnanny
    imurnanny 2 days ago

    why are all these chicks so freaking prissy

  • Marcus Wright
    Marcus Wright 2 days ago

    $4,800?. Fail. You might as well move into a cheaper apartment and save that extra $$$ for a down-payment on a house.

  • k love
    k love 2 days ago

    You got bills..new name in 2017 for that U got mail...,😊 That rent is someone's mortgage can't believe it

  • Brownmahfun
    Brownmahfun 2 days ago

    New York, should be ashamed for charging people so much money for rent.

  • k b
    k b 2 days ago

    Heck no,
    New York has got some nerves !!!!!!

  • ME-Tube Your Space!
    ME-Tube Your Space! 2 days ago


  • Tremaine Brown
    Tremaine Brown 2 days ago

    So if you pay $1590 and the roommate that lives in your old room pays about what you paid $1400, then that means the other one is covering the remaining $1810???

  • Tania Ojeda
    Tania Ojeda 3 days ago

    in your odd space I would make floating shelves for books and shoes, so that you could open properly your closet, and open the space

  • Andrea Atkins
    Andrea Atkins 3 days ago

    That nook is prime real estate for more shoes! Add a tall book shelf and you could fit tons of books.

  • Afua Addo
    Afua Addo 3 days ago

    Just because you are rich doesn't mean you should waste it.

  • O no Why
    O no Why 3 days ago

    Ahh I love that apartment!

  • Akai Taiyo
    Akai Taiyo 3 days ago

    You damn right the rent is too high. To pay $4800 for rent? Having a mortgage is much cheaper. And it's not like you're even owning a piece of land it's just an apartment space. don't get me wrong I love New York City I would wish to live in New York City but the rent is ridiculous

    • Akai Taiyo
      Akai Taiyo 3 days ago

      By the way I live in Jersey and I property income tax is high

  • Abby Ford
    Abby Ford 3 days ago

    This is goals

  • moonbeeps
    moonbeeps 3 days ago

    800 dollars for that couch from Ikea???!!!?!?! WTF I have the exact same couch, I got it for 100€ thats like 117.91 US Dollar XDDD

  • Infinite Dreams
    Infinite Dreams 3 days ago

    people are not paying attention - she has roommates.

  • Neylena
    Neylena 3 days ago

    Is this $4800 a month EACH? :o Or in Total and then split 3 ways?

  • Garianne LaVie
    Garianne LaVie 3 days ago

    Yup, florida it is!!

  • World House
    World House 3 days ago

    I love your hair.

  • Shay Tee
    Shay Tee 3 days ago

    Thats alot for rent geez.

  • Nika witt
    Nika witt 3 days ago

    I don't like having roommates so this is not typical for me. I don't like company coming over either. Just like being solo and alone lol. Idk Just having sharing with people is weird. Dont mind this post lol

  • Keithko007
    Keithko007 4 days ago

    Great tour!

  • LRissa19
    LRissa19 4 days ago

    Just think about what kind of mortgage that is and ask yourself if that's yo life.

  • LRissa19
    LRissa19 4 days ago

    I am all the way good with Brooklyn...heck in Chicago, $1600 is a luxury highrise with washer/dryer gym and pool. Girl!

  • Allie Schaal
    Allie Schaal 4 days ago

    None of the apartments in this series have been decorated cute 😳

  • Naturalashh
    Naturalashh 4 days ago

    The apartment is super cute 😍

  • Cherokee
    Cherokee 4 days ago

    Dope ass crib. Why everyone mad about how much she pays in rent?  Is it your money?  Let her live!!!  Damn.  You saw the title and clicked on it.  Why?  FOH. BTW no one wants to live in wack ass Utah!!!  You can have it.  No thanks.

  • Empress Ihaza
    Empress Ihaza 4 days ago

    My $1500 3 bedroom with 2 baths is way bigger and I thought Chicago is too expensive 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Marianna Soriano
    Marianna Soriano 5 days ago


  • Wazhma Y
    Wazhma Y 5 days ago

    She is sharing the apartment so it's not like she's paying the entire rent herself. So It's a good deal and it's a big space.

  • unbiased
    unbiased 5 days ago


  • Beverly J
    Beverly J 5 days ago

    You are being robbed, that rent makes no sense, NYC or wherever.

