I Wore 9-Foot-Long Extendo Jeans For A Day


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  5 months ago +9445

    HELLO FRIENDS!! yes, some of you may have guessed this was going to be a video from my instagram... it's another installment of "questionable fashion decisions"! what do you think of these pants? would you wear them? PS, please excuse the boxes of old makeup in my closet! we filmed this while we were filming our decluttering video - so we hadn't thrown them away yet! hehe :)

    • Desray Onfroy
      Desray Onfroy 18 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard 💗💗💗

    • Sterre D'Agata
      Sterre D'Agata Month ago

      Yay this is the 500th comment!

    • Shawn McVittie
      Shawn McVittie 2 months ago

      500th and last reply! no one else can reply hehe

    • Rose Feher
      Rose Feher 3 months ago

      Ok so i know you have bigger than average feet... So maybe if someone with tiny feet might be able to slender man it. Or you can chop your toes off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Catlover 3000
      Catlover 3000 4 months ago

      Safiya Sayfia let down your pants 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      I love u girl!!!💕💕💕

  • Matl
    Matl 6 hours ago

    How if u like sitting at the stairs.. and somebody pulled it.

  • Terrible Saturn
    Terrible Saturn 10 hours ago

    I love your videos they're always so fun!!!

  • Finn the Ace
    Finn the Ace 18 hours ago

    Someone Start a gofundme to help saf create her own pair of extendo jeans that will actually fit a pair of stilts

  • Ebony Wilkins
    Ebony Wilkins Day ago

    I LOVE your hair like this

  • Jess Cam
    Jess Cam Day ago

    Oh. My. Goodness!!! The laughter! The tears! I am, deceased!! You 2 are way too amazing! So much fun!

  • Brittney Dawn
    Brittney Dawn 2 days ago

    *billie eillish has entered the chat* definitely her style when it’s scrunched up.

  • Pat Butterworth
    Pat Butterworth 2 days ago

    Hi Safiya ?I,m from Australis .......I think you a are terrific and so is boy friend .....I have found you I will keep following you ....Love Pat x

  • Cheyenne Ritchey
    Cheyenne Ritchey 2 days ago

    It took me until this video to realize that some of the jean fashion that is a lil outrageous would work for those that are differently abled and may not necessarily need to move their limbs as much and can instead be more fashionable than everyone else

  • Katie Nutt
    Katie Nutt 2 days ago

    “I’m steering myself! To the left! To the right!”

  • Nicole Muha
    Nicole Muha 3 days ago

    Your videos make my day. I watch them on my lunch break to help me to relax.

  • Emily Sheils
    Emily Sheils 3 days ago

    SAFIYA, SAFIYA! LET DOWN YOUR PANTS!!! And I would happily oblige.
    I'm from Britain. Let me tell you, pants do NOT mean the same as in the USA.

  • Its_ your girl
    Its_ your girl 3 days ago

    Ur so crappy in a funny way

  • Adi Spitzer
    Adi Spitzer 3 days ago +1

    I wonder how many people decided to waste $500 on a Giants jeans...

  • Jorja Eve
    Jorja Eve 3 days ago

    At least u can grow into them 😂😂😂😂😂

  • DarkHeart
    DarkHeart 3 days ago

    Ik super late but 3:40 me when I was 6 and put on my moms pants

  • My Tablet
    My Tablet 4 days ago

    I saw this and the first thing I thought was "Does Safiya have these already?" www.msn.com/en-us/video/lifestyle/bizarre-asymmetric-jeans-are-here-and-people-have-feelings/vi-BBShf1J?ocid=spartandhp

  • Carlie G
    Carlie G 4 days ago +1

    You should try asymmetrical jeans 👖

  • The Drawing Taco
    The Drawing Taco 4 days ago

    elastigirl is *s h a k i n g*

  • Slimey Times
    Slimey Times 4 days ago +1

    😑🙄Safiya, Safiya, Saifiya... always turning clothing into weapons....

  • Talia tonkin
    Talia tonkin 4 days ago

    You should try out these jeans for your next ‘ugly’ cloths segment

  • Skylah Thealmostrat
    Skylah Thealmostrat 4 days ago

    The jeans tall people wear:

  • Adoglover 246810
    Adoglover 246810 5 days ago

    I'm dying. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Heather Robinson
    Heather Robinson 5 days ago

    I love your noodley appendages! Glory.

