• Published on Aug 5, 2019
  • Today we bust the myth and give you some facts of the VERY REAL pilot shortage. Below are the folks who help us put this together!
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  • Caitlin Chapman
    Caitlin Chapman 4 days ago +1

    Very interesting points here.. however this video is more of a sales pitch for your buddy’s flight’s rather humorous to hear that just because half the airline pilots are going to done by 65 that there is no one sit in the seat... to the point of saying that people will be paying 4 times more per seat.. gimme a break. Maybe you could dig in and find out how many applications are on file at the majors? There will never be a shortage at the majors. Also if you think old birds are gunna go away because there’s a “shortage” and old guys have grandkids... try and get involved in the Confederate Air Force and see how hard and political it is to get to fly a WWII bird. It’s also not very professional to call out ATP... they are doing just what y’all are dreaming of doing. Calling them out because they have nice airplanes and gets the job done. Well duh it’s more expensive.. it gets the job done? And no I didn’t go to ATP...

  • Michael Pare
    Michael Pare 5 days ago +1

    You need a 4 year degree and be under 30 to get any flying job, then getting multi engine time and oh there’s turbine time you need, there are plenty of pilots out there, so there is no pilot shore and there will never be, so many flight departments have stacks of resumes to go through. I wish people would stop making this shit up. This is made up by flight schools to generate business.

  • ollopa1
    ollopa1 9 days ago

    Average and median are not the same thing. That statistic is the median annual salary for airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers. The lowest 10% of commercial pilots, on the other hand, and taking home less than $44k per year. Pay is all over the place but there is a lot of potential if you start young and work your way up.

  • Mike Marino
    Mike Marino 9 days ago

    Do you have to have a college degree to be hired by a commercial airline?

  • Mike Marino
    Mike Marino 9 days ago +1

    Do you have to have a college degree to be hired by a commercial airline?

    • Logan Rahdar
      Logan Rahdar 2 days ago +1

      Mike Marino Depends on who you’re applying to work for. A lot of companies prefer a two or four year degrees but you could still get hired, but they’re more likely to hire someone with a degree. Certain companies such as fedex require 4 years degrees. But there’s definitely passenger plane companies that don’t require a degree

  • John Ogo
    John Ogo 11 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind being a licensed pilot but I’m 53 and don’t know anything about flying only to ride as a passenger but willing to learn.

  • PoxyBear
    PoxyBear 15 days ago +1

    The age thing is hitting various industries - aviation, oil and gas.

  • Michael Meyers
    Michael Meyers 16 days ago +2

    Great Video. This short video includes a friend of mine who was year ahead of me in high school in Medford, Oregon. Brent Conner.
    A great guy who initially taught me how to fly in a Citabria in 1979. I’d watched and flown with my Dad for quite a few years before that.
    The only pilot I’ve ever seen who was an absolute “Right Stuff” Natural Aviator.
    Search TVclip: West Coast Swing: Brent Conner The proper

    • Michael Meyers
      Michael Meyers 15 days ago +1

      That Pilot Guy Thanks for the response.
      When I checked the videos I put on my comment, the one about my friend was instead, a Johnny Carson video.
      My friend is the P-51 Pilot. Brent Conner.
      I’ll repost the link in case you saw the wrong one.
      Thanks again.
      I can’t get the link to work. Sorry.
      In You Tube, type in: West Coast Swing: Brent Conner
      It should bring up a

    • That Pilot Guy
      That Pilot Guy  16 days ago +1

      That's a really neat backstory my friend! Who exactly do you know from the video? And to address your point about the 200hr pilot, I think its absurd. 200hrs is absolutely nowhere near enough time and experience to fly an aircraft of that caliber.

  • birdwing98
    birdwing98 22 days ago +1

    In India they are retraining $5/hr software programmers to become $17/hr ATPs. I tell everyone who has a dream of flying to study to become either a lawyer or a doctor. Long gone are the days of the Delta captain that retires with a million dollar bonus on top of his earned retirement. (Yes, it still happens to the guys retiring this year, and next, but that system is on the way out.) In twenty years airliners will be controlled from the ground, and there will be only "glorified technicians" monitoring the cockpit automation.

