Crocs - The Rise and Fall...And Rise Again


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  • Truekingr6
    Truekingr6 3 hours ago

    i still love my crocs, wear em every day

  • peter yeung
    peter yeung Day ago

    I'm sure the knock off market took away a lot of their sales too.

  • lodisfootwear
    lodisfootwear Day ago

    maaaan. great insight! big props to ya!

  • jason lacy
    jason lacy Day ago

    Nothing against the company, but man they're ugly

  • Cameron McDonald

    3:17 2003: still a million dollars, not too bad sales for a 2 yr old business!

  • Melvin keller
    Melvin keller 2 days ago

    You should do a video on one of the largest companies you never heard of that you if not bought there product you at least saw it in every grocery store, and have eaten in every restaurant and hotel.
    The Gilster Mary-Lee Corporation.
    Growth, break up, merger back together. Largest private semi fleet in US

  • sacha falcone
    sacha falcone 2 days ago

    Crocs look fine as long as there a solid color

  • Keirnoth
    Keirnoth 2 days ago

    I dunno about you Company Man, but I only wear the slipper variant of Crocs. I think I borrowed a pair from someone (don't judge) and I realized these things are extremely comfortable and durable, so I asked for a pair of crocs as a birthday gift about 8 years back. Compared to the generic $3-$5 slipper brand we have here, Crocs are extremely durable. After 8 years of use they're finally starting to wear thin so I'm gonna get new ones, but if you want slippers, they're really some of the best slippers you can get.
    I don't wear these things for fashion. For guys we like the durability and practicality of these things.

  • queens alx
    queens alx 3 days ago

    crocs kind of are a fashion statement? they’re meme shoes

  • lock heart
    lock heart 3 days ago

    Always thought they were the ugliest shoes to exist

  • Hunter Goff
    Hunter Goff 3 days ago

    Stfu crocs are fye asf

  • Vivienne CS
    Vivienne CS 5 days ago

    LiteRide Lace look pretty cool, but it's winter now. They have some interesting boot options I have never seen before but I need to check them out in the physical store first before I place an order for black Friday.

  • Hayden G
    Hayden G 5 days ago

    Is this your Daily dose of internet?

  • djdsf
    djdsf 6 days ago

    I love how comfortable these are.

  • Gnolls
    Gnolls 7 days ago

    Never really liked them and all of those Crocs knockoffs can't have helped them any either.

  • BigJaviBenfrank
    BigJaviBenfrank 7 days ago

    They are the official default shoe for Prisoners of Rockford Illinois.

  • TopHatPenguin
    TopHatPenguin 8 days ago

    I loved em as a kid when I lived on a farm but no I I’m in Boston so it’s kinda useless unless I want frostbite

  • peachila
    peachila 8 days ago

    I love their shoes. Not their classic model but their sandals and boat/ballerina shoes. I have a pair that I wear regularly since 2010 and it still looks great. If I ever get their classic model they would only be used as slippers or for cleaning.

  • Dylon Dolo
    Dylon Dolo 8 days ago

    The fact that the crocs are ugly is what makes them fashionable. Kinda like how Uggs were boots that were made to look Ugly but people call them cute, because they look bad it looks good if that makes sense...

  • AlexIsAUniversalLion

    I wear crocs when I work at chick fil a and they’re so much better than the standard issue shows

  • Koreen Bean
    Koreen Bean 8 days ago

    I LOVE Crocs ! I only wear Crocs. Whether it is Croc sandals, Croc running shoes, Croc rain boots, Fuzzy Crocs and even the Classic Croc. It is the only Brand name item I will purchase. EVERYONE hates them but, I love the comfort and unique look to them.

  • David Sisung
    David Sisung 9 days ago

    It's a momentum stock

  • David Sisung
    David Sisung 9 days ago

    I think they never wear out so no one buys more.

  • Brenilla Fans
    Brenilla Fans 9 days ago

    i loved wearing crocs when i was younger. exept for the squekiness

  • Alexia Barnes
    Alexia Barnes 9 days ago

    All the popular kids at my school wear them ...

  • Bsay Bass
    Bsay Bass 9 days ago +1

    I wanna see a Supreme x Crocs

  • Hey It’s Alexa
    Hey It’s Alexa 10 days ago

    Crocs are my child hood I’ve had like 3 pair in my whole life (I’m 13) but they’re really comfortable and I love them even if they’re ugly.

