• Published on Apr 20, 2018
  • In honor of Infinity War coming out, I made one last giant MCU timeline video, including everything from the movies to the TV shows to the short films. This is easily the biggest project I’ve ever worked on, so I really hope you enjoy!
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  • BHL Hudson
    BHL Hudson  Year ago +973

    Been reading through these comments and just wanna mention how much this support means to me. Putting this much work into something and then seeing this kind of response is incredible. This is a big part of why I do it, thanks for the kind words everyone!

  • Reading Queen
    Reading Queen Hour ago

    I got more from this than I wouldve if I watched all the Marvel Movies in one sitting! This was explained so perfectly and in such a short time compared to watching everything!!!

  • Reading Queen
    Reading Queen Hour ago


    Just saving my spot

  • Nathan Thomas
    Nathan Thomas 3 hours ago

    This 3hr timeline video was the sh¡+!!!!! Watched from start to finish with one pee break! Had me fangirling ( I'm actually a boy).… the whole time!! Keep up the nerd!

  • Kimberley Morris
    Kimberley Morris 19 hours ago

    Omg I SO glad for this. I only watch the films not the TV series and never read the comics

  • The Goust
    The Goust 23 hours ago +1

    Will he make the next one with the time Heist

  • Aysis Kyle
    Aysis Kyle Day ago

    I liked the Iron Armadda

  • thetom12395
    thetom12395 2 days ago

    nick trusted a cat :/ what a pay off

  • Jason Coward
    Jason Coward 2 days ago +1

    I wonder what life is like on Planet...Goddamnit!
    Dope fckn video yo!

  • Let's play with Shock

    i love how over a thousand years took one hour to explain but like 15 years to two

  • Nick W
    Nick W 4 days ago +1

    try doing this in a post Endgame world

  • Campbell Appel
    Campbell Appel 5 days ago

    Nick trusted a cat lol😂😂

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 5 days ago

    Do a terminator timeline

  • Reggie Capriati
    Reggie Capriati 5 days ago

    I've seen 90% of all MARVEL STUDIOS in it's entirety.. A few of the tv shows i didn't invest my time in but thanks to you i definitely know whassup now😂 THANK YOU SO MUCH❤💯

  • Darren Kahn
    Darren Kahn 5 days ago +1

    This is - by far - the best video I have ever seen chronicling the MCU. Kudos to you #BHLHudson on a job well done. The work is clear, concise and on point - and in my humble opinion... a mandatory 'Must-Watch' for any and all MCU fans. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into this video. The casual viewer on TVclip will never understand that the final product that gets posted is the really the easy part compared to the painstaking hours and hours spent editing and tying it all together. Great job!!! Now the obligatory question... while the title clearly says "Final Edition", will you be providing another update (that would actually closeout) now that 'Spiderman: Far From Home" is out in theatres? Again, thanks so much for this stellar content.

  • Wayne's Hammer
    Wayne's Hammer 5 days ago

    They just explained what happened to shield during infinity war/end game during the 5 years.

  • Gypsy Avenger
    Gypsy Avenger 6 days ago

    who else is watching this post endgame?

    • Letsdo7his YT
      Letsdo7his YT 5 days ago +1

      Gypsy Avenger post Spider-Man far from home actually

  • KAY B 14
    KAY B 14 6 days ago +1

    comments: this video is as long as a movie! :O
    me: laughs in david hater's voice

  • KAY B 14
    KAY B 14 6 days ago

    me: sleeping
    YT: Let's watch this video!
    happens every night!

    MRANDOM 7 days ago

    It’s like watching a movie about movies

  • Muirnin Rose
    Muirnin Rose 8 days ago

    I have to laugh as I just rewatched this at the Feige clarifications that Spider-man Far from home is the final film of phase 3! I’m guessing that the Phase 4 lineup will be a part of San Diego Comic con. Many of the things that you could not get finality to get answered by Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Antman and the Wasp, Endgame and Spider-man Far From Home.
    Ironically I have shared this video with friends and family who know nothing about this wonderful Franchise called the MCU. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this Video. We are about 1 week until SDCC and I am not going due to stuff.
    I’m hoping that you will have a change of mind to update this chronology!

  • Alex Kribs
    Alex Kribs 8 days ago

    Good jod

  • Green220 Minecraft
    Green220 Minecraft 8 days ago

    That is my 8th birthday

  • Luke Wines
    Luke Wines 9 days ago +6


  • sheryl wagenheim
    sheryl wagenheim 9 days ago

    Wow!!! Thank you ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Luke Wines
    Luke Wines 9 days ago

    Stanley Martin Lieber
    AKA Stan (the man) Lee
    You will be missed

  • Luke Wines
    Luke Wines 9 days ago

    I I

  • PolarBearPegLeg
    PolarBearPegLeg 10 days ago

    Other than multiple inaccuracies, this video is okay as far as being informative.

  • Kris Plays
    Kris Plays 11 days ago

    Surtur is not a demon he is the only fire giant who was born and lived in Muspelheim

  • N word but not
    N word but not 11 days ago

    You better of made some decent money off this.

