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  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • On this episode of Sweet Digs, we tour Social Media Editor, Ally Hickson's three bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side. Ally walks us through her place, showing us what $4,800 a month can get you in NYC. Press play to see how this R29er lives!
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    High rent, small spaces, nosy neighbors - we put up with A LOT of things to live where we love. In Sweet Digs, Refinery29 gets a peek inside the homes of the coolest people we know, from tiny studios to sprawling houses, and ask the real questions like, "Wait, how much is your rent?"
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    What $1,800 Will Get You In NYC
    What $2,600 Will Get You In NYC
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  • Malgosia Kaczmarska

    She's hilarious - love that girl ❤️😂

  • Light Surfer
    Light Surfer Day ago

    Move to Florida and be happy instead of paying 4800 in rent.

  • Light Surfer
    Light Surfer Day ago

    Paying $4800 in rent=super idiot or idiots

  • Light Surfer
    Light Surfer Day ago

    You r fucking out of you mind!

  • Light Surfer
    Light Surfer Day ago

    agree why live in a city, where
    Rent is to high
    People have the French syndrome(full of shit)
    Rats everywhere
    Garbage everywhere
    Parking issues
    Ghetto s everywhere
    Gangs everywhere
    Streets are full of holes
    The city taxes
    Worldwide capital of gold diggers
    Wordwide capital of rudeness
    But I love the YANKEES

  • Krittie In the City
    Krittie In the City 3 days ago

    Beautiful apartment

  • Brian S
    Brian S 4 days ago

    You have a great and fun personality! Fun tour - thanks!

  • ada elinor
    ada elinor 6 days ago

    is her roommate’s name ada? that’s my name, i only know one person with that name besides me

    • Ada Wu
      Ada Wu 6 days ago +1

      ada elinor that's my name as well, high five!

  • MrSafetyForever
    MrSafetyForever 7 days ago

    You are so graceful indeed! Take Care

  • TeenaNikole
    TeenaNikole 7 days ago

    ...and people say Toronto is overpriced. Over here you can rent a very luxurious waterfront Condo penthouse for $4800/month. Normal 2 bedrm condos in downtown core costs around $2800/month, not even close to being as ridiculous as NYC.

  • Hoodly Grace
    Hoodly Grace 8 days ago

    That rent price should be illegal...

  • Lovisa Lindberg
    Lovisa Lindberg 10 days ago

    Me and my boyfriend pay about 250 $ each every month and we have a pretty decent sized apartment for two people.. Yay for smaller cities!

  • mingbroadway
    mingbroadway 11 days ago

    Cool but you also don't want to live with roommates forever.

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 12 days ago

    This a nice apartment for New York but way too expensive. With the kind of money a month I would be able to afford a mansion in central California with neighbors miles away from me, only 3 hour drive to Los Angeles and 3 and half hours from San Francisco.

  • Johnathan Ayala
    Johnathan Ayala 15 days ago

    Wow that's crazy high. I own a house and I have 6 bedrooms, 2 full bathroom, large driveway, front and back yard, 2 living rooms, and my mortgage is only $700 a month. I am sorry but to me is a total ripoff.

  • P Pravet
    P Pravet 15 days ago

    hey, in that nook space you can make shelves exactly the same size as the nook flush with the wall,,it will look like a built in shelving unit and you'll gain so much more space.Cheers

  • Cynthia Young
    Cynthia Young 16 days ago

    You can put shelves in that nook to put shoes or books in.

  • babylorvbeats
    babylorvbeats 16 days ago

    You have a nice voice. You will be the perfect baby mama to me.

  • Dara Udom
    Dara Udom 17 days ago

    My ma makes 4800 a month

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 17 days ago

    That cost of living tho

  • Kenya Dillett-Estrada
    Kenya Dillett-Estrada 18 days ago

    $4 Thousand And Change And U Dnt Hav A Tub😱!

