Super Smash Bros. Switch: Who's Hiding in the Flames? (Real-Time Character Analysis)

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Nintendo Switch but there were more characters revealed than just Mario, Link, and the Inklings! We take a closer look at the characters hiding in the flames of the Smash logo to see who else is returning for this entry!
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Comments • 15 983

  • GameXplain
    GameXplain  Year ago +353

    Want more? Watch our 1 HOUR discussion here!

    • Double Aura
      Double Aura 10 months ago

      You forgot about Yoshi next to Pit didn't you?

    • Jaime Rodriguez
      Jaime Rodriguez Year ago

      GameXplain zelda

      YELLOWKIRBY GD Year ago


    • GetLoW Ezom
      GetLoW Ezom Year ago

      You missed Yoshi on the left.

  • MR.L
    MR.L 7 days ago

    I think that Captain falcon is Shiek

  • Lwlysunshine
    Lwlysunshine Month ago +2

    Looking back all of these characters in the flames are video game characters

    PIRHANA PLANT MAIN Month ago +1

    5:15 that’s piranha plant!

  • Delta
    Delta 3 months ago +1

    You're all right everyone is here!

  • Theo Wu
    Theo Wu 3 months ago

    hello this is from pas december 7

  • youngcreamMakeEmScream
    youngcreamMakeEmScream 3 months ago

    I remember this night! Crazy day in Nintendo Switch history

  • LordJack225 Pig
    LordJack225 Pig 3 months ago +1

    Ahhh this was eight months ago! Smash for future world is only six days away. There is a story mode and piranha plant made it in over Waluwigi. Just wait guys, it’s a wild ride

  • arrow doty
    arrow doty 4 months ago

    7.26 is gannon, unless jes further down

  • arrow doty
    arrow doty 4 months ago

    At 3.03, is that the Ice Climbers?

  • Piggy Master Gaming
    Piggy Master Gaming 4 months ago +1

    Next to Samus is Zero-Suit Samus, Duh! lol if only

  • Piggy Master Gaming
    Piggy Master Gaming 4 months ago +4

    5:11 With the flame idea, I instantly saw Ken... Just saying.

  • SimpleGamer *
    SimpleGamer * 5 months ago

    wait look in the flames not by it but in side the flames i saw Yoshie's face

  • SimpleGamer *
    SimpleGamer * 5 months ago

    by samus on the right is palutana remember her horns

  • SimpleGamer *
    SimpleGamer * 5 months ago

    by samus is maybe greninja i remember that poze.

  • SimpleGamer *
    SimpleGamer * 5 months ago

    thats Obviously marth

  • SimpleGamer *
    SimpleGamer * 5 months ago

    by dk is diddy kong with his gun you know his wood one it's his final smash

  • Dyno
    Dyno 5 months ago +3

    When you come back to this speculation videos of who could be the shapes, only to realize that the most wonderful thing is that *EVERYONE IS HERE*

  • Brandon Starstorm
    Brandon Starstorm 5 months ago

    The one that they thought was Palutena or Bayonetta looks like Shulk to me, due to the ring accompanying him, being part of the Monado sword.

  • DarkRed
    DarkRed 5 months ago +1

    Characters that aren’t going to be in the final game of the series smash ultimate

    First banjo kazooie Sadly it’s impossible unless Nintendo wants to pay millions of dollars to Microsoft
    Banjo kazooie was made 100% by rare and was imported on the Nintendo 64 while donkey 64 and donkey Kong country was made by rare and Nintendo
    Rare was bought by Microsoft
    This is why banjo kazooie is on xbox live arcade and not virtual console while donkey kong 64 is on virtual console but not xbox live arcade
    Next is sans
    The only relatable thing about undertale and Nintendo is that the composer of the music of the mother series is toby fox
    The reason why there’s so many earthbound references
    Next is waluigi
    He’s not a major character
    That’s it
    Finally decidui
    Game Freak knows
    Sun and moon suck
    Congratulations someone isn’t stupid
    Toby fox and mother aren’t connected
    At all
    Unless you count hacks

    • DarkRed
      DarkRed 3 months ago

      Bluerious congratulations you aren’t stupid

    • Bluerious
      Bluerious 3 months ago

      DarkRed Oh. My. God.
      Did you actually just say that Toby Fox composed the music for the goddamn MOTHER SERIES???

  • Sparks
    Sparks 6 months ago

    *eVeRyOnE iS hErE!*

  • Kermit The Drug Dealer
    Kermit The Drug Dealer 6 months ago

    7:45 Meta Knight?

  • Kermit The Drug Dealer
    Kermit The Drug Dealer 6 months ago

    1:54 Ice Climbers?

