Crocs - The Rise and Fall...And Rise Again


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  • Alex Goodhart
    Alex Goodhart 17 hours ago

    My bother longboards in them

  • AquaDragonDavanin
    AquaDragonDavanin 20 hours ago

    i thought of shark tank when you first mentioned the boating convention!

  • Phyuck Yuu
    Phyuck Yuu 21 hour ago

    GameStop eb games

  • Misha Rosenberg
    Misha Rosenberg Day ago +1

    Crocs exploded because theyre fucking lit not cuz they look good

  • Esther Whores
    Esther Whores Day ago

    I think this video bumped up their sales.

  • Papa Ang
    Papa Ang 2 days ago

    Crocs aren’t cool to wear hey are just a meme unless u are 8 years old or under

  • SpiritBear12
    SpiritBear12 2 days ago

    Yes, they're ugly. I've never been motivated to buy any. I have a pair of Keen sandals and holy cow, are they ever comfy!

  • King RemDogg
    King RemDogg 3 days ago

    They gave us Crocs in jail -_-

  • Matt
    Matt 3 days ago

    I don’t know anyone who would be sad if Crocs went out of business.

  • trrripe Macon
    trrripe Macon 4 days ago

    This is sad because I like crocs (they should make hoodies and sweatshirts and stuff like that.)

  • Travis Crabtree
    Travis Crabtree 4 days ago

    I might have been wrong about those Crocs. Goodbye 100+ dollar Teva’s and Keens that last less than 2 seasons boating and canoeing. I’m gonna Croc the Off-road Sport model with adjustable strap and give those a whirl.
    Thanks Company Man

  • gunther Vladimer
    gunther Vladimer 4 days ago

    Crocs are the fucking ugliest thing I've ever seen

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget 5 days ago

    I . FUCKIN . LOVE . CROCS !!!
    Comfortable as fuck nigguh.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh 6 days ago

    I used to wear crocs when I was in college. No one told me I looked stupid. Some friends I had!

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 6 days ago

    Reminds me of those sandals in the 90s.They came in all colors too. I think it's the same people. Didn't like them then, don't like them now! Sandals are for the nature valley types, & shower-shoes in freakin jail!!, man.

  • Libby DeLoach
    Libby DeLoach 6 days ago

    Yeah. I remember I got my first pair in 2007. I was actually able to wear them for like 4 years until I grew out of them. I remember the little things you could stick in the top holes of crocs. I loved them so much and I wore them like every day because they were comfortable and I used to play outside a lot.

  • cuzmariosaidso
    cuzmariosaidso 7 days ago

    I love my crocs, only for the house thow, dont wear them outside please.

  • livelypeopledrinkcoffee

    I stopped wearing Crocs around 2014. Now I want a pair of Crocs again.

  • SeabassFishbrains
    SeabassFishbrains 8 days ago

    ... this video made me want crocs...

  • The magical RapeVan
    The magical RapeVan 8 days ago

    I started wearing Crocs before people labeled Crocs as for the mentally handicapped person or *(retard)* for short then I stopped wearing them because I don't want to be associated with that

  • Lisa E
    Lisa E 8 days ago

    Crocs has narrowed their shoes. They’re not only ugly and overpriced, they’re unreliable.

  • Sebastian Sean Crow
    Sebastian Sean Crow 10 days ago

    I ducking hate crocs but my aunt says they’re great for gardening

  • Blueberry Pitbull
    Blueberry Pitbull 10 days ago

    American companies need to stop outsourcing to the Chinese and the Indians… It's bullshit. Not to mention we have the problem with the Indian scammers bombarding our damn phones every hour. That being said crocs are pretty damn comfortable especially the dual comfort. Extra cushiony.

  • soldier person
    soldier person 11 days ago +1

    They're great gardening shoes.

  • FoxInTheTwilight
    FoxInTheTwilight 11 days ago

    They are a great shoe for toddlers and young children

  • TheAnubis57
    TheAnubis57 12 days ago

    I don't see people wear Crocs anymore.

  • ohla300
    ohla300 12 days ago

    I still don't have a pair.

  • Geminipasta
    Geminipasta 12 days ago

    I worked at a summer camp for a while and Crocs were great for that. I would rock those and chacos all summer.