  • youknowwhatflav
    youknowwhatflav 19 days ago

    I would just get a house

  • gatorred789
    gatorred789 19 days ago

    She's kind of snotty

  • McKenzie Uzumaki
    McKenzie Uzumaki 20 days ago

    Lmao at all the people in the comments saying the rent is too damn high. We know. You’re literally just paying for the location. Brooklyn isn’t any better

  • humanature
    humanature 21 day ago

    If a person "loves" taking baths but doesn't have readily access to a tub in their apartment do they actually love that something as much as they say they do?

  • JuiceOg1
    JuiceOg1 21 day ago

    2 roommates. Jesus grow up.

  • Tyler Zang
    Tyler Zang 21 day ago

    For 4800 a month in st.louis MO, You can get a 2 story house, with a finished basement, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, back and front yard, in a great neighborhood. like 4800 a month out here, your house will be massive

    • Tyler Zang
      Tyler Zang 17 days ago

      Kathryn Dorsey Lol a couple actually. Alot of people come from cali to here all the time. It's not about a bucket list. It's about bang for your buck. Why pay 3k for 1000sq feet when you can pay 3k and get 3500sq feet. St.louis isn't all that but if you have money and want more space, You can get it.

    • Kathryn Dorsey
      Kathryn Dorsey 17 days ago

      But no shade, who really wants to live in St.Louis? Like, that's not exactly on most people's bucket list

  • Brando
    Brando 21 day ago

    u guys have 0 spending experience....

  • 4thGradeDropout
    4thGradeDropout 21 day ago

    This could be an al-Qaeda recruitment video.

  • CaraMarie13
    CaraMarie13 21 day ago

    Of u can afford $4800, y r u renting?

  • molly
    molly 21 day ago +1

    fun fact: meg ryan went to my small town high school :)

  • jean junior jacques
    jean junior jacques 21 day ago

    what will you teach me for that 3 days job available. Fri-sun.

  • Megail Mckinley
    Megail Mckinley 21 day ago

    I’m so thankful I live in the south!! That’s a mortgage on a really nice house!!! Also a front and huge backyard🤤😂

  • KingSureShot
    KingSureShot 22 days ago

    4800 dollars a month? I live in Georgia. I invested in a two story house and 500 acres of land after being successful in the stock market. I live in Georgia. My house payment was less that 4800 dollars a month if I had taken out a mortgage .

  • Beverly Rojas
    Beverly Rojas 22 days ago

    Heck no $1,600 each no thanks

  • Grape Ape
    Grape Ape 22 days ago +2

    Wow, with rent that high, I can see why nyc people are so up tight, and rude.

  • Ola Lalala
    Ola Lalala 23 days ago

    I expected NYC to be way more expensive tbh

  • MonasticSolace
    MonasticSolace 23 days ago

    Look at me. I live in NYC. I'm cool and sophisticated. Go fuck yourself!

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker 24 days ago

    Look Like you trying to be a white bitch so bad we need to start killing black b****** like you you're the reason why racism is still alive in America how much you be kissing white people ass

  • ezo4
    ezo4 25 days ago

    I have a 2300 sqft 3bm 3bt tri-level house and 2000 sqft shop on five acres with pastures, huge backyard, ponds with islands and trails for one-third of this price.

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 25 days ago

    4800 dollars u can buy a mansion anywhere else.

  • Kelly Zahos
    Kelly Zahos 27 days ago +1

    She's super cute

  • Candis Madden
    Candis Madden 29 days ago

    Why do most people in NY have “no shoe” apartments?

  • Eyeris625
    Eyeris625 29 days ago

    no wonder there are so many homeless people in NYC.. including all its boroughs

  • Aysha
    Aysha 29 days ago +1

    All apartments I’ve seen so far in Nyc look very overused and dirty! Not the people but the actual apartment.. And I’m surprised some people are inspired by these videos to actually live in nyc!

  • Alicia Young
    Alicia Young 29 days ago

    Wow! $4,800 Dollars a Month and 2 in The Way Roommates! To Each its Own! But No For Me, I Would Have Kept Looking!

  • NoirAngel XD
    NoirAngel XD Month ago

    I...i had to pause the video and process exactly what you just said... $4800!!!??? Omg...