    KOWLOON城牆DREAMS 10 days ago

    I'm wearing crocks right now! Hi five!

  • Zypher Zolei
    Zypher Zolei 10 days ago

    I would only wear crocs at the beach or in my backyard.

  • Ryleigh Hope
    Ryleigh Hope 10 days ago

    I think only the white ones were cute

  • Caroline Loewer
    Caroline Loewer 11 days ago

    They're cute, but I outgrew my pair, so I don't wear them, even though I would

  • Chrono Red
    Chrono Red 11 days ago

    Never wore a pair, but willing to look into into a pair now.

  • Luke Jobe SP
    Luke Jobe SP 11 days ago

    I don't think Crocs look great, but I love them.

  • garv GARV
    garv GARV 12 days ago

    I prefer aligs

  • aws7778 7778
    aws7778 7778 12 days ago

    Crocodiles no longer make crocodiles, apparently. I WAS BEING SARCASTIC, OKAY?

  • burningplumbranches
    burningplumbranches 12 days ago

    Crocs are the ugliest shoes ever. I don't think they are comfy or durable, or anything but CHEEP bits of foam people try to pass as shoes

  • MIG-F-86
    MIG-F-86 12 days ago

    I have only ever had one pair of Crocs and I didn't even ask for them someone just bought them for me. I have to say they were the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have ever had. I ended up throwing them out, as they chafed my heels raw.

  • Fab912
    Fab912 13 days ago

    Heh....they have isshoes (issues)

  • Herman Grove
    Herman Grove 13 days ago +1


  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 13 days ago

    as a youn,g male bachelor who is probably about 40% redneck I just want to say that there is nothing wrong with crocs and they don't even look bad.

  • Crusader Kek
    Crusader Kek 13 days ago

    When Crocs became a meme it made them explode

  • BlueBuddha
    BlueBuddha 13 days ago +1

    I wear Crocs when I shoot my Glocks. It's the age of plastic, baby! I'm old and my chances of getting a woman who doesn't come with a fee schedule are slim-to-none anyway, so what do I care if they're ugly?

  • UrBoi Tommy
    UrBoi Tommy 14 days ago

    At least here in the UK I've seen a lot of knock-off crocs, probably more often than real ones.

  • ACIDesignsUY
    ACIDesignsUY 14 days ago

    Havaianas ROCK!!!!!!!!! Suck it Crocs XD

  • Dragon Ball Stop motion and more

    Crocs are useful, not fashionable

  • mattandsarahaschan
    mattandsarahaschan 15 days ago

    As a person who's warn Crocs for years, I'll agree they're ugly. But they're comfy as hell!

  • Chris R
    Chris R 15 days ago

    I sold boat shoes in 2007-2009 and I'm pretty sure we never had a pair of these in our store.

  • SeanJesus
    SeanJesus 15 days ago

    Every volleyball girl at my school wears these

  • hahasimp
    hahasimp 15 days ago

    The Crocs original has an ugly design, but they have other models like Swiftwater which are way better.

  • Haydog82
    Haydog82 15 days ago

    Yes I wore them all the time I love the crocs there better than flip flops

  • k a y l e e
    k a y l e e 15 days ago +1

    if they had a hold on social media (ie a KILLER twitter account) i bet their sales would be more consistent. i just don't think they know who their demographic is: they think it's one thing but it's actually another.

  • k a y l e e
    k a y l e e 15 days ago +2

    i'm wearing my white crocs while watching this video. bought them at a notos in athens.

  • 4 Touchdowns Al Bundy
    4 Touchdowns Al Bundy 15 days ago

    The what? I've never heard of these shoes before this video.

  • eastercat
    eastercat 15 days ago

    I am not going to lie, they're ugly, BUT they're SUPER comfy.

  • Jared Matagi
    Jared Matagi 16 days ago

    My whole family had 1 pair of crocs to walk our dog

  • Monica Bitch
    Monica Bitch 16 days ago

    I LOVE THEM ...........

  • Robert Holmes
    Robert Holmes 16 days ago

    Crocs?, no thanks.

