Game of Thrones Finale Trailer Breakdown! Who Wins the Throne?

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Game of Thrones Series Finale Trailer Explained! Will Dany die? Who will win the Iron Throne? Download War Robots FOR FREE on your iOS/Android device and get an awesome starter pack!
    Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 "Next Episode" Teaser gets a full shot by shot breakdown. Erik Voss explains the way Dany's villainous turn in the Battle of Kings Landing sets up the Game of Thrones final episode, and the longtime mysteries of the series, regarding the prophesy of Azor Ahai, Dany's future dream from Season 2, and Bran's cryptic knowledge as the Three Eyed Raven. Will Dany execute Tyrion for freeing Jaime and trying to save Cersei? Will Jon face a trial for his actions during the Battle of Kings Landing? And if neither Jon nor Dany end up on the Iron Throne, who should be the ruler of Westeros?
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  • mohamed asaad
    mohamed asaad 25 days ago


  • Delanie Campbell
    Delanie Campbell 25 days ago +1

    watching this after the finale airs and laughing because we all thought it was a joke about bran...

  • MatthewJBD
    MatthewJBD 25 days ago


  • ryan florian
    ryan florian 25 days ago

    5:30 not snow "ash"

  • Nyla Benny
    Nyla Benny 25 days ago

    I can’t wait for your season finale review and all the branch, tree, photosynthesis, wheel chair gags 😂🌳

  • Joshua Adefarakan
    Joshua Adefarakan 25 days ago

    Its crazy how basically every single one of these callbacks or references are accurate and do come up in the Series Finale.

  • Travis Dawson
    Travis Dawson 26 days ago

    "cache" is one syllable, not two

  • theonlyeasyday wasyesterday

    Ok so who really saw bran ending up being king

  • Grady- 1983
    Grady- 1983 26 days ago

    Who's here after the finale to see all these predictions fail?

  • Bolinho Voador
    Bolinho Voador 26 days ago

    You got it.

  • Jannatul Ferdous Chhoa
    Jannatul Ferdous Chhoa 26 days ago +1

    Bran the broken

  • Nychelle Brewer
    Nychelle Brewer 26 days ago

    Honestly Davos would make the best king, if he were willing to take it on.

  • Nychelle Brewer
    Nychelle Brewer 26 days ago

    Cache = "Cash." Cachet = "Cashay." (So in this case, it's pronounced "cashes.") Sorry, just bringing that up real quick.

  • pinktribble
    pinktribble 26 days ago

    It's falling ASH!! Not snow...

  • Marta Szornak
    Marta Szornak 26 days ago

    Sansa will rule them all.

  • Tomatoe
    Tomatoe 26 days ago

    Ser Davos, awkwardly ignoring the fact that he's still alive at this point: "Sooo, your grace. What's going to be your first method of business now that you've inherited the iron throne?"
    Ser Brienne, standing on the other side:
    Bran: "I'm going to go now"

  • Donnacha Mullaghy
    Donnacha Mullaghy 26 days ago +1

    I think... no one will rule 😆

  • Rich F
    Rich F 27 days ago +1

    Twist ending: Bran is noobmaster69

  • Dick McWillie
    Dick McWillie 27 days ago +4

    Heres my predictions:
    - Jon kills Daenerys
    - Arya disappears
    - Tyrion narrowly escapes being executed
    - Jon takes the black... again
    - Bran takes the throne

  • J Scargall
    J Scargall 27 days ago

    The ending will feature Bran opening up portals and all of the previously dead characters (Ned Stark, Randall Tarly, Jamie Lannister, etc.) will emerge for a final battle against the Mad Queen Titan ... Dany says: "I am the rightful queen of the 7 kingdoms, I AM INEVITABLE! Jon Snow says: " And I, know, nothing!" and plunges his sword into Dany... I may or may not have been influenced by another movie...

  • Joseph Kusic
    Joseph Kusic 27 days ago

    I don't think anyone should get the iron throne. Maybe they should King Lear it and kill everyone?

  • denhelder85
    denhelder85 27 days ago

    If the leak is accurate Bran will be chosen king after jon kills dany en goes back to black

  • Diana Majchrzak
    Diana Majchrzak 27 days ago

    tyrian and sansa

  • tkimins
    tkimins 27 days ago

    What if Gendry kills Arya to save Dani with a still glowing sword he was working on? No one would see that coming.

