What Are The Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries?


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  • Juan Carlos Austria
    Juan Carlos Austria 4 hours ago

    Just because he isn't japanese doesn't mean he can't spell perfect english or type in an english accent bro.

  • The Muffin
    The Muffin 8 hours ago

    What about xccr, it’s a strange puzzle that rarely anyone can find out, it was released in 2006 I think, and it’s a on a billboard in half life 2 that just says xccr.

  • Trev Palentinos
    Trev Palentinos 9 hours ago

    Go to worstwebsite ever

  • Chemmy
    Chemmy Day ago

    Cicada was actually solved.

  • Chris P.
    Chris P. Day ago

    In most cases, no one would tell the truth anyway. Secrets will be kept, until someone does.

  • Sovirak Ourom
    Sovirak Ourom Day ago

    The mysteries unsolved are in Netflix, when the shows that I binge watch or addicted are have been cancelled! xD

  • PuppetmasterCreation18

    You forgot A858

  • Elite Penguin
    Elite Penguin Day ago

    deep web and dark web is the same thing and no password is needed, mostly hackers can get deep in though

  • *Wolf Plush*
    *Wolf Plush* Day ago

    Me at snuff videos
    WhO The Hell RecOrded all the TeRrIblE ThiNgs?

  • M N
    M N 2 days ago

    WannaCry doesn’t actually make me sad.

  • Xernius
    Xernius 2 days ago

    onion web

  • CimlyAnimations
    CimlyAnimations 3 days ago +1

    We did it reddit

  • Wheelie Schulz
    Wheelie Schulz 3 days ago

    The real mistory is how is behind the Infograpic show ?

  • John Doe - Nonymous
    John Doe - Nonymous 3 days ago

    "Random six digit number"

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson 3 days ago

    3301 is smarter then most of the government agencies. They are simply trying to solve it with the rest of them. I know a fair amount. It would be best if I didn’t say it super publicly like this. Reply and I’ll send you a email about it.

  • Kenan Kurtagic
    Kenan Kurtagic 4 days ago

    I solved caida 3301

  • AwesomeRLucas Offical

    The biggest mystery ever is, where is Gordon’s lamb sauce?

  • P.C. D
    P.C. D 4 days ago

    "What does the fox say"?

  • big bom
    big bom 5 days ago

    The biggest mystery is who is the narrator of this vid

  • Purecia
    Purecia 5 days ago

    I feel like I have both. My parents were computer engineers, even tho I was born in 91, I had a cell phone at 11 years old. My first BlackBerry at 13. And an Iphod at 12.

  • DBZ Instinct
    DBZ Instinct 5 days ago

    Who is the clown in jake Paul's house😂😂😂

  • Nick Trella
    Nick Trella 5 days ago

    Uh lol the deep web and dark web are the same thing.

  • Austin Tanner
    Austin Tanner 5 days ago

    Marianas web is not a myth

  • Derpinabox
    Derpinabox 5 days ago

    How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie pop? The world may never know...

  • Habtet 567
    Habtet 567 6 days ago

    Heres the real question....

    ....WHAT IS DE WAE

    ISAIAH CAMPBELL 6 days ago

    I like pancakes!

  • manicoquita
    manicoquita 6 days ago

    Maybe he is japanese but was born and raised in England

  • shi shi
    shi shi 7 days ago

    Daisy's Destruction

  • Yoloswagpro Bro
    Yoloswagpro Bro 7 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that they found out who killed JFK

  • Cy Max
    Cy Max 7 days ago

    Primarch system is the last layer of the web it controls the internet

  • William Papa
    William Papa 7 days ago

    whats the rest of that number

  • Alexandriasw
    Alexandriasw 8 days ago

    They're all sheep.

  • dean.ab
    dean.ab 8 days ago

    Malaysian here 🙋

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 8 days ago

    But it was me, Dio!