  • Ryhan forth
    Ryhan forth 12 days ago

    T’challa became king in 2018

  • MetroGeckoRev2
    MetroGeckoRev2 12 days ago

    33:45 yeah a fucking cat

  • CallMeBlixy
    CallMeBlixy 13 days ago

    I watched the whole thing in 1 sitting

  • Trueflight Silverwing
    Trueflight Silverwing 13 days ago

    You missed the entire show of "The Gifted" and Cloak & Dagger" though they are both more of the X-Men universe than the MCU I guess. The gifted was a really good show though and deserved at least an honorable mention.

    • Trueflight Silverwing
      Trueflight Silverwing 11 days ago

      To be honest, neither was "The Runaways" but he mentioned that. The Gifted and Cloak& Dagger deserve just as much of a mention as that awful show

    • Supakrit Wongbenjarat
      Supakrit Wongbenjarat 11 days ago

      cloak and dagger yes, but the gifted isn't part of the mcu

  • akabrock 52
    akabrock 52 13 days ago


  • ali son
    ali son 14 days ago +1

    Do us a favor, and start using a pop filter. You're killing the mic.

  • Mr. Doggo
    Mr. Doggo 14 days ago

    I dont think so

  • Aidxn
    Aidxn 14 days ago

    do far from home

  • M N
    M N 15 days ago +1

    Wasn't Nick Fury's eye got injured from the "alien cat" in Captain Marvel ??
    The movie came out AFTER this clip was posted...#Goose ! :)

  • marvelicons12
    marvelicons12 15 days ago +1

    Love it!! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this video together! I enjoy every minute of it

  • Elonzo Coppins
    Elonzo Coppins 16 days ago

    this is really good bra!!!!

  • Braylon Burks
    Braylon Burks 16 days ago

    2010 iron man fan PeTER PaRkEr mee spooderman fan

  • ricaard
    ricaard 16 days ago

    In my watch later...

  • Russell Streak
    Russell Streak 17 days ago +2

    10:20 So Hydra started as a cult...

    Somehow, that just makes way too much sense to me

  • PrometheusV
    PrometheusV 17 days ago

    I heard that Spiderman doesnt take place in Universe 262...

  • cyclone1973
    cyclone1973 17 days ago

    Yes, I watched the whole thing straight through. And I have to admit that you Nailed It Bro! You added to and explained things about a story that I thought I knew everything about. Thank you for your time and effort making this. I'll be sharing it with my friends and family.

  • Anders Bull Aakrann
    Anders Bull Aakrann 17 days ago +1

    I live in Norway and my norwegian textbook for all kinds of information has the name Yggdrasil

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    1:50:00 I'll continue in a sec

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Damn killed his wife then fucked him omg

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Drax is useless
    Black Widow>>

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    It's like cramming for a test....almost as soon as you say it it's like the test is over so poof it's gone

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Loki really wanted to be dead huh...wish granted

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    His blood killed Stan Lee? WHAT? No

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Including this video it's the second time I've heard about this whole Jarvis thing and it's still weird to know he actually was a real person

  • Kinzario
    Kinzario 18 days ago +4

    Me: needs to watch this before endgame
    Video: 2 hours and 53 minuets
    Avengers: whatever it takes

    • Levi Peterken
      Levi Peterken 12 days ago

      I'm I the only one that hopes he updates it?

  • Kenneth Stokes
    Kenneth Stokes 18 days ago

    What A Mess

  • Philip Ennis
    Philip Ennis 18 days ago +1

    I feel your passion and efforts to bring us a clearer idea of Marvel as they are now. I send you a very very sincere thank you. Keep up the great work I have subscribed.

  • Potato
    Potato 19 days ago +2

    Wow dude, that was so chronological and sense making, I love it! Thanks for the effort I mean this must have taken weeeeks! Great job!

  • terron jackson
    terron jackson 20 days ago

    Ok so awesome but you forgot to mention Creel was the guy that Matt Murdock dad had to fight and beat. I know not super important but it ties Quake and Daredevil in more than one way.

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt


  • Bojana Najdovska
    Bojana Najdovska 20 days ago

    Great job! Bravo!

  • Nick Ortiz
    Nick Ortiz 21 day ago

    Avengers: Go back in time and screw up the entire timeline...
    BHL Hudson: Am I a joke to you?

  • Hogan Sipes
    Hogan Sipes 21 day ago

    I got through the whole thing in one sitting :D

  • Victor Ruiz
    Victor Ruiz 21 day ago +1

    I fell asleep on autoplay and I woke up to this

  • Maynard Bussell
    Maynard Bussell 21 day ago +1

    You should write a book that recounts literally everything in the entire series up to endgame in the form of a history textbook.
    I’d buy that shit like it was candy.

  • Sonny Mercado
    Sonny Mercado 21 day ago

    Should have found a way to include Blade since technically he started off the cinematic Marvel Universe, and there have always been rumors that they were going to bring him back in the later phases.

