Crocs - The Rise and Fall...And Rise Again

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
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    Crocs are the name of a shoe and the company that makes the shoe and they're are ugly, that seems to be the popular opinion anyway. Yet they still exploded in popularity, only to experience a major fall soon after, but experience a recovery soon after that, followed another possible fall. This video profiles all these ups and downs and tries to provide explanations for all of it.
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Comments • 2 952

  • Evelynn Longtine
    Evelynn Longtine 8 hours ago

    I’m a diehard croc fan not gonna lie.

  • Kshitij Kumar Verma
    Kshitij Kumar Verma 16 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks crocs look good? 🤔

  • L K
    L K Day ago

    Company Man, please don't do comedy. Your Shark Tank bit was hard to watch.

    • Company Man
      Company Man  16 hours ago

      Did you have to leave 2 consecutive negative comments L K? It's cool I guess, it's just how you feel. But the Shark Tank wasn't a comedy bit, it was a way the public may relate to a growing company to express how successful they were early on. What part of that did you perceive as a joke?

  • iamsaztak
    iamsaztak Day ago

    I was out of highschool when these came out. I thought they were incredibly tacky. but I heard they were pretty comfortable, so I could understand a practical use for them. Funnily enough, nurses are the only people who could wear crocs without me immediately thinking 'ew tacky'. maybe because they actually kinda match the nurse outfit or something, and it makes sense for a nurse to have waterproof, easy-to-clean shoes LOL

    i still think they're extremely tacky. they just look ridiculous.

  • Lin Phillips
    Lin Phillips 2 days ago

    I think Crocs are fugly, but I wouldn't be averse to wearing them to a job where I'm on my feet all day.

  • Bailey Bowman
    Bailey Bowman 3 days ago +1

    I love my Crocs!!❤️❤️

  • Chris S
    Chris S 3 days ago

    I LOVE my Crocs, but you are right. They are a niche product. I'm a Martial Artist, and the place I most often wear Crocs is to the Taekwondo school. They are comfortable and easy to slip on and off. And I wear my Slides far more than my clogs (the original). Also, I prefer black or dark brown or tan over all the loud colors. But my kids LOVED them, my youngest son still does. For the same reason. They are comfortable, comparably cheap, and easy to take on and off. They are good for boating and for the beach, and we use them extensively as slip on shoes when we have to run outside for something. But I never wear them to work or as general shoes. My wife has a pair of the canvas ones she wears to work as a teacher. My older sons only wear them to run outside. For what they are good for, they are an excellent product, but they do need to quit acting like they are a fashion statement, because they aren't!
    I bought my first pair from a Mast General Store. The rest have come from online and usually on sale. One issue that nearly drove me away is several pairs did not fit well! They recently corrected this by adding to the web description whether the shoes were narrow or wide (BIG difference!).

  • Grant Berkley
    Grant Berkley 3 days ago

    Crocs will go back up thanks to Post Malone

  • Space Cowboy 45
    Space Cowboy 45 3 days ago

    So pretty much, they’re all about to be the same quality as the cheap knockoff Walmart versions. Terrific.

  • Glenn Weeks
    Glenn Weeks 7 days ago

    I love my beats going barefoot....but I prefer no shoes but that's not practical...

  • Varish Bhardwaj
    Varish Bhardwaj 8 days ago +1

    Why dafuq am i watching this

  • hismario123
    hismario123 9 days ago

    I wear them cause their comfortable

  • Vin Viner
    Vin Viner 10 days ago

    i just imagine if crocs have basketball shoes xD i have crocs literide i must say the most comportable shoes i ever!

  • Dawn Dayton
    Dawn Dayton 14 days ago

    first saw them in the ER in 2004 the nurses had multiple pairs cleaning one and slipping on another

  • ryan nash
    ryan nash 14 days ago

    When they first came out no self respecting person would be caught dead wearing these. I dont think this fad will keep. The shoes just look trashy and like something a child should be wearing.

  • Ingrid Dubbel
    Ingrid Dubbel 15 days ago

    I don't care how comfortable they are, they are hidious. Heels are not comfortable but they are beautiful, I'd rather wear heels and I generally wear flats.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 15 days ago

    My pluses: Lightweight. Can de washed from drinking bottle on go. Children summer shoe number 1. Its enough warm in them at summer night. No need in socks.
    My minuses: Sizes! They can be different sizes in one pair! WTF?! They can get smaller on the beach after staying in the sun. Its very funny when only one shoe became smaller. Different quality in different years and manufactures. Too warm for city apartment shoe. They not for sensitive foots or you should wear socks… Socks with crocs :D

  • Cousin Drew
    Cousin Drew 16 days ago

    Rise and fall of Reebok?