  • _Ghost
    _Ghost 8 days ago

    Why memes have a short life. maybe its a big conspiracy that Illuminati shuts memes down before they can expose theIlluminati

  • KingCrustyTut
    KingCrustyTut 9 days ago

    "random 6 digit number" shows a 7 digit number =/

  • Matthew Gonzales
    Matthew Gonzales 9 days ago

    My birthday is October 28

  • XxTheXboxNoobxX
    XxTheXboxNoobxX 10 days ago

    The biggest mystery is doctor who

  • BrentTX87
    BrentTX87 11 days ago

    What about Neurocam?

  • BadPiggies Tame
    BadPiggies Tame 11 days ago

    I'm gonna to try out cicada 3301 web
    Hey,anyone got the link?

  • gm gm
    gm gm 12 days ago +1

    its everyday bro

  • arpandeep singh
    arpandeep singh 12 days ago

    It creepy

  • Troy
    Troy 12 days ago

    You don't need a password to acess the Deep/Dark web.

  • Dr _yousif212
    Dr _yousif212 12 days ago

    Biggeat mustry are u arabic dont worry i am arabic because if u go to that three dots go to captions u will find arabic يا الله

  • Epic Alseanron
    Epic Alseanron 13 days ago

    Webdriver torso channel

  • 2zz5 2zz5
    2zz5 2zz5 13 days ago

    Search dark wiki on your computer..
    If you have the right software it will work..

  • I live to die so CHOGIWA


  • Idiot guy
    Idiot guy 13 days ago

    1- Justin Y. Commenting on shitload of videos

  • Rina .Tan
    Rina .Tan 13 days ago

    damm i didn't our malaysia case of wildly known

  • KinG AlphA 475
    KinG AlphA 475 13 days ago +1

    The Second One is The Number of the Del Taco calling you to eat there *FRESHA VA CADO*

  • KinG AlphA 475
    KinG AlphA 475 13 days ago +1

    The First one is Star Wars Opening Credits Right?

  • LORD Hydra
    LORD Hydra 13 days ago

    THATS WHAT I NEED to know

  • zoomermoon
    zoomermoon 13 days ago

    This video contradicts everything i know about Cicada

  • Alessandra Brown
    Alessandra Brown 13 days ago

    Your Channel is well presented and interesting keep it up

  • My Friend
    My Friend 13 days ago

    All these are made by humans

  • Akira Fenix
    Akira Fenix 14 days ago

    Deep Web - The Screepy Part of the Interwebs
    Dark Web - You nned a special SCHWABBLE KIT in order to acess it

  • Forbidden Being
    Forbidden Being 14 days ago

    Snuff videos? Live murder? yeah can be found on internet (for free) .
    Horrifying Dark web.

  • iam a weaboo
    iam a weaboo 14 days ago

    Oct.28..My birthday is 29 😂

  • Khae Jones
    Khae Jones 14 days ago

    How do we know if Jake the Ripper was a man????

  • ComradeSlice
    ComradeSlice 14 days ago

    The Internet and the Web are not interchangeable terms. They were both invented decades apart from each other on different continents.

  • quadro beam
    quadro beam 14 days ago

    I have an internet mystery, why do i only have 7 subscribers. Exactly. Conspiracy.

  • Raizen
    Raizen 15 days ago +1

    They left out the biggest mystery.
    Has anyone ever been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  • Jordin Pagel
    Jordin Pagel 15 days ago


  • Phantom
    Phantom 15 days ago

    umm you dont need "special access" to get on the deep web you just install tor and get a VPN

  • Shur tl3_
    Shur tl3_ 15 days ago +1

    #1: Jake and Logan Paul have over 10,000,000 subscribers

  • this is brak's pu don't touch it

    Why did they use a mariachi as the character of the cartel leader you could have easily used a lumberjack with brown skin and it would have looked just like El Chapo

  • Gummable Gumball
    Gummable Gumball 15 days ago

    tamaulipas = tak mau lipas = tidak mahu lipas;
    *"Don't want cockroach"*

  • Jeno Burgos
    Jeno Burgos 15 days ago

    I've seen one of those dark web videos. It was “Daisy's Destruction” a girl hung a two year old boy (I think), burned the child with candle wax and cutbhim with a razor blade. The child's cries for help was just too heart breaking. I deleted the video immediately on my messenger because I was too afraid.

