Sylas Special Interactions

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • The Special/Hidden/Secret Interactions for the new champion, Sylas.
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    Shows all the specific mimics, first encounters etc Sylas has.
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  • Jhin Cena
    Jhin Cena 10 hours ago

    How could anyone rally behind this maniac?

  • huybui207
    huybui207 Day ago

    When sylas use urgots ult it looks like urgot just went into his d-ck.

  • 剑神Pavese
    剑神Pavese 3 days ago

    In Brazilian Portuguese, when Sylas steals Udyr's ultimate, he says: "This is gonna be shit"

  • Alv Noah
    Alv Noah 3 days ago +1

    10:58 He himself was freed by Lux. He is getting way over his head.

  • K/DA Evelynn
    K/DA Evelynn 4 days ago

    Boring :/

  • Itai Lvl 1
    Itai Lvl 1 5 days ago

    You forgot ahri one

  • Crynin Devilgod
    Crynin Devilgod 5 days ago


  • SpeedyBreadBoi
    SpeedyBreadBoi 6 days ago

    Is it just me or is Sylas like a weird uncle when he’s talking to Lux

  • Helcurt Shadow Bringer


  • Beniie GoodWill
    Beniie GoodWill 7 days ago

    This guy seems to hate every champ in the game

  • Demon Joker
    Demon Joker 8 days ago +1

    he didn't brought talon and shen in the interactions

  • Ziamond G&A
    Ziamond G&A 10 days ago

    2:22 they love dropping their soap

  • vbi poppy loL
    vbi poppy loL 11 days ago

    my hammer not meant for you!
    i love Demacia and i hate you - sylas

  • Lukas bell
    Lukas bell 12 days ago

    2:19 is that a don't drop the soap joke

  • myth durleck
    myth durleck 13 days ago

    Sylas is basically Anders from dragon age

  • Remmy
    Remmy 14 days ago +1

    So... The more I listen to Sylas' voice lines, the more I realize that he's a communist.

  • Aleksa1000
    Aleksa1000 14 days ago

    Hi Anders

  • WHOWI!
    WHOWI! 16 days ago +1

    4:11 wait what?

  • C.J Hamblin
    C.J Hamblin 16 days ago

    He's kinda boring

  • mark leven
    mark leven 17 days ago

    "Do what thou wilt" I'ts a lil bit wierd when you made him quote Alister Crowley.

  • Project_kelly YT
    Project_kelly YT 18 days ago +1

    Sylas why didn’t you just say turn off the lights when you kill lux

  • Hien Nguyen
    Hien Nguyen 19 days ago

    8:03 even Slyas feel teemo toxic!

  • OneFourFive
    OneFourFive 20 days ago

    *Discord is the best chord*
    Yep, Sylas is sponsered by Discord. Damn shill!

  • Prod1gyX2009
    Prod1gyX2009 20 days ago

    I love the "Try Hard" Champs thing, that's funny

  • Joaco uwu
    Joaco uwu 23 days ago

    What's with the slight British accent

  • Moona Wilks
    Moona Wilks 23 days ago

    I'm kinda down for this Sylas x Lux ship . Riot sank the Lux and Ezreal ship so hard lol .

  • Doctor Frankenstein
    Doctor Frankenstein 23 days ago

    Rubick did it better

  • Lego Wolfer
    Lego Wolfer 24 days ago

    Vastayams are SOOOOOOO amazing :) 3:14

  • Hickalol
    Hickalol 25 days ago


  • Osmaer
    Osmaer 25 days ago


  • Jose Reyhan Bristain
    Jose Reyhan Bristain 25 days ago +1

    ~ no, "Long live the king." (Lion King) quote from Jarvan death? Meh.

  • Patryk Wojciechowski
    Patryk Wojciechowski 25 days ago

    Any of you remember Yasuo's lore? Somebody killed his master by technique of wind, but nobody had such except Yasuo. Maybe it was Sylas back then?

  • Accelerator
    Accelerator 26 days ago +1

    First few seconds.
    Now I ship Lux with Sylas.
    GG Riot.

  • Luka Stanojevic
    Luka Stanojevic 27 days ago

    This guy is such a commie. Jeez.

  • Nudel LP
    Nudel LP 27 days ago

    am i the only one or does sylas reminds me off sirius black. i mean the look very similar and both were for a very long time in jail.

  • Jack Cawley
    Jack Cawley 27 days ago

    He wears jeans

  • Luna Selgs
    Luna Selgs 27 days ago +4

    I love how he kinda adores Lux.

  • Kayn The Cosmic shadow

    Oh boi brace yourself bois and Grills the fanfiocalypse is coming

  • Jerene Malto
    Jerene Malto 27 days ago

    Man rubick might have done It first but sylas sure has a better ult animation than rubick

  • Sam O3
    Sam O3 29 days ago +1

    Anyone else think that there should be one when he steals Pyke’s ult that says
    “Let’s send them six feet under”

  • Floyd Lawton
    Floyd Lawton Month ago

    This guy reminds me of Anders from Dragon Age. No wonder I don’t like him.

  • mastrgamr
    mastrgamr Month ago

    2:44 but she can't hear tho

  • Darksky1001able
    Darksky1001able Month ago

    This dude hates damn near everyone.

  • Bryan Laigo
    Bryan Laigo Month ago +2

    you can HEAR how Sylas' imprisonment changed him from* what he was into a semi-utopian, merciless rebel bent on revenge. He still clearly cares for Lux and his followers though.

  • C.V Visuals
    C.V Visuals Month ago

    Noxian swine Demacian swine they'll all end up at the Slaughtah

  • Ting Teck Yang
    Ting Teck Yang Month ago

    I like Sylas voice and design along with his lore.