  • irken24
    irken24 17 days ago

    I wear knockoff Crocs as house shoes and chore shoes. It's just nice to wear when you have no reason to wear sneakers but you don't wanna walk around barefoot or in socks. I almost never wear them out of the house unless I know I won't be leaving my car, but I just like the role they have in my normal life. They're ugly as sin, but they work.

  • Kaylee Mounsey
    Kaylee Mounsey 19 days ago

    im so ugly im cool too

  • Kaylee Mounsey
    Kaylee Mounsey 19 days ago

    if u go to disney or something like that these are amazing

  • J K
    J K 19 days ago

    Crocs are only comfortable with socks, because the soles are sweaty AF. But with socks they are super comfy, but people are so crappy about how that looks that I only wear that combo at home. They have a newer style that has a canvas top that my husband can wear anywhere. They used to make women's styles in size 13, and that's when I bought the most, but they've abandoned my size in their retail stores, I haven't checked online.

  • Chole Cupcake
    Chole Cupcake 20 days ago

    When I was Little I used to wear them but now not.

  • HermanLoud
    HermanLoud 23 days ago

    Functionality and appearance. Yes those shoes are proper for wet
    environments, but non elegant in my opinion, I think successful products
    have both, very good functionality and very good appearance, think
    about a car or a very popular smart-phone.

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores 23 days ago

    They were ugly then and still ugly now, they'll never look good to me just like those toe shoes.

  • Kumabear
    Kumabear 24 days ago

    I love my crocs! Especially their wedge styles. So comfy and perfect to take on vacations as they’re lightweight, waterproof, comfy, and just so versatile. I hope this company and their products stay around forever.

  • Living as Rosa
    Living as Rosa 24 days ago

    What?! Crocs are amazing!! And you can style them in many ways. They are not ugly.

    • Daniel Flores
      Daniel Flores 23 days ago

      They are most definitely ugly. They look like what an overweight Midwestern mom would wear to the buffet.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 24 days ago

    Can you make a sunsweet 1? I work there and they seem to be headed out of there to chilli

  • wonderhuman
    wonderhuman 24 days ago

    Crocs are the best footwear i have seen when it comes to comfort which is water resistance, moulds per foot size plus they have come up with the variety of designs. I am big crocs fan from India

  • Chris Zablocki
    Chris Zablocki 25 days ago +1

    If wearing crocs is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

  • Branon Fontaine
    Branon Fontaine 26 days ago +1

    I can't believe there are adult males who actually wear those ugly plastic pieces of garbage, wtf is that all about?

  • Noe Lopez
    Noe Lopez 29 days ago +1

    UGGS are uglier.........

  • fridaytieday
    fridaytieday 29 days ago

    I'm a croc addict! The new styles are great, especially Swiftwater style.

  • MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T

    I never wore these ugly things

  • McWalker
    McWalker Month ago

    When I was a kid, my parents would take me and my sisters to the Great Smoky Mountains every summer. We would use crocs to play in the creeks so we wouldn’t cut our feet on anything. Shoes would just get ruined and flip flops would just float off. So for if you want shoes for your kids to play in a creek, Crocs are it

  • AJ Pappas
    AJ Pappas Month ago

    WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Blake Hendrickson
    Blake Hendrickson Month ago

    Crocs are really trendy at my school right now. Almost my whole friend group when out and bought shoes in a color to match their homecoming dress so they could rock them at homecoming 😭😭

  • Finding Me
    Finding Me Month ago

    I always felt like insoles would be a good offering from them.

  • nature and outside
    nature and outside Month ago

    Actually I love them thay feel good and thay are actually a lot better then the dame shoes with shoe laces crocs number one

  • Flossey Morphett
    Flossey Morphett Month ago

    Horrid shoes.

  • brittany lockwood
    brittany lockwood Month ago

    Crocs are not at all ugly if anything they are pretty dang cute and getting cuter

  • dj shelin
    dj shelin Month ago

    i look at them as good looking slippers (you can wear em without the belt as well) . Beauty is quite subjective .

  • John Lawler
    John Lawler Month ago +1

    Yea when. I was in jail we had to wear crocs. Was an all time low for me...not being locked up but wearing crocs.