  • Aggronian
    Aggronian 6 months ago


  • The golden Duck
    The golden Duck 6 months ago

    In between pikachu and jigglypuff I think is Zelda

  • Pierse_19
    Pierse_19 7 months ago

    It's Sheik

  • John Rivera
    John Rivera 8 months ago

    You missed yoshi

  • TheSacredSavage _
    TheSacredSavage _ 8 months ago


  • TheSacredSavage _
    TheSacredSavage _ 8 months ago

    I think the character at 3:38 is the top of Ness' hat and the circle below samus at 5:48 is kirby

  • Monster Conrad
    Monster Conrad 8 months ago

    I disagree with your presumption of the outline being just normal Bowser. Now, there is no real denying that it is a variant of him, but I think that it is more specifically Dry Bowser based on the arms sticking out to the sides. Not to mention that with a normal skeleton you could see all the bones and the fire outlining them, but with Bowser, he has a huge shell blocking all the light from the fire behind him, but that's not the case with his outstretched arms. You can clearly see right through them. I honestly believe that they were specifically putting Dry Bowser there instead of normal Bowser. Now I could easily be wrong, but this is just what I think

  • Gaming Ninja
    Gaming Ninja 8 months ago

    2:34 That looks to me like Luigi's hat, 4:22 that honestly looks like Cappy (minus the Mariostache) on top of a piranha plant with it's mouth open or just a chili pepper (#CappyForSma5h)

  • Numero 17
    Numero 17 8 months ago

    6:46 zero suit zamus

  • Numero 17
    Numero 17 8 months ago

    3:01 ice cimbers

  • BB-Odyssey
    BB-Odyssey 9 months ago +1


  • Arjay Navarro
    Arjay Navarro 9 months ago


  • 2minuss
    2minuss 9 months ago


  • thisismyusername
    thisismyusername 9 months ago

    Not waluigi :////

  • EliGrey57
    EliGrey57 9 months ago


  • __Muyo__
    __Muyo__ 9 months ago +1

    Everyone is

  • Daniel Chen
    Daniel Chen 9 months ago

    Everyone is here.

  • Schollchen
    Schollchen 9 months ago +3

    Everyone was Hiding

  • Doctor Ketchup
    Doctor Ketchup 9 months ago

    The Two ones next to Link Is Mario And Luigi

  • josh roshan
    josh roshan 9 months ago


  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer 9 months ago +1

    I wonder since "Captain Falcon" looks like Pikachu, if this could be Evee? The last one "Jiggly Puff" would be cool but could it be Pac Man? Also, the one next to DK i actually believe it could be yoshi, i surely hope he does make a comeback, but even if not, we might see DLC for this game and have new characters introduced anyway. There are some characters which are absolutely 100% the characters you mentioned like Samus, DK, and Bowser!

  • Joey Nordman
    Joey Nordman 9 months ago

    7:39 im calling 2nd to last character is Rex

  • Joey Nordman
    Joey Nordman 9 months ago

    2:06 It looks like Ice climbers are returning...

    • Joey Nordman
      Joey Nordman 9 months ago

      The "hair flip up" is actually hammer held by Ice climbers

  • Daeve Brewer
    Daeve Brewer 9 months ago

    I think the one next to link is little mac from the front in a fighting stance

  • Unstop _cr
    Unstop _cr 9 months ago

    next to bowser next to pickachu is robin if you look good you see a book

  • hippo_836
    hippo_836 9 months ago

    the one btween samus and bowser either is it one of these:
    -olimar and pikmins

  • MasterGamer 44
    MasterGamer 44 9 months ago +2

    Samus and the other figure:
    The suit and zero suit

  • Sharky Malarky
    Sharky Malarky 9 months ago

    My theory:
    All characters from Wii u/3DS including
    some crossovers could be out
    And pretty much waluigi could be in this cause y not?
    Also thats little Mac beside samus

  • Sharky Malarky
    Sharky Malarky 9 months ago

    When are they gonna add dry bowser in smash

  • Sharky Malarky
    Sharky Malarky 9 months ago


  • Nageki Fujishiro
    Nageki Fujishiro 9 months ago

    Still want phoenix wright for smash tbh ,, and I hope lucas stays !!

  • Alex Usami
    Alex Usami 9 months ago

    I think the third one is megaman

  • MegaSupergamertroll
    MegaSupergamertroll 9 months ago

    Next to pikachu looks like Zelda

  • DiggyTurtle
    DiggyTurtle 9 months ago

    8:28 BOTW Zelda

  • Nick Borkenhagen
    Nick Borkenhagen 9 months ago

    I think the character you think is falcon is kamek with his broom. It makes sense because hes floating and the thing on the ground looks like the end of a broom. (kamek is the witch from mario)

  • Corrupted Guy
    Corrupted Guy 10 months ago

    Maybe in between pikachu and jigglypuff was BOTW Zelda?

    • Introverbal
      Introverbal 9 months ago

      There is no doubt in my mind that between Pikachu and Jigglypuff is Zelda. Thats totally her.

  • Corrupted Guy
    Corrupted Guy 10 months ago

    That’s definitely Ness and Lucas.

