Surprising My Girlfriend with Her Dream Car

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • Surprising my girlfriend with her dream car...
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    TAGS: surprising my girlfriend with her dream car
    Surprising my girlfriend with her dream car
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Comments • 512

  • Stephen Scribbles
    Stephen Scribbles 14 days ago

    Bruh, Jack doesn't measure things in feet or metres, but rather the number of newborns he could fit in a given amount of space

  • Hailey Jordan
    Hailey Jordan 15 days ago

    You guys have changed :(

  • Jordynn Davis
    Jordynn Davis 17 days ago

    Please do more videos with Nick

  • some one
    some one 19 days ago

    Materialistic things don't motivate me tho lmao

  • Millie Alonso
    Millie Alonso 20 days ago

    Jack embodies a lot of what the world is missing in past and present generations. Kind, positive and inspirational even in spite of his own battles. Not to mention, his charisma is way beyond his years! Good for you!

  • hope h
    hope h 20 days ago

    me being mad i’m 3 mins late b like wtf nevermind more like days but k youtube ur slow

  • junior Martinez
    junior Martinez 21 day ago

    Damn she was kinda of annoying😂

  • Starbrightgirl24
    Starbrightgirl24 21 day ago

    Whenever he walked away i felt soooooooo bed

  • Amelia Kk
    Amelia Kk 22 days ago

    Love u guys sooooooo much 💗

  • Lombardi Sassypants
    Lombardi Sassypants 22 days ago

    Nick is everywhere.

  • Evelyn Morrison
    Evelyn Morrison 22 days ago

    I love how the fact Gab just ignores every time Jack says “baby making”. 😂

    CHRIS SAVAGE 24 days ago

    Damn! Gonna be mad when other dudes are riding in it and doing other things in it with ya girl lol! Facts! Stay woke

  • Shelby
    Shelby 24 days ago

    im dead he said lots of baby makin in this car

  • Landen Owens
    Landen Owens 24 days ago

    I know WR in NFL that's 5'2 so yea

  • Delayne Tadema
    Delayne Tadema 24 days ago

    Ok this is my fav video bc of the weird things gab says and does. 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • huiyu here
    huiyu here 25 days ago

    thanks for the motivational talk jack :")

  • C-RAMs
    C-RAMs 25 days ago

    "GO DOWN"! LOL, if Gabrielle had $1 for every time Jack has said that to her, she probably could afford to buy that car!

  • Katherine Allison
    Katherine Allison 25 days ago

    subscribed ✅ post notifications on not only on youtube but instagram and snapchat stories ✅ i also follows squirt on instagram✅even went the extra mile to follow on tik tok ✅ ain’t no way but the rubber duckin way✅ disclaimer:: i literally want the new phone so bad that i even have you guys added on song pop ✅

  • Victory Jones
    Victory Jones 25 days ago

    Rubber Ducky Rubber Ducky🐥💙

  • carlos 47
    carlos 47 25 days ago

    How many guys would buy their girlfriends a car anyone on this comment section

  • Brooklyn Brittain
    Brooklyn Brittain 25 days ago

    do u have rubber duckin' crop tops please

  • Marti Reinholtz
    Marti Reinholtz 25 days ago

    I love you guys!😂💙💙entered the giveaway

  • stacie jimenez
    stacie jimenez 25 days ago

    donee! turned on post notifications, added both of you on snap and followed both of you on instagram ♥️

  • Niecey Vlogs
    Niecey Vlogs 25 days ago

    Heyy comments section you guys should SUBSCRIBE TO MY TVclip Channel !! I’m posting when I hit 40 subscribers 🥳..,:Please show me some love 🤍

  • Kenzie Autumn
    Kenzie Autumn 25 days ago

    Jack and all his references to baby making 😂😂

  • Rachel Bailey
    Rachel Bailey 25 days ago

    entered the giveaway!! love y'all absolutely the best youtube couple

    • Rachel Bailey
      Rachel Bailey 24 days ago

      omg thanks for hearting my comment again this made my day

  • mordor259
    mordor259 25 days ago

    He's your friend Jack. Go easy on him with the taunting with Gabrielle. Nice of him to let you guys make Content in that showroom. Anyway, you definitely talk the real deal when you motivating. Your words hit differently.

  • Lila
    Lila 25 days ago


  • theTimothy Talbot
    theTimothy Talbot 25 days ago

    Jacks gamertag should be ThunderJack

  • JustMeAlexis
    JustMeAlexis 25 days ago +1

    I'm 15 and do online school and have a muscle nerve disorder called Charcot Marie tooth disease and its hard for me to do simple things and manly walk around stores., because I'm in pain but when you put your mind heart and soul into anything your passionate about or just work really hard you can achieve so many things , I had to take therapy when I was in 5th grade every wensday to build up muscle I hated it but I did it also I have to take a wheelchair with me to Walmart or youth retreats ,I try my hardest so what I love I love making videos but look I don't have 1 million subs or a lot of likes I do it because I want to and with school it gets tough but you can do it just follow the directions and avoid the stress and pressure and study ALOT ! yes I might only be 15 and a freshmen but I know how things can be I get down all the time but hey always look on what you have and got thank God evry day . Also Jack Gab I like yall and for real my fav youtubers because yall aren't fake but truly real and inspiring I love you jack and gab !

