Full Face of Bobbi Brown Makeup - But The CREASING GIRL!! | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Mar 21, 2018
  • Hiii babes! Putting a full face of Bobbi Brown makeup to the test in this video! Will it get my seal of approval?! Find out tuh DAY!

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    Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
    Phil 4:13
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    You are hilarious gurl!!!!!

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    TheOtherMariah 7 days ago

    I call everything peaches....@jackieaina

  • GlooArt Makeup & Hair

    It's shiny on dry skin too :) :)

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    I subscribed immediately when you did the Jackie song. I loved you instantly.😍

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    Precious Ehigiamusoe 12 days ago

    Please where can I get this makeup to buy

  • Angie Fuller
    Angie Fuller 14 days ago

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    Okay real talk I did not get notified on this video neither can I see it on her channel like is it me or is something up???

  • caroline_lovegymanstics

    whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote. I'm gonna say that now.

  • Linda Riegler
    Linda Riegler 19 days ago

    Many the creasing was from the corrector because u did mention they were a bit greasy

  • Janu Prajapati
    Janu Prajapati 19 days ago

    Can you do a Tom ford please?

  • Terri Franklin
    Terri Franklin 20 days ago

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    IM A HAPPY CUSTOMER!! you are so funny and great. i always comment on your videos and you prob never see them, but if you do just know you are so funny and amazing, i literally cannot even describe in words how much i love you!!!

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    When you plucked that chin hair. I felt so connected bc that was me this morning. ❤❤

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    What kind of retina do you use

  • Валерия Странная


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    Apparently I've been watching you way to much. As soon as you started talking my 3yr old son started singing "Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie" lol love your videos!

  • Lily Broussard
    Lily Broussard Month ago

    when you turned your face to the side to show the concealer you looked EXACTLY like Naomi Campbell

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    “What in the thunder storm is going on” i live in vegas and literally right when you said that there was hella thunder here

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    Can we have your theme song on Spotify?

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    louise mcloughlin Month ago

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    I used to work for Bobbi and I was super excited to see this video! The palette is actually foundation sticks on one side and then concealer/ correctors on the other side

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  • damilola98
    damilola98 2 months ago

    It's the face base. Although I love it, it always seems to make my foundation seem oily after like 2hrs as opposed to my general 5hrs of wear ( when I don't use a primer or setting spray)

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    Aliya Charles 2 months ago

    When she said “alright then damn I’ll be back” WEAK😂😂

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    Jackie, I love your channel. It's been very helpful to help this 40 year old homeschool momma trying to get it together. I wear bobbi brown foundation in almond and I want to try the soft matte concealer from Nars? Is it OK to mix base products? Also is concealing and highlighting the same thing? I'm trying to cover some acne dark spots and we are about the same complexion. Thanks in advance.

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  • elena14
    elena14 2 months ago

    Hey Jackie, it’s Wendy from Taiwan. I’m a super fan of Bobbi Brown’s product but sadly she left the brand in 2016. As for the instant full cover concealer, the way we use here is applying some concealer under your eyes with brush and using your finger to tap softly

  • Mikaela Adams
    Mikaela Adams 2 months ago

    Hi Jackie!!!! What shade did you use in the foundation?! 😍

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    You should try the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer in Deep. I believe it is a bit deeper/warmer than the Bobbi Brown bronzer.

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