  • Zentierra
    Zentierra 17 days ago

    I think that at least in the US - where it is estimated that up to around 30% of the population will be 65 years of age or older by 2030 - Crocs will see another good upswing in sales because a lot of middle aged and older people just don't feel that peer pressure to jump on the "hater" bandwagon, preferring instead to enjoy comfortable footwear as opposed to the "looks" based torture devices being foisted on us from "high fashion" houses and designers (and really, some of the shoes and clothing coming from said "high fashion" are absolutely hideous!)
    For myself, I actually *like* the "look" of the classic Croc clog and I *love* their comfort and durability. I always have them in Black, Navy, Chocolate, Khaki, and Slate Grey, as well as some of the more fun colors. First came across them after suffering (and let me tell you, suffering is the right word here) from a bout of plantar fasciitis. A friend recommended Crocs. I was so desperate for relief that I tried them...and have never looked back in the ten years since.
    Call me - and my happy, happy feet - firmly in the pro-Crocs camp.
    * _Edited to add that I also wear Birkenstocks and Keen sandals. But Crocs are my go-tos most of the time_ *

  • SJ P
    SJ P 17 days ago

    I have a pair that I donated in dark blue (my foot got bigger) another pair I use for going to the lake in red so they stand out (my brother has tried to get rid of them bc they're ugly. SO RUDE!) and my home pair in stylish black... the lake/home are each 6+ years old.... yeah. Very good and ugly shoes.

  • Max Gray
    Max Gray 18 days ago

    Do JVC

  • Lisa Gibson
    Lisa Gibson 18 days ago

    crocs are only good for toddlers and babies

  • Captain Delta
    Captain Delta 19 days ago

    As someone who lives in the middle of nowhere I had no idea they still existed today!

  • FerretsCantGame
    FerretsCantGame 19 days ago

    Oh and you forgot to mention they don’t burn easy! My friend years and years ago wanted to make a video burning a pair of crocs. And those suckers wouldn’t burn. Even with lighter

  • FerretsCantGame
    FerretsCantGame 19 days ago

    I don’t think crocs were ever social.y My accepted by the few that like Only kids, fishers, and farmers can acceptably pull them There’s no excuse otherwise. The ONLY TIME I would’ve bought a pair was last year or two ago. I work at a thrift store and a pair of HIGH HEELED crocs came in xD I would’ve bought them but they were a size 8 and I’m a 9 or 10 (depending on brand).they were hideous, and because they were high heeled I wanted them as a joke to wear around once in a while haha

  • prizraks
    prizraks 20 days ago

    why are they so expensive. they probably cost under 10 bucks to produce

  • Bryte Eyez
    Bryte Eyez 21 day ago

    Ugly as hell. I have never owned or worn them. Martha Stewart introduced her pair as a gardening shoe. A celebrity wore them in public and everyone lost their minds.
    It is definitely a genius item in the marketing standpoint.

  • Anshuman Kumar
    Anshuman Kumar 21 day ago

    I love my crocs.

  • Brianna Kyles
    Brianna Kyles 21 day ago

    Their new shoes are cute. And comfy. When I wear them, no one knows they’re crocs.

  • AUSTIN From YT
    AUSTIN From YT 21 day ago

    Im wearing crocs whil riding motor

  • Naro Mendoza
    Naro Mendoza 21 day ago

    I owned a pair of these back in 2007 when I worked as a barista I liked them cause they were comfortable and easy to clean but everyone made fun of me for owning them. I loved them tho and I think they’re great for kids!

  • Trevor Rogers
    Trevor Rogers 21 day ago

    I don't know about you guys, but, I have an urge to go buy me some crocs!

  • crkendall
    crkendall 21 day ago

    All my shoes are crocs. And no they are not all clogs.

  • Monica Rodriguez
    Monica Rodriguez 21 day ago

    Personally I found them uncomfortable and ugly

  • kaPa
    kaPa 21 day ago

    I like crocs and would love some awesome new designs to buy, but the good ones never come to most European countries : (

  • Cryostal
    Cryostal 22 days ago +1

    They so ugly, but one of the best shoes you can wear.

  • Squishy Boi
    Squishy Boi 22 days ago

    Honestly I like them, I've had them since a kid.