    • Bruce Miller
      Bruce Miller 4 days ago

      yep.... I had a long answer above but its been pulled.... Aviation..buyer be aware.

  • blancolirio
    blancolirio 23 days ago +1

    It's real...Great analysis!

  • destro513
    destro513 24 days ago +1

    I want to fly. 40 year old toolmaker/fabricator/machinist. I was going the kitfox Van's rv route. Should I change my plan to lean more towards a professional pilot. I make good money as there is also a shortage of skilled trade workers.

    • Alphaeus Russell
      Alphaeus Russell 14 days ago

      Do it man, I'm 36 and I'm starting my flight training.

  • Corwin Hernandez
    Corwin Hernandez Month ago

    I’d love to be a pilot and my interest has been sparked but the only thing I don’t like about the industry is that it’s seniority based. I have the ability to make 6 figures only working at my job for 2/3 years. It is labor intensive but worth it for me personally because I am all about the money. I’m not really looking to put in 20 or 30 years to retire. Plus the money for flight school. It only seems like its worth it if you make a life long career for it, not something you want to try for 5 or 10 years which is the only amount of time I’d be willing to put into a career being young and not 100% knowing what I want to do long term

  • Alex Robinett
    Alex Robinett Month ago +1

    Great video guys! just getting started and studying for my written while saving up some cash for my PPL! looks like you guys are based in Atlanta! Maybe I will see you around!

  • CawcawPlays Mc
    CawcawPlays Mc Month ago +2

    Love the channel! Planning to learn air mechanics after my last year of highschool. I remember hearing somewhere that youre based in Atlanta. Do you work at PDK or hartsfield? I live less that 15 minutes from PDK and would love the chance to meet you!

    • That Pilot Guy
      That Pilot Guy  Month ago

      You're welcome to go follow the instagram and message me there. Time permitting, we might can set something up @that_pilot_guyy

  • Jorge Álvarez
    Jorge Álvarez Month ago +2

    Time builder from Florida over here, great podcast, fun to listen to. Please ,Keep it up.

    • That Pilot Guy
      That Pilot Guy  Month ago

      Thanks for the support! I just got back from Clearwater!

  • Bruce Miller
    Bruce Miller Month ago +9

    First Off there is NO NO Shortage, There is a PAY ISSUE that keeps folks from moving forward to a Major. Look as you Know Commuters Pay nothing... Like 70K for a Left seat with 5 years...Co Pilot less. Then there is "Paying your Dues" Flying Junk at Min Wage to build up to 1500 Hrs. A Major Will not Hire a Co Pilot with less then 2000Hrs ...300 MUST be PIC Turbo Fan ( Buffalo Airlines drives need not apply.) I am SO Glad to be retired for this Hell Hole Job that has been over Glorified to suck more suckers into it. B Miller Saturn Airways 1975 to 1980 L 100 FE. DOD Civ 1980 to 1990 Flt Engineer 707/ C 130. USAirways 1990 2002 ATP/AP Please no Sun Shine up the Tail Pipe Happy Jack.

    • destro513
      destro513 24 days ago +1

      I need to hear more of this. What's the real deal.

    • That Pilot Guy
      That Pilot Guy  Month ago +7

      Okay buddy, let's just make a few things clear. Stating your opinion is 100% okay and encouraged. No problem with a friendly discussion, but we don't need someone jumping in the comments to be negative nanny and say the sky is falling when it isn't. Secondly, it sounds like you are an experienced pilot. Which means you possibly went through the ranks back when things were different. But it is not the same industry it used to be. I have many friends who have recently climbed the ladder and can attest to a very different story than the one you just described. So please, continue to watch and engage but we can do without the gloom and bias that could ultimately discourage any folks out there wanting to pursue a dream of flying.