X-Men Movies: Ranked From WORST to BEST

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • With Dark Phoenix done, (and soon to be gone) I feel it's time for me to rank the X-Men movies from worst to best. Enjoy!
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  • Kyle Christine
    Kyle Christine 20 hours ago

    1. Days of Future Past
    2. X-Men 2
    3. Logan
    4. X-Men
    5. First Class
    6. Apocalypse
    7. The Wolverine
    8. Dark Phoenix
    9. The Last Stand
    10. Origins Wolverine

  • ElectroShock
    ElectroShock 11 days ago

    Your list is almost the same as rotten tomatoes except the Deadpool movies are included and there are a couple of swaps. Logan is number one and the latest X-men Dark Phoenix is at the number 12 position.

  • Lee Rainford
    Lee Rainford 11 days ago

    Xmen first class is awful!

  • StormDoesGaming
    StormDoesGaming 17 days ago

    My ratings:
    X-Men: Buy it on Bluray
    X2: Buy it on Bluray
    X-Men: The Last Stand: A good time no alcohol required
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Will forget in T-minus 1 day
    X-Men: First Class: Buy it on Bluray
    The Wolverine: Buy it on Bluray
    X-Men: Days of Future Past: Awesometacular
    X-Men: Apocalypse: Buy it on Bluray
    Logan: Buy it on Bluray
    Dark Phoenix: Will forget in T-minus 1 day

  • Andrew Baxter
    Andrew Baxter 18 days ago

    Your videos are so good that I just enjoy listening to them for amazing critiques of videos

  • Colby Duggin
    Colby Duggin 22 days ago

    I'm gonna watch Logan instead of Dark Phoenix. THANKS BRO

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 13 days ago +1

      Dark Phoenix is alright if you watch it as a psychological thriller and character study of Jean Grey(as it was made to be).

  • HiFive789
    HiFive789 24 days ago

    Am I the only one that hates logan?

    TREJAN CRIGER 27 days ago

    Nah Jeremy Apocalypse sucks 😂

  • Luke M
    Luke M Month ago

    OMG. Even if Dark Phoenix is the worst X-Men film, it's still far more entertaining and competently made than Captain Marvel. OMG. Just look at the difference in the two train sequences. The Dark Phoenix scene is far better paced and executed.

  • Daniel Pease
    Daniel Pease Month ago

    If you had included Deadpool, where would they go on the list.

  • Susan Teeter
    Susan Teeter Month ago

    10. Dark Phoenix
    9. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    8. X-Men Apocalypse
    7. Logan
    6. X-Men
    5. The Wolverine
    4. X-Men: The Last Stand
    3. X-2: X-Men United
    2. X-Men: Days of Future Past
    1. X-Men: First Class

  • Taylor Steele
    Taylor Steele Month ago

    My personal list(haven’t seen dark Phoenix and don’t plan on it)
    9-Origins wolverine
    7-last stand
    6-X men
    5-The wolverine
    4-days of future past
    2-First class

  • Vaibhav Tripathi
    Vaibhav Tripathi Month ago +1

    Logen is the worse movie.

  • Saleem Frazer
    Saleem Frazer Month ago +1

    My Top 10 From Best To Worst
    1. Logan
    2. Days of Future Past
    3. First Class
    4. X2
    5. The Wolverine
    6. X-Men
    7. X-Men: Apocalypse
    8. X-Men: The Last Stand
    9. Dark Phoenix
    10. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago +1

    I finally watched Dark Phoenix and I definitely didn't miss anything when I didn't watch it in theatres, but I didn't think it was as bad as some people make it out to be. My ranking is-
    1. Days of Future Past
    2. First Class
    3. Logan
    4. Apocalypse
    5. X2
    6. X1
    7. The Wolverine
    8. Dark Phoenix
    9. Origins
    10. X3

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar Month ago

      That’s because it isn’t. It was a wildly mismarketed movie and people judged it for what it was marketed to be rather than what it was made to be(a psychological thriller). Jeremy was especially guilty of this.