  • joseph martinez
    joseph martinez Month ago

    Can i get the list of all Ults classified as "Lame" lol

  • Liam Hagenson
    Liam Hagenson Month ago

    Poor udyr, gets no respect.

  • Rankurusu777
    Rankurusu777 Month ago +1


  • Tú
     Month ago

    2:50 well Trump, the joke's on you

  • Sappy
    Sappy Month ago

    They need to make a mafia Sylas skin, and anytime he kills an enemy with a stolen ult he has a chance of saying "That's how Demacia works"

  • Lubixz
    Lubixz Month ago

    This guy is toxic af

  • Hazel Glader
    Hazel Glader Month ago +3

    y tf are his legs so small

  • Jax bậc thầy vũ khí

    I will kill you sylas!!!

  • 【good times】
    【good times】 Month ago

    So.. No one's gonna mention that Sylas calls Lux, "Little Light"?


    2:54 top 10 questions science still can't answer

  • andristic
    andristic Month ago

    dude's kindof an ass

  • Dinkout
    Dinkout Month ago

    Time to jail the jailer

  • Dj hatsuki
    Dj hatsuki Month ago

    why luxxx

  • Jeremy PlayZ
    Jeremy PlayZ Month ago

    Lux you opened the prison door and now there is another OP champion

  • Nate Sparks
    Nate Sparks Month ago

    If Sylas is playing against Sylas in One For All, what is the ult gonna do?

  • Xenexbitgaming 1222

    Sylas: *steals teemo’s ult*
    Sylas: Ooh i feel so..toxic
    Me: im buying this champ now.

  • Gamma
    Gamma Month ago

    Holy shit poor urgot look where sylas pulled him O_O

  • Lexigrl07
    Lexigrl07 Month ago

    For all of you asking "why he so mad?": You're dumb.

  • Scheise Scheise
    Scheise Scheise Month ago

    “Those who wait to be freed do not deserve freedom.” so damn right

  • PhᎧngsapas DeeᏕamer

    *See questions on exam*

  • Blanc Et Noir
    Blanc Et Noir Month ago

    Bitch luxanna

  • *H M M M M M M M *M M M M M M M M

    2:58 *"we must build a wall" intensifies*

  • Лаша `
    Лаша ` Month ago

    9:12 Sylas: What do you do with this?
    Udyr: Not learn it

  • Turntable Shortcut
    Turntable Shortcut Month ago

    Very British

  • Hamsterifically Ivan
    Hamsterifically Ivan Month ago +63

    8:12 "time to jail the jailers"
    8:15 *Sylas jails himself*

  • Straw Hat Luffy
    Straw Hat Luffy Month ago


  • Snorlax Pancake
    Snorlax Pancake Month ago

    His voice is PERFECT.

  • Tobi
    Tobi Month ago

    Scooby got waves !

  • CrystalRaider
    CrystalRaider Month ago

    3:33 Ok.

  • e-series 102:xi
    e-series 102:xi Month ago

    It'd be hard to find popcorn this corny...

  • 77Night77Shade77
    77Night77Shade77 Month ago

    _"I had to eat rats in prison. Suppose I could do it again."_
    Well, at least it was just _"eat"_ ...

  • The Editor
    The Editor Month ago

    Discord is the best chord sona, discord sponsir

  • Omae Wa mou shindeiru


  • elijah de jesus
    elijah de jesus Month ago

    ill wait for the new soviet demacia to be implemented in runeterra.

  • Neeko
    Neeko Month ago

    Poor udyr ;c

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Month ago +3


  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell Month ago

    Where's his interaction when he is banned?

  • FrostMage芽芽
    FrostMage芽芽 Month ago

    Discord is the best chord lol

  • Bailey Lee
    Bailey Lee Month ago


  • GeneticAlgorithm11111001000

    Sylas is one salty boi.

  • Justin Rhollene
    Justin Rhollene Month ago


  • Viperdmk Viperdmk
    Viperdmk Viperdmk Month ago

    i have alot of questions
    1: Whats lux and sylas's secret and why does he call lux luxanna?
    2: Jarro lightfeather? You got the wrong guy! and why does he call ez that?
    Btw hes a badass mage, i started playing him.

  • SkipPlayz
    SkipPlayz Month ago

    If they locked people up in PETRICITE CHAINS, why didn’t they lock someone up in Galio?

  • Lê Trọng Nhân
    Lê Trọng Nhân Month ago


  • Kevin Guo
    Kevin Guo Month ago +1

    Lee Sin is a Tryhard champ

  • Kattie Kariktan
    Kattie Kariktan Month ago

    Hahaha, so Sylas is one of the "Light Secrets" of Lux.

  • Nessmess
    Nessmess Month ago

    He sounds like the type of guy who does yoga in the morning and brags about how enlightened he is because of it

  • Lightning Blue Pikachu

    Those tryhard champs lol

  • Jr phanith
    Jr phanith Month ago

    Is this rubick??

  • marvelous maki
    marvelous maki Month ago

    the way he talks to lux creeps tf outta me

  • professional sleeper

    9:26 - 9:35 "ahem" *Союз нерушимый-*

  • Lisu1378
    Lisu1378 Month ago

    Sylas has a special interactive with pyke during penta with his ult

    POL4R BEAR MLBB Month ago

    why is sylas called lux laxanna and why did he say "your secret is safe with me"? pls answer

    • E Callahan
      E Callahan Month ago +1

      +SydneyStreets she didn't *let* him use her magic. He brushed his shackles against her and absorbed it.

    • SydneyStreets
      SydneyStreets Month ago

      She helped him escape from prison by letting him borrow her magical power

  • EmptySergeant
    EmptySergeant Month ago

    sylur to udyr :what do you do whit this *as udyr is frying his ass with it*