Live PD: Not High, but a High IQ (Season 4) | A&E

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
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    Officers pull up on a domestic dispute in which a man refused to let a woman out of his car. Police find drugs and firearms in a vehicle search, arrest the man, and release the woman in this clip from "9.27.19". #LivePD
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Comments • 1 537

  • A&E
    A&E  Month ago +205

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

      BAD TIMES GOD 12 days ago

      Shouldnt you have arrested her for use of drugs?

    • Adam Schiff Loves the Cock
      Adam Schiff Loves the Cock 15 days ago

      A&E nice!!!

    • Noah Loving Life
      Noah Loving Life Month ago

      It's wrong you guys let the lady go away she's the evil

    • b- dubz
      b- dubz Month ago

      No, these pigs need to be in jail or 6 feet, where they belong.
      Giving them a platform is terrible, and you will all pay for the crime of doing so

    • jerry baker
      jerry baker Month ago

      A&E HER A TROPHY!?? SHE'S FAR FROM THAT!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂💀JerrySueB

  • Jeffrey King
    Jeffrey King 19 hours ago

    Long cigarette....

  • Anon Emous
    Anon Emous 3 days ago

    Female victim? Good lord! With that mouth there is no doubt that man is the victim!

  • Kevin Harbo
    Kevin Harbo 3 days ago

    they let the woman off way too much

  • Randy Helton
    Randy Helton 3 days ago

    She's about a snitch.

  • Pete E
    Pete E 4 days ago

    So many cops have tats these days

  • 100O0-qmarq
    100O0-qmarq 5 days ago

    Wait but she’s not arrested for admitted to using dope?

  • Ever Sanchez
    Ever Sanchez 6 days ago

    Oklahoma is the best

  • Ever Sanchez
    Ever Sanchez 6 days ago

    Hey she was on my news

  • Edward Biscayart
    Edward Biscayart 6 days ago

    when she said "you can look in my bra" and the officer snickered... that was unprofessional.

  • Alec Ver Bunker
    Alec Ver Bunker 6 days ago

    "You guys be good and be safe" what a nice tweaker honestly.

  • Ida Bakar
    Ida Bakar 6 days ago

    Wow someone like that can find a man and here I am single and only has God? 😂 😅🤣

  • Janae Patterson
    Janae Patterson 6 days ago

    That cop needs to handcuff me 👅

  • Carla Rollins
    Carla Rollins 6 days ago +1

    Another drug involved situation..sad world... Good job officer’s 👍🏼👍🏼

  • BenYouCrazy
    BenYouCrazy 7 days ago

    can some one please explain me why she cut loose ???

  • Jay*
    Jay* 7 days ago

    Law changed or ? Cuz if a Latino or Black told an opp “I smoked dope yesterday, I have nun in my system ” they would’ve tested us but for sum reason they trusted her while she was twitching

  • i am trash
    i am trash 8 days ago

    She reminds me of my mom except my mom doesnt do drugs, she's just a mentally I'll narcissist

  • KWay010
    KWay010 8 days ago

    the new black snake moan sequel is lit

  • Tony Lang
    Tony Lang 8 days ago


  • SkY LiGhT
    SkY LiGhT 9 days ago +1

    Smoking his cigar as he clicked the jig was up.

  • 1CurlyB
    1CurlyB 11 days ago

    Just sitting here with my whoha hanging out......

  • lia lia
    lia lia 11 days ago

    How is she gonna tell on herself

  • The Intellectual Rabbit

    "You can look at my bra"
    Inside the cops mind...

  • júba zahirov
    júba zahirov 12 days ago

    Fun fact:
    If that happened in my country that girl wouldn't be cut loose, she and whoever witnessed that s*** will be taken under rest.
    Another fun fact:
    In Morocco u aren't joining any kind of law forces if it happened that one of ur family members served a jail sentence. And i'm not even talking about ur bros and parents nah ur cousins, ur nephews, and anyone that happend to share a bound with even if u haven't ever met them

  • Matt Sherlock
    Matt Sherlock 13 days ago

    Was that girl not wearing any panties!??🐕

  • Mr. Mopar
    Mr. Mopar 14 days ago +2

    This so called trophy had her busted ravioli hanging out...yeah what a trophy 🤮

    BUD WHITE 15 days ago

    What is it about 2pm?? Rough all nighter...