  • gtiman67
    gtiman67 21 day ago

    Thanks for your labor of love for everything Marvel... I normally would never watch a video this long except I'm afflicted with the same Marvel malady 😛 great great video⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Womble ofWimbledon
    Womble ofWimbledon 21 day ago

    1:43:30- (shows egg-ship) "Ego hatches a plan..."

  • Supa Smith
    Supa Smith 22 days ago

    I just watched this entire video in one sitting. I can not express how much I appreciate the effort put into this. I did enjoy it, and I can tell a fellow fan of the franchise is talking to me from the beginning. From the research to the jabs (some of which I don’t agree with *cough cough*) this entire video was amazing man. Great job 10/10

  • Uncle Cracker
    Uncle Cracker 22 days ago


  • fire FLY
    fire FLY 22 days ago

    You’re welcome

  • Chelahu
    Chelahu 22 days ago

    You should definitely add to this one the next movies this is awesome don't stop at all

  • CRATEtv
    CRATEtv 22 days ago


  • Leo McCloskey
    Leo McCloskey 23 days ago

    Good pronunciation of the realms

  • akabrock 52
    akabrock 52 23 days ago


  • akabrock 52
    akabrock 52 23 days ago


  • Gizelle Durowoju
    Gizelle Durowoju 25 days ago

    You deserve some much more subs

  • Gizelle Durowoju
    Gizelle Durowoju 25 days ago

    You are honest amazing

  • Sergeant Oxygen
    Sergeant Oxygen 25 days ago +1

    When cross becomes evil/insane because of the pim particles, why isn’t Hank Pim insane?

  • voltic_frost
    voltic_frost 26 days ago

    Oh boy that is not gonna be the last video about this stuff there is still a lot of movies left

  • TheJFerg24
    TheJFerg24 26 days ago

    Amazing video...and we're just a few weeks away from 5 movies having come out since this video that's still part of phase 3. (Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel, Endgame & Far From Home)

  • Quangito Youtube
    Quangito Youtube 26 days ago +1

    Bruh this vid is almost longer than infinity war

  • AlphaArchitect
    AlphaArchitect 27 days ago +2

    Wow only fourteen ads
    Morgz would have that many ads in a 20 minute vid

  • Viking Jack
    Viking Jack 27 days ago

    please read more about the norse stuff, that was super simplistic and did it no justice XD

  • Invariant
    Invariant 27 days ago

    Yes it will probobly be a scroll

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B 27 days ago

    Loved it. I just watched your video for the first time and I totally enjoyed the way you put storylines together. I didnt realize that I had been sitting there for over an hour. Great job.

  • Putino's CHOICE
    Putino's CHOICE 27 days ago

    everything is wrong up here

  • Jonathan Medina
    Jonathan Medina 28 days ago

    And captain America is still technically just a private

  • Marti
    Marti 28 days ago

    I only managed up to 1:12:47 😭

  • Ozperiod
    Ozperiod 28 days ago

    This video is beyond what I expected. Good work

  • Yolky Folk
    Yolky Folk 28 days ago +1

    You: No
    You... just did..
    You: heck no
    This joke only makes sense if you read it backwards

  • Quacketh 69
    Quacketh 69 29 days ago

    1:26 I’m the bad guy

  • lozano 4224
    lozano 4224 29 days ago

    What so natasha is like 80years old ?

  • Devon Lott
    Devon Lott 29 days ago

    Saying this is the last one is saying that Friday the 13th 4 the Final Chapter hold weight.

  • Jon Wong
    Jon Wong Month ago

    Nice job 👍

  • Jonathan Glasgow
    Jonathan Glasgow Month ago

    Awesome job!.. Thank you for this. This comment is about a year or so late, however, recognition is very deserving!

    HAVOC LV Month ago

    I had not completed the video when I made my first comment and after seeing the end I have to laugh and ask, "Why not do this project like Louis, you put it out there?" The circuitous path Louis takes to arrive at his conclusions is hilarious and very clever on the writer's part. Nuff said?

    HAVOC LV Month ago +1

    Sweet son! I am sixty-three years old and have been a Marvel/Stan Lee-Jack Kirby fan well, since day one, pretty much. Alas and alack, my mind is beginning to slip a bit. I am familiar with all of the early characters origins, Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Fantastic Four, Spidey, etc. So I was fairly nonplussed when the films began the long and convoluted road on which they now travel and a lot of what I knew from reading the original stories had changed. I understood why it was done, I just didn't know how it all ties in. Thanks to your most excellent work and diligence, not to mention the extreme amount of patience you must have, you have made the path clear and palpable for me. At my age anything clear and palpable is pure treasure. Keep up the great work, you will go far. Excelsior!
    A bit of a sidebar...anyone else out there like me who read these comics voraciously and had stacks of them all over the room? The going price at the time was twelve cents a copy with the bonus issues and spectaculars coming in at a ludicrous sum of twenty-five cents per issue, right? Then one day you come in and your Mom has cleaned up the room and poof, all gone......Oh the agony, the!
    lol...true story. Thanks for indulging me. ttfn

  • Thomas The next Walt

    Why is inhumans still canon