  • Death Stalker
    Death Stalker Month ago

    X-Men Apocalypse imo is the best X-men movie

  • Carder Galluzzo
    Carder Galluzzo Month ago

    My ranking goes based on the movies you chose, goes:
    1. Logan
    2. X-Men: Apocalypse
    3. X-Men
    4. X-Men: United
    5. The Wolverine
    6. X-Men: First Class
    7. X-Men: Dark Phoenix
    8. X-Men: The Last Stand
    9. X-Men: Days of Future Past
    10. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  • XenoKaiju
    XenoKaiju Month ago

    I know Jeremy isn't the authority on the matter about to make light of, nor does he have the power to shift the outcome, but...

    RELEASE THE NEW MUTANTS ALREADY!!! Jeez Louise I have been waiting oh so desperately for it! I mean a horror movie in the X-Men universe?! DAMN that reeks potential!!

  • Captain SHAZAM!
    Captain SHAZAM! 2 months ago

    Logan's Death or Iron Mans Death: which made you cry more?

    • Luke M
      Luke M Month ago

      Logan's death and especially the funeral, which was easily one of the best funeral put on film. I mean when Laura turns the cross into an X, OMG. It gets me every time. Perfection!

  • Sakib Rahman
    Sakib Rahman 2 months ago

    jeremy my man your hairs on point

  • Felix H
    Felix H 2 months ago +1

    10 X-Men Origins Wolverine 4/10
    9 The Wolverine 6/10
    8 X-Men The Last Stand 7/10
    7 X-Men Dark Phoenix 7/10
    6 X-Men 8/10
    5 X-Men Apocalypse 8/10
    4 X-Men First Class 8/10
    3 X2 9/10
    2 Days Of Future Past 9/10
    1 Logan 10.

  • Daniel Anderson
    Daniel Anderson 2 months ago

    Somehow Thanos & what he did felt more biblical than Apocalypse did.

  • InsideOutWIRLionKing&HTTYD3 Fan2001

    My Ranking (I'm including the Deadpool Movies)
    12 Deadpool 2 💩
    11 Origins Wolverine 💩
    10 Dark Phoenix (T Minus 1 Day)
    9 X-Men (Good Time if Drunk)
    8 X2 (No Alcohol Required)
    7 The Last Stand (No Alcohol Required)
    6 The Wolverine (No Alcohol Required)
    5 First Class (Awesometacular)
    4 Deadpool (Awesometacular)
    3 Days of Future Past (Awesometacular)
    2 Logan (Awesometacular)
    1 X-Men Apocalypse (AWESOMETACULAR👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤)

  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson 2 months ago +1

    The wolverine is very underrated.

  • Angry Vader
    Angry Vader 2 months ago

    I think Star Wars is more divisive

  • Ricardo Aguilar
    Ricardo Aguilar 2 months ago

    Logan was the worst for me and I’m a childhood X-men fan

    SUB TO PEWDIEPIE 2 months ago

    Terrible that we went from the brilliance of Days Of Future Past to Deadpool and Apocalypse.

      SUB TO PEWDIEPIE 27 days ago

      @Luke M deadpool: jokes, childish little sex jokes, no build up just saying things and when it relies on these jokes to carry the film it simply falls apart.
      Apocalypse: slow, and I love slow films just not when it feels like it's constantly starting and it isn't faithful to any of the characters. The X-Men movie's greatest scenes are when the characters have earned emotional moments where they do things and you feel it being built up throughout the film like in first class and future past, whereas in Apocalypse Charles Xavier BEATS UP Apocalypse why would the man that has learned and experienced so much in these films to mould him into thinking this peacefully where was this fight set up. And i know it was in his mind but still, WHAT? They could have at least had some hatred for Apocalypse so that when Charles beats him up it feels realistic. The film feels stuck in the first act for 90 minutes, has a couple scenes in the second act then there's a "spectacular" action sequence and it ends. Also regarding quicksilver's why play "Sweet dreams" it doesn't tell you anything; are they dreaming? And how can he go super fast while we are with him in slow motion, in future past, there is still an element of tension due to the
      music choices and his speed.

