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What Are The Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries?


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  • brigitte wedemire
    brigitte wedemire 3 days ago

    Says 6 digit number but then shows a 7 digit number lol too funny 😂

  • Child #253
    Child #253 4 days ago

    3:04 aka red rooms

  • zorak
    zorak 11 days ago +1

    Ted Cruz was the zodiac killer

  • Fer Solis
    Fer Solis 14 days ago

    I think you want to say Valor por Tamaulipas. :p

    C.I.A AGENT 14 days ago +1

    5:08 we didn't do it
    6:18 we didn't do it come on

    C.I.A AGENT 14 days ago +1

    I need to stop this

  • Anthony Vincent
    Anthony Vincent 14 days ago

    And I'm not a troll

  • Anthony Vincent
    Anthony Vincent 14 days ago

    Fire you're never going to the organization

  • Anthony Vincent
    Anthony Vincent 14 days ago

    I used to be a hacker the reason why does puzzles are there is to recruit people but they did it because they knew it would be dumb because the government would watch them

  • badgerbadger_badger Poppy?

    Mariana’s web is a myth. Not that we’d have access to them on a general level if they did, but Mariana’s web would require quantum computers to access, and quantum computers don’t exist yet, to the public’s knowledge.

  • Mayavi Chumbak
    Mayavi Chumbak 19 days ago

    get some content man.

  • No Name
    No Name 19 days ago

    You don't need a password to access the "deep net/dark web"

  • Procyon
    Procyon 20 days ago

    Who made the important videos playlist, and why?

  • Seher Chaush
    Seher Chaush 25 days ago


  • likira111
    likira111 26 days ago

    The dark web, much like the thor browser proberly has a large userbase of ppl in dictatorships.

  • Shawiez29
    Shawiez29 26 days ago

    Well why is there an abyss web?

  • Jigsaw Jigsaw
    Jigsaw Jigsaw Month ago

    Imagine one person was behind it all

  • qutie424
    qutie424 Month ago

    Said 6 digit number...shows 7 digit number 🤫

  • zean pen
    zean pen Month ago

    in no. 4 marianas web i freaked out you know why?.my old brother said its to creepy that you will get killed there thus i called it dark web

  • great gamer deluxe
    great gamer deluxe Month ago

    I saw guy faux on my phone
    It was very weird to experience and I saw him
    Hacking a computer that
    Time I tried to get it off
    And I did not like it on my phone he was black with
    A familiar mask and hoodie
    I hope you and so as I don't
    See this unknown website

  • Ahmed Solis
    Ahmed Solis Month ago

    Lol number 7 is my state didn't know it became famous enough

  • ElGatoSinSuerte
    ElGatoSinSuerte Month ago

    2:38 They don't say "cojones" they say "huevos"(eggs)

  • Tim Cook
    Tim Cook Month ago

    seems like you don't know much. a lot of people can access the deep web and you still don't know much about it?

  • customtrash
    customtrash Month ago

    “A random 6 digit number”
    *shows 7 digits*

  • Rub Rub
    Rub Rub Month ago

    Bloody? Sounds like something newt would say! (TMR) lol

  • BadCreepKill
    BadCreepKill Month ago

    No. 1 has been solved, lol.

  • ʙᴜɴɴʏᴄᴀᴋᴇ GachaTube

    Thanks for reminding me about the plane 370 that went missing in 2014, I can go cry now

  • aids
    aids Month ago

    Number 1: why did the likes win in justin biebers song baby?!

  • Daddy Cruz
    Daddy Cruz Month ago

    No.7 why didnt the cartels question everybody they knew because the only people that should know about the biznes

    OHHHBOYYY Month ago

    Wait. I was born on October 28 2001

  • Yuval Shohat
    Yuval Shohat Month ago +1

    That moment I was born on 27 of october

  • Defalt
    Defalt Month ago

    \comment:.: title=?qwu?
    \comment:.: text=["dark web" password: 17688ahjigo0]
    \comment:.: format={gvidcomm}

  • SuperSlayer369
    SuperSlayer369 Month ago

    I'm from Malaysia!!

  • The Teedy
    The Teedy Month ago

    0:10 it was H.H.Holmes

  • slickzAf
    slickzAf Month ago

    And below Marianas web mozzarellas web

  • Keithan Diep
    Keithan Diep Month ago

    I met a man in a train to claims he has accessed the 'marianas web'. He said he bought a "tour guide" for $1600. The "tour" was a private stream where he claims he saw intense drug markets, child sex trafficing, and free-to-access murder & pornagraphy. I dont know if he was lying because it sounds like the dark web, but he seemed very intellegent.

  • Rhythm Dude
    Rhythm Dude Month ago

    Do you know anything like the cicada? Pls tell me

  • Kanishq Nangia
    Kanishq Nangia Month ago

    Project Zorgo??

  • Xa Sil
    Xa Sil 2 months ago

    Honestly I'm disgusted how a sick individual can rape and kill a child,it makes me physically sick.

  • Daniel Grimes
    Daniel Grimes 2 months ago

    My Birthday is on October 28th

  • traggot
    traggot 2 months ago

    Filipinos post snuff videos on facebook and my eyes aren't happy

  • Akash Singh
    Akash Singh 2 months ago

    According to info graphics These websites are made on WIX

  • henlo
    henlo 2 months ago

    Oh so that's why my stolen memes mysteriously disappeared. It was a black hole :/

  • NaberiuS N.
    NaberiuS N. 2 months ago

    #6 And #5 uhh... You don't need to be validated to access the dark web, and there definitely are snuff videos showing murders. It takes not even 15 minutes to figure that out. Am I missing something to what he said?

  • NarniansRise
    NarniansRise 2 months ago

    *says a 6 digit number on the video, shows a 7 digit number*

  • Skvadutle ‘
    Skvadutle ‘ 2 months ago

    A guy i know is a deep weeb

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 2 months ago

    5:50 that was 7 digit

    TIERONIA 2 months ago

    Snuff dos exist
    Dont google boxed up girl gets tortured

  • Tony N
    Tony N 2 months ago

    Snuff videos... You've never heard of ISIS I guess. "...six digit number." Shows a seven digit number. Lol

  • Doran H
    Doran H 2 months ago

    I am cicada 3301, binary rntropy masquerading as a stark reminder of our visibly waning collective potential.