  • Thomas dc
    Thomas dc Month ago

    I love crocs for camping. I hope they will just produce a high quality core product and don't try to grow. I really hate this "we have to grow" approach. This is what destroys our planet. It creates low quality products and wastes resources. We don't have to buy new products constantly.

  • Me
    Me Month ago

    I love crocs!

  • Chadwicked B
    Chadwicked B Month ago

    I got Gator Boots

  • Antero Alemán
    Antero Alemán Month ago

    Im. Doctor and I love my crocs

  • King's React Gaming

    Do the rise and fall and rise again of Champion

  • rhythmandacoustics
    rhythmandacoustics Month ago

    I do not have one, but if I live near the water and surf a lot then I will buy one, but so far No.

  • OldSchoolSolarPower

    9:07 anyone know where I can find these?

  • Cristal sakura
    Cristal sakura Month ago

    Ugly, comfortable but ugly. They helped me out when I had foot problems. I hope they never go out of business

  • icantechnomore
    icantechnomore Month ago

    Crocs protecting your virginity since 2002.

  • ItzKyuhen
    ItzKyuhen Month ago

    I need lightning mcqueen crocs

  • kira sussane
    kira sussane Month ago

    They are so ugly the only ones I like are the Literide the rest are just awful.

  • Bill Gross
    Bill Gross Month ago

    I love my Crocs! I use them to shower at the gym or in hotels when traveling so I don't have to walk barefoot on those germ-ridden floors.

  • Cooper Zirbel
    Cooper Zirbel Month ago

    im wearing crocs shoes right now. they look like tennis shoes but are made of the crocs rubber

  • Etrigan
    Etrigan Month ago

    I have a pair of Crocs they're absolutely ugly but they keep my feet from hurting I have arthritis in my feet and most shoes feel bad on my feet

  • Kris B
    Kris B Month ago

    I love Cros sandals. They are super comfortable and last forever.

  • barry weber
    barry weber Month ago

    Can you do a story on Pony shoes? or Kangaroo? Thanks!!

  • Demsky83
    Demsky83 Month ago

    I never saw a croc until I moved into a predominantly white community in 2010 and immediately asked what the fuck are these ugly shoes everyone is wearing.

  • Demsky83
    Demsky83 Month ago

    Do one on Puma

  • Ebenezer Annan
    Ebenezer Annan Month ago

    what are thoosse

  • Jayaganesh Pramod
    Jayaganesh Pramod Month ago

    I'm a Crocs guy😎

  • Lucas Echenique
    Lucas Echenique Month ago

    I wear socks and crocs everyday simply cause it's way too cold and snowy out to be wearing them barefoot, and I'm way too lazy to use shoes or boots.

  • Jeff Session
    Jeff Session Month ago

    payless solds these mass shoes... so

  • normalgirlcvco
    normalgirlcvco Month ago

    They may be ugly looking but they saved my feet at work.

  • MrsRCharlton
    MrsRCharlton Month ago

    Any company that is seasonal by nature will have some instability issues. Personally I hate the things, they're ugly and I don't find them comfortable. I bought a pair in 2007 of probably croc knockoffs because I was very pregnant, my feet had swollen and none of my other shoes fit, and I needed something I could just slip on because I could no longer see my feet, and as it was the end of the summer, they were on sale. They're the only pair I have ever owned and probably will ever own. However, I do like them for kids especially young toddler age children. They're lightweight, easy for them to get on and off themselves, colorful, and easy to clean, which is especially nice while you're toilet training, which makes them great shoes for that age group for the summer. And on the company side, despite the fact that they are durable, kids will always need new shoes next summer because they're always growing. But I live in Canada. Summers are short, and so sandals and crocks spend more of the year in the closet than they do on our feet.

  • P. Gundaker
    P. Gundaker Month ago

    Will fuck ur ankles too.

  • Damon Black
    Damon Black Month ago

    Never wore a pair. To me, not only do they look ugly but they look very un-comfy. To hear people wear em for comfort is odd.

  • Pauline Adams
    Pauline Adams Month ago

    And, I also thing the Post Malone Colab helped too

  • Matt Camp
    Matt Camp Month ago

    Walt Disney World sells a ton of these. Or at least used to.

  • Nayfun
    Nayfun Month ago

    Had a pair of orange crocs around 2006. My fucking dog chewed them up.

  • Airell Evan
    Airell Evan Month ago

    Crocs looks ugly, but for me, they're damn comfortable.