    • Luke M
      Luke M Month ago

      Deadpool was great. And Apocalypse was great too despite what the fanatics have to say. Who cares about the look of the villain with amazing sequences like Quicksilver saving everyone in the school? It's really petty. Apocalypse is very underrated.

    • MG3
      MG3 2 months ago

      @Slade Wilson indeed I loved both deadpool films

    • Slade Wilson
      Slade Wilson 2 months ago +2

      Deadpool was great

  • tarquinnff3
    tarquinnff3 2 months ago

    Yeah, I can't argue with that ranking. Nicely handled.

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher 2 months ago

    My List:
    #10: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    #9: X-Men: The Last Stand
    #8: X-Men: Apocalypse
    #7: Dark Phoenix
    #6: The Wolverine
    #5: X-Men
    #4: X-Men: First Class
    #3: X-Men: Days of future past
    #2: X2: X-Men United
    #1: Logan

  • Liam Slate
    Liam Slate 2 months ago

    When Origins Wolverine came out I hated it but now in 2019 it's one of my favorite X-Men movies. I know it's not good, I know they nurf Deadpool but something about it really speaks to me.

  • Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez 3 months ago

    Rank the current DC movies. LOL 🤣

  • Ricochetrabitt
    Ricochetrabitt 3 months ago

    Apocalypse should have been 9.

  • Pham Son
    Pham Son 3 months ago

    was dark phoenix really that bad? i mean, i can't think of anything that is worse than origin wolverine

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 2 months ago

      It wasn’t. This is just Jahn’s recency bias and even he kinda admits it here. He i is dead wrong about the movie being directionless. The point of the story was that Jean wouldn’t go down a dark path again and take control of her destiny. That was the theme, just like it was in Days of Future Past.

  • B_ Lindz
    B_ Lindz 3 months ago

    That wasn't an opinion, that was just the truth. Your ranking was spot on.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 28 days ago

      @CM Punk Okay, you didn’t.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 28 days ago

      Apocalypse isn’t have a story structure. It was all over the place.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 28 days ago

      @CM Punk Did you realize that Jean was suffering from PTSD while you were watching it? It seems like a lot people didn’t realize that despite it being explicitly stated several times.
      The premise alone makes it better than Origins and Apocalypse. Too generic movies.

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 28 days ago

      @CM Punk I mean no offense, but it seems you are like Jeremy and didn’t realized that Jean was meant to be the protagonist rather than the antagonist.
      The story was about a superhero(Jean) who’s repressed childhood trauma resurfaces in adulthood causing her to have PTSD. The plot followed a very traditional three act structure. How was it a mess?

    • Naughty Avatar
      Naughty Avatar 28 days ago

      @ CM Punk No it wasn’t. You’re probably only saying that because you are judging the movie by what it was marketed to be rather than it was meant to be, which was a psychological thriller rather than a superhero event movie.

  • Sammy DeGuido
    Sammy DeGuido 3 months ago

    Logan is not only the best "X-Men Movie" but is the best Marvel movie

  • Jonathan Soto
    Jonathan Soto 4 months ago

    10. X-Men: Origins Wolverine
    9. X-Men: The Last Stand
    8. X-Men: Dark Phoenix
    7. X-Men
    6. X2
    5. The Wolverine
    4. X-Men: Apocalypse
    3. X-Men: Days Of Future Past
    2. X-Men: First Class
    1. Logan

  • Jihyuk Yoon
    Jihyuk Yoon 4 months ago

    am i the only one tht actually REALLY like Wolverine Origin and X Men Last Stand???

  • SavagePhantoms 9000
    SavagePhantoms 9000 4 months ago +1

    If you rank X-men movies then I know you would put Days of Future Past #2 and Logan #1 or the opposite.

  • DeClAn JoHn
    DeClAn JoHn 4 months ago +1

    WAIT..... Dark Phoenix is worst then X Man Origins 😱
    I think I made the right decision shipping it

    • Kal-El fan 49
      Kal-El fan 49 3 months ago

      Not the worst, but pretty close to it, that bad

  • Alexander Dammar
    Alexander Dammar 4 months ago

    I mean... they all are pretty bad... I liked logan & that’s about it

    • Luke M
      Luke M Month ago

      WTF are you talking about? How can they be bad when they've lasted for 19 years??