  • Kathy Jo West
    Kathy Jo West Month ago

    WTF! $4000 a month will buy you a 3 bedroom,3 bath,2 story house on the lake with a private dock in Mount Juliet,Tennessee.The lake is legit in the back yard.

  • girlsdrinkfeck
    girlsdrinkfeck Month ago

    why not turn that nook into a wardrobe ?

  • Buttercookie Cinnamini

    That's not bad in NY for 3 and its very functional.

  • Cali9000
    Cali9000 Month ago

    Wow. She wasn't lit well.

  • Casey Berning
    Casey Berning Month ago +1

    Shut up about "$5k can get you a McMansion in the middle of nowhere." We all know, and we don't care.

    • Kathryn Dorsey
      Kathryn Dorsey 17 days ago

      Thank you! Like who the fuck wants to live in Kentucky or Tennessee? lol. Like, I'll pass. Give me L.A or New York, any day

  • derek upshaw
    derek upshaw Month ago

    Very cute video. Paying $4800.00 a month though in rent, that's bananas! I would rather put that toward a house mortgage. :)

  • Oliver Hernandez
    Oliver Hernandez Month ago

    fucking bitch

  • Jacob Bond
    Jacob Bond Month ago

    $4800 is almost quadruple a mortgage in a lot of places, that’s insanity.

  • Lindsay R
    Lindsay R Month ago

    this girl is weird and im into it

  • Michael Jameson
    Michael Jameson Month ago

    What $4500 would get you in Utah.. much much more.

  • ericx2151
    ericx2151 Month ago

    Damn that money could go for mortgage

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez Month ago


  • Hey Y'all
    Hey Y'all Month ago

    Next episode: What you get for $15,000 a month in NY with no roommate's.

  • Canim G
    Canim G Month ago

    $800 for a couch is normal. $4,800 for rent is crazy!

  • CarrieBrooks
    CarrieBrooks Month ago

    Sharing a space sucks!

  • Zuzana Šplhová
    Zuzana Šplhová Month ago

    The most unbelievable thing from the video: having to tell your guests to take off shoes :-) i know it is like that in many countries but still.

  • Marjorie Lloyd
    Marjorie Lloyd Month ago

    Nice place, but certainly not worth the money. You could have a mortgage for half of that. Why does the room mate with no private bath pay the most rent?

  • Anne
    Anne Month ago

    Sweet merciful Jesus, $4800!?!?!? Damn it NYC, you suck!

  • Ciecie Newson
    Ciecie Newson Month ago

    You had me at "You've got mail"! LOL Then the books! Ally is my kindred spirit. OMG a typewritter. "I'm so graceful". I want to meet and hang out with your Ally. We'd have such fun taking on NYC. ~Smile!

  • Element Air
    Element Air Month ago

    I hate that sound in my bathroom too!

  • Katieholmezz
    Katieholmezz Month ago

    A 1 bedroom in my North Brooklyn is $1500! Compared to it was $1000- 1050 6years

  • Blessed Rootz
    Blessed Rootz Month ago +1

    I can definitely afford this but im good in Hawaii 😎🤙🏽

  • Kilynne DaPhenom
    Kilynne DaPhenom Month ago +7

    Cute, but for that amount of money Jesus better be my door man. A mall, grocery store, gas station, doctor's office, church, restaurant and entertainment better be outside my door.

  • pynkstarr
    pynkstarr Month ago

    Her personality is hilarious. 😂 She made the episode unforgettable for sure. Loved it from beginning to end!!!

    • Refinery29
      Refinery29  Month ago +1

      +pynkstarr Thanks for watching!! :)

  • Ashlee_is_beautiful

    She’s actually really cringy to watch :( should have gotten one of her roommates to do a tour instead

  • ShameOnShan Copeland

    Same last name! could we be related? any family from the atlanta area?

  • NakedAndLaughing
    NakedAndLaughing Month ago

    I love these videos, but at the same time I hate them bc wtf have I been doing with my life? I'm 33 and still need to figure it out. This is depressing me, but no hate to anyone else of course I need a light bulb to go off in my head.