  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration 13 days ago

    How do they make money! They make an indestructible product. I purchased my first pair in the mid 2000s sometime and only got a new pair because I came across a crocs store and want to support them. I just walk around the house in them but still I'm using them at least 6 hours of every day. In 4 years just some slight creases and the design is wearing off. Edit: Actually I used them at the beach multiple times too. Wearing them is so second nature I didn't even think about it.

  • Margit Hammer
    Margit Hammer 13 days ago

    I got a pair when it was on sale and they are the women's ones that are flats. I wore them to work, and I wore a hole through the bottom. That's how much I wore them. Now I have another pair I got online that has a flowery print, but otherwise they are the same. I used to work in a medical office, now I work at an elementary school. My partner wears them, and he started because he was a chef. Now he wears them all the time, even in winter because they fit his big ass feet. I think people try them for practicality, and stay with them for convenience. Honestly they are very comfortable, and a good price relative to their longevity.

  • Stephen E
    Stephen E 13 days ago

    Super ugly original design! But... seeing the other designs in this video, those look interesting. My feet hurt often - so maybe I should look in to getting a pair. But would not wear the “gardening shoe” in public! Maybe to the beach. Maybe.

  • Lonesome Forgotten
    Lonesome Forgotten 13 days ago

    I used to remember having a navy blue pair when I was a little kid

  • TobeAye
    TobeAye 14 days ago

    Their products are much better than Havaianas.

  • Megan Darveau
    Megan Darveau 15 days ago

    They’re ugly as hell shoes but I live in a dorm and they are perfect for walking between rooms and wandering down to the dining hall

  • michael50694
    michael50694 15 days ago

    Does anyone remember the escalator incident? Do you think that might have affected their sales?

  • Ian Christainson
    Ian Christainson 16 days ago

    Ugly but after this I may get a pair for camp shoes if half fabric

  • ava
    ava 17 days ago

    i want my girlfriend to wear crocs at our wedding

  • Crank Lab Explosion - lab central

    King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard took Crocks logo... and that's perfectly ok

  • Elle F
    Elle F 18 days ago

    I got my bf crocs for his birthday. We both rock crocs

  • UltimateArbiter117
    UltimateArbiter117 19 days ago

    sure they are not fashionable, but my golly are they comfortable.

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith 19 days ago

    In my experience, Crocs are supremely popular in the food industry. i really think that if they started shifting their brand away from trying to satisfy the broadest consumer base, and focused on the general functionality of the product by doing things like making uniform-friendly shoes for the food and medical industry and shifting all their designer/cosmetic to the boating/watersports/coastal demographic, they will be more successful in the context of how long-lasting the shoes are. I've seen people replace them within six months because they wear them so much but still maintain brand loyalty because nothing else serves the same purpose.

  • Sha Den
    Sha Den 19 days ago

    I love Crocs! I bought the fancy diff styles ones and they fell apart in 2 months. Haven't bought any more fancy ones but did get a reg ugly pair for Christmas. I get laughed at but damn it I love them. I wear them in winter too!

  • Jennifer Marshall
    Jennifer Marshall 19 days ago

    Wore Airwalks as a teen; bought Crocs flats last year.

  • stpstudios
    stpstudios 20 days ago

    Prison shoes

  • Néstor González
    Néstor González 20 days ago

    I've seen them for ages with no interest at all, but now after watching this video I want to buy my first pair of black crocs!!! just for chilling at home, thank you Company Man

  • Strawberry Shortcake
    Strawberry Shortcake 20 days ago

    I live in Florida. We laugh at people that wear this shit.

  • Mystninja
    Mystninja 21 day ago

    There a croc of shit

  • 2618263
    2618263 21 day ago

    The ugliest

  • king james488
    king james488 21 day ago

    ya... crocs didn't need it's own store.
    I don't think they look too bad tho.

  • _jems._
    _jems._ 21 day ago +1

    drop your socks and grab your crocs ? anyone remember from which movie these lines are from ? comment below

    • TOP* s
      TOP* s 21 day ago

      ahhh i heard this somewhere

  • CHloE748
    CHloE748 22 days ago

    I’ve always worn them (even back in the mid 2000s) when working outside or even running errands. I’ve never cared if something was popular or not, if its comfortable or useful, I’ll wear it.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 22 days ago

    Please be more serious in these videos. A lot of the silly comments you make are really annoying.

