Conan O'Brien 'Donald Trump 12/14/05


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  • lowell greene
    lowell greene 5 hours ago +1

    So weird watching in 2021 thinking back on how he used to be a normal human.

  • thelegend29
    thelegend29 16 hours ago

    everyone's comments that everyone loved him before he ran for President..... people still thought of him mostly as a quack before he ever ran. Now, no one is saying he wasn't an entertainer, which he is at this point in the clip, but the Presidency exposed him as the complete corrupt, lying, narcissistic, pos that he is

  • Eric Olvera
    Eric Olvera Day ago

    Love how people say he's never changed for anyone. Clearly, The people that make these claims do not know his previous stances on politics nor have they seen his even earlier interviews. Donald has/does change incredibly (whether it be for the better or for the worse is up for debate)

  • JoroJojoro
    JoroJojoro Day ago

    This comment section is as much of a landfill dumpster fire as expected

  • ColourBlind
    ColourBlind Day ago

    Presidency really makes people crazy. This guy seems pretty normal here

  • David Cortez
    David Cortez Day ago

    seems likable here 14 years ago but this proves over time how people change, as well as how a person really is inside with his political ideas

  • Preston Caydler
    Preston Caydler Day ago

    its crazy to see how easy and normal and somewhat likable he is here. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED

  • Beatle Juice
    Beatle Juice Day ago

    Are u a fag? Lol Trump

  • Aleksi Laine
    Aleksi Laine 2 days ago

    If Trump wouldn’t be president i would have propably thought he’s a good guy after watching this

  • Geronimo
    Geronimo 2 days ago

    I love Trump and not for him being a president or rich but a great fucker .

  • Swedish
    Swedish 3 days ago +3

    I wish trump would be my president:(

  • Northern Pike
    Northern Pike 4 days ago +1

    Trump 2020!!

  • Opeoluwa Awoniyi
    Opeoluwa Awoniyi 4 days ago +1

    This host is an eccentric person. He naturally has a talent to play the joker

  • Iam Kuwitchi
    Iam Kuwitchi 4 days ago

    He's been saying the same things that he's saying now. He's a spontaneous and candid person. That's what got him elected in the first place--his sincerity.

  • Andrew Vanderbilt-Astor

    I hope someone does "The cobra" to him when he gets impeached lmao. "Donald Trump, you're fired"

  • Vahid Montazeri
    Vahid Montazeri 4 days ago

    This just tells you how unreliable and emotional people are in judging each other. I'm pretty sure all the people who cheered for Trump are now booing him, even though he's still the same person, with the same attitude. People just repeat whatever the media feeds them. Noam Chomsky's theory about the media filters are just true.

  • F3AR_NightHawk
    F3AR_NightHawk 4 days ago

    Little did anyone know he would be president of the UNITED STATES

  • ScribTOON
    ScribTOON 4 days ago +2

    if you did "the cobra" to the president today you'd be shot 78 times in the chest.

  • utopian
    utopian 4 days ago

    What an ass hat

  • Dessie Belgica
    Dessie Belgica 5 days ago

    You are the greatest thing happened in the USA President Trump. USA is blessed with the best President.

  • Victor Tecpa
    Victor Tecpa 5 days ago

    People liked him here and not now. Because it's different being a typical rich guy and fuckin president. You're held to different standards, you got to be professional. You got to act the part. And trump doesn't even try to be respectful. He not a random rich guy anymore. He's a world leader. Hate that people can't get that.

  • writerpenn2012
    writerpenn2012 5 days ago

    Conan and the audience are laughing at Trump and he doesn't even realize it. One of the dumbest interviews I've ever seen. Trump is just dumb.

  • Broosk Hamarash
    Broosk Hamarash 6 days ago

    Trump is really tall

  • mimi mure
    mimi mure 6 days ago +2

    What you see is what you get with Trump. He been like this since day one. I seeing him in interviews and he hasn't changed one bit.
    Haters will say he's a fake and liar. Yeah blah blah blah all you want. It shows he's been the same guy since the get go. Like I said what you see is what you get!!

  • mimi mure
    mimi mure 6 days ago +5

    Loved when Conan said GIMME THE WATCH....GIMME ME THE WATCH 😂😂😂😂

  • Mine Finder
    Mine Finder 6 days ago

    YUGE STAR, even then.
    Welfare sucking unemployed liberal cockroaches hate him more each day.

  • Graham Smith
    Graham Smith 7 days ago +5

    Look how much he was liked before the globalist elite through the MSM, brainwashed the general public.