  • cookie
    cookie Month ago

    I'm one of the few fools in the world that think crocs have an odd charm and honestly the pairs I find myself drawn to are kids designs. I can easily fit most big kids shoes, but I haven't been so lucky to nab any of the designs I desire in my size.
    Crocs will rise again when they cater to my very specific needs :0)

  • Dejia Solomon
    Dejia Solomon Month ago

    all of a sudden they became super popular in my school

    NIDO SILVERIO Month ago +2


  • M.r. Moon
    M.r. Moon Month ago

    Cartoon shoes.

  • Israel Gaeta
    Israel Gaeta Month ago

    I def have a pair which I strictly only use as my cleaning shoes. If anything, I go out of my way to change if I AM wearing them and I have to go out in public, even if it’s just to take out the trash.

  • Cosette Barnett
    Cosette Barnett Month ago

    I love crocs

  • Lyric Warrick
    Lyric Warrick Month ago

    I love crocs their so SeXy🐊

  • TheSpector
    TheSpector 2 months ago

    I've been rocking (fake) Crocs since 2012. Most comfortable indoor shoes I've ever worn. After suffering a week long on sandals on vacation, I now also bring them everywhere I go on vacation. I don't care about other's opinions. I care about comfortable feet.

  • scumbag supreme
    scumbag supreme 2 months ago +1

    They would sell if the did crocs x off white

  • Alex Baldwin
    Alex Baldwin 2 months ago

    Really interesting, maybe I should grab a pair this summer 🤔

  • Moddi Waldemar-Lima
    Moddi Waldemar-Lima 2 months ago

    Crocs is very practical to using! I can’t using them on winter time, rest of year I using them all to outside my home!

  • hailey grey
    hailey grey 2 months ago

    I remember when they first became popular where I was living It was 2005-2006. My boyfriend ran out and got a pair for us each. I was mad when I found out what he paid! Like 30-35$ each! Ended up being a pain in the a$$ bc we lived in a city that had been recently ravaged by Katrina and our FEMA trailer park was paved with sand. Didn't mix well since the shoes are covered in holes by design 🤦

  • Brady Miller
    Brady Miller 2 months ago

    They are fucking great

  • mts0628
    mts0628 2 months ago

    I've been wearing Crocs since 2004, as a mate for a dive boat. Then I wore them for fishing. Now I use them for hunting after I de-smell in the shower, I drive in them, and then take them off to put my hunting boots on (no smell). I will be wearing them as my primary footwork next week, after my surgery because they are easy on easy off. As long as they're available, I will keep wearing them.

  • Ryan Valizan
    Ryan Valizan 2 months ago

    I owned a pair, great for canoeing

  • mylittlegator
    mylittlegator 2 months ago

    I couldn't care less about fashion when I'm at work. Function trumps fashion. I can throw these in my garage sink when I get home and hose them off with scalding hot water. Plus they are more comfortable than any high priced shoe when you are on your feet all day.

  • Carlotta TheFriendlyPerson

    I never thought about whether they were ugly or not. They're just so fucking useful. I periodically got a new pair as I grew up, and when you were going somewhere where it was a bit too rough to go barefoot, they were perfect, or if you're playing at the sea- of lake-shore, as you can just slip them back on with wet feet. Or just as easy sandals for summer. I was surprised to find them so memed. I don't suppose they are that pretty, but they aren't meant to be? Honestly can't even look at them that way to acess they handsomeness, they like...uh...brothers? To me?

  • David in Barstow
    David in Barstow 2 months ago

    Who wears them outside of hospitals?

    • Lipstick Zombie
      Lipstick Zombie 2 months ago +1

      I see a lot of seniors with foot problems wear the clog styles along with kids. The flipflops/sandals style are popular with twentysomethings in my place. I do live in an arid place though.

  • K H
    K H 2 months ago

    I want Crocs to succeed so bad.

  • Gunold Dump
    Gunold Dump 2 months ago

    Theyre the best shoes for going to sauna and gardening.

  • 김하늘
    김하늘 2 months ago

    Here crocs got popular in 2009-2010

  • Calvan Johnson
    Calvan Johnson 2 months ago

    Awesome to wear in places like Philippians or Guam. That's where they should market

  • so I'm here now
    so I'm here now 2 months ago

    It's ugly but I love it.

  • nerdwriterfighter
    nerdwriterfighter 2 months ago

    You forgot that there is a market for people who wear crocs ironicly.

  • Elijah Davidson
    Elijah Davidson 2 months ago +1

    Why do I want a pair now?

  • mel saint
    mel saint 2 months ago

    I thought they were slippers not a shoe