  • ijuwan
    ijuwan 22 days ago +1

    Crocs > Vans

  • Ryan Mitchel Yu
    Ryan Mitchel Yu 22 days ago

    They make product so durable. I last bought one 3 years ago. And its still alive. A little damaged thou?

  • Franco Castro
    Franco Castro 23 days ago

    I bought a pair of crocs 10 years ago. We were doing christmas shopping and I was using uncomfortable shoes. They were selling them at around 20 usd and I got them just to get rid of my shoes. Put them on and having using them since then. They have lasted around 10 years and probably will make another 10 if my dog stop chewing them. I change tennis shoes every 12 months at most. They are ugly, people will make fun of you but they are comfy and long lasting which is what matters.

  • Luna Gallo
    Luna Gallo 23 days ago

    I wasn’t born in 2005 or 2007

  • Adapple
    Adapple 23 days ago

    I’m a part of the generation who have only known a world with crocs. I had them at the age of three.

  • Antonio Cunningham
    Antonio Cunningham 24 days ago

    I don't care about fashion at all. I wear the same set of clothes (different colors for each day) and I won't touch these because of how they assault my eyes. The worst shoes I've ever laid eyes on.

  • Luis Espinoza
    Luis Espinoza 24 days ago

    Celeb collabs, ex: post Malone crocs

  • OmnissiahZelos
    OmnissiahZelos 24 days ago

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Gamerwarrior
    Gamerwarrior 24 days ago +4

    they say drown your demons, but I can't cause they learned how to *swim*

  • Squeaky Kiwi
    Squeaky Kiwi 24 days ago

    My sister wore crocs in 2006. We have a picture of her wearing hot pink crocs and green crocs and princess crocs.

  • Gokibro S
    Gokibro S 24 days ago

    I never saw croc's for a fashionable purpose.
    They're simple, they're effecient for their price, and they're practical, I don't expect them to be fashionable or special. A good pair of 3t Cinch Water Shoes from Target is ~$35 but a pair crocks--which will give decent traction for river or beach application maybe not great but decent--is about 22 to 40 dollars depending on the type of crocs you want, some of the more expensive ones are flip-flops with great longevity depending on how the individual chooses to apply them and the terrain.

  • MrCarnaq
    MrCarnaq 28 days ago

    I only date women who wear Crocs cause I'm so sick of hearing about their foot pain as a result of bad footware choices trying to look fashionable.

  • Devon Martin
    Devon Martin 28 days ago

    I've never owned crocs, but if I were them, I would focus on their core shoe, as well as similar specialty/practical shoes, like heavy rain boots, etc. A limited range of comfortable, high quality, practical shoes and try to establish themselves in the forefront of people's minds to meet those specific needs.

  • Saltekl 11
    Saltekl 11 29 days ago

    One of my friends wears them in -30 weather

  • Jerry Teh
    Jerry Teh Month ago

    I think is not their intention trying to appeal to everyone but their investors. Apple is next.

  • Charlie Poulter
    Charlie Poulter Month ago +2

    Crocks and socks.

  • Tyler Byrd
    Tyler Byrd Month ago

    I owned a pair of Crocs a few years back. I liked them; they were very comfortable.

  • sen no
    sen no Month ago

    I love Crocs I think the shoe itself is cute,with an outfit not so much, but I will still wear them in public

  • J
    J Month ago

    *Crocks is 16????!!!!!!* I've never seen a crock before 6 or 7 years ago.

  • Fedor Galkin
    Fedor Galkin Month ago

    I thought they are called Crocs for the funny noise they make when wet

  • Saar2908
    Saar2908 Month ago

    Haven't they changed there name to shoes and more?
    Crocs it the most comfortable shoe in existence

  • Anti Decepticon
    Anti Decepticon Month ago

    Its the #1 Shoe for every overweight nurse and there are alot of them. So much so that companies tried to get them banned in hospitals because the nurses werent buying the shitty white shoes

  • Kas Mcz
    Kas Mcz Month ago

    I like them, they’re brightly coloured, comfortable and easy to slip on.
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention imitation shoes. In Walmart, giant tiger, target etc they have tones of fake cheap crocs. I imagine that would make an impact

  • Tommy Robison
    Tommy Robison Month ago

    crocs with socks

  • accquizzer
    accquizzer Month ago

    I would have to disagree with you. I think their best approach is to focus on fashion. I think a lot of the hatred of the shoe is that they look ugly. Those who do love crocs is because they love that they feel comfortable, despite the look. By creating a more fashionable shoe, people will focus less on looks and focus more on comfort, thus bringing in a larger market.