  • KimmyL1977
    KimmyL1977 27 days ago

    Jon, Gendry, Sansa, Tyrion, Sansa & Tyrion, Bran

  • Thaís Fernandes
    Thaís Fernandes 27 days ago

    I think we’re definitely getting a worm vs snow fighting tonight

  • Wudy Gamer
    Wudy Gamer 27 days ago

    Our boy gendry son of bobby b

  • David Traver Adolphus
    David Traver Adolphus 27 days ago

    ("Cache" is one-syllable word)

  • Anita Huber
    Anita Huber 27 days ago

    Is there still a throne because i thought Daenerys destroyed it🤔

  • Felixitas Yolanda
    Felixitas Yolanda 27 days ago

    "three eyed bush", "branch" asdfjkglfjdkskals;a

  • Rowena Rodio
    Rowena Rodio 27 days ago

    Jon snow is.the ruler if not him who? it will be disaster for this epic series if Jon will not rule the 7 kingdoms

  • Nobforlife E
    Nobforlife E 27 days ago


  • Yudapasa Nugraha
    Yudapasa Nugraha 27 days ago


  • Mark .McCoy
    Mark .McCoy 27 days ago

    Branch becomes king, then last shot, his eyes turn blue like the Night King... Muhahahaha!

  • Anthony Covarrubia
    Anthony Covarrubia 27 days ago

    Sansa will take the throne after there death of both Jon and Daenerys

  • Ειρήνη Β.
    Ειρήνη Β. 27 days ago

    What about the prophecy about Cersei's death??

  • nightcrawlernumber1
    nightcrawlernumber1 27 days ago

    I think there should be no ruler period. reflecting to the modern world.

  • Nursipedia Streaming
    Nursipedia Streaming 27 days ago

    starbuck for the throne

  • Dennis Wade
    Dennis Wade 27 days ago

    OMG! John Wick kills everyone!

  • Isaac Thompson
    Isaac Thompson 27 days ago

    My ending...The super wolf pack kills Drogon, Arya steels Greyworm's face then guts Dany and Gendry rules the Kingdom. happy happy joy joy

  • Daphne Brea
    Daphne Brea 27 days ago

    It’s not snow falling, it’s ash...ashes of the million people dead are falling...she’s Queen of the Ashes now

  • oldegyptianstuff
    oldegyptianstuff 27 days ago

    move the capital to winterfell and make sansa queen i guess

  • Corinne Young
    Corinne Young 27 days ago

    Shame, Shame, Shame !!!

  • ThePrinceThat WasPromised

    You think Kit took that Pompeii role to prepare him for this? lol.

  • excetera deux
    excetera deux 27 days ago +1


  • Mimi Ebisuya
    Mimi Ebisuya 27 days ago

    Team Mother of Dragons!!! Kill them all!!! :)

  • Anna Stewart
    Anna Stewart 27 days ago

    How are there still so many unsullied and dothraki left? Never ending troops? HOW?! HOW?! Really tired of the BS in this last season

  • FabulousKilljoy917
    FabulousKilljoy917 27 days ago

    What about Tyrian?

  • Rob RocknRolla
    Rob RocknRolla 27 days ago

    War robots??? Seriously? Looks like this mech games from the 90s 😂🤣

  • Johnzilla
    Johnzilla 27 days ago

    Greyworm was operating from a place of rage just like Dany was. They killed possibly the only person he ever loved. Doesn't excuse the slaughter of innocents but I get it in context a least.

  • Conor Brownlow
    Conor Brownlow 27 days ago

    How did Daenerys go from 30 unsullied to 6000 of them and 3 Dothraki to 100 of them

  • Omega Turtle
    Omega Turtle 27 days ago

    Gendry for the Iron Throne

  • utecannibal
    utecannibal 27 days ago

    Ser Davos Seaworth will be the king of the seven kingdoms. He´s empathic, loyal, dutiful and righteous. Stannis hard but fair treatment and the arc he´s had have groomed Davos into the ideal ruler.

  • grumblesNgrumbles
    grumblesNgrumbles 27 days ago

    didnt he die in the long night? trying to save aria?

  • James Erickson
    James Erickson 27 days ago

    Tyrion+Sansa power couple

  • Mark Morehouse
    Mark Morehouse 27 days ago

    I welcome our branch overlord !

  • ItsKuzma
    ItsKuzma 28 days ago

    What could possibly make Betting companies predict Bran to sit on the throne...

  • Arne Van den Broeck
    Arne Van den Broeck 28 days ago

    Let's get Bron to the throne or to save tyrion and get tyrion on the throne to get him highgarden.

  • Bilal F
    Bilal F 28 days ago

    Absolutely love the Bran-ch jokes :P

  • Amar Fakhredine
    Amar Fakhredine 28 days ago

    I'm killing myself if Bran takes the throne
    Kidding ^^

  • Nick Teply
    Nick Teply 28 days ago

    I'd like a Sansa and Tyrion or Gendry

  • solay78
    solay78 28 days ago

    Jon will kill Drogon to prevent anyone ever having that much control over a terrifying power again. He'll be devestated at having to do it, but he will (just as Ned Sark had to kill Sansa's direwolf, Lady even though he didn't want to).

  • Heather Klinke
    Heather Klinke 28 days ago

    Sansa should rule

  • sindx
    sindx 28 days ago

    Bran will win. Opening chapter of game of thrones is from his perspective. It must end where it began.