    • xwithintemptationx
      xwithintemptationx Month ago

      NakedAndLaughing i thought that too at first but then again they are over paying rent just to say they in live in a shitty city. not much to be envious over LOL

  • Al Brohi
    Al Brohi Month ago

    I pay 1571 for mortgage for a three floor 1850 SQ FT home in medical Center. in gated community. you gals are living in a wrong town.

  • patrycja orska
    patrycja orska Month ago

    I like the series but I wish to see apartments from different cities as well - not only NYC and ocasionally LA. It's getting a bit monotonus...

  • Alicia
    Alicia Month ago +1

    Ally is adorable. Yeah, that apartments great, but I just want to see her be cute and clumsy and talk about books. Ha ha.

  • Chizzy Onye
    Chizzy Onye Month ago +14

    If I see one more person say “but you can get an apartment for *enter low rent amount here* in *enter middle of nowhere town with no jobs* I’m gonna pull my hair out😑. People have to realize that the reason these places in NYC are so expensive is because there are so many career opportunities here that a person wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. The demand is high because so many people want to live here. It’s simple concept of supply and demand.

  • julem247
    julem247 Month ago +1

    This was cool!

  • nordette
    nordette Month ago

    I think I would take my own bathroom and cheaper rent over a larger bedroom

  • Heather Rae
    Heather Rae Month ago

    I love your personality. You pay that much with no washer and dryer!? Dang. But hey, you seem really happy with it

  • gdubya326
    gdubya326 Month ago

    Suckers lol. I pay $750 for a 3br , 2 bath house in Arkansas.

  • Helen Nicole
    Helen Nicole Month ago

    This only talks about Manhattan? What about the other 5 boroughs? People think so highly of Manhattan when it is just a giant shithole. I hate New York City with a burning passion. Living here is tearing me apart.

  • Hannah Lee
    Hannah Lee Month ago

    I love this series! Keep it going plzzzzz

  • Aliz &Jae
    Aliz &Jae Month ago +1

    I am exactly like ally short hair bunch of books and shoes and has the second biggest room in the house

  • Oscar Milano Mai
    Oscar Milano Mai Month ago +1

    The apartment total is 4800usd. She is sharing it with one or two roommate so her rent is $1500. This is very common in New York, NY.

  • 3303jeri
    3303jeri Month ago

    A joke how this fucking city has become almost unliveable.

  • Casey Cat
    Casey Cat Month ago

    millennials have to deal with this AND baby boomers bitching about us even though we are the most educated group on earth today date SMH

  • Maggie Hanberry
    Maggie Hanberry Month ago +1

    Shoes and books...we would be great friends. Also Ally's voice kind of reminds me of Mindy Kaling.

  • Nikki Beacth
    Nikki Beacth Month ago

    35 shoes is " a lot ". Ok....

  • oMissBrittneyo
    oMissBrittneyo Month ago +1

    Maybe turn the nook into a shoe closet/shelf :) You could even color code the shoes to keep the look more streamlined or add custom doors/screens.

  • phillyrick
    phillyrick Month ago

    This is the part where everyone hates on living in nyc and talks about how awesome idaho is!

  • Baseemah Q
    Baseemah Q Month ago +1


  • RobbyTheSinger19
    RobbyTheSinger19 Month ago

    how much do they pay y'all?! Jesus!! Lol

  • Venus Rhodes
    Venus Rhodes Month ago +2

    I'm from New York so I can believe it.

  • Amy
    Amy Month ago

    can get a 5000 square ft house in Phoenix/Scottsdale for that of course😉😬

  • Kat Tak
    Kat Tak Month ago

    I WOULD NEVER! Such a waste of fucking money

  • Adriane Williams
    Adriane Williams Month ago +1

    Love the way it was decorated and the bathroom is definitely too small

  • Shirley Owens
    Shirley Owens Month ago

    Don't give these landlords more encouragement to raise the rent higher!!!!

  • Rgggt Trev
    Rgggt Trev Month ago +1

    Sounds about right for New York.