  • Beverly J
    Beverly J 5 days ago

    You are being robbed, that rent makes no sense, NYC or wherever.

  • Nadine Lewis
    Nadine Lewis 5 days ago

    Wow! Too damn expensive. I live in NY, but BK. Looking to move because I want to grow my own food and need a big backyard.

  • TeaCake's Janie
    TeaCake's Janie 5 days ago

    You lost me at two roommates. Yuck! 😣😁

  • Heleen X5452
    Heleen X5452 5 days ago

    In that weird 'nook' in your room, you can hang some wall planks/shelves for more books and shoes.
    But yes.... this is way too expensive.

  • VtheNaturalMe
    VtheNaturalMe 5 days ago +1

    Her portion of nearly $1600 for her own bathroom and a decent size of a bedroom isn't bad. However, for $1600 I'd rather live in the outer boroughs (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens), and have my own one bedroom, but like anything else. NYC is all about location. Lincoln Center is close to everything. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, if you want to take the trip to 72nd Street. And you should cause Whole Foods is just ridiculous. Great video.

  • Taneka Roberts
    Taneka Roberts 6 days ago

    That place is a dump, $1500 should be the max

  • jenzhao12
    jenzhao12 6 days ago

    Too much talking...

  • JokerL1000
    JokerL1000 7 days ago

    You could get a fucking estate for that in the south.

  • Clayton Bigs
    Clayton Bigs 7 days ago +1

    BRO WTF 😭 you can get house payments for a couple hundred and thats an investment your fucking throwing your money down that god damn kitchen sink of your

  • Kala Clark
    Kala Clark 7 days ago

    This video is funny and love her since of humor but 4800 is too much for a 3 bed room. You can get a 3 bedroom house to rent for 2000 in florida and a 3 bedroom apartment for 850.

  • Sindeee
    Sindeee 7 days ago

    So you pay $4,800 per month just so you can say that you live on the Upper West side? CrAZy!

  • Chishimba Simutowe
    Chishimba Simutowe 7 days ago

    I grew up in NYC but haven't lived there in over 10 years. Whenever I'd think about moving back I'm immediately reminded of how insane the cost of living is and the quality of life is absolute shit. But hey, if you can afford it, do you boo.

  • Lemme get it B O N E L E S S

    Probably drains most of her salary for this piece of crap.

  • Rebecca Phebe
    Rebecca Phebe 7 days ago

    $1500 for a bedroom!! Crazy!!

  • エミ
    エミ 8 days ago

    $1500 each? $1500 pays for my 1200sq ft 2 story home here in Texas. Downside is all we have is walmart and endless amount of nail salons, banks, and fast food, nothing else to see. 😩

  • Death March
    Death March 8 days ago

    ... i pay $1450 rent for a 5 room 2 bathroom house...

  • RockTheSix 73
    RockTheSix 73 8 days ago

    Where i live that would be a 7,000 sq ft house with a ton of land. Amazing what people will pay to be surrounded by millions of douchebags 😂😂😂😂😂

  • School Account
    School Account 8 days ago +2

    You couldn't pay me enough to live in NYC! To many people! I love living in the south! We can skin a buck!

  • Truth Eternal
    Truth Eternal 8 days ago +1

    Very neat and organized:)

  • Candace Oglesby
    Candace Oglesby 8 days ago

    I pay $323 a month for mortgage... 3 bd room house 2bath and finished basement new roof 100% rehabbed.

  • Daughter Of The King

    Priorities. .....

  • Kenneth Johnson
    Kenneth Johnson 8 days ago

    i think the host of the house is beautiful.. @ Ally hickson

  • Tony Farrington
    Tony Farrington 8 days ago

    $4,800 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the payment on a 4000 sq. Foot house

  • ID Aviation & Gaming

    Renting apartment 1 month

  • Laffy Taffy
    Laffy Taffy 8 days ago

    Girl, I know U❤NY, but you need to try to move to a cheaper state. Seriously. Where I live, the most expensive apartments are $800, and they are NICE. For over $4,000 a month, you can save up for a small house over the years!

