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White Hat Hacking Explained

  • Published on May 2, 2019
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    It's 2019 and we are looking at what is a white hat hacker and how is it different from other hackers and black hat hackers. Do white hat hackers also spy on other people or do they help companies and governments with their how-to guides on fixing the challenge these companies face. How did white hat hacking even become so relevant? Are these hackers really ethical and could this be called ethical hacking?
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    "I'm in!" 😁

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      hello, i think your CC messed up! :(
      it's sad for ppl who loves your vids, but not too great on english

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    Dont do it for bad . But do what you got to do , to have to success.

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    Jensen’s now has a similar icon to the white hacker people what ever tf is called

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    This video isn’t that popular?

  • Federico Jimbo Smithson

    So if Thor is a Black Hat Loki is a White Hat ?

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    Lamo is well named.

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    what is with these English subtitles?

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    I actually want to get in cyber security,grey hat hacking.

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    So my dad can’t go through my history now?

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    FUD :(

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    I think your closed captions are for a different video lol

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    Im a hacker because I can fly in roblox

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    this is why we use a vpn

  • Jimmy1985
    Jimmy1985 Month ago

    i am a white hack hacker and a subject of the rolling stone article geeks on the front line. it is a great career and i have tons of war stories.

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    Jaysca101 Month ago

    Closed captioning timing is really off....

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    1:26 spy vs spy? Cartoon network Easter egg lol...

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    Black and white hats are still part of the system should i desire their loyalty or commitment...i think i will take both


    But what if you dont use Internet and read emails?
    Suffering from success huh?
    No chance of getting hacked

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    Im a Hacker
    But i Dont Progam
    I Hack roblox Games

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh Month ago

    why did the red hats build a company making softwares?

  • Kylorenbestsaber - Roblox & More!

    I thought the hack meant hacking people who wore white hats

  • Nicht von dieser Welt

    Don't tell me about my safety due to "white hats" when people like Snowden can hack into anything anytime they want to sell your data or to abuse it otherwise.

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    Alexandre Lopes Month ago

    Subtitles have nothing to do with what's being said...

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    Uhh... Subtitles?

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    The subtitles are wrong.

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    Love this channel

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    Infographics you’re using the subtitles from the last CIA video

    46M views Month ago +10

    People be like
    I am a hacker
    I don't know programming

    • Flying Dude
      Flying Dude Month ago

      You may need to know some programming, but you only need to know networking and system administration in order to become a decent script kiddie.

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    Sule Genel Month ago

    Who else just got an ad of someone hacking

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    What about Red Hats? Vigilantes need love too...

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    What's with the subtitles?

  • Abhu Khanal
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    Hey Infographics. This comment might get lost but this person deserves to be reckoned.
    What about the famous anti hero Edward Snowden? What hat category is he? His story.

  • Hari Sankar
    Hari Sankar Month ago

    The subtitle is wrong. check it.

  • saiheal saikoolal
    saiheal saikoolal Month ago

    02:59 never thought I'd have the opportunity to say this unironically but, DIGITAL BLACKFACE

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  • Atiqul Islam
    Atiqul Islam Month ago

    Still cool than black hat hackers

  • Ken V.
    Ken V. Month ago

    TL'DR. Want to be a white hat hacker? Companies are more likely to hire you if you were once a black hat hacker. Just don't get caught like these guys.

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    THC Month ago

    Byw about the sponsor lastpass is better

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    The CCs were way off for this video. The CCs were about Russians and psychics.

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    No one:
    Hackers in movies: "I'm in"

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    Your Closed Captions in English (not the generated one) for this video is wrong, instead for a video about the CIA.

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    Spy vs Spy?

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    If I remember correctly, here in the Netherlands, the police offers young hackers a job to make them "ethical hackers". It's really successful!

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    Someone hacking the closed captions

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    Anyone wanna be a Whitehat hacker with me?

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    I've been hacked before and that was fabricated b.s, all hackers who do this need to suffer the consequences. I'm dead serious😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡 I honestly never heard of white hackers until today, thanks for sharing the information Infographics show I appreciate it.

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    The Jedi of the modern age

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    The white hats got caught because they didn't use Dashlane.

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      pffft. cmon man. NordVPN is THE vpn for you.

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    Why can’t it be BLACK HATS! That’s racist!

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  • Anym
    Anym Month ago +76

    white hat = solely legal hacking, and doesn't use illegal techniques
    grey hat = legal hacking, but will use illegal methods if neccesary
    black hat = just hack whoever they want. 99% of the time without permission

    • Ahmed QLF
      Ahmed QLF Month ago +2

      Who ask permission to hack?😂😂

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      @F1R3 BR47 I prefer debian :P

    • F1R3 BR47
      F1R3 BR47 Month ago +3

      What about Red hats?

    • IsAMank
      IsAMank Month ago +1

      Techniques isn't really the right word - it's more about morals and ethics. The techniques and tools that any brand of hacker use are typically pretty similar, though whitehats don't typically need C&Cs

    • Joshua Logan
      Joshua Logan Month ago +3

      Grey is still illegal, they just let you know so that they can try to get a job.

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    xans rival Month ago

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  • Denzel Horton
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    Julian Assange was a non employed white hat hacker

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    As usual, the white hats discriminate against the black hats.
    This is *RACIST* and HATSIST!

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