  • MineCraftDadnSon
    MineCraftDadnSon 4 months ago +2

    I seen it and I'm no mcu fanboy. Also the X-Men movies beat most mcu movies.

  • Gloom
    Gloom 4 months ago +2

    dofp was better than first class imo

  • Goric
    Goric 4 months ago

    The red fond suits you!😉

  • regretful life
    regretful life 4 months ago

    I thought last stand was petty mindles fun

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude17 4 months ago

    X-men first class is my favorite! It’s so good I first saw it when I was given it in dvd for my 11th birthday and I watched it on repeat.

  • Dan The-Man
    Dan The-Man 4 months ago

    25 seconds in...I predict Logan is Jeremy's #1 X-Men movie, because it's everyone's favorite X-Men movie.

  • humb marines ibarra
    humb marines ibarra 4 months ago +2

    Days of future past.
    First class
    Dark phoenix
    X men
    The wolverine

    • Luke M
      Luke M Month ago

      Great list. And yet, Origins is still more entertaining than Captain Marvel.

  • Anthony Lesley
    Anthony Lesley 4 months ago

    Logan deserves that number one spot

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler 4 months ago +1

    Such a mixed bag of quality.

  • Cms cheer 2015
    Cms cheer 2015 4 months ago

    Jeremy no one hates Dark Phoenix more than you. Lol

  • LedZep's X
    LedZep's X 4 months ago +1

    I don’t know if it was Fox knowing Disney was gonna buy them, but watching Dark Phoenix my reaction, was wow apart from the actors, nobody else tried. Such a shame cause I enjoyed every X Men movie except for Origins. So I am sad. Even X Men 3 I enjoyed cause it was 50/50 with good and bad (kind of like Spider-Man 3)

  • Crazelord91
    Crazelord91 4 months ago +2

    I really dislike all the new Xmen movies besides First Class (which I really liked). I just thought they were boring and standard; felt like b-tier MCU films. I almost fell asleep in DOFP and Apocalypse.
    I kind of miss the days of the first Xmen films, which are a bit campier and dated but felt more unique, and followed the particular vision of the directors than most superhero movies now that all kind of feel the same. I even like Xmen 3.

  • SomePiesheep :/
    SomePiesheep :/ 4 months ago

    *insert controversial x men movie ranking here*

  • Allen Bell
    Allen Bell 4 months ago

    People bitching about being sad about Logan, therefore considering it a bad movie make me wanna wring my own fucking neck. Two separate ideals people, movies that make you feel emotion about the plot (especially sadness and anger) are most likely good as shit

  • Regular Mac
    Regular Mac 4 months ago

    Every single X-men movie is trash by a studio that doesn’t give a fuck about the fans

    • Luke M
      Luke M Month ago

      You're an ignorant ass. Trash? How can a franchise be trash if its survived for 19 years??

  • Bladebreaker08
    Bladebreaker08 4 months ago +6

    Jeremy should totally rank the Infinity Saga of the MCU.

  • King Wakanda
    King Wakanda 4 months ago

    This list is all kinds of fucked up

  • Batman rocks
    Batman rocks 4 months ago +1

    1. Logan
    2. Days of Future Past
    3. X2
    4. First Class
    5. The Wolverine
    6. X men
    7. Dark Phoenix
    8. Apocalypse
    9. Origins
    10. Last Stand

  • إنه_البنز
    إنه_البنز 4 months ago

    Logan is sooo fucking overrated!

    • Slade Wilson
      Slade Wilson 2 months ago

      @إنه_البنزthe movie was great yes but it kinda is

    • إنه_البنز
      إنه_البنز 2 months ago

      @Slade Wilson Avatar & Black panther are overrated indeed. The dark knight being overrated ?! .... nice talking with you man

    • Slade Wilson
      Slade Wilson 2 months ago

      Not as overrated as avatar and the dark knight and black panther

  • clamps
    clamps 4 months ago

    Why isnt the Japanese wolverine in?