  • Luther the Unknown
    Luther the Unknown 15 days ago

    Oh my followers😈😈

  • WakeUpUniverse
    WakeUpUniverse 16 days ago

    Ted cruz is the Zodiac Killer.

  • Mueed Khan
    Mueed Khan 16 days ago

    He said person or persons lol. Like the video btw

  • _AlexD_
    _AlexD_ 16 days ago

    In the "deep web", i saw a 6 year old-ish getting raped while being cut in half with a saw... How can anyone do this?

  • Kenny Vu
    Kenny Vu 16 days ago

    I'll call this number...

  • Cute Milkshakes
    Cute Milkshakes 16 days ago

    Well damn

  • Urielyuyu Gaming
    Urielyuyu Gaming 16 days ago

    I had one of those bitcoins in my email.

  • 김은비
    김은비 16 days ago

    I'm not gonna sleep :-|

  • Potterplier
    Potterplier 16 days ago

    Oh October 28th is my birthday

  • Nick Minguia
    Nick Minguia 16 days ago

    Shrek* somebody once told me I wasn't the Sharpest tool in the shed*** is still a big mystery

  • JollyJuice
    JollyJuice 16 days ago

    Kuddos to the folks exposing the drug cartels. The cartels must be crushed

  • Username Goes Here
    Username Goes Here 16 days ago

    Weirdest unsolved mystery- who is h20 delirious

  • Akash Ramnauth
    Akash Ramnauth 17 days ago

    Woah,im Sagittarius

  • legobdr
    legobdr 17 days ago

    The dark web sounds messed up I almost threw up at what you said the videos were

  • Afiq Irfan
    Afiq Irfan 17 days ago +1

    Give me link of deep web

  • Johnson Tran
    Johnson Tran 17 days ago


  • Corey Sprinkel
    Corey Sprinkel 17 days ago

    I thought the creator of bit coin was arrested

  • Crownie
    Crownie 18 days ago

    Dark, deep web is easy to enter, donwload tor. Go into it and do "adult search" write search engines like: not evil and search what you want :)

  • لمى
    لمى 18 days ago

    Wait can someone explain the black whole thing?! How does it work?

  • Jose Cuevas
    Jose Cuevas 18 days ago

    Ciccada was something about or in Japan.

  • Soren Cyrus
    Soren Cyrus 18 days ago +1

    Idk the mystery but I’m going to ask the internet

  • Z E R O L I V E S L E F T

    What about the Red Room? That's a really popular Deep Web mystery. If you don't know, it's a website where you can interact with live tortures and murders. Watching a video on the website tracks your IP address, and makes you the next victim.

    • Clementine Urban
      Clementine Urban 4 days ago

      They are most likely fake it would be impossible to stream through tor network it would be so slow

  • yolo Aiesha
    yolo Aiesha 18 days ago

    Obsessed with ur videos

  • Louise Lawlor
    Louise Lawlor 19 days ago


  • Jim Kin
    Jim Kin 19 days ago

    Have you seen 1 man and 1 iciel that things creepy xd

  • Odra_Gaming YT
    Odra_Gaming YT 19 days ago

    Another mistery is the Burmuda triangle sucking ships planes and other things

  • Dark Visions Msp
    Dark Visions Msp 19 days ago

    "Who was the zodiac killer"
    I dont know you tell me..

  • Priyo M
    Priyo M 20 days ago +1

    Who did 9/11 ???

    REETOM GHOSH001 20 days ago

    It's ci-kaada, not ci-kay-da

  • AsianBlueDDD
    AsianBlueDDD 20 days ago

    i searched up oct2011 instead of oct282011, i got so freaked out

  • Gozewijn Goossens
    Gozewijn Goossens 20 days ago

    Watching unsolved mysteries doesn't solve them.

  • Ayden Kotnik
    Ayden Kotnik 20 days ago

    What’s a Markovian Parallax Denegrate