  • kristen thomson
    kristen thomson 25 days ago

    love your day to day vlogs

    ITZ_UR_GURL_BRITTANY 25 days ago

    LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH !!! you guys are so amazing!!!!#NOLIMITS #RUBBERDUCKYGANG

  • ya boi skinny penis
    ya boi skinny penis 25 days ago


  • Humza Asif
    Humza Asif 25 days ago

    Great car my uncle has one and it is honestly so good and very fast aswell

  • Alyzah Villarreal
    Alyzah Villarreal 25 days ago

    omg haha imagine being david dobrik "what if i told you this was your car" favorite part honestly that was so funny
    i'm shitting bricks

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 25 days ago

    lol @ jack's cringe when gab was doin her insta story "is it over?" you gotta admit gab seems pretty happy you've kidnapped her against her wll

  • nathsworld
    nathsworld 25 days ago

    I couldn't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ck Mak
    Ck Mak 26 days ago

    The amount of baby making possibilities 🙆😂😂oh jack .....Jack Jack jack

  • Ariel Sadiky
    Ariel Sadiky 26 days ago

    Where I live it's raining rucats 🌧️🚀

  • Kaylee Garrett
    Kaylee Garrett 26 days ago

    You guys r awesome

  • Adele Brownieee
    Adele Brownieee 26 days ago

    I love Nic
    There I said it

  • Nafisa Najmi
    Nafisa Najmi 26 days ago +1

    "We could make babies in these things"

    • Nafisa Najmi
      Nafisa Najmi 25 days ago

      ya'll keep liking my comments and making me cry.. ily!!!!

  • Salome Syiem
    Salome Syiem 26 days ago

    Pink G wagon is so freaking nice!!!!! I love the indigo lights 😭aahhh lol i can even dream about a car because I’m dreaming of a phone lol

  • Bree Callaghan
    Bree Callaghan 26 days ago +3

    Me: gets an add of how women can do anything and play any sportlike ash barty
    Jack: you can't play football if your 5ft 4
    Me: laughs in Australia

  • leon angelo pangilinan

    That feeling when you haven’t watched it but you already know it’s clickbait. Lmao. if you know jack brickman you know what I’m saying 😂

  • Tricia Fung
    Tricia Fung 26 days ago

    Summarising Jack's Motivational Speech at 10:30: If you want something, work for it.

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson 26 days ago

    gad u got a good man keep him and thank jack for the vid.mwah love u guys lots

    • Matthew Thompson
      Matthew Thompson 22 days ago

      i love u guy its cute what u guys have dont loose it

  • Savvy Wayne
    Savvy Wayne 26 days ago

    That’s the car Jack gab looked right at home there pull out the cash and make your baby happy lol

  • Cherry UwU
    Cherry UwU 26 days ago

    You should do a prank where you are "talking" to someone and then you say "im cheating on jack/gab" while the phone is on

  • Ayana Santos
    Ayana Santos 26 days ago +1

    I've done everything to win an iphone

  • Khushi Shah
    Khushi Shah 26 days ago

    Please I really need a phone for photography

  • Shaily Malmed
    Shaily Malmed 26 days ago

    You guys are the best, love you💕

  • Roan Gerritsen
    Roan Gerritsen 26 days ago

    in the netherlands we say: een vrouw aan het stuur is bloed aan de muur. wich meens women driving is blood on the wall but in dutch it rimes😂😂

  • Roxanne Moniz
    Roxanne Moniz 26 days ago

    love u guys sooooooooo much...u guys make my day....supporter since 10k....I HAVE ENTERED FOR THE GIVEAWAY.....I want the iphone cozz I don't have a phone of my own due to financial difficulties I use my moms phone every single day to watch u guys

  • Darina Miller
    Darina Miller 26 days ago

    Love your vids so much I always look up to your relationship and the pranks keep them coming love them❤️❤️

  • Catherine's martins same Chanel Martin

    we all see your social blade , you can pay for that car in 2 months.

  • Monalisha Nigar
    Monalisha Nigar 26 days ago

    You guys are SO CUTE.......OMG😍😍

  • Jordan’s Life
    Jordan’s Life 26 days ago

    Is it just me or are you guys posting 2 videos every day? haha

  • Hey it’s Your girl
    Hey it’s Your girl 26 days ago

    This video is so fucking funny 🤣

  • Alexander Earnhardt
    Alexander Earnhardt 26 days ago

    lol i have this car. its ok. i like my callaway cady better