  • Oh K
    Oh K 5 days ago

    Safiya safiya let down your pants

  • Katherine Hull
    Katherine Hull 5 days ago


  • Ari Bel
    Ari Bel 6 days ago

    the tallest man in the world can wear the jeans XD

  • Galaxy Alien
    Galaxy Alien 6 days ago

    They make you look way shorter than you actually are

  • potato Squad 101
    potato Squad 101 6 days ago

    Who else is watching this after she’s engage ?

  • yeppeogeu
    yeppeogeu 6 days ago

    i can make 3 pairs of jeans out of that
    edit : holy shit i typed this without knowing this is actually the case

  • PepperMintPanda101 isMe

    I thought u would fold it up a ton😂😂😂

  • Brianna Austin
    Brianna Austin 7 days ago

    “My thighs are just so juicy”😂

  • Remen_Oodles ThatArtKid

    Fact: Saf wasn't using a skateboard she was using a Longboard

  • Alexia Smith
    Alexia Smith 8 days ago

    Asymmetrical jean to complet your collection? www.standard.co.uk/fashion/asymmetrical-jeans-denim-trend-ksenia-schnaider-a4036291.html

  • sammation
    sammation 8 days ago

    The thumbnail made me laugh hard xD

  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez 9 days ago

    Worst crash dummy test ever 😂

  • Psycho Bergmuis
    Psycho Bergmuis 9 days ago

    What about ballet heels tied to some stilts

  • Natalie May
    Natalie May 9 days ago

    If someone has that pituitary tumor, and they grow excessively tall they have jeans to wear now

  • Nappy Vids
    Nappy Vids 9 days ago +1

    Maybe they were made for those people that are super tall like worlds tallest man

  • ᗠᗋᗯท :3
    ᗠᗋᗯท :3 10 days ago

    they are an inch taller than Robert Wadlow

  • Leah Sears
    Leah Sears 10 days ago

    you should try shoulder-less jean jacket

  • Becca Becca Emry The Fabulous

    Thunder thighs

  • Oreo And Cookies DemonRose

    These jeans plus your platform crocs....... what a nightmare

  • Tyler Is awesome
    Tyler Is awesome 11 days ago +2

    2019 anyone?

  • Buster Brutus
    Buster Brutus 11 days ago

    You look like one of those horse girls lol

  • Fawxxx
    Fawxxx 11 days ago

    Why does Safiya not do stand up!?
    im fucking dying
    hahahahahhahahhahha ahahhahhahahhahahahhhhahahh

  • EloveDancing
    EloveDancing 11 days ago

    500$ ? I do not understand.

  • dunja trougao
    dunja trougao 11 days ago

    i am going to call my cat Nagini.

  • Who knows?
    Who knows? 11 days ago

    JNCO jeans lost some weight

  • Micheal McLaurin
    Micheal McLaurin 11 days ago

    You should do a dress edition of this

  • Victoria S.
    Victoria S. 11 days ago +1

    *when that growth spurt hits you hard.*

  • Peaches & Apples
    Peaches & Apples 11 days ago

    Nicki Minaji is quaking.

  • Izhamar Gonzalez
    Izhamar Gonzalez 11 days ago

    U should’ve found someone that bought the jeans n interviewed them 😭😂😂😂😂 like y the hell would you buy these?!

  • Noor Ali
    Noor Ali 11 days ago

    Honestly I have to say when you rolled up the jeans 👖 you kind of looked like a big baby wearing overols

  • Paulina Sørensen
    Paulina Sørensen 12 days ago

    3:43 Tylers shorts in the mirror :D

  • Rachel Gower
    Rachel Gower 12 days ago

    I love her dress!

  • Gacha Izzy
    Gacha Izzy 12 days ago

    Next thing ya know they’ll be making extra big stilt like shoes c:

  • Marguerite de Pompadour

    what the actual fuck

  • Kira T
    Kira T 12 days ago

    Nagini, kill

  • Georgia bailey
    Georgia bailey 12 days ago

    "Oh uh...you'll grow to them" -mom

  • Sierra Gabrielle
    Sierra Gabrielle 12 days ago

    The highlight for me was the jacket and pants put together.

  • Savannah Seney
    Savannah Seney 12 days ago

    Dinner Nagini...

  • Noella O’Reilly
    Noella O’Reilly 13 days ago


  • WealthisoftheMind
    WealthisoftheMind 13 days ago

    Reminds me of Jncos from the 90s.