  • Rob ejercito
    Rob ejercito 22 days ago

    I love crocs! In fact I have two pairs of it and thinking to buy another one. But I consider it as a sandals not shoes. I love the comfort!

  • Rex Hollingsworth
    Rex Hollingsworth 22 days ago

    They actually make for a decent, comfortable, cheap option for diabetics. My feet do not hurt in them.

  • joellyism
    joellyism 22 days ago

    Although I would not say I like the look of Crocs. I do however really like them when I'm out on the boat or doing yard work around the house. They are super practical for those applications but a fashion statement they are not.

  • Arthur Phillips
    Arthur Phillips 22 days ago

    I wore them when I was in kindergarten because I hated shoes and couldnt wear flipflops to school.

  • eric zerkle
    eric zerkle 23 days ago

    Crap "shoes' and overpriced....

  • Jennifer Spencer
    Jennifer Spencer 23 days ago

    Perfect shoe for kids and third world countries.

  • Kimberly Enriquez
    Kimberly Enriquez 23 days ago

    wow thats crazy yes i remember them in 2005 because my teacher would always wear them and I thought they were the ugliest things. I mean they still are. lol

  • CocoAlexander
    CocoAlexander 23 days ago

    I remember hearing hella stories about crocs being stuck in escalators. Then people started saying they weren’t safe to wear. After hearing these stories I started seeing less people wear them.

  • Nami Swanne
    Nami Swanne 23 days ago

    Because of imitations or fakes crocs made in china

  • Shannon Then
    Shannon Then 23 days ago

    i use it while in a bbq pit among these god forsaken tropical rainy and wet mud. i could go barefoot or just uses flipflops but i would slip, slipping near the firepit is bad idea. wear a croc instead.

  • mrbrockpeters
    mrbrockpeters 23 days ago

    I have Crocs and I love them. Deal with it!

  • samborlon
    samborlon 23 days ago +1

    Why do you have to say everything like you're asking a fucking question?

  • The Oppressor
    The Oppressor 23 days ago

    i had drocs once when i was kid but they didnt sell them in wide cuz my whole fammily has a huge issue of duck foot so the sides right where it its open and where it closes over the foot chafed so much that it bled. my old shoes were crap and my mom got me them in spring after the thaw so i had to wear them every day. to put it simply, i hate the damn things and they look ugly, but if your they feel fine for you and you enjoy or dont mind the look go for it, me personally im gonna were my boots all year with some clean comfy socks.

  • Jay B.
    Jay B. 23 days ago

    I wear them as a in-between shoe when I'm driving to work and don't want to mess up my car floor or walk outside in my work out shoes. 13 years strong, tough and ugly just like my di-shwasher, you can put ANYTHING in that POS.

  • gemini61995
    gemini61995 23 days ago

    If Swiss cheese were "Crocs" of shit, that's what they'd look like.💩 Poo dee doo, poo dee poo!🎵

  • dma69nyc
    dma69nyc 24 days ago

    Please do Uggs. They're the winter Crocs.

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m 24 days ago +1

    I heard about it in 2016

  • CarrotShaker
    CarrotShaker 24 days ago

    Watching this while wearing *fake* crocs

  • Ma God
    Ma God 24 days ago +10

    the only thing that made my dad change his crocs was because someone stole it

  • rushdi ahmad
    rushdi ahmad 24 days ago

    You forgot to mention there are to many imitators out there even in Asia many companies here do make them locally and sell them alot cheaper than croc stores this definitely will eat their market share (a lot of us wear them here cos' it's comfortable in tropical climate)

  • Víctor
    Víctor 24 days ago

    I definitely love Crocs
    I have three pairs and I wear them all the time at home and when I go to the beach .
    This is a product that I really love and I don’t care about the price for me it’s worth it; they are so comfy.

  • CodytheHun123
    CodytheHun123 25 days ago

    “Stupid crocs....”
    -my boss

  • TheLouisianan
    TheLouisianan 25 days ago

    Crocs are the unofficial footwear of Louisiana. Awesome to wear when you're on a boat. Don't know why people think they were made to compete with Nike on style or fashion.

  • Azizul Rahman
    Azizul Rahman 25 days ago

    This video made me want to buy a pair of Crocs. So I did.