NJ Governor Phil Murphy On Marijuana Legalization, Newark Water Crisis, NJ Transit & 2020 Election

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
  • New Jersey governor Phil Murphy sits down with Ebro in the Morning to give an update on some of the biggest issues in the Garden State.
    He gave an update on where the state stands on Marijuana legalization, and whether it will happen in the near future, what steps are needed to fix Newark's water crisis where lead pipes are contaminating the water in the city, fixing New Jersey transits trains, the success of sports gambling, and who he endorses for President in 2020.
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Comments • 26

  • DeShawn Peterson
    DeShawn Peterson 14 days ago

    They’ve been talking about legalizing weed since 2016. I wonder what they can not agree on and why.

  • Dio Santana
    Dio Santana 14 days ago

    lmao @ hot 97 guys trying to now switch and ask about the stock market. Stick to hyping Kim Kardashian's ass.

  • Auras Sparsas The Retard
    Auras Sparsas The Retard 22 days ago +1

    Sign the recall petition

  • Brian Deluca
    Brian Deluca Month ago +3

    Let’s face it, we only made you mayor to make marijuana legalized. 2020 comes around now he trying to get the bill pass. 🤦🏼‍♂️ something g smells fishy.

  • Pedro Torres
    Pedro Torres Month ago +2

    Let's be honest here, pot is not legal because it is seen as a drug of people with brown faces. Don't forget all the money that is taken for court fees/fine which pays a large budget of the town's and cities costs. Preying on the poor is what it is .

  • Daleel El-Noor
    Daleel El-Noor Month ago +1

    Marijuana legalization?
    Hmm, legalizing smoking around children and pets?
    Wrong. Drugs are DRUGS.

    • Ali Bayoumi
      Ali Bayoumi 9 days ago

      Daleel El-Noor weed isn’t opioids I’ll make sure I don’t smoke in-front of my kids I don’t want to be nodding off while on prescription because of my open fracture

    • Ali Bayoumi
      Ali Bayoumi 9 days ago

      Ummm relax buddy trump is our president

    • Dio Santana
      Dio Santana 14 days ago

      hahahahahaha - keep stoning women and not letting them drive or vote. Let someone else worry about Pets getting THC highs LMAO

  • Max Power
    Max Power Month ago +2

    I love how the "See something say something" Has nothing but white guys taking photos and looking sneaky. Last I checked, Muslims did 9/11.

  • Palty B. Shields II
    Palty B. Shields II Month ago +7

    The ONLY thing I like about Murphy is his stance on weed. He's a true blue democrat and that SUCKS. #Trump2020Landslide

    • TheAlphaBetapr13
      TheAlphaBetapr13 Month ago

      True but conservatives seem to hate pot especially in NJ. You cant get a single one to support marijuana legalization

  • anne malinowski
    anne malinowski Month ago +4

    You would think that toxic gas such as hydrogen sulfide would be a priority for the NJ state government. Just like the water in Newark, Kearny is being poisoned by Keegan Landfill

  • Alex Figueroa
    Alex Figueroa Month ago +5

    I appreciate this interview

  • Rojon Alexander
    Rojon Alexander Month ago +4

    Well born and raised in Newark New Jersey so I haven’t lived there myself since 2011 but please fix the issue that’s happening in Newark about our water it concerns me and I got fam drinking that water probably hope you’re doing a great job in my home state gov

  • A Bowl of Miso Udon
    A Bowl of Miso Udon Month ago +9

    Without him I would have never received my Medical Marijuana card for Chronic Migraines so I'm definitely happy with his policies so far

    • Mike Lags
      Mike Lags Month ago +4

      With the prices they charge.. better off getting from the black market.. can't support these people who think its ok to charge 60 dollars for a subpar eighth, 125 for a Q, fucking insane. Glad it helps you though.

  • Debbie Garcia
    Debbie Garcia Month ago +6

    Ask him when he will cap the Keegan Landfill in Kearny.

  • FearMac
    FearMac Month ago +4

    Good interview! Ebro was great

  • Mel Matrix
    Mel Matrix Month ago +3

    He is terrible....

  • Power100
    Power100 Month ago +7

    Guess I'm First. Hope they can fix that lead crap.

  • True Fear
    True Fear Month ago +11


  • Sculpin
    Sculpin Month ago +6

    I don't like the guy but I'll admit good interview he went up a knock in my book maybe I agree more with him then I thought.

  • Sculpin
    Sculpin Month ago +5

    The snake 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