  • Ahmad Shakeel Dulmar

    For sure they're so ugly that most people don't even care to try them.

  • KubeSquared
    KubeSquared Month ago

    The product is just too simple and as a result, simple to copy. Why pay for original Crocs when you can get the exact same shoe for a third or a quarter of the price.

  • nu ll
    nu ll Month ago

    We actually wore these a lot when going camping on the river, they’re great for keeping traction in slippery rocks. You’d never catch me wearing them in public though.

  • Carson Fujita Turnbull - Mayfield SS (2452)

    4:27 Dragons Den is better. ;)

  • ahrealohgee
    ahrealohgee Month ago

    Coming to find this and your channel after Post malone's shoes selling out. I am a restaurant vet and have co workers who still wear and swear by them... never been my style. Love the channel.

  • DeathSneeze
    DeathSneeze Month ago

    I just like the shoes since they work well in the garden.

  • JediAnn Solo
    JediAnn Solo Month ago

    I thought the company died long ago. Imagine my surprise 2 years ago when I go into a shoe store and I not only see an entire Crocs section, but croc HIGH HEELS? Never knew they were liked this much...

  • Mneksi Mneksi
    Mneksi Mneksi Month ago

    I have a pair of crocs....
    Yes they don't look good.
    But after 9 years:
    You won't find a shoe that lasts you this long. Comfortable and tough shoes! I love to wear them and the history my crocs have!

  • Kurtis C.
    Kurtis C. Month ago

    "2005, maybe 2007. Somewhere around there." - 2006, actually. 😏

  • extremeshark22
    extremeshark22 Month ago

    I don't see any Crocs sliding by 10:05 - 10:11

  • Not Sephiroth
    Not Sephiroth Month ago

    as ugly as those fuckers are, theyre easy to get on little kids and theyre comfy for them

  • Eric Nicholls
    Eric Nicholls Month ago

    Another problem for them was... Cheap replicas... In Latin America, you could get replicas for fraction of the price. BTW I was never able to get Crocs in Panama because they never had size 14W.

  • J.R. Vasquez
    J.R. Vasquez Month ago

    This is a bit harsh to say the least. I would not be caught DEAD wearing these things. However, walk into most hospitals and they are a hit with doctors and nurses! Of course, the're also a hit with the Dollar Store crowd. Go figure.

  • pubggge 64
    pubggge 64 Month ago

    Ok one they ant fashionable but they are awesome walking thur a creek or just wanna walk thur a swamp u sir are dumb

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Month ago

    This sounds like the Bright Sun guy’s voice (with that stumbling sarcastic tone throughout the vids).

  • Yabuturtle
    Yabuturtle Month ago +2

    If people can wear crocs, why can't we bring back robes and cloaks? Those are cool and useful.

  • GooeyBun
    GooeyBun Month ago

    I haven't found anything intresting or good to watch on TVclip . so I'm glad I came across your channel and am binging a lot of the videos excellent work in planning the video and researching .

  • Azzrudin Jamil
    Azzrudin Jamil Month ago

    Then the chinese start to make fake ones although not with the same material but it doesn't feel any different, then finally every other countries starts making their own crocs selling to every supermarket they have for like a dollar. brand reputation just goes out the windows. So now not only it is ugly but in general people think it's ugly and dirt cheap.

  • Lauren
    Lauren Month ago

    I have a pair of yellow ones with Dino jibitz. Here in Texas everyone at my high school wore slides, jandals, and crocs if you didn’t have 1 of the 3 u weren’t cool😂

  • Tyler Yocco
    Tyler Yocco Month ago

    just wondering if the prison and jail market for crocs helped them out much?

  • Blah blah blah
    Blah blah blah Month ago

    What sucks about crocs is that they didnt have kid sizes for the new literide crocs

  • tailtactics
    tailtactics Month ago

    I got a rock in my croc

  • MrAndycaruso
    MrAndycaruso Month ago

    I wouldn’t use these even of they pay me for. Ugly as shit!