  • Guineapigplanet
    Guineapigplanet 13 days ago +8

    my teacher always thinks my shorts are too short but thoes jeans would make her VERY happy

    • NDL Forever
      NDL Forever 9 days ago

      Guineapigplanet you get detention if you wear jeans at my school

  • Niamh Biggin
    Niamh Biggin 13 days ago +1

    Do a week of all of your questionable outfits

  • Sinister_cat248
    Sinister_cat248 13 days ago +1

    I'm doing the unspeakable, grabbing my charger form the living room while my mom is out there.

  • Jotham Diaz
    Jotham Diaz 13 days ago +1

    Why does she look so awkward? Lol I can’t put my finger on it.

  • Isadora Rezende
    Isadora Rezende 13 days ago +1

    man this would be amazing under water

  • Stegosauraus Gaming
    Stegosauraus Gaming 14 days ago +1

    you remind me of a pic of me as a baby with my dads sweatpants on

  • puppy lover101
    puppy lover101 14 days ago +1

    I've watched this 5 times now and every time all I think is that you would never win hide and seek.

  • Gachablox s
    Gachablox s 14 days ago +1

    Life hack,
    - Grab 3 of the same pants
    - Cut the top off two of them
    - Stitch them all together
    You have yourself long pants c:

  • yazid omar
    yazid omar 14 days ago +2

    how did you run from the thieves if you wear that long denim

  • Chris Nickey
    Chris Nickey 14 days ago +1

    You could buy about 1 nice tv for a pair of JEANS😱😱😱😱

  • megan wood
    megan wood 14 days ago +2

    You are so funny I love ur personality

  • Kelis Perkins
    Kelis Perkins 14 days ago +4

    Tyler and saf are so cute

  • Shandra Williams
    Shandra Williams 14 days ago +1

    Hi Safiya, what shoes are you wearing in this video? I love them!

  • Gunnar Williams
    Gunnar Williams 14 days ago +1


  • It’s malak Malak
    It’s malak Malak 14 days ago +1

    Oml this was amazing

  • Srina Bose cool girl
    Srina Bose cool girl 14 days ago +4

    the things safiya does for youtube......

  • ayana isabella
    ayana isabella 14 days ago +2

    THAT WAS SO FUNNY! it made me laugh

  • Melina Giannotti
    Melina Giannotti 14 days ago

    I can’t be the only one who thinks safiya sounds and is very smart 😂

  • Melina Giannotti
    Melina Giannotti 14 days ago

    Imagine rolling those up 😂

  • Rhiannon Fisher
    Rhiannon Fisher 14 days ago

    I normally don't actually laugh out loud when watching videos but I was laughing the entire time time. Thanks for making my day 😂

  • Shots of the Mendoza’s & Baydid ‘s

    Wear the jacket

    YOU WANT MA MONEY?? 14 days ago

    wear this with 4-foot sleeves and 8-foot wool thing
    you will look gorgeous than ever:'

  • ShakeyMakeup
    ShakeyMakeup 15 days ago

    lmaoooo what is this

  • kat treasure
    kat treasure 15 days ago

    I would wear these or die trying

  • cutie gaming
    cutie gaming 15 days ago

    Tyler my uncle's name and Sophia is my uncle's daughter xD

  • Alex Fenner
    Alex Fenner 15 days ago

    I love that u can see the platform crocs at 5:05

  • Pom Pom Dog
    Pom Pom Dog 15 days ago

    She should wear the jeans and the long sleeve jean jacket

  • RoseAline McDonald
    RoseAline McDonald 15 days ago

    I love her

  • M E L I S S A
    M E L I S S A 15 days ago

    i must see you as a slander safiya xD please !!

  • Erin Mac
    Erin Mac 15 days ago

    How I feel in every pair of pants

  • Sadaf Mohammadi
    Sadaf Mohammadi 15 days ago

    5:00 my thighs are just so juicy safiya

  • MagykMoonreign
    MagykMoonreign 15 days ago

    wacky inflatable tube man would swoon.

  • Me and Floors
    Me and Floors 15 days ago +1

    “You could probably do some fun rhythmic gymnastics with this” yes yes yes my best friend quit rhythmic because she hated it so don’t go to try rhythmic gymnastics with tgat

  • Enera Wilson
    Enera Wilson 15 days ago

    Best Jeanist would be proud

  • Kayla Person
    Kayla Person 15 days ago

    Dat fanny pack tho lmaooo 😂

  • Venus Gillespie
    Venus Gillespie 15 days ago

    I wanna get those just to gather them and sew the gathers into place so I have pants that fit and are stupid ruffled