  • Panic! ᖴᗩᑎ
    Panic! ᖴᗩᑎ 10 months ago

    I think the thing on the left of Samus might be Alola Pickachu because it floats on its tail, maybe there's a Pickachu and Alola Pickachu. Edit. IF SHEIK IS NOT IN THE GAME I WILL GO AND DIE!!!!!!

  • Jeff Kraplan
    Jeff Kraplan 10 months ago +1

    1:39 i guess its link on a horse with a sword
    2:06 its definitive the 4 links from 4swords

  • Karen
    Karen 10 months ago

    I don't know why but I've gote a feeling, they 're going to include Chrom & Tiki...They got Amiibos last year so....Yes? No? ._.

  • EpicXGamer99
    EpicXGamer99 10 months ago

    Yoshi is the first one on the left then pit

  • Crystal McLean
    Crystal McLean 10 months ago

    Omg I want starfy as a playable character

  • Gabriel Martillo
    Gabriel Martillo 10 months ago

    The one to the left of Samus is most likely Sheik.

  • Maxwell Shapiro
    Maxwell Shapiro 10 months ago

    I love the genuine giddiness that all of you guys have here

  • XD Johnmichaeljmc7
    XD Johnmichaeljmc7 10 months ago

    Yoshi were pits wing is

  • XD Johnmichaeljmc7
    XD Johnmichaeljmc7 10 months ago

    Shulk confirmed look behind bowser it his sword

  • XD Johnmichaeljmc7
    XD Johnmichaeljmc7 10 months ago

    It’s probably ganon we’re Pokémon trainer is

  • joemiester31
    joemiester31 10 months ago

    That's Zelda! How can you not see her hair!

  • 「 Solar 」
    「 Solar 」 10 months ago

    At 4:51, that could be squirtle, with the tail. Idk, probably not, but it’s just a guess. Probably falcon

  • HyruleMaster022
    HyruleMaster022 10 months ago

    If you look closely you can see Donald Duck from DisneyLand

  • Shades Guy
    Shades Guy 10 months ago

    The 2 shadows are Ice Climbers fools!!!!!!!!!

  • theGinger78
    theGinger78 10 months ago

    6:44 It's zelda

  • ironchapman
    ironchapman 10 months ago

    That thing next to DK looks like Samus to me.

  • Brendan Golding
    Brendan Golding 10 months ago

    7:02 ike?

  • Cerulean Mr. AL
    Cerulean Mr. AL 10 months ago +1

    Those two bumps next to DK have got to be the Ice Climbers

  • Miguel
    Miguel 10 months ago

    I wonder if Peach will still be in it? She's my main

  • Reactifriends With H and A

    Wii fit trainer is standing next to Samus

  • Reactifriends With H and A

    The two semi circles at 2:43 are the ice climbers

  • The Bluey Bros
    The Bluey Bros 10 months ago

    2:59 I think those are actually THE ICE CLIMBERS!!!

  • 22mcclaffertyw
    22mcclaffertyw 10 months ago

    the things you thought were ness and lucas could be ice climbers with the white fur of their coat

  • Zach Reel
    Zach Reel 10 months ago

    the third is ice climbers

  • MasterfulKane
    MasterfulKane 10 months ago

    Silhouette between Samus and Bowser, that AIN'T falco!!

  • Tumalo Tiger
    Tumalo Tiger 10 months ago +1

    I think it is the Ice Climbers

  • Fw- Flow Noah
    Fw- Flow Noah 10 months ago

    Could the one you said to be bayonets or palutana be waluigi? Waluigi is a tall character and if you look to the right of his head, there is a circle. That could be his tennis racket

  • Jordan Cauley
    Jordan Cauley 10 months ago

    I want funky Kong and spring man in smash switch

  • xXAbsolusionXx Playz
    xXAbsolusionXx Playz 10 months ago

    rosialina beter come

    GAMERUNNER 10 months ago

    the Captain Falcon shadow may more likely be Falco

  • Super Mario Plushy Land
    Super Mario Plushy Land 10 months ago

    2:04 is ice climbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • landen hearing
    landen hearing 11 months ago

    My guess the second to left looks kind of like Princess Zelda

  • Gabemario
    Gabemario 11 months ago


  • Matthew Vasquez
    Matthew Vasquez 11 months ago

    its ice climbers!

  • Joony X
    Joony X 11 months ago

    The one on the end is wario and one in the very front is jigglypuff

  • Joony X
    Joony X 11 months ago

    The one they said was captain falcon it is actually Sheik

  • Carter Kaplan
    Carter Kaplan 11 months ago

    I thought ness and lucas were the ice climbers and that one circle their hammer

  • Urisson
    Urisson 11 months ago

    right between samus and link is probably sheik

  • Abnormal Human
    Abnormal Human 11 months ago +1

    who i want in smash switch:

  • Unit #37284491
    Unit #37284491 11 months ago

    It's Yoshi, Pit, DK, Falco, Peach, Ness, Marth, Mario, Link, Luigi, Pikachu, Kirby, Sheik, Samus, Captain Falcon, Bowser, Fox, Ganondorf, and Olimar