  • Scorpio Snake
    Scorpio Snake 28 days ago +1

    Danny tries to Dracarys Jon but Drogon goes like uh.....uh....mmm....mmm not happening .

  • saurav shah
    saurav shah 28 days ago

    Sansa stark

  • Vikas Pandey
    Vikas Pandey 28 days ago

    Sansa will make great queen having arya and bran at ger side if jon lives he might go to live with the free folks

  • Ehtesham Ahmed Burney
    Ehtesham Ahmed Burney 28 days ago


  • William Tice
    William Tice 28 days ago

    Sure it was snow or ash.

  • Swa Pra
    Swa Pra 28 days ago

    Can we stop calling Branch a bush
    It's stereotypical

  • j k
    j k 28 days ago

    Bran will be King, Jon will kill Dany and Greyworm

  • Justin Perrone
    Justin Perrone 28 days ago


  • Zev ig
    Zev ig 28 days ago

    my bets for throne are John, Gendry, and Dany just keeping it.

  • crazylady02
    crazylady02 28 days ago

    Tyrion and Sansa for King and Queen

  • Damion Osborne
    Damion Osborne 28 days ago

    The ending leaked 11 months ago why are people still watching these videos?

  • Anarcho-Braut
    Anarcho-Braut 28 days ago

    In the end the Iron Bank might take over and name a ruler. Bron?

  • Lit Brit
    Lit Brit 28 days ago

    Ser Pounce gets the throne

  • the SLRtist
    the SLRtist 28 days ago

    What if at the end of the series John takes the throne but appoints Bran to rule because he’s the 3-eyed raven, and John doesn’t want the thrown. Then at the end of the episode it ends with a close up of Bran sitting on the iron throne with his eyes closed, but when he opens his eyes... they’re blue!

  • T - Major
    T - Major 28 days ago

    Maybe its not snow, maybe its just

  • Juju Levie
    Juju Levie 28 days ago

    Eric Voss should be the spokesperson/salesperson for everything. He makes me a believer in things I'd never need or want.

  • Catarina Mendes
    Catarina Mendes 28 days ago

    Bronn for the Throne

  • Akshay Tikekar
    Akshay Tikekar 28 days ago

    Jon doesn't want to be a King.. so it will be Bran Stark

  • Wenchede Wenchede
    Wenchede Wenchede 28 days ago

    Lord Gendry Baratheon , first of his name .,

  • N7 Engineer
    N7 Engineer 28 days ago

    That damn throne is cursed. Anyone whom search for it loses everything and turn them into tyrants and/or tragic.
    The Mad King may have wanted to end it all, but was stopped.
    Foreign people shouldn't impose their culture upon the inhabitants of another land. They evolve and adapted to the land. They know how to exist on said land.

  • Chris Heise
    Chris Heise 28 days ago

    If Jon executes Daenerys what will happen with Drogon?

  • Dam Big Foot
    Dam Big Foot 28 days ago +1

    They will probably find Jamies metal hand which will be Tyrions breaking point.

  • Elli mom
    Elli mom 28 days ago

    Tbh, I would love to see Tyrion on the throne, because he knows the game and actually cares for the people

  • Mhym07
    Mhym07 28 days ago +1

    Melisandre told Gendry "You will make Kings rise and fall" 🤔

  • SID G
    SID G 28 days ago +1

    It's not ice, it's the ash falling

  • Dane Parsons
    Dane Parsons 28 days ago

    Drogon eats Tyrion
    Jon Stabs Dany
    Greywrom spears Jon
    Arya goes to Storms End
    Sansa rules the north
    Bronn rocks up at the ruins of Kings landing, kills Greyworm.
    “Fook it this Castle will do.”

  • Fritz vanLonden
    Fritz vanLonden 28 days ago

    Bran is more like a tree trunk... an emotionless, tree trunk.

  • Erni3K
    Erni3K 28 days ago

    Uh, that's not snow. That's still ash falling.

  • grendlsma
    grendlsma 28 days ago

    Sansa will be the winner.

  • Lokesh Meena
    Lokesh Meena 28 days ago

    it's ASH not SNOW

  • SirYenko
    SirYenko 28 days ago

    All hail Davos!

  • Spencer Atkins
    Spencer Atkins 28 days ago

    How about Bronn ruling after all are dead?

  • Jay Xaio
    Jay Xaio 28 days ago

    Thats not snow - its ash. Dany's prophetic dreams showed the ruined throne room was ash not snow all along.

  • Whistralian
    Whistralian 28 days ago

    "snow drifts down on kings landing"... how are you seriously thinking that?? its clearly ashes!

  • Marlene Waldron
    Marlene Waldron 28 days ago

    I'm betting on Bran becoming king, but I'd have liked to see Gendry sit. He's the now legitimized son of Robert Baratheon, and House Baratheon is a bastard off-shoot of House Targareyn (also legitimized) so he does have a blood claim through both.

  • moviemakerwannabe
    moviemakerwannabe 28 days ago