  • Sensei Kurt on the #Harpazzo / #Rapture

    #Trump is the greatest President

  • Sai Krishna
    Sai Krishna 7 days ago

    This trump guy should run for president.

  • Anthony Conte
    Anthony Conte 7 days ago

    as president - the menu comment would label him a homophobic, masogynistic who is unfit to have the nuclear codes

  • Pam Gilley
    Pam Gilley 7 days ago +1

    Amazing how the left loved him then and hates him now 🤔

  • Rigo Rock.
    Rigo Rock. 8 days ago

    Never liked him, especially before and and after becoming president. Even when he had that show, I wasn't too into it. I remember thinking he's a wanna be Mr. Spacely.

  • Natalia Li
    Natalia Li 9 days ago

    “I will do one more cobra before I kick the bucket” D.Trump 2005. And he did!

  • Harry. B. Renner. jr.

    The ultimate BULLSHITTER.

  • Stephen Charles Nott

    The world would be great without Politicions. If not for them we all wouldnt be fxxxxed. Look at the Mess they make of things and How they fill there own Bank accounts with pay for play. Down to the local Councils there all Corrupt and then Came Trump to supposedly clean the swamp. If he does it I'll be first to Congratulate him. Mind you Hollywood Loved him in the 90s now they hate him. Hmm very weird.

  • Sol Tamaris
    Sol Tamaris 10 days ago +1

    3:49 "Who won?...Trump won"
    I mean...shit.

  • - -
    - - 10 days ago

    conan, shut up. Let a man speak.

  • Ajay Paul
    Ajay Paul 10 days ago +1

    Conan jawline is better than my future

  • naser manoo
    naser manoo 10 days ago

    I don’t know why they picturing him like there is no other billionaires. Bill gates has 60b jeff bezos had 125b dollar almost 100 times more than him so what is the big deal

    CRIS DAMPILAC 10 days ago

    who would have believe that this billionaire will become a president of usa

  • gary purewal
    gary purewal 11 days ago

    This Trump was fun...

  • Craigels Alpaca
    Craigels Alpaca 11 days ago

    Why am I i surprised at the applause I half expected poos but this was a pleasant surprise to hear kind cheers

  • akwilk80
    akwilk80 12 days ago

    I don't wanna scroll through the comments. Probably just a bunch of butt hurt libs complaining about the steak and spaghetti reference...

  • Bbs
    Bbs 12 days ago +2

    Sounds like a normal friendly guy. He should run for president.

  • Elvira Knüssi
    Elvira Knüssi 12 days ago


  • Mathin3D
    Mathin3D 12 days ago

    Who would have imagined this guy would turn out to be corrupted and have no respect for the Constitution.

  • Red Laser
    Red Laser 13 days ago

    Wow I'm surprised. Trump s a cool guy so what happened??

  • Umar Najeeb
    Umar Najeeb 13 days ago

    To donald trump
    Once an asshole
    Always an asshole.

  • MegavidÆos
    MegavidÆos 14 days ago

    Look at this *Nazi* having a respectful conversation with a fellow human being. Absolutely disgustingly.

    JUMPINGALMO 14 days ago

    Both still look the same.

  • B Flat
    B Flat 15 days ago +2

    The ring tone my brother has for his wife is” constantly complaining”

  • Francisco Valiente
    Francisco Valiente 17 days ago

    OMG they love him here what is different Trump or the discusting mainstream media.

  • MaximMate
    MaximMate 19 days ago

    lmao hope none of the guests on that episode of apprentice were seceretly transgender

  • Shugar kyub
    Shugar kyub 19 days ago +1

    this is the longest conversation i was able to listen to of his , ty conan

  • Knarf Trakiul
    Knarf Trakiul 19 days ago +3

    He is the same person now still dresses the same. Same ideas

  • Knarf Trakiul
    Knarf Trakiul 19 days ago +2

    Funny how all these libtards liked Mr Trump until he became a Republican president

  • sonic powerr
    sonic powerr 19 days ago

    what the F is wrong with this guy always interfere while guest speak and try to explain things. is this any way of fun? rubbish duh

  • Michael
    Michael 20 days ago +6

    When Donald didnt challenge for power, he was a great guy. The moment he challenged the ruling class for power, he became a Nazi, Racist, Homophobe, Sexist.............blah, blah, blah.

  • Pratiek Singh
    Pratiek Singh 20 days ago

    I just hope he doesn't become the President of USA one day.

  • Be1smaht
    Be1smaht 20 days ago +1

    When America was great! When this buffon was incharge of a reality show inatead of our country