  • Saul Lopez
    Saul Lopez 16 days ago

    What a life..

  • Alexis Yamamoto
    Alexis Yamamoto 17 days ago

    Who in all this had the high iq? The meth addict?

  • ddoyle11
    ddoyle11 17 days ago

    If she is his trophy, I would hate to see what the booby prize is.

  • Krystyna Lynn Photography

    Wait . She said she did dope yesterday and gets loose ?

  • F Uru
    F Uru 18 days ago +1

    Shes like karens adopted sister thats the hated child

  • Jedyny w PL Człowiek Rentgen

    Wtf loool

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 20 days ago

    Almost sure the guy is the victim here

  • Cj batousi
    Cj batousi 20 days ago

    what type of cigs is she smoking? those are like 200's

  • 000
    000 21 day ago

    Crack head............

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 day ago

    She played him like a fiddle then dropped him as soon as it suited her and walked away free as a bird and he is probably going back to prison.

  • Grace-Elyse Pelzer
    Grace-Elyse Pelzer 23 days ago +3

    jesus what did i just watch?

  • D and F Garage
    D and F Garage 24 days ago +1

    And that’s why kids, you never do drugs

  • Jake Engbers
    Jake Engbers 24 days ago

    We have very different definitions of trophies

  • hamza khatib
    hamza khatib 24 days ago

    Poor man's Garo Brown just watching and smirking

  • Jammy
    Jammy 24 days ago +1

    America the only place in the world where you can get Assault Rifle easier than a bottle of Water

    • Andrew Finnell
      Andrew Finnell 22 days ago +1

      Jammy that’s been proven demonstrably false. But if you keep saying it one day it might come true out of sheer magic.

  • Bob Chipman
    Bob Chipman 24 days ago +1

    She definitely set that guy up for the fall. I don't see why they didn't charge her with possession considering she knew it was in the car.

  • jessica mall
    jessica mall 26 days ago +1

    She got them dirty grocery store feet.

  • Hopeful Interpretation

    I don't understand the law. She just said she did all those drugs and you just let her go. I mean even for this f'd up society, that a little weird.

  • PfhUkJiu101
    PfhUkJiu101 27 days ago

    0:40 is that her bare snatch?

  • Jake Bob
    Jake Bob 27 days ago

    Why do these felons always have touts/snitchers with them.... not too smart have a predictable reliable women and maybe you wouldn't be a felon XD

  • Herbert da Pervert
    Herbert da Pervert 27 days ago

    No one is asking the question on WHY this guy needs an M4 looking rifle in his car? If this is normal for the US they are fooked!

  • the promise man
    the promise man 28 days ago +1

    Crack head women have the most ugliest legs I ever seen

  • Reshaona Yates
    Reshaona Yates 29 days ago

    She’ll be back for him once he get out she gone need more drugs 🙄

  • Libena Starikova
    Libena Starikova 29 days ago

    Trumptards in Trump country. Behavior befitting of our orange overlord.

  • Thomas Engel
    Thomas Engel 29 days ago

    The biggest crime here was that dude’s tie.

  • Taylor Taylor
    Taylor Taylor 29 days ago


  • Christina Saali
    Christina Saali Month ago

    She even says she get high

  • Christina Saali
    Christina Saali Month ago

    Y tf would they let her go

  • Tyler Puckett
    Tyler Puckett Month ago +1

    Snitch women

  • Jami Dodson
    Jami Dodson Month ago

    Cop looks like a Steve-O that took the right path in life

  • Mac Guffin
    Mac Guffin Month ago

    Ooooh, a financed $3K Lincoln and a green stogie, what a catch.

  • Mac Guffin
    Mac Guffin Month ago

    She's a participation trophy, meaning she's banged every loser in Tulsaville, cuz they give the trophy to everyone..

  • Officer-Ant
    Officer-Ant Month ago

    The length of that cigarette alone should be enough probable cause to arrest.