  • Dominique Rodriguez
    Dominique Rodriguez 8 days ago

    I pay 400 for 2 bed and 1 bath. Plus has a tub so win win for me. Plus free washer and dryer. My light comes out to 100$ and my water comes out to 50$ 🔥🔥

    • Refinery29
      Refinery29  7 days ago

      +dominiquerodriguez Thanks for sharing! Where do you live?

  • Karyn Harris
    Karyn Harris 8 days ago

    Thats waaaayyyy too much money ! Can get a huge house out of ny for half of that

  • Ima sheep
    Ima sheep 8 days ago +1

    A relative of mine bought a 4 bedroom fully furnished home with 2 car garage for $34,000.00 in western Iowa....... his payments each are around $400.00...... 4800 is insane, as are price on both coasts.

  • Armoni Q Fields
    Armoni Q Fields 8 days ago

    If ya'll can afford it, I aint mad at cha...I paid $82,000 for 10 Acres in Texas...4 Natuaral Spring Fed Ponds with Fish ( Crappie, Bass & Carfish)....Has 1 4 Bedroom 2 Story Modular Home on it...Im in the Country...No more City life for me...

  • Eric Chaussé
    Eric Chaussé 8 days ago

    Nice. Cleanliness, tidiness, and organized. These are qualities one MUST have when living with a roommate.

    • Refinery29
      Refinery29  7 days ago

      +ericchausse Agreed! What else would you like to see on our channel?

  • George Whitfield's Ghost

    Where I live that would literally get you a mansion with nearly 50-100 acres to go with it

  • phatpac5
    phatpac5 8 days ago

    I'll rent a single wide with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths for 550 a month

  • Leo lion
    Leo lion 8 days ago

    Why not have a 1700 1 br instead.i pay 850 ,by the lake ,2br in Michigan but there's shit to do

  • Toasty 9399
    Toasty 9399 8 days ago

    you're getting ripped off

  • shaserdeses
    shaserdeses 8 days ago +1

    The amount of money she pays in just rent a year most Americans don't even make in a year after taxes!

  • Hazel Marsh
    Hazel Marsh 8 days ago

    Wow !!!!4,800 a month, I knew I didn't like NYC for that reason, where I'm from (Oklahoma City) you can live like a Queen or King for that amount of money, actually you could live like royalty for way less money that what you pay!

  • G The Entity
    G The Entity 8 days ago

    Jesus. I wouldn't pay more than $400 for rent ever.

  • Basil Bleu
    Basil Bleu 8 days ago +1

    She is cute, and has a style!

  • Scott Morrison
    Scott Morrison 8 days ago +1

    You have way more books than you do shoes, so you're doing just fine!

  • brama
    brama 8 days ago +1

    It's great, but for all that rent money can you actually avoid having roaches in a nice place in NYC? I'd live in a public bathroom of it meant zero roaches.

  • Rebecca Ingram
    Rebecca Ingram 8 days ago +1

    For two months rent you could own own a tiny house

  • tm502010
    tm502010 8 days ago +2

    Cute video.
    Does not get past the fact that NYC is impossible for average income people to live in comfortably...

  • CJ Grey American
    CJ Grey American 8 days ago

    Should do SF Bay Area

  • Supreem Court
    Supreem Court 8 days ago

    It’s like no matter what she says or what she shows us, we can’t get over the fact that they’re paying $4,800 a month

  • Raa Jeweler
    Raa Jeweler 8 days ago

    Empty videos are click bate

  • Jason Thomas
    Jason Thomas 8 days ago +1

    I only clicked on the vid cause you looked cute in the thumbnail but i left with knowledge so thanks *2

  • kakarusato
    kakarusato 8 days ago

    I work renovating apartments all over NYC and there are far more expensive. They have apartments on sale 3 bedroom nice good size living room 4 baths kitchen almost like a ranch house. It is worth 25,000,000$. Plus a monthly fee for 3,000$

  • Ramon Tisdale
    Ramon Tisdale 8 days ago

    well I just retired ..at 49.….medical retirement but in sf.ca I was making51.25 hr..a city job and I couldn't afford it I remodeld my boys two car garage and he getting 2900 a month...I moved to clear lake CA bout 2hrs from sf and am buying house for 70.000 mortgage will be bout 600 month

    MOEMUGGY 8 days ago

    Sucker! Some dude sleeps on your front porch for free.